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I Tried the Viral Maybelline Sky High Mascara: Worth the Hype?


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Reviewed by Stephanie Jensen
Stephanie Jensen

Maybelline Sky High Mascara

So, I tried out the Maybelline Sky High Waterproof Mascara that everyone's raving about. You know, the one promising 'limitless length' and 'full volume'? Well, turns out it's just okay. The unique Flex Tower brush is cool, and it's waterproof with bamboo extract – great for preventing clumps and smudges. But honestly, it didn't give me that intense volume I was hoping for. Plus, taking it off was a bit of a struggle. It's decent, especially for sensitive eyes, but if you're after more drama, you might want to check out some alternatives.

Maybelline Sky High
Brush Design 7
Formula 8
Effectiveness in Lengthening and Volumizing 7


  • No Clumping
  • Intense Black Color
  • No Flaking or Smudging
  • Suitable for Sensitive Eyes
  • Good Separation of Lashes


  • Average Performance
  • Lacks Intense Volume
  • Better Alternatives Available
  • Difficult to Remove
  • Flimsy Brush

As a bonafide rocker chick, I happen to love thick, dark lashes and have personally tried many mascaras out there. I’m always on the hunt for a beautiful black, waterproof mascara that can deliver those seriously long lashes of my dreams.

There’s been a lot of hype for the Maybelline’s Sky High Waterproof Mascara out there. It’s a TikTok sensation! I’ve read all the beauty blogs and it’s hard to find someone that doesn’t give it rave reviews.

I’m starting to think I’m weird. I honestly didn’t care for this mascara at all. It doesn’t give you the all-in-one luscious eyelashes that I see so many people claiming. And at $11-ish, you can find a better mascara (see my alternatives) around this price range. If you do want to use this mascara and try for yourself, I’ll give you some tips. Using the want correctly is going to make this work much better for you.

Maybelline Sky High Waterproof Mascara | Amazon

This volumizing waterproof mascara formula is infused with bamboo extract and fibers for long, full and lightweight lashes that don't flake or smudge.

Buy at Amazon
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01/21/2024 10:18 pm GMT

Maybelline Sky High Waterproof Mascara Review: Key Features Of The Mascara

Maybelline Sky High Waterproof Mascara Review

Maybelline states this mascara delivers “limitless length” and “full volume.” The secret lies within the brush; the Flex Tower brush extends each individual lash while increasing volume. I used Very Black, which is, yes, VERY black. It’s also available in Brownish Black.

This is a waterproof formula infused with bamboo extract. The waterproof formula ensures the mascara won’t smudge and doesn’t flake.

It’s ophthalmologist and allergy tested, suitable for contact wearers and anyone with sensitive eyes. Maybelline also claims the waterproof formula removes easily with makeup remover, though I beg to differ.

My Pro Tip: You have to wipe the wand first to remove some of the product before applying. If you don’t, the mascara won’t go on as smooth. You can always reapply if you want thicker lashes.


  • No clumping and separates lashes well
  • Intense black if you use the Very Black color
  • It doesn’t flake or smudge
  • Never irritated my eyes


  • Honestly, this mascara is just “okay”
  • It doesn’t give intense volume at all
  • Maybelline has better mascaras, and there are way better alternatives
  • Pain in the butt to take off
  • Flimsy brush

Is Sky High Mascara Waterproof?

After trying this mascara in the real world, I can confidently say YES — it is waterproof! It stayed put on my lashes until I removed it. If you are looking for waterproof mascara, Sky High definitely delivers on that promise, and unlike other waterproof mascaras, this one didn’t hurt my sensitive eyes. 

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The Key Details of the Mascara

As you can tell already, I don’t think this mascara deserves the hype it received. But for argument’s sake, let’s go into the individual details of the mascara to gain some better insight.

The Brush

Maybelline Sky High Waterproof Mascara

Maybelline calls this brush the “Exclusive Flex Tower” brush. It is a rather long and thin brush with multiple spikes. The brush itself is also flexible enough to bend with the unique contours of your lashes.

Many people love this brush, and I understand why. The spikes separate lashes and volumize the lash line. However, the brush to me was flimsy. Not as bad as other mascaras I used, but this brush is far from the best I’ve ever used.


Maybelline promotes this mascara as an all-in-one product that lengthens as much as it volumizes. I don’t see much volume, mainly length. I actually prefer curl, so that could be why I was a little disappointed.

Some reviewers state to wipe the excess product off on the rim of the tube before applying.

