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Best Laura Mercier Setting Powder Dupes

Laura Mercier setting powders are famous for being the weapon of choice of many A-list celebrities and with good reason. These high-quality products are expensive but have consistently shown their worth on the red carpet.

Makeup can be a very personal thing. We all use different products and try to find which ones would match our skin type better, stay longer, are easy to remove, and actually achieve what we want them to do. Some want more durability, some want hydration, and some want blurring effects.

No matter our individual desires, our goal is to look our best within the realm of possibilities. We constantly try to push and strive for better effects. That is why we are hunting for the next big thing. I know which products look better for my skin, which ones blur my pores, which areas are more problematic, and what to do when my skin needs extra hydration.

Celebrity culture plays a massive role in what makeup products become cool. We want to achieve that celebrity flawless red carpet look or look as casually glamorous as they are when going to the gym or doing chores around town. Whether they staged the photos or called the paparazzi there does not matter. We fall in love with the fantasy either way. I know I do.

I mention celebrities because icons like Kim Kardashian and her makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic have changed public self-perception forever.

Love her or hate her, Kim made contouring a thing with Mario. Mario Dedivanovic borrowed contouring techniques from drag queens, who used different setting powders and special baking techniques so that the makeup lasted an entire night on stage and in bars.

The infamous duo took it and introduced it into our lives. Of course, Kim has had plenty of Botox and other skin procedures done. Still, the heart of her makeup routines can be found in Mario.

Many people do not even think of drag queens and the makeup of men, women, and everyone behind every star’s looks. They do the heavy lifting while we try our hardest to beat the greats at their own game with our own skin. With the addition of the internet and its trends, it has become easier to find what helps different completions and how to achieve what we want.

Bottom Line Up Front

Many makeup lovers want a high-fashion look without the Laura Mercier pricing tag. My favorite alternative is the Kiko Milano Invisible Touch Face Fixing Powder. For a budget-friendly option, try the Coty Airspun Face Powder for excellent results at unbelievably low prices.

KIKO Milano Invisible Touch Face Fixing Powder | Amazon

It creates a sheer veil with a matte finish. The product adheres perfectly to the skin and bestows a delicate and lightweight “second-skin” effect upon the face. It is soft and velvety to the touch.

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The Setting Powder Revolution

Setting powder has become a staple for many of us. We want our foundation to last longer, specifically, if we have oily skin or have an oily T-zone. I know I do. My skin runs a combination from oily to normal, but my nose and both sides of the nose have larger pores than the rest of my face. That is where I start tapping the most setting powder.

Choosing a setting powder is an intimate affair as personal as your foundation choice. It is one of those steps nobody can tell better than your own experience because usually, we use a translucent shade. Setting powder is just a tool, factually. A necessary and powerful one, but a tool, nonetheless.

Traditionally we first apply foundation or concealer, depending on your routine. Use setting powder to set liquid or cream foundations.

Laura Mercier Setting Powder 101

laura mercier setting powder 101

Laura Mercier Setting Powder is probably the most known one around the globe. The product has earned a flawless reputation with professionals, celebrities, and makeup enthusiasts, with good reason.

Despite its worldwide popularity, this setting powder is not available everywhere. Even though it is a Sephora exclusive, not every Sephora has it in stock. Not to mention it costs a pretty penny. It is also the brand’s best seller and the brand’s heaviest hitter and what makes the brand so popular.

The Laura Mercier setting powder comes in two different sizes (travel and regular, while there is a limited-edition larger size every once in a while), different finishes for more dry or oily skin, and different skin tones not to leave darker complexions with a white cast that can be left with lighter shades.

This product is a favorite among professionals and amateurs alike. The setting powder has glowing reviews and endorsements by celebrities and makeup artists. Many big names like Kim Kardashian have been using it for years, and like a good brush, you do not change your tools until they stop working. It is challenging to replace something so essential, but sometimes budget comes to mind, or maybe a new product catches your eye.

Durability is also a leading factor in why products get replaced. I stopped using an excellent Benefit brow pencil because it ran out way faster than its dupes.

While I like Laura Mercier, some of the factors here are why I picked a different path for my setting powder after experimenting with many options. You are not alone in looking for a great dupe that is available and accessible.

Translucent Loose Setting Powder | Laura Mercier

Set, don’t settle with the original Translucent Loose Setting Powder, now with 24HR Shine Control! Cult favorite and winner of major awards, Laura Mercier’s “Best in beauty” Translucent Loose Setting Powder is beloved for its 16HR wear and iconic soft-focus finish with zero flashback.

