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Best Gucci Lipsticks Guide

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There’s clearly no surprise that a Gucci lipstick is every girl’s luxury staple make-up product. Their lipstick line screams sophistication and elegance; with tons of shade ranges and types, you’d really be spoilt for choice. 

I find it exhilarating to see if high-end brands lived up to the hype and boy, Gucci lipsticks do not disappoint! I came across Gucci lipsticks a few years back and decided to try them for once. After a few tries of their products, the brand became my make-up holy grail even to this day.

I have been such a fan of luxury bold lip colors since my first swipe. Lipstick holds a lot of power for a woman. Moreover, lipstick takes the most minimal of efforts to make a statement on the face.

I want to share some of the Gucci lipsticks that you may fall in love with like I did. I came upon a few of their products over the years that pass everything I look for in lipstick. These cover different shades and finishes that can be perfect for you on every occasion.

Bottom Line Up Front

The best all-around Gucci lipstick for me is the Gucci Rouge À Lèvres Mat. Their matte lipsticks are a certain worth-it investment. You might be wondering, why this specific Gucci lipstick? It checks all the boxes! I love it for all these reasons: 

  • Classic packaging, and the product radiates a nice, matte finish.
  • It contains a creamy and long-lasting formula.
  • Comfortable wear and very pigmented.
  • Vivid color choices.
  • The lipstick provides a soft and velvet feel.
  • The color does not feather in the outer line of the lips.
  • The formula applies like butter.
  • Smudge-proof and little to no instances of reapplication throughout the day.

The lipsticks have a wide range of colors of classic red, nudes, and even unusual hues like purple and green. Every product could match well with a lot of skin complexions. Make-up Revolution and Urban Decay lipsticks are the best dupes for Gucci matte lipsticks.

Which Should I Get? Different Types of Gucci Lipsticks

Aside from the matte lipsticks by Gucci, here is a list of their other lipsticks you may want to checkout to cart:

Picking Out the Best Gucci Lipstick

Best Gucci Lipstick

A thing I take note of when picking Gucci lipsticks is its formula. Lipstick should bring comfort without worrying if it is cracking after a few hours of wear. I always ask myself: would it be too heavy on the lips? Is this lipstick going to make my lips look cakey? 

Another basis is its coverage. Matte lipsticks must be full coverage with an equal color payoff to the rest of the lips. The satin lipstick is lighter with a glowy finish compared to matte lipstick. Liquid lipsticks must have a lot of pigment with a cream-to-powder finish. Aside from that, there are other types like sheer or glossy finishes on the lips. 

Another criterion is the reviews. I check if there are a lot of people who enjoy the product and their experiences with it. The last one to take note of is its lasting power. Check out how many times a day you put on the product again. Bear in mind if it comes off when eating, drinking, or other activities.

How I Apply Lipstick

I start by exfoliating with a lip scrub or a simple toothbrush on my lips. I then apply either lip balm or lip oil to ready and add moisture. I currently use the Gucci Joslyn Clair Baume à Lèvres. I am living for its transparent, moisturizing feel. After wiping it off, I take a lip liner and outline while matching my lipstick shade. I take any Gucci lipstick of choice and then go to town and apply it.

My Favorite Gucci Lipsticks

Here are some Gucci lipsticks to choose from if you are looking for a luxury beauty moment.

Rouge À Lèvres Mat

Gucci Lipstick Rouge A Lèvres Mat

I saw that Harry Styles used a Gucci matte lipstick for the Beauty Papers Magazine. The name of the shade was the 208 They Met In Argentina. So, I checked this product out—the first application I did on my lips took me to a new level of beauty dimension.

The shade was a bomb, and the application was such a breeze. It was this beautiful warm rosy-pink color. I think this is the best one under the matte lipstick shades. The shade was also almost leaning toward a peachy-coral shade to the lips. I can describe it as MLBB: My Lips But Better. 

No wonder this shade was the most popular in the matte category. There are thirty-six shades of matte lipstick on the website. Also, the available colors are all fun to see. A wide variety of nudes, pinks, reds, and fun colors like purple and green. Nothing to worry about as the shades fit a lot of skin tones. 

The lipstick has some weight, and the packaging is so beautiful. It feels so classic-looking with a gold cap and tube.

I like three shades from the matte category: They Met In Argentina, 401 Three Wise Girls, and 501 Constance Vermillon. I love all their formulation and texture.