The reason I guess I have some issues is the formula is very wet and difficult to control. This is why I strongly recommend that you wipe some of the mascara off the wand BEFORE applying. I would rather use up the last of my Lash Paint and Maneater mascaras first, but when I do, I will give Sky High another chance (assuming it’s not expired by that time).

More Natural Than Extravagant

I think what upset me the most is the mascara didn’t live up to the hype. Looking at the various pictures of people trying this mascara, it looked like the mascara gave you intense length and volume. Not saying my lashes looked terrible, but they looked more natural than anything. And I applied three coats!

I will say, they look natural in a way where your mascara doesn’t clump. The brush separates your lashes very well. But I didn’t get the extravagant length and volume I was expecting. Other reviewers state to simply add more coats for drama, but I honestly think three coats should be plenty.

Taking Off the Mascara

I think this mascara is all waterproof, which I hate. Waterproof mascara is a pain to take off, no matter the quality of makeup remover I use. Even after using makeup wipes and rinsing my eyes with Ponds, I still had traces of mascara on my eyes. Usually, Ponds takes off everything.

The Good

Maybelline Sky High Waterproof Mascara

Let’s go into more details about the good and the bad. As I said, this mascara isn’t terrible- it’s just okay. But there are some plus sides. As stated previously, this mascara doesn’t clump. The brush separates lashes well. I used Very Black and the color is extremely deep and vivid. The formula isn’t drying, so the mascara doesn’t flake.

The waterproof formula clearly does its job. While it’s a pain to remove, the mascara also doesn’t smudge. And the biggest plus side of them all — the mascara doesn’t irritate my eyes! I actually notice. Maybelline is one of the few drugstore brands that my eyes can actually tolerate.

The Bad

Again, this mascara is just okay. I feel like it lengthens my lashes more than volumizes them, so that’s something to pinpoint if you specifically want a volumizing mascara.

My biggest problem is how difficult the mascara is to remove. If you don’t mind waking up with leftover mascara on your lashes, then this is probably not a make or break for you. Me personally, when I want to remove my makeup, I want it all GONE!

Now this point isn’t a make or break for me, but the brush is flimsy. It didn’t make the mascara impossible to work with but was still slightly annoying. Overall, there are better mascaras out there. Maybelline has one I really like and there are slightly more expensive mascaras that I think are worth the extra money.


Maybelline Volum’ Express the Colossal Cat Eyes Mascara

Maybelline Volum’ Express the Colossal Cat Eyes Mascara

I honestly think the Volum’ Express the Colossal Cat Eyes Mascara is the best drugstore mascara I ever used. This mascara offers serious volume and the curved brush hits all of your lashes perfectly. The mascara does flake slightly, but it doesn’t smudge or clump.

On the plus side, this mascara is cheaper than Sky High! This mascara has a waterproof and washable version. I obviously use the washable one.

Maybelline Volum’ Express the Colossal Cat Eyes Mascara | Amazon

Colossal mascara gets a feline edge with Maybelline Volum' Express Colossal Cat Eyes. The formula and brush plump and spike out lashes at the corners for a wild cat-eye look. Ophthalmologist tested. 

Buy at Amazon
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01/21/2024 11:31 pm GMT

Tarte Maneater Mascara

tarte maneater mascara

I actually reviewed this one recently, though my review hasn’t been published yet.

Tarte’s Maneater Mascara makes eyes appear bigger with their crazy volumizing formula. The wand has over 500 bristles to separate lashes, resulting in no clumps. Lash Paint was my previous go-to mascara, but I think this one will be my new go-to mascara.

Tarte Maneater Mascara | Amazon
$17.99 ($59.97 / Fl Oz)

Dress your lashes like you style your hair with this lengthening, curling and volumizing mascara. 

Buy at Amazon Buy at Tarte
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01/22/2024 05:23 am GMT

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Maybelline Lash Discovery

Maybelline Lash Discovery

I’ve never tried this mascara, but another reviewer mentioned it in their Sky High review. Maybelline’s Lash Discovery not only lengthens but defines your lashes. The brush is small, ideal for use on your lower lash.

Maybelline Lash Discovery | Amazon

Exclusive lash-catching mini-brush allows you to get hard-to-reach lashes - from corner to corner, root to tip and the bottom, too.

Buy at Amazon
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02/17/2024 09:56 am GMT

Inkia Long Lash Mascara

Inkia Long Lash Mascara

This is also one I never heard of, but it was recommended on a review website. The Inkia Long Lash Mascara is totally vegan and boosts lash volume and length. The texture of the product is smooth for a clump-free payoff. At $33, it’s one of the more expensive mascaras on this list.

