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Tarte Double Duty Beauty Review: A Trendsetting Collection

Tarte has been a giant in the makeup industry for many years, and this is not set to change any time soon. The company constantly delivers with massive launches and innovative products, and one of their most successful lines is the Tarte Double Duty Beauty.

This collection turned out to be so influential that not only did it capture the hearts of makeup enthusiasts, but it also served as a beacon for other brands to follow to keep in pace with their audience.

Double Duty Beauty took YouTube by the storm, creating a divide between those who believe Tarte products are the best on the market and those more skeptical or partial to other brands. Products such as the Tarte Shape Tape are nearly synonymous with the word concealer now, and for good reason.

Like many products on the Tarte Double Duty Beauty, it is one of those items that changed the beauty world for everyone. It kickstarted a new trend of full coverage, long-lasting concealers, and whether people like a full beat or not, most have at least felt tempted to try it.

But at the end of the day, is the product really worth it? What about the other products in the line? This review goes over the entire Tarte Double Duty Beauty line, product by product.

Tarte Shape Tape Concealer

Tarte Shape Tape Concealer

The legendary Shape Tape concealer needs no introduction, but we will get into the details of one of Tarte’s most coveted items. Back in 2019, its popularity was such that a unit would be sold every 12 seconds! Every makeup lover knows that a great concealer goes a long way.

It may be used to hide blemishes by color-matching, or as contour with a lighter shade than your skin tone. If used alone without foundation, a darker shade can help both contour and cover other imperfections.

The Tarte Shape Tape is primarily aimed at users with oily skin, as it dries down to provide a matte finish. It must be set with a setting powder after being applied to reach the advertised longevity. The concealer comes in 35 different shades, making it very likely that you’ll find your shade! It is also available in a travel-sized version if you want to start small.


  • Blurs imperfections
  • Lightweight feeling
  • Buildable to full coverage


  • Not for dry skin
  • Can highlight undereye lines

Shape Tape Creamy Concealer

shape tape™ ultra creamy concealer

When developing a skincare product, it is always good to aim at a variety of skin combinations whenever possible. Tarte saw the limitations of the Shape Tape concealer for dry skin types and replied with the Shape Tape Creamy version.

This offers a hydrating finish thanks to the built-in eye cream lasting up to 24 hours, focusing on the needs of dry and mature skin. It leaves a satin-like finish as an alternative to the matte on the original and comes in the same 35 shades, making the entire range just as inclusive as the original one. There is also a travel-size option available if you don’t want to commit to a large bottle.


  • Fit for older skin
  • Hydrating up to 24 hours
  • Made from prickly pear
  • Satin finish


  • Not for oily skin
  • Lighter coverage than the original

Base Tape Hydrating Primer

Base Tape Hydrating Primer

Widely known to be a makeup magnet, this dermatologist-approved Tarte primer makes sure to leave your makeup in place all day long. Not only that, but it has long term benefits if used regularly before you apply makeup.

It nourishes and softens the skin, giving it a plump healthy youthful glow even after a week of regular wear. The Base Tape hydrating primer is made for dry, combination and normal skin in need for a moisture boost.


  • Greatly extends the wear of foundation and other makeup products
  • Nourishes the skin
  • 12-hour hydration
  • Stop makeup from looking cakey


  • May not work for sensitive or allergic skin as it has a strong fragrance
  • Not suitable for oily skin

Shape Tape Glow Wand

shape tape™ glow wand

This instant lift in a tube will make sure that your eyes stand out! It is widely considered a miracle eye brightener for those who have dark spots or want an extra boost around the area, without having to lean specifically on concealers and highlighters.

The Shape Tape Glow Wand is meant to give your skin the equivalent of 8-hour beauty sleep, allowing you to look fresh and awake. It comes in full and travel-size options, and it is available in 8 sheer shades that match most complexions.


