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Most Expensive Lipsticks Available: Sadly, I’ll Never Be Afford These

Makeup allows us to express ourselves in many unique ways; many people use colourful cosmetics to express a mood or a theme.

There are many different types of makeup products, varying from cheap to luxury options. Some people love to have a combination of cheap and expensive products (myself included) and some like to make their entire makeup bag full of the most expensive products available.

Today, I’m going to walk you through the most expensive lipsticks available on the market. I’m only going to be showing you expensive single lipstick tubes and not lipstick kits or large palettes, as those rank expensively due to the number of products you get.

Bottomline Up Front

As a quick little roundup, here is the list of lipsticks from most expensive to least:

  1. Cristian Louboutin Silky Satin Lip Colour – $90 USD
  2. Westman Atelier Lip Suede Lipstick Palette– $85 USD
  3. Sisley Paris Phyto-Rouge Shine Refillable Lipstick– $60 USD
  4. Tom Ford Colour Matte Lip Colour– $58 USD
  5. Chantecaille Lip Veil Lipstick-$50 USD

Why Are Some Lipsticks So Expensive?

If I’m being honest, a big reason that certain lipsticks are so expensive is because of the brand. You can think about expensive lipsticks similar to designer apparel in that you’re essentially paying for the brand name to be on your product.

Now, these lipsticks will have some good formulas and do pretty well at staying on for long periods, but they’re not a huge cut above cheaper ones.

The other thing that makes these lipsticks so expensive is the fact that you’re also paying for the packaging as well. I will say that the packaging on luxury lipsticks is quite nice. It always feels quite good to open a luxury cosmetics package. They are sturdier and have a nice weight to them. I would say that splurging on one or two would be good, but you probably don’t need your whole collection to be made up of luxury products.

The Most Expensive Lipsticks

1. Tom Ford Colour Matte Lip Colour


We’re starting this list with the classic Tom Ford matte lipstick, which is priced at $58 USD. Tom Ford is known for its designer fashion and cosmetics line, which does extremely well amongst customers.

This lipstick is very popular amongst beauty gurus and makeup lovers alike. It comes in eleven different shades, which are a bit more on the bolder side than neutral. It’s formulated without parabens and sulphates. It’s touted to be long-wearing and has a full coverage finish. Customers rave about how smooth the application is, which is great because matte lipsticks can often be really drying on the lips.


  • Has a smooth finish that glides onto the lips
  • This lipstick has really good staying power as well
  • There are a lot of other options when it comes to finishes


  • Eating and drinking take this lipstick right off, so you’ll have to reapply
  • They don’t have a lot of neutral shades in the matte range

2. Westman Atelier Lip Suede Lipstick Palette

Westman Atelier Lip Suede Lipstick Palette

Westman Atelier is another luxury brand that specializes in makeup exclusively. It is the product of celebrity makeup artist Gucci Westman who is known for her ‘no makeup, make-up’ approach.

Her cosmetics are quite expensive but are also clean and environmentally conscious, so you can feel good about your decision. This Suede Lipstick Palette comes in two different options, a nude or red palette. Each palette comes with four different shades, so it’s a great option to bring with you when travelling. The shades are matte, so I would recommend applying a lip primer beforehand.

The lip shades contain lip plumping and moisturizing properties, so they help the lips long after the lipstick has been taken off. What’s cool is that the lip pigments are 100% natural, so you don’t have anything artificial on the lips. This palette retails for $85 USD, but you do get a little bit more versatility.


  • It is a great option for travelling because you get four options within one compact
  • Within each colour, there are wearable shades for each skin tone
  • This product is certified clean, so you can feel good about applying it to the lips


  • It is quite expensive for the amount of lipstick that you get
  • There is only a nude and red palette; it would be nice to have some alternate shades

3. Cristian Louboutin Silky Satin Lip Colour 

Cristian Louboutin Silky Satin Lip Colour 

This is probably one of the most luxurious lipsticks of the bunch, coming in at $90 USD for a tube. It’s pretty understandable why this brand would have expensive lipsticks as they are famous for their red-bottomed shoes that retail for quite a hefty price.

This lipstick packaging will surely make you feel like royalty; the tube resembles a vial with a crown-shaped cap. It also comes with a small ring and silk thread, which allows the customer to wear it as a necklace. The case it comes in is also quite nice too; it’s made of velvet and has a matte black exterior.

The formulation of the lipstick is satin, meaning it has a slightly softer shine than matte lipstick. You can make this lipstick medium to full coverage, depending on what you desire.

This particular satin range comes in 20 different shades, so you have a lot of options to choose from. However, there are other finishes to this lipstick which include velvet matte (13 shades) and sheer (nine shades). Each finish has its own signature tubing, so you can decorate your makeup table beautifully.


  • You get packaging, that will make your makeup collection look beautiful
  • You can also wear the lipstick tube as a necklace if you want
  • There are so many shade options for every skin tone


  • It is quite expensive for just one lipstick, so if you lose it, you’ll be quite disappointed
  • It’s not the most convenient tube shape to store in your makeup bag-it takes up a lot of space

4. Sisley Paris Phyto-Rouge Shine Refillable Lipstick

Sisley Paris Phyto-Rouge Shine Refillable Lipstick

Sisley Paris is a well-known French skincare and cosmetics brand. You can find their products in most department stores that carry luxury beauty. You’ll probably also be able to spot them at duty-free at the airport as well. This lipstick retails for $60 CAD.