Inkia Long Lash Mascara | Amazon

Luxurious formula with natural ingredients to boost lash length, volume and span. Achieve a spectacular panoramic effect thanks to the silky smooth, clump-free texture. 

Buy at Amazon
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Stila Magnum XXX Mascara

stila magnum xxx intense mascara

On their website, Stila claims this is a mega volume-building mascara. Apparently, this mascara curls, too. It has a creamy and lightweight formula with a flexible wand. The mascara doesn’t clump and has exceptional staying power.

I’ve never tried Stila mascara, but I’ve tried their lip products and eyeliner, and I can honestly say this brand is great. This is a great mascara to try, even with the around $23 price.

Stila Magnum XXX Mascara | Amazon
$26.00 ($65.00 / Fl Oz)

The best mascara to give you XXX volume, length, curl, lift and intense black color!

Buy at Amazon
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
01/21/2024 04:26 pm GMT

e.l.f. Lash It Loud Volumizing Mascara

e.l.f. Lash It Loud Volumizing Mascara

Exclusive Makeup & Skincare Sale
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e.l.f. is another one of my favorite drugstore makeup brands. Just about everything I used from this brand is great.

I’ve never used their mascara, but I’m sure it also works well. I found the Lash It Loud volumizing mascara, which sounds like it’s comparable to Sky High. This is a volumizing mascara that has a bold look, making your lashes look fuller and also increases length. And at $6, you can’t beat this price.

Lawless the One and Done Volumizing Mascara

Lawless the One and Done Volumizing Mascara

I also never tried this mascara, but again, I found it on a review site and thought it was comparable to Sky High. Lawless the One and Done Volumizing Mascara defines, volumizes, lifts, and lengthens the lashes. It’s a vegan formula that lasts all day.

In addition, it promotes natural lash growth. It’s around $25, so a little pricey for most drugstore makeup users.

Lawless the One and Done Volumizing Mascara | Amazon
$19.99 ($49.98 / Fl Oz)

A vegan clean mascara that does it all—volumizes, defines, lengthens, lifts, and wears all day while promoting natural lash growth.

Buy at Amazon
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01/22/2024 02:57 pm GMT


Question: Can You Still Get Curled Lashes With Sky High Mascara?

Answer: I don’t think Sky High is the best mascara for curled lashes, and I even used a mascara curler. I suggest trying a curling mascara if curl is what you’re looking for.

Question: Can I Sleep With Sky High Still on My Lashes?

Answer: Sky High is a pain to take off, but it’s still best to take off as much of the mascara as you can. And this applies to all mascara, not just Sky High. If you sleep with mascara on, you risk drying out your lashes. I definitely have lashes fall out if I don’t properly wash off my mascara.
Make sure you wash off all makeup before bed, no matter how much or little you’re wearing.

Question: What Should You Use to Remove Sky High?

Answer: I personally use a combination of Olay Makeup Removing Wipes and Pond’s Cold Cream Cleanser. Both can take off waterproof mascara. As long as your makeup remover can remove waterproof mascara, you can use it to remove Sky High mascara.
Just be sure not to use handwashing soap. This soap will dry out your lashes and it may not be safe for the eye area.
In addition, many makeup removers come with skincare benefits. For example, Pond’s Cold Cream Cleanser also moisturizes the skin, which is why I’ve been swearing by this makeup remover for years.

Question: Should I Use Eyelash Conditioner?

Answer: It wouldn’t hurt, that’s for sure. Eyelash conditioner restores silkiness and softness to your lashes, making them healthier.
More makeup companies are formulating their mascaras with moisturizing ingredients, so you get soft lashes in your normal makeup routine. But it’s recommended you use a separate lash conditioner.

Question: Why Is the Sky High Mascara Always Sold Out?

Answer: When I first went shopping for this mascara, the local drugstore was totally sold out of it. The woman working in the makeup department told me that mascara doesn’t last long on the shelves.
Sky High sells out quickly because of its notoriety, specifically its TikTok-famous status.

My Final Verdict

Maybelline’s Lash Sensational Sky High Mascara received crazy hype and is even famous on TikTok. I honestly don’t think this mascara delivers the volume and length that many claim it does. That doesn’t mean it’s a bad mascara. Sky High separates lashes well and doesn’t clump or smudge. But I think this mascara is only okay and there are better mascaras out there that deserve the hype.

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Maybelline Sky High Waterproof Mascara | Amazon

This volumizing waterproof mascara formula is infused with bamboo extract and fibers for long, full and lightweight lashes that don't flake or smudge.

Buy at Amazon
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
01/21/2024 10:18 pm GMT

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