At Glamour ‘n Glow, we’re all about keeping it real and fabulous. Here’s our mantra.

Quality over Quantity

We’re your beauty besties, not info dumpers. We sift through the beauty blah to bring you the wow-worthy. Our aim? To make you go “Aha!” not “Meh.”

Expert-Backed & Fab-Checked

Our advice comes from real pros – makeup artists, Sephora staff, and unicorns (okay, maybe not unicorns). We’re about serious smarts behind every sparkle.

You’re the VIP

It’s all about you, gorgeous. We love to call you our Glammies. Our content is a love letter to your beauty journey, with tips, tricks, and a sprinkle of magic.


Our fact-checking is like a beauty blender – thorough and smooth. We ensure every pearl of wisdom is triple-checked against expert insights and the latest research. If we’re talking about a fab new trend or product, we make sure it’s legit before we share.

The Beauty & Wellness Review Board

Just imagine a group of beauty superheroes, here to save you from misinformation. Our Review Board is a glam squad of experts, keeping our content in check and on fleek.

Real Makeup Testers and Professional MUAs

Our writers? Think beauty whisperers. They’re in-the-know, on-the-pulse, and have a knack for asking the right questions. We pick brains and cite our sources, like real pros. Our team is as authentic as your favorite mascara – no smudges, all clarity.

Corrections & Content Quality Updates

Got a tip or spotted an oopsie in our content? Holler at us! We’re all about staying updated and keeping our beauty talks as fresh as a just-applied lip gloss.

Diversity & Inclusion

Our beauty world is a big, beautiful mosaic. We celebrate all shades, shapes, and styles. Glamour ‘n Glow is your inclusive beauty haven, where everyone is invited to the party.

Editorial Ethics

We’re like that honest friend who tells you if your eyeliner is wonky. We don’t do paid-for praises. Our reviews and recommendations are 100% our own – no strings attached, just like the best kind of relationships. We find, source, and buy many of our own products; we’re not sponsored by brands. 

When we do work with brands, they have no say in the editorial. We love covering new brands, but we’ll tell you how we really feel about a product, no matter what! 

Product Reviews

Think of us as your beauty guinea pigs. We test, we try, we tell it like it is. Our reviews are like that heart-to-heart chat about whether that hyped product is worth your precious pennies.

So, there you have it, Glamour ‘n Glow’s editorial manifesto! Let’s dive into beauty with honesty, flair, and a whole lot of fun. 💄✨