401 Three Wise girls is a darker coral color version compared to 208 They Met In Argentina. This would pair well with some light brown smokey eye look. The 501 Constance Vermillon has a more red-orange tone when compared to the two shades. The color looks best for warm or yellow undertones or olive skin.

The pigment gives a good velvety matte finish. The formula is softer, so a light application will do, or you will break the lipstick.


  • Comfortable to wear compared to the matte lipsticks from other brands.
  • You can use this as a cream-to-matte blush, too! Dab a small amount of the product to the apples of your cheeks and blend. You are going to have flushed cheeks to pair with your lip color.
  • Pigmented and lightweight matte lipstick.
  • Packaging is a simple, classic gold tube container.


  • If you are not a fan of scented lip products, then this would not work.
  • A bit drying on the lips, but as expected from a matte lipstick.

Rouge À Lèvres Voile

Rouge À Lèvres Voile

Fun fact, Dakota Johnson sported this lipstick at the 2019 Met Gala. She used the shade 203 Mildred Westwood that matched her skin complexion. Besides that, it complemented her vibrant pink eyeshadow look. It has a perfect sheen as a sheer pink lipstick, creating a beautiful natural finish. 

I had to check to see if it had the same effect. The verdict is a dusty plum coral shade with a semi-sheer color payoff. Another note: Rouge À Lèvres Voile is lightweight and feels thin with an almost waxy layer on the lips. Three shades out of twenty-four of their sheer lipsticks caught my attention. 206 Katrin Sand, was a cute light pink nude. This would be a great go-to shade if paired with a heavy eyeshadow to balance everything together. 

Lastly, 201 The Painted Veil. The lipstick was almost a dark nude color great for cool-toned skin tones. The Painted Veil shade would look great as casual lipstick during errands. Besides the shades, can we talk about how stunning the packaging is? Its intricate blue and red flower designs around the tube remind me of early 1950s prints. 

I recommend this lip product for those who prefer buildable, sheer lipstick. Its lasting power is surprising, and the product stays when either eating or drinking. Although, there is still a need to do minor touch-ups throughout the day. 


  • It is very moisturizing on the lips. 
  • The formula is like a balm since it is not too thick.
  • This sheer lipstick gives off the right amount of glow. 
  • The more layers applied, the color intensifies. 
  • It does not feel oily on the lips. 
  • Colors differ from neutrals, reds, and pinks.


  • It is short-lasting, which means you have to do touch-ups a couple of times a day.

Rouge De Beauté Brilliant

Rouge De Beauté Brilliant

Rouge De Beauté Brilliant is a hybrid lipstick with combined satin and sheer formula. The lipstick provides a luminous finish with a high shine power. Before jumping further into the application, let us talk about its packaging. As always, Gucci does not disappoint with its design. It has black color with floral prints on the cap with a gold tube that contains the product.

There are eighteen shades of bright pinks to neutrals under Rouge De Beauté Brilliant. I tried one shade before, which is the 112 Sally Soft Honey. This shade has a soft peachy coral color both in the tube and on my lips. Aside from that, it leans a neutral and warm undertone. 

It applied like a dream. It was so smooth and felt so hydrating on the lips. I can describe the texture as somewhere between lipstick and lip balm. 

Another great thing about this hybrid lipstick is its color payoff. It is impressive given its balmy texture. The lipstick is hydrating with enough color to put life on the lips. Aside from that, it is moisturizing with a glossy finish.


  • It gives a subtle lip-plumping and smoothing effect.
  • The hybrid lipstick leaves the lips super soft but not sticky.
  • True to its claims that it provides a wet look, shiny finish.
  • A glossy finish lasts a decent amount of time.
  • Great color selection of reds.


  • The color soaks in the lip wrinkles or the deep lines of the lips fast. It may be due to its texture and feel. 
  • The sheer formula in the lighter shades dominates more than the satin formula.
  • Not long-wearing, but can do touch-ups from time to time. 
  • It is not transfer-proof and can smudge.

Rouge À Lèvres Satin

Rouge À Lèvres Satin

Rouge À Lèvres Satin had a large number of shades at a whopping thirty-six colored satin lipsticks. I liked two shades which were 106 Tacey Hazel and 200 Blaze of Noon. 

