NYX Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Concealer
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NYX Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Concealer Review: Will It Cover Everything?


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Reviewed by Lou Siday
Lou Siday

NYX Can't Stop Won't Stop Concealer

So, I dove into the NYX Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Concealer, and oh boy, it's like a dream. The lightweight magic is real – it feels like I'm wearing a makeup secret instead of a concealer. Lasted me a whole day and night, just like a trusty sidekick should. With 24 shades, it's like a buffet of perfection. Sure, it didn't completely vanquish my dark circles, but hey, nobody's perfect, right? For the price and the animal-friendly vibes, it's my makeup crush without a doubt!

Lightweight and Long-lasting 8
Coverage 7
Affordability 8


  • Longwearing
  • Vegan and Cruelty-Free
  • Affordable
  • Does Not Dry Out the Skin
  • Comes in a Range of Shades
  • Lightweight


  • Not Great on Dark Eyes
  • Might not Cover Up All Blemishes
  • Not Color Correcting

In this article, I will be reviewing the NYX Professional Makeup Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Concealer. It is a part of the NYX Can’t Stop Won’t Stop range that provides affordable makeup basics that are perfect for everyday use. But is their concealer worth it?

In the NYX Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Concealer Review I will look at what is good about the concealer, what is bad about it, and if any alternatives work just as well as this product.

How To Choose The Right Concealer For You

Concealer is a must-have for any makeup wearer. Nobody’s skin is perfect, and there is always something that we want to hide to be feeling our best selves. For years I struggled with concealer as I am pretty freckly, pale, and don’t use foundation. But, this means that I have tried out a whole range of concealers to find the right one for me.

So, what do you need to consider when shopping for concealer?

Skin Tone

nyx can't stop won't stop concealer

When it comes to picking the right concealer for you, you must think about your skin tone. This is super important, as if you are using the wrong tone, you draw attention to what you are trying to conceal, and it just doesn’t look great! 

Because concealer is used to cover up blemishes and dark marks, a general rule of thumb is to go a shade lighter than your skin tone. However, be really careful and don’t go too light! It is useful to try out concealers before you buy, but I know that this can be difficult. I order most of my makeup online, and even in stores, there are limited opportunities to really try on the makeup.

Foundation Tone

If you use foundation you can find the right tone for your concealer pretty easily. A lot of beauty experts say that when it comes to concealer, buy the tone lighter than your foundation. This is perfect for hiding dark rings under the eyes and red blemishes.

Skin Type

If you are putting anything on your skin, you need to be aware of your skin type and its needs. If you suffer from oily skin, it is best to avoid a cream concealer. Similarly, for dry skin, a matte coverage type of concealer can be damaging to your skin.

There are also a load of concealers out there that focus on correcting uneven skin tones. If you suffer from redness, a greenish concealer will even this out. There are also some great concealer products that help with blue, pale undertones.

Unfortunately, sometimes this can all be a bit of trial and error! You may have to try out a few concealers to find the perfect one for you. But, with this advice, you can reduce the amount you need to test concealers.

Consider What You Need The NYX Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Concealer For

nyx can't stop won't stop concealer use

Concealer is all about covering up imperfections, right? But, there is a range of imperfections that we might want concealer for, and it is really important to consider your needs when shopping for concealer.

If you suffer from spots and breakouts, a liquid concealer is a great choice. This covers up the imperfections well. However, a cream concealer might be better if you have redness and blotches. A soft, matte concealer will even your skin and cover up these imperfections.

Talk to an Expert

If you can go into a store and talk to a beauty expert, do so! Those people who work at department stores are wizards when it comes to knowing what the perfect product is for you just by having a quick chat and looking at your skin type.

You can also chat with beauty experts online, and NYX Professional Makeup does have this function.

Read Reviews

Reading reviews is a great way of discovering if a certain product is right for you. This allows you to hear from people with a range of different skin types and tones.