  • Makes the face more awake
  • Moisturizes
  • Does not contain glitter or shimmer
  • Gives a natural glow


  • Relatively narrow shade range
  • Very limited usage

Face Tape Foundation

face tape™ foundation

The Face Tape foundation did cause a stir when it came out: the original shade range available was much narrower than that of the concealers, but the brand noted the feedback and rectified it. By completing the shade range and addressing the concerns of their customers, Tarte salvaged the product launch and fell in the good graces of users.

Today, the Face Tape foundation is a very popular staple, despite falling short of the record-breaking sales achieved by the Shape Tape. The best reviews for it come from people with combination skin, a sign of the product’s universal application to most skin types. The Face Tape provides a natural matte finish that lasts throughout the day.


  • A little product goes a long way
  • Does not rub off easily on clothes or fingers
  • Good coverage
  • Blendable


  • Duration suffers when used on oily skin
  • Heavy feeling

Shape Tape Moisturizer

shape tape™ moisturizer

If you need a quality moisturizer, look no further than the Shape Tape Moisturizer. Tarte’s moisturizers have a great reputation, and this entry in the Double Duty Beauty is no exception. Smelling fresh and of citrus it will moisturize you significantly after the first use and many more to follow.

It comes with many healthy skincare ingredients such as a phyto-endorphin complex, apple fruit and orange peel extract, and sunflower seed. Its whipped formula provides a rich glow to your skin, and it will not leave a greasy residue either.


  • Helps the makeup stay for longer
  • Keeps the skin hydrated all-day
  • Allows the makeup to glide on smoothly when applied
  • Extremely hydrating


  • Does not always work for combination skin
  • Scented

Shape Tape Stay Spray Vegan Setting Spray

shape tape™ stay spray vegan setting spray

If you want to make your makeup stay on your face and not rub off, a setting spray like the Shape Tape Stay Spray is a great way to achieve that.

While not everyone is a fan of setting sprays, with some arguing they do not serve their purpose nearly as well as advertised, this particular item has provided results consistent with the durability and quality of the rest of the line. The Shape Tape Stay Spray helps makeup last long while remaining smudge-proof and lightweight.


  • Lightweight
  • Effects last up to 16 hours
  • Does not dry the skin
  • Pleasant, light fragrance


  • Price point
  • Plenty of dupes in the market

Busy Gal BROWS Tinted Brow Gel

busy gal BROWS tinted brow gel

Tinted brows have been on trend for decades, and the bar for brow care products has been constantly raised by established household names such as Anastasia Beverly Hills and Benefit.

‘Brows on fleek’ and other phrases have become part of beauty slang and really, taking good care of brows is far from easy, but Tarte gives us all the tools to make the ride a lot smoother with the Busy Gal BROWS Tinted Brow Gel. This product is available in a variety of colors and is very popular thanks to the ease of usage for grooming and filling.


  • Great for lighter, blonde brows as well
  • Hard to smudge
  • Natural-looking
  • Great coverage


  • Small brush
  • Does not define the brows as much as it could

Shape Tape Pressed Powder

shape tape™ pressed powder

This great vegan pressed powder is the perfect solution for longer coverage and durability, which is what the Tarte Double Duty line is all about. It comes in a variety of shades for easy color matching and has a satisfying matte finish after applied.

The Shape Tape Pressed Powder contains anti-wrinkle ingredients to counter aging while making sure your skin doesn’t feel heavier or older after application. This powder will fully cover blemishes, redness, hyperpigmentation and other skin issues you want covered and polished.


  • Contains anti-wrinkle ingredient Matrixyl-3000
  • Buildable coverage from medium to full
  • Lasts up to 12 hours
  • Shows extra love for oily skin


  • Can be cakey
  • It is only a finishing powder rather than a powder foundation

Shape Tape Setting Powder

shape tape™ setting powder

When applying a full-face of makeup, it’s hard to imagine a routine without a good setting powder. This is usually applied to set the concealer under the eyes, but many prefer to add it all over the face afterwards. When Tarte released such an iconic concealer, it was only a matter of time until Tarte struck back with their setting powder, and they delivered with the Shape Tape Setting Powder.