Tacey Hazel was this warm brown shade that could neutralize a neutral, natural lip color. The latter shade was a warm terracotta shade, great for an office look. To tie it all up, the satin lipstick has a great formula that works well without a lip liner.

Like the Rouge À Lèvres Voile, it applies like a balm. Satin lipsticks by Gucci are so comfortable to wear and have decent coverage. 


  • The satin lipstick is lightweight and comes inside luxurious packaging. Also, the design of the tube feels like you are using lipstick from the 1950s.
  • Glides so smooth on the lips.
  • Has a perfect balance of creamy formula without it being too slick-feeling.
  • Wide selection of nudes and reds for every skin tone.


  • The fragrance sticks on the lips for a while and can become a bit overwhelming to some. 
  • The consistency feels the same as the sheer lipstick but has more pigment.

Rouge À Lèvres Liquide Mat

Gucci Lipstick Rouge A Lèvres Liquide Mat

This liquid matte lip line is one of the best liquid mattes on the market. I like how creamy and moisturizing at the same time. The product does not transfer too! Besides that, the fragrance on this is not overwhelming. Also, the packaging is cute with its clear tube and gold cap. 

I have my top three out of nine Gucci liquid matte lipstick picks. They are 413 Cornelia Pink, 311 Lizzie Tiger, and 521 Nellie Cherrie. The first shade, 414 Cornelia Pink, gives a cool-toned pink color. You will love to wear this shade if you want something close to the natural color of your lips.

The second one, 311 Lizzie Tiger, is a warm-toned red liquid matte lipstick. Lizzie Tiger is a go-to summer lipstick because it brings a bit of warmth to the face. For 521 Nellie Cherrie, it is a cool-toned red shade opposite the Lizzie Tiger. People with a cool-toned skin complexion would rock in this shade.

I like that the formula is not glossy, with no thickness and stickiness. The color is buildable, and you can apply more layers. Quick tip, let the product dry a bit before applying another layer so that the lipstick would not move. 

Once the formula dries out, it gives off a light matte finish. This is great if you prefer your lipstick to last longer. The best thing about this liquid matte lipstick is that it does not crack on the lips, which is amazing, unlike the typical liquid matte lipsticks on the market.


  • Has a silky almost formula.
  • The creamy consistency applies to the lips with ease.
  • It lasts for a long time and would not smudge.
  • Gives a non-drying powdery finish.
  • The liquid matte lipstick does not settle into the fine lines of the lips.
  • The doe-foot applicator wand helps with the precision in applying the lipstick.
  • Versatile, like the matte lipstick. Can defuse the edges using the fingers for that washed effect.


  • The lipstick color bleeds a little, so it is recommended to put a lip liner.
  • Limited colors for neutrals and nudes.

Baume à Lèvres

Gucci Lipstick Baume A Lèvres

This lip balm could be your next ride-or-die lip product when preparing your lips. It comes with a cute turquoise cap in a gold tube. Gucci’s lip balm line comes in five shades. These are 1 Joslyn Clair, 5 Ester Rosewood, 2 No More Orchids, 3 René Pink, and 4 Penelope Plum.

I love the two shades out of the five available—1 Joslyn Clair and 2 No More Orchids. The formula looked thicker compared to the sheer one and were lip balms. The shade Joslyn Clair is clear and great when prepping your lips. It does not have a strong scent compared to the other lipsticks. It gives a great moisturizing feel and a great shine.

The 2 No More Orchids is a bright coral shade that looks amazing when you put the lipstick cap beside it. Like any other lip balm, it is moisturizing and can top another lip color to create a new hue. You can also use it as it is straight from the tube for that natural, hydrating lips.

Other than that, it leaves the lips soft and comfortable throughout the day. Moreover, it smoothes the texture of the lips. 


  • Gives a natural glow finish and can also help with chapped lips.
  • The colored lips balm applies a gorgeous little pop of hue.


  • It is great, yet it is an okay product. It works well but is not giving that “wow factor”.
  • It would be nice to include more color ranges for other skin complexions.

Why Use Matte Lipstick

A matte lipstick gives the best coverage out of all kinds of other lip products. This is the perfect lipstick for you for long-lasting lipstick with minimal touch-ups. 

Also, nothing can go wrong with a classic vivid color to bring your face forward. There’s something about a bold lip that can catch the attention of people around you. Other than that, you can go about your day with lipstick and still look good. 

