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NYX Total Control Drop Foundation Review: What I Really Think

NYX professional makeup is a brand so ubiquitous that every makeup user has either tried it or will try it soon. Their products are known for offering good quality for an equally good price. It doesn’t matter if you’re a makeup guru or someone who uses minimal makeup; they’ve got you covered!

I love the NYX brand and have tested quite a few products and while not every product lives up to a more luxurious brand, for most of us, NYX is a great, affordable option.

NYX Total Control Drop Foundation: What Do I Really Think?

As far as foundations go, NYX is hard to beat with its variety of finishes that cater to most skins and needs. The NYX Professional Makeup Total Drop Control is buildable from sheer to full coverage drop foundation and I absolutely LOVE it! It has a soft, matte finish and is super blendable. For a drugstore, value brand, I can strongly recommend this.

Who Should Use It?

NYX professional makeup Total Control Drop Foundation is marketed towards people with more oily skin as it is a mattifying foundation with a velvet matte finish.

Mattifying foundations are recommended for users with oily skin because they help decrease the shine that comes with oil build-up throughout the day. Other foundation finishes may work better for different skin types (dry, normal, or any combination). I happen to have oily skin, so this was a match in heaven for me.

We have an entire foundation guide you can check out here if you are stuck choosing the right foundation for your skin type!

What Is a Drop Foundation?

NYX Total Control Drop Foundation Review

Most people are used to foundations that come in tubes or bottles. Drop foundations don’t differ as much when it comes to consistency and performance, with the dropper included being the main packaging point for this type.

The drop included with the screw-on cap makes the packaging cleaner as it is less prone to residue build-up or accidental activations like pumps are. Because less product is lost, drop foundations usually come in smaller packages which in turn make them more environmentally friendly.

How Do I Use the NYX Total Control Drop Foundation?

First off, you start by shaking the foundation very well for a few seconds so that it’s well-mixed. The point of the NYX Professional Makeup Total Control Drop Foundation is that you can build your own coverage – you’re in control.

If you want sheer or light coverage, go for two drops, according to the instructions. Three yields a medium coverage, my recommended option if you are testing the waters or want good coverage but without going all out.

If you want full, glam squad coverage, four drops will bring full coverage if that’s your jam.

When it comes to application, NYX recommends using their own Total Control Drop Foundation Brush for a very smooth finish without streakiness. You may also use your fingers to apply it, which is a method many still use. If you prefer a general-purpose foundation brush and are looking for an alternative, choose anyone you prefer. I typically like to use my fingers to apply as I feel that gets the smoothest effects and allows me to use less product overall, but for this test, I used my beauty sponge.

If you like using a damp beauty blender or sponge for applying foundation, that will also work. I used my beauty sponge, and it took me a total of 8 drops for my face, which is okay because I always use more than usual as I have oily skin. Don’t be discouraged if you need more or fewer drops than the guidelines state; everyone’s skin has different needs!

NYX’s website also suggests using the Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Primer before applying this foundation for a more matte and perfect finish. If you wear a lot of makeup like me, you should use a primer to get the best results from the foundation.

Primers are especially beneficial if you have oily skin or other imperfections. They help makeup last much longer than if you just apply a foundation on the skin right away.

NYX Total Drop Control Foundation Full Face

Which Shade Should I Choose?

You can take your previous foundations into account by using handy shade-matching websites like Foundation, which allows you to input the foundations you’ve used before and gives you a great shade match for other brands or lines! I use it all the time when checking out new foundations.

Foundation recommended me the shade 07 Natural for the Total Control Drop. That said, if you are in an area where you can swatch it against your skin before buying, you should. A trusty method is to get some product on your hand or take a small drop (this foundation is perfect for that!) and spread a bit on your face over a patch that needs coverage so you can feel and see if it’s a match.

If you are in the US, NYX Professional Makeup, Sephora, and other retailers offer free exchanges if you get the wrong shade.

What Does It Do?

  • Long-lasting, with coverage up to 12 hours
  • Easy to blend
  • Easy to build up coverage
  • Vegan
  • Best-seller


The NYX Professional Makeup Total Drop Control comes in a matte glass bottle with a dropper. The box it comes in is a cute black unicarton design with the product shade printed on the front. There is a short usage guide on the backside of the box, which shows how many drops you need to achieve a certain coverage (light, medium, and full coverage).

Some people prefer the luxury feel of glass over plastic bottles, but it must be said that you should store it in a safe place. You don’t want to break the foundation, so handle the package with care. It doesn’t feel exactly easy to break, but better safe than sorry.

The foundation has a nice heavyweight, so it does feel more luxurious than other drug stores or similar-tier foundations that retail in the same price range, including others from the NYX foundation line.

NYX Total Drop Control Foundation Shade 07 Natural Packaging

Applying the Foundation: Testing the 07 Natural Shade

I settled for shade 07 in Natural. I matched my foundations prior on foundation, so I knew which shade would be best, though I also tried a few options in person to make sure it was the right one.

It is very long-lasting on my oily skin. It gives a beautiful and lovely full coverage, but I slowly built it up to see how the sheer and medium finishes would look. They were great, but I prefer not seeing any imperfections. I am slightly tanner than your average pale person, which if you live in a sunny area is normal.

I always do a full beat, and during this review, I used all my usual products to see if the foundation reacts well with contour, blush, and finishing powder.

After hours of wear, I found that I did not need major touch-ups besides my T-zone, which gets oily rather fast. Still, the oil buildup took a lot longer than usual to become noticeable, so this is a great outcome! Many people do touchups and forget that makeup needs care.