This product has no flashback, which means that your face will show up right in photos, whether it’s for a night out or an Instagram. This powder will help you look your best while your makeup lasts throughout the night.


  • Wide range for different skin tones
  • Lightweight
  • Does not lighten or distort the foundation
  • Looks great on camera


  • Can transfer after several hours
  • Requires a light touch during application

Shape Tape Pore & Prime Balm

shape tape™ pore & prime balm

If you need to fill up your pores to make them less visible, Tarte offers a great pore-filling balm that is also meant to extend the durability of your makeup, much like a primer. The Shape Tape Pore & Prime Balm’s creamy formula blends seamlessly into the skin as you apply it thoroughly with your fingers. Make sure to use dry and clean fingers to help keep the product on for longer and follow up by applying your foundation as you normally would.


  • Smoothens pores
  • Cute packaging
  • Glides on smoothly
  • Lightweight


  • Fingers are required to get the best results
  • Not suitable for oily skin due due to creamy texture

Shape Tape Waterproof Makeup

shape tape™ waterproof body makeup

Body foundation became a trending item with the introduction of multiple body shimmers, body oils and foundations. These products are dedicated to elevating parts of the body to perfection, with foundations also doubling as ways to cover blemishes, smoothen the appearance of the skin and make your complexion feel more comfortable beyond just your face.

Tarte did not lag on the trend and introduced the Shape Tape Waterproof Makeup foundation, a logical step given the company’s experience producing similar face products. The main difference between this and their face foundation offerings is the size of the packaging to account for the much larger area required to cover, and an adapted ingredient list to help it cover cellulite, veins, bruises, scars, and any other imperfections you might not want on show.


  • Waterproof
  • Makes the skin firmer
  • Easy to blend
  • Dries to a matte finish


  • The light shades run a bit lighter than advertised
  • Small shade variety

Double Duty Buttery Glide & Go Lipstick

double duty beauty glide & go buttery lipstick

Lip balms and hydrating lip products are all the hype. Particularly during the winter months, lips become prone to damage and being chapped, so tinted balms and hydrating lipsticks are the way to go for a balance of good looks and healthy lips.

Knowing this, Tarte has conjured a solution in the shape of this magical lipstick. The Double Duty Buttery Glide & Go is made with a creamy, hydrating formula that feels as light as a balm but with the coverage of lipstick. The shade range is centered around nudes, but let’s be real, we all love a great nude lipstick. If you’re looking for a daily moisturizer for your lips, this line has great neutral colors fit for all occasions.


  • Flattering for all skin tones
  • Buildable
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Long lasting pigment


  • Limited shade range
  • Sheer

Shape Tape Quickie Blending Sponge

shape tape™ quickie blending sponge

The Double Duty Beauty blending sponge is in the iconic purple hue synonymous with Tarte’s brand. There isn’t much to blending sponges – some are great, some not so much, but there are plenty of dupes on the market and just as many opinions on which ones are the best.

Everyone loves to use damp blenders when applying makeup, so why not pair up your favorite concealer or foundation with its matching sponge? This blending sponge is made specifically for the Shape Tape concealer’s composition, but that does not stop you from using it with other products.


  • Distributes products evenly
  • Soft
  • Does not soak up too much product
  • Durable


  • Runs small
  • Pricey

The Shaper Sponge

the shaper sponge

This sponge is mostly made with foundation in mind, but don’t let its main use fool you – The Shaper Sponge also goes great with the entire Double Duty Beauty line, so go wild with it. There is only so much that can be said about a beauty sponge, but this one comes in a nice swirl of violet and purple tones which is very aesthetically pleasing.

It is also a latex-free option, for those with allergies. The Shaper Sponge has a soft shape which can get products on hard-to-reach areas and get good coverage to them.


