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NYX Butter Gloss Praline Review & Guide


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Reviewed by Stephanie Jensen
Makeup Artist at Glamour N Glow

NYX Butter Gloss Praline

Hey there, gloss enthusiasts! Just tested out NYX's Butter Gloss in Praline, and here's the scoop. It's all about that non-sticky, everyday shine with a dash of subtle color. Praline, a versatile brown-based neutral, won my heart as a newbie to the gloss game. NYX Butter Gloss in Praline is your affordable ticket to daily gloss glory, perfect for a quick lip refresh. But if you're craving mega moisture or intense color, there are some other gloss gems out there worth exploring. Gloss on, glamfam!

NYX Butter Gloss Praline
Comfortable Wear 9
Versatile Shade Range 8
Affordable Glam 10


  • Choose from a wide array of shades for your preferred look.
  • A comfortable, non-sticky gloss for everyday wear.
  • At $5, it's a budget-friendly option for a decent lip gloss.


  • The gloss's conditioning effects are not long-lasting.
  • Some shades may lack the intensity expected.
  • Requires reapplication, especially after eating or drinking.

Out of all of NYX’s products, their Butter Gloss is probably their most famous product. This best-selling lip gloss is said to bring shine to your lips with subtle color. The lip gloss isn’t sticky and is ideal for nearly everyone.

I’ve heard so much hype about the Butter Gloss for so many years, but I never tried it because I always had a hit-or-miss relationship with NYX. But I decided to review this gloss as a complete newbie to the product. I chose the color Praline since it’s a versatile color and will look amazing on nearly everyone.

So, what do I think? Read my full NYX Butter Gloss Praline review & guide for more!

Also, here you can read my NYX Intense Butter Gloss too, in case you prefer this shade…

Bottom line up front:

There are many pros and cons of these glosses. I love how good they feel on the lips and how they’re not sticky. They lasted a couple of hours when I was drinking coffee, but the color faded pretty quickly. Still, they leave a nice shine on your lips. Since the gloss includes an applicator, they’re easy to apply.

About the NYX Butter Gloss

The Butter Gloss is a cult fave for NYX. This gloss makes your lips feel silky smooth without the sticky feeling. The gloss is available in a variety of colors to make your lips pop even more. With a shiny finish, you can either wear this gloss on its own or over lipstick.

The gloss itself is pretty sheer. From looking at pictures and tutorials, I was picturing something more pigmented. It could also be the color I selected. The formula is very conditioning, keeping your lips soft all day. NYX is a cruelty-free brand, though I’m not sure if it’s vegan.

The color I got is Praline. It’s a very pretty brown-based neutral. It’s a medium shade, not too dark but still pigmented enough. It’s very versatile and I see this color looking good on everyone.


  • Not sticky
  • Large selection of colors
  • I really like the color
  • Affordable
  • Shiny


  • Need to reapply it
  • The color payoff isn’t as intense as I expected
  • Not the most conditioning lip gloss I used

Applying the Gloss

The gloss comes with an applicator. You apply it like any normal lip gloss. If you want, you can exfoliate your lips beforehand, but it’s not necessary. The lip gloss is moisturizing, though not the best one I’ve used (I will discuss more in the next section). I noticed this gloss as a scent. It’s described as vanilla, but I think it smells like fake vanilla.

I am reading that some colors are more pigmented than others. As I said, Praline is a neutral and rather sheer color. A shade such as Strawberry Cheesecake is more pigmented.

With these colors, you may want to add a lip liner and wear it as more of a lipstick. If you do have a sheer one, you can always opt to wear it over lipstick. I prefer wearing lip gloss on its own.


The shiny and glossy finish lasted for about an hour or so. The color wore off quicker, but it wasn’t too noticeable. I was drinking coffee while I was wearing the gloss, so I’m sure the gloss wore off quicker than if you weren’t eating or drinking anything. The moisture qualities also don’t last forever. My lips actually felt dry a few hours after applying the gloss.

Because the gloss isn’t pigmented and doesn’t last a long time, I recommend using this during times when you want a simple makeup look. These are also great to keep in your purse to put some color and shine on your lips, even during the days when you’re not wearing makeup.

If you do want to wear this gloss on a night out, I suggest doing an extravagant eye to balance out the neutral look of this gloss. You can also add this gloss on top of lipstick to create a bolder lip look.


One of the selling points of the Butter Gloss is the price. I purchased this in Canada and paid $9, but these glosses are $5 USD. For the price you pay, this is one of the better lip glosses you can get. As stated previously, the gloss feels amazing on your lips and isn’t sticky. But because of the sheer color, you shouldn’t expect an amazing payoff if you’re only paying $5.

Who This Product Is and Isn’t For

The Butter Glosses aren’t bad, but I recommend these glosses based on what you want out of a lip gloss. That’s why I’m breaking this down as who this product is for versus who it isn’t for.

When You Should Buy the NYX Butter Gloss

I mainly recommend the Butter Gloss to those who want a simple, daily lip gloss. If all you’re looking for is a light shine that isn’t sticky, this lip gloss will definitely suffice. There are no crazy plumpers or anything here and the color isn’t too pigmented.

I know there are plenty of readers who likely enjoy a simple gloss over one that’s pigmented or contains plumping benefits. If simplicity is what you’re after, then you’ll love the Butter Gloss. Plus, Praline is such a universal shade, so this is a great one to choose if you’re unsure of the right shade for you.

nyx lipstick
Image by: _sincerelysylvia

When You Should Choose an Alternative

First and foremost, if you’re looking for a lip gloss to make your lips soft, this isn’t the one to choose. As I stated, my lips got chapped a couple of hours after applying this product.

