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NYX Hydra Touch Primer Review: Does It Hydrate Enough?

In this article, I will be reviewing the Hydra Touch Primer by NYX. I recently reviewed their Honey Dew Me Up primer and loved the moisturizing feel of the product, as my skin can dry out pretty quickly. So, I was pretty excited to try out a primer that is all about hydrating!

I am a long-time NYX fan, loving their affordability and stance on veganism and animal testing. They always seem to provide high-quality products, too! So, does the Hydra Touch Primer live up to my expectations? In this article, I will talk about the pros and cons of this product, mention alternatives, and cover all the key points of the primer. Let’s get started, then!

How To Choose The Right Primer For You

There are so many different primers out there to choose from; this means that if you don’t use a primer, it can be pretty confusing when you want to find the right one for you!

Primers are all about optimizing the skin before putting makeup on. They will smooth the skin and create a base for foundation, concealer, and even eye makeup. But, which primer is right for you depends on a few different factors.

So, what is the best way to shop for primers?

Know Your Skincare Needs

All skin is different, and you need to think about what your skin needs when shopping for primer. If your skin can dry out pretty easily, like me, definitely look into buying a hydrating, moisturizing primer; this can help with keeping your face feeling refreshed all day, even with makeup on.

If you have oily skin, there are mattifying primers out there that will absorb oil and help keep your makeup look shine-free. There are also primers available that are color correcting and reduce redness and discoloration from your skin.

Talk To Experts

There are so many great people out there whose job it is is to help you pick the perfect makeup for you, so take full advantage of this! If you can, go into a store and talk to someone about your skin needs and what you want from a primer. Tell them your skincare and makeup routine, and they will guide you in the right direction!

If going into a store is not an option for you, NYX actually has a live chat option on their website where you can connect with a beauty expert.

Consider Your Budget

Of course, our budget is a big thing when it comes to shopping for anything. There are really expensive primers out there infused with all these amazing things that claim to provide you with THE BEST SKIN EVER.

But really, most of us can’t afford the really high-end stuff. Thankfully, there are so many affordable beauty products out there that (probably) do the exact same thing. Don’t get fooled by big claims of perfection, and shop within your budget.

Read Reviews

Reviews are one of the best ways to find the right product for you, as these people have nothing to gain by your buying the product. Most online beauty stores will have a review section, so definitely check that out before buying a primer!

Reading in-depth reviews (like this one) will also provide you with a more well-rounded opinion on primers. There are also loads of review videos on YouTube that you can check out to see a video of how the primer looks on someone.

Hydra Touch Primer Review

So, what do I really think about the NYX Hydra Touch Primer?

The main features of this product are:

  • Lightweight
  • Creates a smooth canvas for makeup
  • Provides all-day hydration
  • Can be used with or without foundation

Sounds good, right? But does it live up to my expectations?

Initial Thoughts

The NYX Hydra Touch primer comes in a cute blue tube that is sturdy and easy to travel with. The packaging is nothing special, but as a daily primer, I don’t really care about what it comes in – I just want it to work! When applying it to my face, it really did feel full of moisture and nice¬†on my skin. I felt as if it was more of a moisturizer than a primer as it smoothes and calms the dryness on my skin straight away.

I normally do like a spray type of primer as this always feels pretty hydrating. The NYX Hydra Touch Primer is a gel, but because it is so lightweight, I really enjoyed its feel on my skin and its moisturizing qualities. It settled well onto my skin; there was no gloopiness or anything like that.

Hydra Touch Primer as a Base for Makeup

Despite this primer feeling like a, it is designed to create the perfect base for makeup.

When first trying out this primer, I waited a few minutes for it to settle before I applied my makeup. I then applied a little concealer under my eyes and on a few blemishes and dabbed it in. I then put on some powder with a sponge to give myself an even tone.

My makeup went on well and seemed to settle into my skin okay. However, I was dubious if this was down to the primer or not. I have used the exact same makeup previously with either no primer or a different primer and to be honest, there is no real difference. Yes, it went on fine, but I wasn’t blown away by smoothness or evenness. There were still some patches that I needed to work on a bit.

