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Have you reached your wit’s end trying to stop breakouts from taking over your face? Whether you’re struggling to discover the best skincare routine to fight to make your combination skin healthy or if you’re looking for the best concealer that’ll fix those dark circles that won’t go away, Glamour ‘n Glow has come to the rescue!

With the millions of different skincare and makeup products on the market, we know that feeling that’s too familiar when you start shopping around. You know, the one where your head starts spinning because you can’t figure out what product is actually going to help you?

First, you have to find a product that’s going to do what it claims it’s going to do on the package. Looking for a full coverage foundation? There are so many foundations out there that claim to be full coverage, only to leave you questioning if you have to use half the bottle to get any sort of coverage. Plus, you have to find something that’s in your price range, matches your skin tone, and pairs well with your skin type. It’s even more tricky if you want to avoid purchasing any products that contain animal by-products or from companies that test on animals.

That’s why we’re here to help you. Basically, our team at Glamour ‘n Glow is here to be your beauty fairies, so you never have to stress about looking your best again. We know everything there is to know about the best skincare tips, the best products, and how to transform your current makeup routine from drab to fab.

Plus, we’re here to cater to people of all different budgets. You won’t find us only recommending products that cost half of your last paycheck. We’re here to give you the best (and info on the worst) beauty products on the market. Our biggest goal here at Glamour ‘n Glow is to help you feel and look your best, no matter what your skin is currently making you feel.

That’s why we offer in-depth guides into the best beauty tips on the market. Also, we’ll share with you what to do (and what not to do) for certain skin types. We’re here to make your beauty routine less confusing and frustrating!

Here at Glamour ‘n Glow, our team of experienced beauty gurus is here to provide you with all of the best information you need to know. We’re here to help you stay on top of the latest trends in the industry and the hottest releases! Also, we’ll provide extensive guides on how to make your makeup sweat-proof and how to cover even the most stubborn of breakouts.

How this works

For every single makeup product, skincare product, and tool we test, we have a thorough and extensive review process that the product has to go through. As an example, when we’re reviewing a makeup sponge, we aren’t writing our reviews based on what the majority of other customers are saying about their makeup sponge. Instead, we’re going to use the makeup sponge for putting on moisturizer, foundation, concealer, and using it to set our makeup. Plus, we’re going to wash it several times and test out how it’s actually responding to usage.

Here at Glamour ‘n Glow, we don’t mess around with our beauty products. We’re here to make sure all of our readers feel beautiful and confident in their makeup journies. This means that we’re dedicated to only recommending products that are actually useful, easy to use, and safe for your skin!

We have a review process that includes several steps to ensure we’re getting an idea of every aspect of the product. Here’s how we go about approaching every review we create:

  1. A makeup or beauty product that’s introduced into the market grabs our attention. So, we’ll purchase it with our own money for our review. Keep in mind, we don’t ever accept free or deeply discounted products from companies to keep all of the reviews we write unbiased and fair.
  2. We’ll test the makeup or beauty product out extensively. If it’s a skincare product, we’ll try it out on different skin types to see how the product helps different skin types. Also, we’ll give each product a few months to see if it helps (or hurts) the skin that it’s being tested out on.
  3. The person that’s trying out the product will be the person who maintains a daily log. In the daily log they keep, they’ll write down what they’re experiencing with the product they’re testing out. Also, they’ll write down their opinions and thoughts on the item they’re reviewing.
  4. The person who is testing out the product is the same person who writes the review. This is so our readers can get a solid understanding of the reviewer’s experience with the product. If the writer needs any help while writing their review, they can reach out to our editorial team.
  5. When questions arise within the beauty community, we’ll keep our article updated with answers to these questions!

Lastly, we want you to know how absolutely amazing you are! We know how hard you work every day, and sometimes, it can be hard to completely fall in love with your skin the way it is. Don’t worry, we’re here to help you fall in love with yourself! We hope you’ll discover your passion for art, self-expression, and creativity with us at Glamour ‘n Glow. We’re so happy to be with you while you learn how to express yourself through beauty! Thank you for being with us.

Our core values

Integrity, trust, honesty, passion, and boldness.

Our Team

Stephanie Jensen

Stephanie Jensen is a makeup and beauty fanatic. She worked at Sephora back in college. Her makeup, skincare, and fragrance collection is offensively growing to large proportions. So much so to where she has to keep extra products at her boyfriend’s apartment.

For Glamour n’ Glow, Stephanie reviews various beauty products and offers tutorials. Even when she isn’t writing for Glamour n’ Glow, Stephanie is likely shopping at Sephora, putting on makeup and perfume, washing her makeup brushes, obsessively watching YouTube MUAs, or practicing skincare.

Crystal Schwanke

Crystal is a freelance writer, blogger, and author who loves to try new things—from coffees to makeup techniques, workouts to mindset hacks. She loves all things beauty, skincare, and makeup, and was the beauty columnist for Fayette Woman Magazine for several years.

Karyl Trejo

Karyl is a freelance content writer from the beautiful Central Coast of California. She’s been writing professionally for over a decade, and loves writing about topics ranging from mental health to food and fashion.

Alexandra Gavrilescu

Alexandra is a skilled content writer with more than 5 years of experience and knowledge of both SEO and editing. She has numerous areas of content writing expertise and her mission is to provide valuable and informative articles to her readers. When she’s not writing new content, Alexandra loves to play the piano, travel, or hanging out with friends

Candis Pope

Candis is a content writer who absolutely loves beauty and self-care. Skincare and cosmetic products are two of her favorite things to write about. She’s been a writer for five years and has experience with editing and SEO. In her free time, she loves traveling and exploring new places.

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