Check Price Buy at Amazon
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  • Very high longevity
  • Light feel after application
  • Does not settle into fine lines
  • Does not dry the skin, despite leaving a matte finish


  • Costly even for high-end
  • Hard to find outside the US/UK markets
  • Leaves a whiter cast in photos

Laura Mercier Setting Powder Dupes: Selection Criteria

The Laura Mercier setting powder is a high-end product and can be out of stock or impossible to find in your country. I firmly believe that makeup should be affordable, so my dupe list focuses on accessible alternatives. One of my biggest dealbreakers when picking makeup is being unable to buy the product at a store.

So we have the price, the accessibility problem, and the fact that there’s shipping and waiting involved. That’s enough for me not to bother with the product and find something else.

I went in looking for dupes with my own choices in mind, plus some goodies that I would recommend to friends and everyone else who would ask me for my honest opinion.
Here are my main criteria:

  • different skin complexions
  • different shades
  • desired finishes
  • durability
  • high-end dupes (higher-end products which are easier to find in other Sephora stores and non-Sephora countries)
  • drugstore and wallet-friendly dupes

Some people do not need powder to keep their makeup in place, so it is best not to splurge on an item that might not help your skin. Some people say powder does not make a difference to their routine, so why would they add an extra layer to your skin?

The Laura Mercier Setting Powder Dupes

Dupe #1 – Kiko Milano Invisible Touch Face Fixing Powder (My Personal Favorite)

kiko milano invisible touch face fixing powder

Kiko Milano may not be as widespread in the United States. I have been a Kiko Milano fanatic for nearly ten years. Their formulas have been consistently reliably over the years. I cannot even imagine leaving a Kiko Milano store without at least a few items in my bag. The products are always innovative, daring, and fit for daily use by anyone.

When it comes to the Kiko Milano Invisible Face Touch Fixing Powder, I have been using it for years every day. One package lasts me around a year. I tend to really cake my face up after using whether it’s foundation and concealer or concealer alone (also going with the minimalistic trend of just using concealer).

I leave it to bake and use the sponge applicator to blend and pat it on my skin. It blurs my pores, smoothens my skin, and keeps my face matte like no other product. I have no plans to change powders, as nothing else holds my foundation and my face as together as this baby.

Kiko Milano could do a better job with the color range. The company offers one very transparent shade for the Invisible Face Touch Fixing Powder. I would be wary if you have a darker complexion and try it beforehand in the store to see if it leaves a white cast.


  • Leaves the face matte all-day
  • Despite a few claims, does everything possible for a face-setting powder
  • Very light feeling


  • The applicator can be a bit bulky and cumbersome to get used to at first
  • Only comes in one shade, which could be tricky for darker skin tones

KIKO Milano Invisible Touch Face Fixing Powder | Amazon

It creates a sheer veil with a matte finish. The product adheres perfectly to the skin and bestows a delicate and lightweight “second-skin” effect upon the face. It is soft and velvety to the touch.

Buy at Amazon Buy at Ulta
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Dupe #2 Maybelline Fit Me Loose Finishing Powder (The Drugstore Friend)

maybelline fit me loose finishing powder

The odds that you have heard of the Laura Mercier and the Maybelline Fit Me Loose Finishing Powder compared to one another are pretty high.

If you are active in the online beauty space or spent time looking for a good, cheaper alternative. With the price of makeup and other goods rising worldwide, finding budget-friendly items has become a core part of many budgets. The Maybelline Fit Me Loose Finishing Powder gives you that while keeping your face flawless.

Maybelline has always been a fierce competitor with their renditions of higher-end products in regular stores and pharmacies worldwide.

While Maybelline may have been slowly increasing its prices, the rate is nowhere near that of NYX or L’Oreal. Maybelline has been trying to bridge the gap between drugstore brands and higher-end makeup. The company has an excellent reputation and a wide range of makeup items.

The Maybelline Fit Me Loose Finishing Powder is a must-try. The product has a great range of different colors and more tone variety than the sought-after Laura Mercier one. One-shade-fits-all never actually works for everyone.

Maybelline has eight tones compared to Laura Mercier’s three.

The Maybelline Fit Me line can also be used alone or obviously on top of makeup to make it last the whole day for longevity, as intended.


  • Works with dry skin as well, despite powders being seen as an oily skin must-have
  • Very lightweight
  • Softens and perfects the face


  • Opening the packaging is clunky
  • May settle into fine lines

Maybelline New York Fit Me Loose Setting Powder | Amazon

Start Fit. Finish strong. Now Fit happens from start to finish! This loose setting powder is available in a collection of shades to fit any skin tone.

