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NYX Precision Brow Review & Guide – Your Next Eyebrow ‘Must-Have’ Product

NYX has been in the makeup game for a long time. It is a drugstore makeup brand that is perfect if you are on a budget. Most of their products have gone viral (hello NYX 10-in-1 Marshmallow Primer!) for being affordable and working to create a glamorous makeup look.

I am a big fan of NYX products and have used many different brow products over the years. This is the first NYX brow product I have tried out so it had high expectations. 

I have a love/hate relationship with my eyebrows. Despite having brown hair, my actually eyebrows are very sparse and light. While I was growing up this wasn’t a problem in the naughties due to the ‘thin’ eyebrow trend. I didn’t even owe any eyebrow products as a teenager.

Sadly trends change and in the 2010s a new trend emerged…thick, bushy, dark eyebrows. Over the years I have tried out many eyebrow products and I tend to lean towards Anastasia Beverly Hills eyebrow products. However, Anastasia Beverly Hills isn’t super affordable and most of their products take time to apply. 

While I enjoy spending time refining my brows before a night out, there are many times when I am in a rush and need to do a quick makeup look. This is where NYX Precision Brow comes in handy. 

In this review, I will be looking at NYX Precision Brow to see if it works on my sparse brows and completes my makeup look. 

The Bottom Line Up Front 

A cheap brow pencil that offers you a chance to quickly pencil in your brows before you head out. While this brow pencil is affordable, it’s not the best brow product to add to your collection if you want refined, sculpted brows. However, this is a must-have beauty item if you are short on time and need a quick brow fix. 

Application 6/10  

Effect 5/10 

Cost 10/10

My quick-fire review of  NYX Precision Brow

  • Effect – easy to create a light, precise brow look 
  • Application – pencil is thick but you can turn it on its side to help create a delicate brow 
  • My verdict – good for a quick eyebrow look but hard to create thick, full brows if your eyebrows are thin and sparse (like mine). 

Now let’s dive into the full impression I got from the NYX Precision Brow product. 

NYX Precision Brow Overview

The NYX Precision Brow has a flat tip pencil and with 8 shades to choose from:

  • Blonde 
  • Taupe
  • Soft Brown 
  • Ash Brown 
  • Expresso 
  • Black
  • Charcoal 
  • Auburn 

I have medium-colored brunette hair so picked the shade ‘Ash Brown’, which was the perfect eyebrow shade for my hair color. The pencil also comes with a spoolie on the opposite end to help brush out the product. 

  • Comes with a spoolie
  • No eyebrow sharpener but the product doesn’t need to be sharpened as it’s a thick pencil that needs to keep its slant
  • Low cost ($11.00 NYX)
  • Heavy pencil (0.004 oz/ 0.13g)
  • Matt texture

My First Impression of NYX Precision Brow 

What does it look like?

I was surprised by how large and sturdy this pencil was when it arrived in the post. It has the jet black NYX branding that most of NYX products have and has a wand-like feel to the pencil. The actual pencil is thicker than other precision pencils, however, I know that NYX offers a micro brow pencil if you want a pencil that is thinner. 


As you can see in the picture of the swatch I did with the NYX Precision Brow, it was hard to make the product super sharp and dark in color. I had to really press down on the pencil to get any form of a harsh line. This was a positive for me as it shows you only need to press to product lightly to get soft, brow-like strokes.

It was easy to rub the product off if I wiped it back and forth but if I just pressed on it, it wouldn’t budge. This means I need to avoid rubbing my eyebrows once I use the product but I could still touch my brows and it should stay on. NYX Precision Brow looked well pigmented but the real judge was trying it out on my eyebrows.

Let’s see how the NYX Precision Brow worked on my eyebrows and if it fits into my quick makeup routine.

The makeup products that I used with NYX Precision Brow

I made sure to use a primer on my face before applying my makeup. At the moment I am using Color FX Gripping Primer. I tend to draw on my eyebrows as the last step in my makeup routine (before spraying on a setting spray). I really find drawing my eyebrows on finishes my makeup look and helps to make my eyeshadow stand out. 

I used the True Match Concealer (shade Medium) by L’Oréal around my eyebrows beforehand to clear any imperfections (I usually have reddish skin and some blemishes around my eyebrows).

I used the brush at the end of the pencil to brush my eyebrows out and used the pencil to shape my brows and fill in any sparse spaces. I was running short on time so was excited to see if the NYX Precision Brow worked with my quick makeup routine. 

How NYX Precision Brow worked on my eyebrows

I was surprised by how easy it was to glide the pencil around my brows to fill in the sparse areas. I enjoyed turning the pencil on its side to help shape my brows. However, I found it difficult to fully create my brow look only using this pencil.

The pencil was too thick to make my brows refined, as the thick pencil would easily go over onto my skin. However, I have a lot of other brow products so this was easily fixed. I used the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wix to help create my final brow look as I struggled to get the NYX Precision Brow to blend with my brows. 

I have sparse brows and the NYX Precision Brow was perfect for creating a fake eyebrow arch. Its thick pencil can be used on its side to help create an eyebrow arch.

What I liked the most about the NYX Precision Brow is how light you can press onto your brows and the product still comes out. The product didn’t break off of the pencil as I used it on my brows. I did notice how difficult it was to get the spoolie lid on and off, but the spoolie was easy to use and brushed my brows in place. Overall NYX Precision Brow was a great product to use on my brows to quickly add shape and definition. 