You could also watch beauty review videos of people with the same skin tone and type as you to learn about the product.

NYX Cosmetics Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Concealer Review

nyx can't stop won't stop contour concealer

So, onto the concealer review! Do I approve of this product?

What I Need From a Concealer

I ordered this product online and picked the second palest shade called ‘Alabaster.’ When it comes to concealer, I usually just go for the second palest and hope for the best. I have found it difficult in the past to find makeup products that are right for my skin and that I feel comfortable in because of my freckles and paleness.

For a long time, I thought I either had to cover everything up or not wear makeup on the skin at all. A lot of concealers do not work with my freckles at all. I spend a lot of my teenage years looking like a ghost, that is for sure!

But thankfully, I can cover up my blemishes but enhance my freckles at the same time. I tend to keep all my skin makeup extremely light or minimal in order to feel my best natural self. I need a super lightweight concealer for my skin.

Because of this, I was a little bit hesitant when buying a new concealer. I know what works for me, right?

Initial Thoughts

woman trying can't stop won't stop concealer

Okay, I was a bit hesitant about trying out this concealer, but I was also pretty excited. Who doesn’t love trying out new makeup?! It comes in a small tube with an applicator wand. It is a liquid concealer and claims to be lightweight and long-lasting, which is exactly what I look for in a concealer.

After priming my face, I dabbed this concealer over a few red blemishes on my chin and cheek and then under my eyes. I didn’t put much on at first, just a few dabs. I then got a sponge to blend the product in.

The concealer went onto my skin really well and didn’t crinkle or gather. After a few moments of blending, it settled itself nicely onto my skin.

It does really feel lightweight, and I was pretty impressed with this. I absolutely hate cakey and heavy makeup, so I was happy with how the concealer felt on my skin.

I felt that it did cover my blemishes well, but I went over my eye bags again with the concealer after it has settled. The blemishes on my skin were hardly noticeable with the product on, but I thought maybe it was too light to really cover dark eyes. It did make them slightly brighter, but not as well as it could have done.

Using The Concealer With Other Makeup

The concealer didn’t really interfere with the other makeup products I then went on to apply. I put on blush and highlighter, and they both went on fine.

Because I don’t use foundation, I don’t know how well this concealer works with foundation. However, I know that NYX Cosmetics promotes there Can’t Stop Won’t Stop foundation as a match with this concealer.

A Day of Wearing Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Concealer

I used this concealer for a night out, and I was definitely pleasantly surprised! I am sure I am not the only one who is at a bar and, when nipping to the loo, notices that I can somehow see that spot that I spent ages trying to cover up. Some concealer just rubs off or seems to disappear, especially when you are out under lights or in bars and clubs.

This concealer claims to be 24 hours, and honestly, I think it might be! It stayed on all night, exactly how I applied it. I did not notice any crinkles, creases, or smudges with the concealer. I honestly felt great when wearing it, and I couldn’t even feel it on my skin!

Pros of the Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Concealer

Let’s look at some of the pros that this concealer has and why it might be the right concealer for you!


lightweight can't stop won't stop concealer

This concealer is really lightweight, and you can’t feel it on your skin after applying. This means that it is great for those of us who want to wear minimal makeup or have sensitive skin. You don’t need to put a lot of this product on to get coverage, and it isn’t at all heavy.

Does Not Dry Out the Skin

It is really good for people who suffer from dry skin as it is a liquid concealer. It blends well into the rest of your makeup and, when put on top of a moisturizing primer, will help your skin feel hydrated and fresh!

Comes in a Range of Shades

all shades of nyx can't stop won't stop concealer

This product comes in 24 different shades, which means that you can find the perfect color for you. It also doubles up as a liquid contouring concealer, so you can purchase it in a few different shades in order to highlight and contour your face. I would recommend you grab a shade that’s two shades darker than your skin tone to use this as a contour concealer. 