  • Great for contouring thanks to the angled side
  • Puffs to a perfect size when wet
  • Soft
  • Blends well


  • Overpriced
  • Soaks more of the product than the dupes

Setting Superpower Powder Brush

setting superpower powder brush

It is often hard to find a great powder brush, but the Tarte Setting Superpower powder brush is among them! With its pink hairs and golden body, this brush is very nice on the eye, but it is not all about looks: it delivers exactly what it is supposed to. It was created to work with the Shape Tape setting powder but is compatible with other powders as well. Make sure to tap off the excess as you would with any other powder brush.


  • Easy to use with blushes
  • Provides a great finish
  • Soft
  • Even application


  • Sheds bristles
  • Very bulky

Shape Tape Tone Tool

shape tape™ tone tool

This 140000-hair warrior brush is sure to cover your entire body in great coverage, whether you are using it with the Shape Tape Waterproof Body Makeup or another other body foundation. The Shape Tape Tone Tool provides a smooth finish as you brush and blend the foundation into your skin to hide all imperfections. It is made rather wide for easier coverage and faster application.


  • Easy to clean
  • Good for different products such as body bronzers
  • Soft bristles
  • Perfect for liquids or powders


  • Time-consuming to use
  • Can be streaky

Tarte Eyeshadow Palettes

tarte palette

One of the biggest pros of Tarte palettes is that they stay consistent not only in quality but in the way their eyeshadows are arranged. It may not be noticeable to many, but Tarte eyeshadows go from left to right in most of their palettes using the same pattern: a highlight shade for under the brow bone and to highlight the inner corner, lid color and a darker crease color.

This makes Tarte widely used by people who are blind or otherwise visually impaired as the pattern is easy to memorize. Regardless of your eyesight, it makes them easier to when combining shades. They are also magnetic, which makes it easier for those who prefer to reuse their palettes after their shades are panned.

Shape Your Money Maker Eye & Cheek Palette

shape your money maker eye & cheek palette

This Tarte palette follows the usual and handy pattern. The color story is rather minimalistic, but it is a good daily palette, with a blend of versatile and useable. It also contains two cheek shades, a blush, and a soft highlighter to frame the whole face and not just the eyes.


  • Two in one with eye and face
  • Easy to reuse
  • Good placement
  • Travel friendly


  • Small amount of colors
  • The highlighter is not universal

Busy Gals Goals Eyes & Cheek Palette

busy gal goals eye & cheek palette

This palette has 11 eye-catching shades to use on your eyes and cheeks, including a highlighting shade and contour shade. Despite being marketed for its earthy neutrals, the Busy Gals Goals palette is rather pink infused and has a soft vibe. It is perfect for both everyday looks and night ones for the perfect date out.


  • Travel-friendly size
  • Blush & eye looks in one
  • Long-lasting shades
  • Highly pigmented


  • Somewhat limited color story
  • Glitters contain some fallout

Leave Your Mark Eyeshadow Palette

leave your mark eyeshadow palette

This seven-shade palette contains one extra highlighter to make your routine even easier. It has a mix of light and dark shimmers for day and night needs. The two soft mattes included in the Leave Your Mark palette can work by themselves or as transition colors. This palette is a versatile little travel friend which you can pop into your bag and go out with.


  • Pleasant fragrance
  • Easy to blend and work with
  • Pairs up with other palettes
  • Long lasting shades


  • Shades are lighter than in the preview
  • Inconsistent pigment across the shadows

Double Duty Beauty Alternatives

It is hard to think of competing beauty lines to the Double Duty Beauty. The collection was built around an iconic product and paid special attention towards being consistent with the impact made by the Shape Tape.

Most of the time we gravitate to individual products and take it from there or decide on eyeshadows from a certain brand and try new shades using familiar formulas. That said, there are still alternatives that have attempted the same coordinated concept as the Double Duty Beauty line.

These are not released nearly as often as standalone makeup items, but names like Amazonian Clay or Sea Line have earned their fame.

MAC Studio Fix Line


It’s hard to think of a heavier-hitting iconic makeup line than the MAC Studio Fix. This is one of the first collections to reach global fame, and it is a staple for both professional and amateur makeup enthusiasts. The standout item in this line is the iconic Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation, popular with everyone from the average woman to world-famous drag queens.