If I was lucky enough to have dark, full brows then this product would be a saving grace to my makeup collection. I could easily imagine this product working wonders on those with full, dark eyebrows as it adds a light shape and brow like strokes to eyebrows.

I really felt the ‘Ash Brown’ shade fit perfectly against my brunette hair colour and was pleased to see NYX offer a wide range of eyebrow shades to choose from.

How did NYX Precision Brow work throughout the day?

The NYX Precision Brow product stayed on my face most of the day whilst I was running errands. However, if I needed to rub my face or itch my eyebrows then the product would immediately come off and ruin my brow look. Make sure to leave your eyebrows alone if you want your brow look to stay in place.

A clear brow gel would have helped keep my brows on for longer but I used this product for a quick makeup routine and avoided using lots of different products.

Pros & Cons of the NYX Precision Brow:


  • 8 shades to choose from
  • Includes a brow brush (spoolie)
  • Super affordable
  • Easy application
  • Cruelty-free makeup brand 
  • You don’t need to use a lot of the product to see a difference in your brows 


  • Hard to get refined sculpted brows 
  • You need to use other products to finish your eyebrow look if you want full, thick eyebrows
  • The pencil is too thick and easily goes onto your skin when you apply it 
  • The Spoolie lid is hard to get on and off 

My Final Ratings

Application 6/10 – For my sparse brows I need a more refined pencil and I found NYX Precision Brow pencil too thick. However, it is the perfect brow product to use if you are in a rush as it quickly adds shape to your brows. 

Effect 5/10 – The thicker pencil means you can really fill in your brows and if you turn the pencil on its side then you can create shape and definition in your eyebrows. Its effect is good, especially if you want an everyday brow that you can do quickly in the morning. However, due to the pencil being thick, it can easily transfer onto your skin.

Cost 10/10 – While there might be some issues with NYX Precision Brow, its cost is what makes up for any problems. NYX is a super affordable brand and its products usually hold up well against other higher-end makeup products. NYX Precision Brow is very affordable and a must-have for your makeup collection. 

What other brow products does NYX offer?

NYX has a huge collection of eyebrow products to choose from:

  • Micro Brow Pencil 
  • The Brow Glue Instant Brow Styler 
  • Thick It Stick It! Brow Gel 
  • Lift & Snatch! Brow Tint Pen
  • Tame & Frame Brow Pomade 
  • Eyebrow Powder Pencil 
  • Tinted Brow Mascara 
  • Control Freak Eyebrow Gel 
  • Eyebrow Gel 
  • Fill & Fluff Eyebrow Pomade Pencil
  • Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop Longwear Brow Kit
  • Eyebrow Cake Powder
  • Bare with Me Cannabis Brow Setter
  • Fill & Fluff Clear Pomade Pencil
  • Dip, Shape, Go! Longwear Brow Pomade

Make sure to check out the NYX Mirco Brow Pencil if you want a more defined brow look. 

Alternatives to NYX Precision Brow 

  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz – my all-time favourite brow product. It can create hair-like strokes and helps create a super-refined eyebrow look ($23.00 Sephora). 
  • Brow Harmony Rare Beauty – a new eyebrow product from Singer, Selena Gomez’s famous makeup line. A similar thickness in pencil to NYX Precision Brow but comes in baby pink packaging ($22.00 Sephora). 
  • Benefit Precisely My Brow Pencil – Waterproof Eyebrow Definer – a top-selling eyebrow product that is universally praised. It helps create natural-looking brows and lasts all day long ($24.00 Sephora). 
  • NYX Mirco Brow Pencil – add this NYX brow pencil to your collection if you want a thinner pencil to help create a super-refined eyebrow look ($10.00 NYX). 


Question: How much is the NYX Precision Brow?

Answer: NYX offers this brow pencil for $11.00 on their website, making it super affordable. 

Question: How many brow products do NYX have?

Answer: NYX has a whopping total of 16 brow products currently on their website. 

Question: How many shades does the NYX Precision Brow come in?

Answer: There are 8 shades to choose from:
• Blonde 
• Taupe
• Soft Brown 
• Ash Brown 
• Expresso 
• Black
• Charcoal 
• Auburn 

Question: Is NYX Precision Brow a good eyebrow pencil? 

Answer: It depends on the type of eyebrow you have! If you have dark, full eyebrows then NYX Precision Brow is the perfect pencil to fill in your eyebrows. If you have lighter, more sparse eyebrows then need more time and definition added, then it’s not the best pencil to use by itself. However, NYX Precision Brow works perfectly with other eyebrow products to help create a sculpted brow look.

NYX Precision Brow Review: My Final Thoughts

While this product is a tiny bit of let down on its own. It works beautifully with other brow products. I recommend having a more refined brow pencil in your makeup collection if you want to really sculpt your brows.

This product is still a must-have as it’s perfect to use if you are wanting to do a quick makeup look without spending ages on your eyebrows. Make sure to check out NYX’s other brow products as they have a huge collection that will up your brow game.

NYX Precision Brow is handy when you want to pull off a quick makeup look, but don’t expect it to give you super refined brows if you use this product alone. If you are lucky enough to have thick eyebrows then this will be the perfect brow product for you as it is super light on the eyebrows and its thick pencil works wonders, creating brow-like strokes.

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