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Top Blue Mascara Ideas and Picks For Making A Statement

If you’re bored with the traditional black mascara and you want to try something new and more exciting, then you should consider blue mascara. It will make you look like a star from the ’90s. This mascara color is vibrant, fun, and bold so make sure your attitude matches it.

Lately, blue mascara has made a significant comeback, including on international runways. Blue mascara is suitable for everyone, regardless of their eye color. In fact, it’s really flattering and will help you achieve a fabulous look that everyone will certainly notice.


Top Blue Mascara Ideas and Picks: Our Favorite 10

I have chosen the following products based on consumer reviews and popularity. However, I didn’t list them in any particular order.

1. Beyond Blue They’re Real! Mascara by Benefit

blue mascara

This blue mascara is great because it will make your eyelashes look longer and thicker. Besides blue, the brand also markets brown mascara. Both the length and the volume of your lashes will be dramatic after you apply this product. According to the company, the Beyond Blue mascara offers long-lasting results.

The Benefit mascara comes with a gorgeous dark blue shade. The wand is flexible, being made of rubber, whereas the bristles are spiky. They separate your lashes and coat them with mascara. This formula has just the right kind of texture, being neither very dry nor too wet. With it, you won’t have to worry about smeared makeup.


  • The color is vibrant and intense;
  • You can wear it for a long time because this mascara is resistant;
  • Your lashes will look volumized and lengthened;
  • This eye product doesn’t flake;
  • It makes your lashes curly and defines them in the right way.


  • Some users have complained that this blue mascara can be tricky to remove but that’s also proof of its durability level.

2. The Shock Volumizing Mascara by Yves Saint Laurent

the shock

The shade of this Yves Saint Laurent mascara is Blue Underground. It features a deeper blue hue that’s very pretty and cool. I love the wand of this beauty product due to its short bristles because, due to them, it’s easier for me to apply the mascara evenly without a lot of effort.

It will leave your lashes curled up and beautiful all day long without flaking or smearing. Many women choose this hue because it’s cute but subtle. Therefore, it stands out on women who have fair skin. If you’re tanned or have darker skin, this shade might not pop out as much.


  • Your lashes will look amazing and longer with this blue mascara;
  • It’s very easy to apply – the process is smooth and the product coats your lashes evenly;
  • It doesn’t smear or smudge;
  • This mascara won’t get clumpy.


  • The formula is perfumed and some of you might not like that.

3. The Colossal Big Shot Volume Express by Maybelline New York

I love this mascara so much. It’s so convenient and easily accessible. The shade of this Maybelline mascara is Boomin’ Blue which is a gorgeous color. Maybelline mascara is one of the most popular drugstore makeup products in the world.

It is very pigmented and it lasts on your lashes the entire day. The wand is great at separating and coating each of your lashes. This mascara was born from the company’s collaboration with Shayla Mitchell. The cool blue tint of this product will bring out your eye color and it’s perfect for bold makeup styles.


  • Your lashes will gain a lot of volume with this mascara;
  • The color is super pigmented;
  • You can wear it all day long without a care in the world;
  • It works well for those who have contact lenses.


  • It dries out a bit too quickly and that might bother some of you who want to apply more than one layer.


4. Blue NYX Color Mascara

This is another great drugstore mascara in a vibrant shade of blue. The NYX Color mascara features a bright and electric blue that will represent the perfect touch of drama to your beautiful lashes. The formula is very easy to use and the coat you apply on your lashes will last all day long.

At the end of the day, you’ll be happy when you see that your mascara didn’t clump or flake. Many types of mascara tend to weigh down the lashes but that isn’t a problem with this NYX blue mascara. Its dark blue pigment will not come off that easily so you might need a makeup remover that contains oil.


  • It is a very cool and pigmented color;
  • It’s easy to apply it smoothly and evenly;
  • Your lashes will be coated and separated nicely;
  • You can wear it the entire day;
  • It doesn’t smudge.


  • Unlike other mascaras, this one doesn’t make your lashes very long or volumized.

5. Katy Kat Eye Mascara by Covergirl

Katy Kat Eye Mascara by Covergirl

This Covergirl mascara was created by the company after a collaboration with the well-known singer Katy Perry. It’s a great choice for a drugstore mascara. Due to this blue shade, the white part of your eyes will appear brighter. Hence, it’s great to use this product when you haven’t had much sleep or your eyes look tired.

This mascara is long-lasting, even during hot summer days because it doesn’t budge. Both green and grey eyes will look fabulous with this shade. Also, the product pops out even more if you have fair skin.


  • Your lashes will instantly become full of volume and lengthened;
  • The color is a buildable one;
  • This beauty product is a waterproof mascara;
  • It won’t weigh down your gorgeous lashes.


  • It can be a bit hard to take it off.

6. Blue Charge False Lashes by MAC

I recommend this MAC blue eye makeup product to all those who’s very curious regarding colored mascara. The shade is a bright blue that adds a little drama to your overall appearance. It makes your eyes stand out the most. Moreover, this MAC mascara offers plenty of length and volume to your lashes.

You can easily see this color even if you have darker lashes as I do. However, to make it more visible, you could apply a coat of white mascara primer before applying this eye makeup. You can easily wear it during the day or at fancier evening events.


  • With this MAC beauty product, your lashes will appear curlier and longer;
  • The color is very pigmented and bright;
  • This formula thickens your natural lashes;
  • It’s easy to apply; coating your lashes with this mascara goes smoothly.