Buy at Amazon Buy at Ulta
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Dupe #3 Coty Airspun Face Powder (The Steal)

coty airspun face powder

This one was brought to my world by hearing Patrick Starrr talk my ear off about it in his videos. Before he had a brand, even before the MAC collab where he introduced the world to what should be a setting powder, there was the Coty Airspun that smelled peculiar but would get the job done with flying colors!

This product brings stupendous value and looks. I wish it was easier to get in Europe besides ordering it via Amazon (transatlantic shipping times are a grim affair, so I tend to stick to what is readily available in European stores). But if ordering from Amazon US is not an issue for you, I say go for it!

We have seen the results of the Coty Airspun Face Powder on Patrick. This product lands on the ‘too good to be true’ category for under fifteen bucks, sometimes falling under ten, depending on your location!

The smell is intense, but so will your coverage. The oil will be kept at bay for the rest of the day. Another advantage of the Coty Airspun Face Powder is that it does not crease or settle into fine lines. The product goes a long way without rebuying it. Most people who use it never go back.

What else could you possibly want from such an essential beauty item?


  • Does not flake
  • Stays on the whole day
  • Locks makeup


  • Messy packaging
  • Strong smell

Coty Airspun Loose Face Powder | Amazon

Coty Airspun face powder in translucent extra coverage is a loose face and setting powder that helps to minimize the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, acne, scars and other blemishes, giving your facial skin a smoother, softer look.

Buy at Amazon
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01/21/2024 08:51 am GMT

Dupe #4 Revolution Loose Baking Powder (The UK Alternative)

revolution loose baking powder

Before we go any further, I do not know why Makeup Revolution London has so many brands. This quirk has made many people question their authenticity. Well, the fact remains that their products are excellent, and they really keep the competition on their toes with every line.

Revolution had a rocky patch in the past, but the woes seem far gone. The company makes good products now, and you can go out of your way to think of some ideal setting powder. Revolution has a great website and sells in online stores around Europe. Just look at their variety with baking powders and shade inclusion:

  • Translucent – for all skin tones
  • White – for the fairest skin tones
  • Banana Light – brightening for light skin tones
  • Banana – brightening for medium skin tones
  • Banana Deep – brightening for medium to dark skin tones
  • Lace – for medium skin tones
  • Beige – for warm medium skin tones
  • Peach – color balancing for medium to dark skin tones
  • Orange – color balancing to dark skin tones
  • Deep Dark – for dark and deep skin tones

Need more convincing? It cost five euros and ninety-nine cents. The package is rather bulky, but what matters is the product.

It is recommended to pour the product a bit into another lid or anything of the kind before using, as the original one can be too small or narrow. But after you get used to it, it’s all great!

Long lasting, matte finish, no creases, and very shade inclusive (which is, unfortunately, a rarity to this day). Revolution also offers the banana shade to brighten skin tones if your skin needs an extra oomph.


  • The product lasts a long while before you need to rebuy
  • Very very budget friendly
  • Shade inclusive


  • Packaging could have been thought of better
  • Be careful to choose the right shade

Makeup Revolution Loose Baking Powder | Amazon

A favourite for prolonging the wear of makeup, banishing shine, brightening and balancing skin tone. This finely milled face powder can be dusted on with the Revolution Bake and Finish Brush, dab on and dust off.

Buy at Amazon Buy at Revolution Beauty
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Dupe #5 KVD Beauty Lock-It Setting Powder (The Safe Sephora Choice)

KVD Beauty Lock-It Setting Powder

When you have a Sephora near you, there are few excuses to not get your makeup supplies at Sephora! As someone who does not have a Sephora nearby, I dread ordering online. I still bend my back to order certain Sephora items, and one of the brands I do this for the most is KVD Beauty.

I sure do miss the creativity they had with Kat Von D at the helm. Since her exit, the reformulation has been hit-and-miss, but they keep their best sellers and have come up with heavy hitters like all of the Good Apple face line.

For those less familiar with KVD, the Lock-It foundation is a staple unlikely to be replaced. This product is more for a matte finish foundation than the rest. The setting powder will not leave you as bone matte as the foundation, giving you a more life-like doll finish.

The KVD Beauty Lock-It Setting Powder comes in a mini and a full-size package, so you can always pick up a small one and see how it feels.