It comes in five different shades that feature a couple of nude and berry tones. This lipstick is almost more balm-like but still has some good shine, like a lip gloss. If you finish your tube, you can go to Sisley’s online store and purchase a refill stick for $48 USD. The inner part of the lipstick bullet can be pulled out and a new one can be popped into place.


  • You can refill your lipstick when you run out; this leads to less waste and is more convenient for you
  • The lipstick has the high shine of a gloss without being too sticky
  • The formula has ingredients that will help moisturize the lips even after you’ve taken it off


  • You can only really find the refills online, which is slightly inconvenient
  • There are only five shades, so you’re a little limited in your choices
  • There are some lipsticks out there that are slightly cheaper and give the same lip effect

5. Chantecaille Lip Veil Lipstick

Chantecaille Lip Veil Lipstick

Chantecaille is another great brand that focuses on the use of botanicals to fuel their skincare and cosmetics. They really pride themselves on using ingredients that are good for the skin and that won’t create a huge ecological footprint. Even further to that, Chantecaille has a philanthropy platform that focuses on environmental global issues.

This is a great option if you want a super lightweight lipstick with a great pop of colour. If your lips are particularly dry, then you’ll definitely want to go with this lipstick over a matte formula. The oil that is responsible for helping plump the lips is baobab oil.

You can also feel good about including it in your makeup regimen, as it’s free of phthalates and parabens and is also cruelty-free. This line comes in nine different shades that mostly focus on berry and nude tones. It rings in at $50 USD.


  • The brand focuses on its environmental impact, so you can feel good about your decisions
  • They have great shade options for every kind of look
  • There aren’t any harmful parabens or phthalates in these lipsticks


  • It can be hard to track down a Chantecaille store or counter in person, so you’ll probably have to order online
  • It would be nice to have some matching hydrating lip liners to go with these lipsticks

The World’s Two Most Expensive Lipsticks Ever Sold

1. Guerlain Kiss Kiss Gold and Diamond Lipstick


This lipstick is actually expensive because of the lipstick bullet and not the actual lipstick makeup itself. The lipstick is from the KissKiss Shaping Lip Colour line that Guerlain sells in their retail stores. This particular Gold and Diamond model is made of 110 grams of yellow gold and delicately encrusted with 200 diamonds.

The price for this lipstick comes in at a whopping $62,000, which is crazy! You can almost think of the lipstick bullet as a piece of jewelry that just holds your favourite lip colour. The good thing is that you can switch out the lip products because it is a refillable tube. There are fifteen shades to choose from, so you have many options.

If you wanted to ever purchase this lipstick, there isn’t an official website where you can put an order in. However, I assume that if you contacted Guerlain itself, they would be able to point you in the right direction where you could get your very own.

2. H. Couture Beauty Diamond Lipstick

H. Couture Beauty Diamond Lipstick
Image From Pinterest

Now, this lipstick is not readily available in any store and was custom-made specifically for one client. The brand itself doesn’t appear to be around anymore, so having this particular lipstick probably won’t be a possibility. Don’t worry though because unless you have $14 million laying around, you aren’t missing out!

The lipstick was originally a part of one of the brand’s collections that included mascara and lipstick that were encrusted with Swarovski Diamonds. This option was expensive, but still somewhat attainable for most of the brand’s customers.

This client in particular, though, wanted real diamonds on her mascara and lipstick set and so she requested it from the company. As I mentioned above, the total price of her two items was a whopping $14 million dollars! She also received lifetime concierge service, a lifetime of lipstick refills and 24-hour customer support.


Question: Is an Expensive Lipstick Better Than An Affordable One?

Answer: I would say that an expensive lipstick isn’t better than a more affordable one. There are even some cheap lipsticks that do an amazing job at staying on a long time, while also being friendly to your pocket.

Question: What Other Products Do I Need To Wear Lipstick?

Answer: For your lipstick to last a long time, you will need two additional products in your arsenal. A lip primer and a lip liner that matches the same color as your lipstick. The reason that you need these products is that they will help blend and bind the lipstick onto your lips. Think of it kind of like a wall primer that you apply before putting on your chosen paint color.
To apply, just swipe on your lip primer and then apply your lip liner on the entire lip. I wouldn’t recommend just applying it on the outer corner, as it will probably just come off on the inner part of the lip and not the outer.

Question: What is the best brand to buy expensive lipstick from?

Answer: I would definitely say that Tom Ford has the best expensive lipsticks. They are sold at many different retailers (Nordstrom, Selfridges, Sephora) so they’re easy to get a hold of. They also have a great range of different finishes and shades to choose from, so the options are endless.

Most Expensive Lipsticks Available: Bottomline

So there you have it! Those were some of the most expensive lipsticks available right now-the most expensive ringing in at a whopping $120 CAD!

I think when it comes to expensive lipsticks, it can be worth it to have one or two that are higher-end. If you do decide to go this route, I’d recommend going for shades that you would wear daily, as fun colours could just sit on your makeup stand.

As I’ve said before, Tom Ford offers probably the best high-end lipsticks that give you great quality ingredients and packaging without all of the unnecessary frills. Remember that with expensive lipsticks, or any makeup product, you’re likely paying more for the brand name and not for ingredients that are a cut above.

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