I had to apply even more to soften my lips and ended up switching to a chapstick later. If you want to try these but are prone to dry lips, I suggest either choosing an alternative like the Neutrogena lip gloss or exfoliating before applying this gloss.

If you want more of a pigmented finish, I suggest choosing a different color. Some of the other shades, such as Strawberry Cheesecake, are more pigmented than these. But I mentioned more vibrant alternatives, such as the Clinique lip glosses.

Where to Buy the NYX Butter Gloss


I bought my NYX Butter Gloss on their website. You can also buy NYX products at Walgreens, CVS, Charlotte Russe, Walmart, and Target.


NYX Butter Glosses are great if you want a simple shine on your lips. However, there are better lip glosses out there. Here are others I recommend.

MAC Cosmetics Cremesheen Gloss

The closest gloss I can find that works better than the NYX Butter Gloss is the MAC Cremesheen Gloss. Like the Butter Gloss, it’s not sticky and feels good on your lips. There are also many shades you can choose from, though they’re on the neutral side. These aren’t the shiniest lip glosses, but they’re great if you want a simple lip look.

Wet n’ Wild Coffee Cat Lip Gloss

If you want something in a similar price range as The NYX Butter Gloss, I suggest trying this Coffee Cat Lip Gloss by Wet n’ Wild. These are all neutral glosses with coffee-inspired names. These glosses also smell like coffee — I prefer that over the vanilla scent. The only downside is the gloss is on the sticky side, making the gloss hard to glide on the lips.

Neutrogena MoistureShine Lip Soother SPF 20


One of the biggest letdowns of the NYX Butter Gloss is how it didn’t provide as much moisture as expected.

If conditioning benefits are what you look for in a lip gloss, I suggest choosing this MoistureShine lip gloss from Neutrogena. This is a simple gloss that’s slightly tinted and available in different shades. It’s meant to be worn daily and you can reapply it as often as necessary.

It’s also ideal for wearers of all ages. Like the Butter Gloss, these have a light shine but also make your lips feel super soft. The cooling effect is what I like the most — makes the gloss feel like it’s doing its job. This gloss also smells good and isn’t sticky!

NARS Afterglow Lip Shine

This one is down a little because of the price, but I’ve used NARS lip glosses before and I like them. Like the Butter Gloss, this is a typical lip gloss and isn’t meant to be too pigmented. But NARS offers several pretty colors, though they don’t stay on as long. These glosses also aren’t sticky at all, they feel silky on the lips, and are also super hydrating.

Milani Supercharged Lip Balm

Lip Blam

If you want a colorless lip gloss, I suggest choosing this one. It’s extremely hydrating and the shine actually stays for a long time. They’re also not sticky. Milani is one of my favorite drugstore makeup brands. I’ve used many of their products over the years and they’re very comparable to prestigious brands.

Clinique Pop Splash Lip Gloss + Hydration

If you want the benefits of the NYX Butter Gloss with more color, I suggest this lip gloss from Clinique. Clinique offers several shades, from neutrals all the way to reds. There are so many magnificent colors here — I love Rosewater Pop the most. The color is also very pigmented, perfect if you want something more hydrating than lipstick. The only complaint is these glosses are on the stickier side.

L’Oreal Glowing Lip Gloss

While these L’Oreal glosses don’t have the extensive color selection as the NYX glosses, I do love the beautiful and unique shade selections here (even though these glosses also aren’t super pigmented). That’s the only reason why this lip gloss is last. The gloss also makes your lips feel very soft. The gloss doesn’t feel sticky or goopy — rather, the consistency is very rich.


Answer: I’m actually reading that Ginger Snap is the most popular color. However, Praline is a close second. Ginger Snap is more of a chocolate brown color, whereas Praline is more of a deep tan. I’m not seeing it on the website, which tells me either the shade is sold out or has been discontinued. I suggest trying Brownie Dip if you want something more on the brown side.

Question: How long does the Butter Gloss last?

Answer: It lasted about two hours before it faded completely. The color only lasts about a half-hour, but the shine and glossy feel still linger. However, I was drinking coffee while I was wearing this gloss. If you don’t eat or drink anything, it will likely last longer.

You will more than likely need to reapply it throughout the day as I did. However, I’m reading that the nude shades, such as the Praline one I used, are the ones that last the shortest. The darker and pigmented ones last longer.

Question: Do the Butter Glosses transfer?

Answer: They didn’t transfer on me, even when drinking coffee. I’m reading reviews from those who tried the more pigmented shades and they also said they didn’t experience transfer.

Question: How many Butter Gloss shades are there?

Answer: There are 22 shades! In addition to nudes, there are bright colors and even darker shades. If you want a brighter color, I suggest choosing Apple Crisp. It’s a bright red but is still muted when applied. They even have dark brown colors, such as Lava Cake! If you don’t want a nude gloss, I suggest trying some of the brighter colors.

Question: Does NYX have other good products?

Answer: I have a love-hate relationship with NYX. I love their eyeshadows, especially their eyeshadow sticks. Their concealer is also good. But I wasn’t impressed with their foundation primer. I tried one of their eyeliners and didn’t like it, but I’m giving them another chance. I purchased a couple of the Epic Wear Eyeliner colors because I read good reviews. I will review these eyeliners in a separate post.
But there are other reasons to consider NYX. First and foremost, they’re extremely affordable. Those Butter Glosses are only $5 and I haven’t used many products from them that was more than $10.

Bottom Line

With all of the hype that the Butter Glosses receive, I was expecting way more from these glosses. What I dislike the most is how my lips were dry after a couple of hours. Still, I can understand why these are a cult fave. They’re shiny without being too sticky.

Praline is a great neutral and will look amazing on everyone. If this is all you’re looking for, I suggest buying these glosses. But if you want something more pigmented and/or moisturizing, I suggest looking at my alternative picks.

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