Trying it outside on a warm summer day showed the Total Drop Control doesn’t smudge and is largely sweatproof.

NYX Total Drop Control Foundation Shade 07 Natural

The Formula

The Total Drop Control doesn’t feel tacky. Once you get drops on your fingers, you need to make sure they don’t leak as it is rather watery for a foundation formula. The application can be done very quickly, though the product does not dry immediately.

It lasts for a long while on the skin, as advertised. The formula has a lightweight feel that does not make your skin tired after hours of wear.

It also does not have any fragrance. This is a plus for those that dislike scented foundations, be it due to preference or sensitivity.

NYX Total Drop Control Foundation Shade 07 Natural Before After

Price Point

In the European market, the Total Drop Control retails for 18 euros. If you’re in the USA, you’re looking at 14 dollars. Considering this foundation’s quality, it has great value. In terms of durability, naturally, if you prefer a lighter coverage, a bottle will last longer, but even full-coverage queens will find the product lasts very long.

Pros & Cons


  • Long-lasting, which holds up to 12 hours
  • Buildable coverage
  • Great for full coverage looks
  • Wide shade range
  • Transfer-proof
  • Covers skin texture and coloration


  • If you have very oily skin, it still requires touch-ups in problem areas
  • Fragile glass bottle makes it not friendly to travel with

Alternatives to NYX Total Control Foundation You’ll Love

Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Water Foundation

rainforest of the sea

This foundation is more on the medium or full-coverage side, so if you’re looking for that, this could be another great pick if you prefer Tarte or want to splurge! Users say this is ‘Photoshop in a bottle,’ and they’re not lying.

The downside of it is that it is hard to achieve a more sheer look with it, requiring specific sponges or brushes and a very fine hand. This option is only recommended for those looking for heavier coverage.

Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Water Foundation | Amazon

A lightweight, full-coverage hydrating foundation infused with Tarte's Rainforest of the Sea complex and non-chemical SPF 15 sunscreen.

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Revolution Pro Foundation Drops

Revolution Pro Foundation Drops

The Revolution Pro Foundation Drops also has the dropper found in the NYX Total Control Drop Foundation if you’re into this type of applicator. This is a cheaper alternative from a popular brand.

It doesn’t have such a wide selection of shades like NYX, so make sure they have yours and test it in person prior to buying it, as it may be harder to find a good match. Like the NYX foundation, it has buildable coverage that goes all the way from sheer to full. It provides a breathable ultralightweight and undetectable finish, making it look like your own skin but without imperfections.

NYX Professional Makeup Stay Matte But Not Flat Powder Foundation

If you prefer a powder foundation or want complementary coverage, this could be your solution. If you prefer a more matte formula, the powder is recommended either as a standalone foundation or as a finishing step over a liquid one. The Stay Matte But Not Flat is a vegan favorite and a great alternative to the Total Control Drop Foundation. It comes with a natural matte finish.

NYX Stay Matte But Not Flat Powder Foundation | Amazon

This NYX Professional Makeup pressed powder foundation offers lightweight, buildable coverage that evens skin tone, covering imperfections and leaving behind a gorgeous matte finish.

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ILIA Super Serum Skin Tint SPF 40

ILIA Super Serum Skin Tint SPF 40

The ILA Super Serum Skin Tint is loved by plenty, but its bottle has a higher price point than the NYX drops. If you want to try something more high-end, this is a good shot, with plenty of beaming reviews and happy customers.

It leans more on the dewy side, so check in with your skin type before committing to it. This texture makes it recommended for dry skin types more than only ones unless paired with a powder foundation on top.

ILIA Super Serum Skin Tint SPF 40 | Amazon

An Award-Winning Tinted Serum With Light, Dewy Coverage, Mineral SPF, + Active Levels Of Skincare Ingredients.

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e.l.f. Cosmetics Flawless Finish Foundation

e.l.f. Cosmetics Flawless Finish Foundation

e.l.f. has made a name for itself as a cheap but effective brand, and with the great price point of $6, this foundation is a very affordable alternative. The Flawless Finish Foundation comes in 26 different shades and is great at oil control. Great on the wallet and made for oily skin!

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Question: Is NYX Total Drop Control Foundation good for dry skin?

Answer: It is not recommended to use mattifying foundations when you have dry skin, but users do say that the Total Drop Control Foundation is a more forgiving option compared to most mattifying ones.

Question: How long does the Total Drop Control Foundation last?

Answer: It lasts up to 12 hours, as stated on the website.

Question: Is NYX total control Drop Foundation discontinued?

Answer: In the USA, it is, but everywhere else, it seems to still be sold and has been a staple for many years. The alternative in the US is the new Total Control Pro Drop Foundation, which has more shades but comes with a different formula.

Question: Which NYX foundation is better for dry skin?

Answer: NYX Born To Glow Foundation is generally regarded as the best option. If you have dry skin, you need to avoid mattifying foundations or read ahead to make sure you don’t dry your skin further.

Question: Does the NYX total control drop foundation oxidize?

Answer: No, it does not oil and oxidizes easily.

Nyx Total Control Drop Foundation Review: Final Thoughts

The NYX Total Drop Control Foundation is an amazing foundation. The foundation market may feel oversaturated at times, but we all need it! Some come with a gimmick like a dropper here, but once you get used to it, it doesn’t feel weird, and I would say it makes me wish all foundations came with it. I enjoyed the product and would highly recommend it.

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