This concealer isn’t too expensive and still is a great product! Also, because a little goes a long way with this concealer, you won’t need to use that much on your skin every day.

Vegan and Cruelty-Free

Like most NYX products, this concealer is vegan and cruelty-free. They do not test on animals, and their products are PETA-certified.


This longwearing concealer lasts all day and means that you can feel comfortable and confident in the knowledge that you are fully covered!

Cons of the Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Concealer

woman putting concealer

Of course, like every product, there are some cons with this concealer that you should consider before buying it.

Not Great on Dark Eyes

I did have to go over my eyes again with this concealer in order to cover up my eye bags completely. If dark eyes are a major concern for you, you might want to reconsider buying it.

Might not Cover Up All Blemishes

Because my blemishes are small and light, this concealer was fine for me. However, because it is lightweight, it might not be great for those who have a lot of red, bright blemishes on their face.

Not Color Correcting

If you suffer from discoloration, this might not be the right concealer for you as it is not color-correcting. If you are looking to even out your skin tone, you might want to try out a concealer that works to brighten and camouflage.

How To Apply the Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Concealer

This concealer is really easy to apply as it comes with a handy application wand. Simply dab the concealer where you wish with the brush and blend it with your finger or a sponge.

Alternatives We Recommend

If you don’t think that the Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Concealer is for you, there are still loads of amazing products out there to pick from. Here are some alternatives that we recommend. They are all vegan, affordable, and cruelty-free, too!

NYX Color Correcting Concealer

nyx color correcting concealer

This color-correcting concealer from NYX is a great addition to any makeup bag. It has a range of different colors that work on correcting different areas of the skin. We like how convenient this concealer is as it has everything you need on one palette!

NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Color Correcting Concealer | Amazon

Treat your face to the ultimate concealer palette in six color correcting shades. Customizable to create your ideal shade to cover imperfections the lightweight formula glides on for an ultra-smooth finish and leaves skin feeling soft and supple.

Buy at Amazon Buy directly at NYX
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
01/22/2024 04:37 am GMT

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NYX Dark Circle Concealer

nyx dark circle concealer

If dark eye circles are a big problem for you, you should definitely check this NYX concealer out. It has a hint of orange that is great for lightening up dark circles around the eyes and has healthy ingredients to help your skin.

NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Dark Circle Concealer | Amazon

A serious solution for one of beauty's most challenging problems. No fancy names, just a product that can be counted on to do the job.

Buy at Amazon
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
01/22/2024 05:05 am GMT

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NYX Photogenic HD Concealer

nyx photogenic hd concealer

This concealer is pretty similar to the Can’t Stop Won’t Stop concealer. However, it contains undertones to even out blotches. Its creamy multitasking concealer formula means that it feels good on the skin, and it is long-lasting, too!

NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP HD Studio Photogenic Concealer | Amazon

Our best-selling HD Studio Photogenic Concealer effectively covers imperfections, discoloration and under-eye circles without ever looking cakey or obvious. The result is beautiful, natural-looking coverage you can count on.

Buy at Amazon Buy directly at NYX
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
01/22/2024 01:45 pm GMT

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Question: Is the NYX Can’t Stop Won’t Stop concealer Vegan?

Answer: Like all NYX products, this concealer is vegan.

Question: Is the NYX Can’t Stop Won’t Stop concealer available in a range of skin tones?

Answer: Yes, this concealer comes in 24 skin tones.

Question: How do you use NYX can’t stop won’t stop concealer?

Answer: Simply dab the concealer on blemishes and under the eyes, then blend it in with a sponge or your fingers.

Question: Is NYX can’t stop won’t stop concealer non-comedogenic?

Answer: Yes, this concealer is non-comedogenic and suitable for a range of different types of skin.

NYX Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Concealer Review: Final Thoughts

This is a great everyday concealer that is easy to use and long-lasting. It is perfect to cover up and conceal slight skin blemishes without being cakey or heavy.

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