I used the primer on my eyes and it worked fine for my eyeliner. However, I did think that my eyeshadow took a bit longer to look right. I am all about bold eyeshadows and this primer didn’t really work for this. But you should really use an eyeshadow primer for the eyes, so this was kind of my fault!

A Day of Wearing NYX Hydra Touch Primer

NYX Hydra Touch Primer

This primer did hold my makeup in place all day and my skin stayed looking smooth and fresh. I actually do think that it helped the general feel of my face over the course of the day, with my dryness being kept at bay.

Pros of the NYX Hydra Touch Primer

Let’s look at some of the pros of this primer and why it might be right for your skin and makeup needs.


This primer definitely is hydrating, and this is one of the best things about the product. If you suffer from dry skin, I really do recommend the NYX Hydra Touch Primer!


The primer smoothes the skin and creates a good base for applying makeup.


It is an affordable primer, and because you only need a little drop of it before putting on your makeup, the tube will probably last a long time.

Vegan and Cruelty-Free

Like most NYX products, this primer is vegan. It is also cruelty-free as not tested on animals. NYX also doesn’t use third parties who test on animals. This is really important to a lot of makeup users, me included!

Infused with Centella Extract

Centella extract is really good for hydrating the skin and has anti-oxidant properties, too!

Cons of the NYX Hydra Touch Primer

Like most products, this one isn’t perfect! So, what are some cons to consider with the NYX Hydra Touch Primer?

Might Not Work With Oily Skin

If you have oily skin, this primer might add grease and moisture.

Not Blown Away By Its Priming Properties

This product wasn’t that impressive when it came to applying makeup to the face.

Fragrance Might Be Irritating

A few reviewers have pointed out that the fragrance that is infused in the primer irritates those with sensitive skin.

How To Apply The NYX Hydra Touch Primer

This primer is really easy to apply. You simply put a small amount of the primer on your fingers then rub it into your face. Wait a few minutes to let it settle into your skin, and then apply your makeup.

NYX recommends applying slightly more of the primer onto dryer areas of the skin.

Alternatives We Reccomend

If you don’t think that the NYX Hydra Touch Primer is for you, there are still loads of alternatives that we recommend!

NYX Honey Dew Me Up Primer

I recently reviewed the Honey Dew Me Up primer and really enjoyed using it. It is also a hydrating primer that feels good on dry skin. It also adds a subtle, dewy finish to your makeup look that lasts all day.

Elf Jelly Pop Primer

Jelly Pop Dew Face Primer | e.l.f. Cosmetics

The Elf Jelly Pop Primer is another fantastic product that has loads of good ingredients that are fabulous for your skin. It is good for people with oily skin but also has really good moisturizing qualities.

It feels good on the skin and has a slight watermelon fragrance. Cute, huh?!

NYX Bright Maker Primer

NYX Bright Maker Primer

If you are looking for a primer to brighten up your skin, this product is definitely for you! The NYX Bright Maker Primer lasts all day and gives you a really lovely glow. If you suffer from darkness under the eyes, this primer works well in brightening up your face and giving you radiance.


Question: Is NYX Hydra Touch Primer Vegan?

Answer: Yes, this primer is suitable for vegans!

Question: Is NYX Hydra Touch Primer Suitable for Oily Skin?

Answer: We wouldn’t recommend this product if you suffer from oily skin.

Question: Is NYX Hydra Touch Primer Suitable for Dry Skin?

Answer: Yes! This primer is perfect for dry skin and allows you to feel fresh and hydrated all day long.

Question: Is NYX Hydra Touch Primer Water-based?

Answer: This primer is water-based.

NYX Hydra Touch Primer Review: Final Thoughts?

If you suffer from dry skin, this primer is really good at adding moisture and keeping the skin hydrated all day long. I liked how it felt on my skin and really added a smooth touch to my face!

However, if it is worth it as a primer is up to debate. Yes, my makeup went on fine, but I definitely have used better primers previously. There were moments when applying my makeup where I felt as if the primer did not work well with my products. Because of this, I don’t know if I would buy this primer again.

It really is up to you and your real needs that will allow you to decide if you buy this product or not! If hydrating is a big factor for you, I would definitely suggest giving the NYX Hydra Touch Primer a go and seeing if it helps add the hydration and moisture you need.

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