  • It’s a bit on the pricey side.

7. Easy on the Eyes Mascara by Beautify Beauties

This Beautify Beauties mascara comes in a navy blue color that I simply adore. The formula is pigmented and the product is buildable. So, you can safely apply more than one single layer without being afraid that your lashes will get too thick.

Based on this detail, you now know that you can create several different makeup looks using this blue mascara, from subtle to dramatic ones.

What I love most about this makeup product is the fact that’s easy on your eyes, being created especially for sensitive eyes. It’s both fragrance-free and non-irritating. The wand is very flexible yet sturdy and it will help you define your lashes with a lot of ease.


  • This mascara is a hypoallergenic formula that’s amazing for those of you with sensitive eyes;
  • Your lashes will become full of volume and more lengthened;
  • The product doesn’t contain parabens;
  • It contains useful reparative ingredients such as vitamins and antioxidants.


  • Unfortunately for some, this mascara washes of pretty easily.


8. Le Volume de Chanel

Blue Night

The package in which this Chanel mascara comes in just stole my heart completely. The shade is called Blue Night and the entire product looks classy and sleek. The wand is very convenient and applies the product excellently. It coats each of your lashes while also separating them.

This dark blue color is intense and looks elegant and pretty. On the other hand, I have had other blue mascaras that lasted longer than this one and offered more volume than the Chanel option. Still, the product feels really well on the lashes. The formula is supple and lightweight.

If you have dark lashes, it’s best to use a white primer first and then apply this blue mascara.


  • This amazing Chanel blue mascara does an excellent job at separating and defining your lashes;
  • After you apply the layer of mascara, your lashes will not look spidery or stiff – which is something I really dislike when using mascara;
  • It’s very easy to apply;
  • The color is well-pigmented and rich.


  • As you might expect, considering this is a Chanel product, the price is high;
  • Some other blue mascara options might offer more volume to your lashes and might last longer than this one.

9. Perfect Lashes Mascara by Golden Rose

perfect lashes mascara golden rose

This Golden Rose blue mascara provides you with a vivid shade that’s suitable for bold women who aren’t afraid to make a statement. It’s perfect if you want to try something different and feature courageous eye makeup.

The formula is both smooth and rich and it applies easily without smudging or clumping. You should apply it in one single layer because it tends to dry quickly. With this blue mascara, your lashes will look well-separated and stunning, having a boost of volume.


  • I love this mascara because it dries quickly;
  • It lasts a long time without smudging;
  • It is a cruelty-free beauty product;
  • You won’t have to deal with issues such as flaking or clumping.


  • It might not be the ideal choice for those who have sensitive eyes.

10. Voluminous Original Mascara by L’Oreal

This cobalt blue mascara marketed by L’Oreal is a splendid choice if you want your lashes to look lengthened and full. I like to call this shade a royal blue and I bet you will receive numerous compliments each time you will wear this formula.

The Voluminous Original blue mascara is a resistant beauty product that keeps your lashes soft without clumping them. It also adds plenty of volume as well as length. The ingredient list is the element that impressed me the most because it contains two substances that nourish and condition your lashes: Ceramide-R and Panthenol.

This royal blue looks amazing on all skin types and all eye colors, including darker ones. It’s an excellent shade to wear during summer.


  • It will add a lot of volume to your lashes and will make them look longer;
  • It’s easy to apply;
  • This mascara defines and separates every lash;
  • It won’t clump;
  • The wand is flexible and convenient.


  • It dries out a bit too quickly so pay attention when you apply it.


Question: How Should You Apply and Wear Blue Mascara?

Answer: It’s now time for me to offer you some useful tips on how to wear this type of mascara properly in order to boost your natural charm and the volume of your lashes:
• When you use blue mascara, your eyes will pop out. So, if you want to balance the entire look, you should keep everything else neutral, especially when it comes to the lipstick. More natural makeup is the perfect pair for blue mascara if you want an elegant and subtle appearance;
• To achieve a gorgeous look, you should use blue mascara and add a peach or nude eye shadow that will make the blue pop a lot more;
• More intense looks might need a white primer before applying the blue mascara. That way, your lashes will be coated with two layers of product for a more long-lasting result;
• To make the blue mascara more subtle, you could try to apply a layer of black mascara on top of the blue one.

Question: Why Should You Try Blue Mascara?

Answer: Blue mascara, besides being bold and appealing, also brightens the white areas of your eyes. It will make your face look alert, well-rested, and awake. Blue mascara looks great with any type of eyes, from green to hazel.

Question: What Are the Best Ideas for Wearing Blue Mascara?

Answer: One of the greatest ways to wear blue mascara is to pair it with a complimentary liner. I would choose eyeliner that comes in the denim blue shade. This type of liner will lead to a well-defined focal point that surrounds the areas of your eyes. Blue mascara also works well when paired with nude makeup. This type of makeup will allow you to wear blue lashes on a daily basis. For a metallic look and an evening event, you should totally try the amazing combo of navy blue mascara and gold eye shadow.

Top Blue Mascara Ideas and Picks – Final Thoughts

Answer: Blue mascara is a lovely and fun thing to try if you’re bored with the classic black lashes. You should have it in your makeup bag even if you don’t plan on wearing it every single day. It will be there and ready to be used any time you feel like boosting your regular makeup style.

You should try some of the products mentioned above and see which shade of blue suits your eyes the most. I personally love royal blue and navy blue so my favorite picks would be L’Oreal’s Voluminous Original and Beautify Beauties mascara.

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