I love this brand and have been a fan for a while, so I stick with their reformulation and how they have been trying to break their own expectations. KVD Beauty is going full steam ahead, and I see no hint of it stopping.

While not all products may last, this setting powder is still available. I recommend trying it out if you want a more medium/high-end alternative, especially one readily available in Europe. KVD Beauty is not entirely a Sephora-exclusive brand, making online shopping easier.

While this powder doesn’t reinvent the wheel, it is a safe choice, translucent, and claims to be a one-color-fits-all deal. Unlike most that make similar statements, this seems true for many users. I would still suggest people who are not as pale as a ghost try the product out in person before buying.


  • Works great with aging skin
  • Sets nicely for the entire day
  • Does not settle in fine lines


  • There are cheaper alternatives
  • Not good for all skin tones

KVD Beauty Kitten Mini Lock-It Setting Powder | Amazon
$15.95 ($325.51 / Ounce)

Get ready for the latest breakthrough…Lock-It Setting Powder is not your grandma’s loose setting powder! Our groundbreaking technology reduces the weight by 45% compared to the leading setting powder.

Buy at Amazon Buy at KVD
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01/22/2024 12:01 am GMT

Dupe #6 Pat McGrath Skin Fetish: Sublime Perfection Setting Powder (The Artist’s Choice)

Pat McGrath Skin Fetish Sublime Perfection Setting Powder

I was not a fan of Pat McGrath’s products because of their high price, but once the sales come, they are a forbidden fruit worth tasting. Many of Pat’s diehard fans only buy her products during sales, and I am one of them. Her artistry has stood through the trials of time. Pat McGrath’s makeup is not just high-end.

It feels luxurious as if you are about to walk a runway yourself. Of course, we are not always dressed for a runway, and she knows that, so there are plenty of options to feel elevated and still wear her line.

In terms of setting powders, Pat McGrath has five shades that suit people of most skin tones. I find them a bit pricey since it is always nicer to splurge on expensive eyeshadow or lipsticks that will make you stand out. At the same time, in this day and age of skin fetish (see what I did there?), this setting powder is worth the price to feel flawless.

The Pat McGrath Skin Fetish is a solid choice whether you buy from Pat’s website or order it from Sephora. I have never had issues ordering from her website.

Many negative reviews report shipping problems and lacking customer service, so keep that in mind if you are unwilling to risk it. My Sephora does not carry much of Pat, so I have to use her website to access the full range of products.

The Skin Fetish setting powder has long-lasting powers and a wide shade range. The product blurs seamlessly into the skin, making you look like Pat did your makeup herself.


  • Blends perfectly
  • Doesn’t look cakey
  • Airbrushed finished look


  • Packaging could be better
  • Hard to get the product out


Question: What Products are Similar to Laura Mercier’s Setting Powder?

Answer: I use Kiko Milano Invisible Touch Face Fixing powder for all my needs. I find it perfect, while Coty Airspun is a good second cheap choice to try out and see how you feel about setting powders in general and what needs to be “fixed” or what would work.

Question: Is Laura Mercier Setting Powder the Best on the Market?

Answer: With prices rising, you must ask yourself whether you want to spend that much on a setting powder. If you are in Europe like me, getting your hands on the Laura Mercier setting powder is tricky. Is it worth it? Yes, but it is not the only option and not the best for all skin tones.

Question: What are the Best Alternatives to Setting Powder?

Answer: You can also use a powder foundation for extra coverage, such as a MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation. I used this product for years before I moved on to a setting powder. You can also use a setting spray from Urban Decay All Nighter or the known Mac fix plus. There are no rules in makeup, just advice when you’re lost or need a hand.

Best Laura Mercier Setting Powder Dupes: Final Thoughts

I see setting powders as a necessary tool that does not warrant splurging too much on. That is why we have so many dupes to offer that does not break the bank and will not make you feel like you are missing out on Laura Mercier if you are in Europe.

Her products are complicated to find here, and shipping times can be atrocious even if you are in the USA. Finding the setting powder in stock can take a while too, which is not an option if you run out of setting powder.

The Laura Mercier setting powder is excellent but not irreplaceable. It can be duped by many products, which is good news for all wallets and skin tones!

Translucent Loose Setting Powder | Laura Mercier

Set, don’t settle with the original Translucent Loose Setting Powder, now with 24HR Shine Control! Cult favorite and winner of major awards, Laura Mercier’s “Best in beauty” Translucent Loose Setting Powder is beloved for its 16HR wear and iconic soft-focus finish with zero flashback.

Check Price Buy at Amazon
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

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