Definition. Any matte lipstick can emphasize your lip line and lip shape. If you want to overline your lips a bit, then a matte lipstick can do its job at ease. Besides the mentioned above, matte lipstick has a wide range of colors that any skin tone can enjoy. Another note is that matte lipstick usually is smudge and stick-free. Not to worry about your hair getting stuck on your lips. 

Last but not the least, it is customizable. Add a highlighter at the center or some glitter for that dramatic flair. Or top your matte lipstick with a lip gloss for that extra shine.

When Not to Use Matte Lipstick

If your preference is a lightweight, glossy finish, choose another lipstick type. Although quite understandable, since mattes can be drying and look flat for some.

So if you want a bit more life to your lip make-up, then go for a cream lipstick. Cream lipsticks are great if you want something between a matte and satin finish. If you want a lighter finish perfect for no-makeup days, then sheer or satin lipsticks are the way to go.

Best Gucci Lipsticks: FAQs

Question: How do you wear matte lipstick? 

Answer: You start with a lip primer or a bit of concealer to get extra evenness of color in the lipstick. Next is choosing a lip liner around two shades darker than your lipstick and outlining your lips. Afterward, first, apply the matte lipstick at the bottom of your lip from left to right or vice versa. Press your lips together and apply more at the upper lip to define your lip shape. For any mistake, clean it up with a q-tip dipped in make-up remover or concealer.

Question: Which type of lipstick is the best? 

Answer: It depends on the occasion and your preference. 
• For a glamorous look, you can pair your glam make-up with bold statement matte lipstick.
• A liquid lipstick works best for opaque, full-on colors with precision and crisp lines.
• Lip balms are great if you want to moisturize your lips. This is also great for hydration while addressing chapped lips.
• Sheer lipsticks are the way to go for that natural pop of color.
• For satin lipsticks, these are great for shiny, light color on the lips. 
• But, choose glossy lipsticks if you want that extra shine in your lip make-up look.

Question: What advice can you give for cracked lips when wearing matte lipstick? 

Answer: You can either do these things: exfoliate and/or put a lip balm before applying a matte lipstick.
Exfoliation is important to keep the lips soft and get rid of any dead skin on the lips. This ensures that your matte lipstick goes smooth on the lips.
Lip balms before going on lipstick can also hydrate the lips, even with a matte lipstick on top. Make sure you check the ingredients to see if the two products go well with each other.

Question: How to find my perfect lipstick shade? 

Answer: Check your skin tone to narrow down options for lipstick. 
One good way to determine your skin tone is to check the color of the veins inside your wrists. If the veins look green, you may have a warm undertone. For bluish veins, you could have a cool undertone. If it is somewhere between blue and green, you might have a neutral shade. 

Lipsticks with orange-based reds can give such a healthy-looking glow on warm-toned skin. You can take a look at shades like the 306 Agatha Orange or 500 Odalie for reference. 

For cooler tones, any subtle lipsticks with a blue base can create a flattering effect on the face. A few sample shades in Gucci are 304 Queen Christina and 407 Patricia Pink. 
Neutral skin tones have the easiest options due to their wide range of choices. Light nudes like 305 Ruby Firelight to deep wine colors like 502 Eadie Scarlet look best on the lips.

Question: How to make matte lipstick last longer? 

Answer: I, too, have my share of struggles in making my lipstick last a lot longer. Throughout the years of wearing matte lipsticks, here’s what I can recall to help you with this dilemma. Make some time prepping your lips. Exfoliate using a lip scrub, then moisturize with a lip balm or lip mask before putting on any make-up.

Gucci’s Lipstick Line is a Make-Up Must-Have! 

Gucci outdid themselves with their well-thought-out lip products. You can see how they put extra care into all their beauty products. Its exquisite packaging and well-thought-out formula make the experience worthwhile. You are in for a treat since the pricing justifies the lipsticks they sell. Thus matte lipsticks can bring more class to your whole make-up look.

For a versatile lip product, check out the Rouge À Lèvres Mat. The price point is worth it because of its classic tube to its product finish. Also, their various shades cater to different skin tones. You would make a statement with its vibrant color with a matte finish.

Lipstick is a staple product in any make-up stash. Gucci brings so much luxury to the table. Out of all their lipstick types and shades, which one is your favorite?

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