The perfect finish provided by this powder is made even better by how portable it is. Whether you bake and apply the Powder Plus later or just use some of to cover your face lightly, this is a must-have with so many shade and tone ranges to pick from. MAC was the first makeup heavyweight to offer options that fit all skins.

The MAC Studio Fix line is all about complexion, and also includes the Studio Fix 24-Hour Smooth Wear Concealer, the Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 liquid foundation, the Studio Fix Tech Cream to Powder Foundation and the Studio Fix Mattifine 12HR Shine-Control Primer, all of which live up to their reputation.

A downside of MAC is that it can be expensive depending on the country, but no matter the price point they still score good sales thanks to the demand for their products.

Studio Fix vs Double Duty Beauty

The MAC Studio Fix is a classic makeup line that has been through it all and has incredible consistency as far as item quality goes, while Double Duty Beauty has its ups and downs with eyeshadow palettes.

Still, some Tarte Double Duty Beauty products edge the Studio Fix, particularly the Shape Tape, while the opposite is true for the Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation, a staple in my makeup box for four years and counting. Overall, both collections are great, and the decision boils down to personal taste and price of each item.

Tarte Amazonian Clay

Amazonian clay 16-hour full coverage foundation

The Tarte Amazonian Clay line focuses more on blushes, eyeshadows and powders made from their famous Amazonian clay composition, meant to keep oil at bay for as long as possible. Their eyeshadow palettes are to die for and if you want a palette from Tarte, and odds are you have already fallen in love with a member of the Amazonian line. Unlike the Double Duty Beauty, it also has mascaras, bronzers, and a highlighter to pick from.

Amazonian Clay vs Double Duty Beauty

This Tarte line is more matte oriented, built around the Amazonian Clay formula rather than a specific product. The Amazon Clay line is more consistent with the palettes, with less fallout and other minor imperfections that some makeup lovers have noticed with the Double Duty Beauty.

This line doesn’t really go into mature or sensitive skin, as it was directed specifically at oily skin. This becomes a battle of Tarte vs Tarte, where Tarte wins regardless – as for which line is better, it goes down to personal preference and skin type!

Tarte Sea

hydroflex™ serum foundation

Tarte’s Sea line would naturally be the opposite of the Amazonian Clay, while Double Duty Beauty acts as a middle ground, coming from a famous concealer known for being accessible to all skin types. Sea focuses more on moisturizing and giving a breezy, sun-kissed beach look.

This is the perfect option for to live out the beach fantasy, feeling the vibes of a summer getaway that you can take with you into any weather, all year long. Like Amazonian Clay, Sea holds plenty of different products in its line with a heavy shift onto moisturizing options and creams. The line also includes a lot of lip products ranging from very popular lip glosses to lipsticks.

Sea vs Double Duty Beauty

Tarte’s Sea probably has one of the largest collections as far as the number of items go, and even if they are primarily focused on moisturizing, that doesn’t exclude them from being used by everyone.

Lips need some love universally during either dry weather, cold winters or constant usage of matte lipstick, for example. Sea is a great line overall, but if you have oily skin, the foundation and creams might be a bit too much moisture if not used in moderation.


Question: Is the Tarte Double Duty Beauty line expensive?

Answer: Tarte is considered high-end makeup by modern definitions, and its prices reflect that. It is normally available in Sephora or other expensive retailers, depending on the country. That being said, within the high-end bracket, its pricing is considered fair for most of the Double Duty Beauty line. The brushes and sponges are however priced above average for the quality provided.

Question: Is Shape Tape Concealer the best concealer on the market?

Answer: Many are inclined to say yes, and the fact is that this is the most popular concealer in the world today.  It is meant to be for everyone and comes in both matte and creamy finishes, but if you are not a full coverage queen, it might not be for you.

Question: Can you buy Tarte Double Duty Beauty outside the United States?

Answer: Absolutely! You can purchase their products via their website or other retailers such as Sephora in Europe. Their website ships worldwide from the US, but it is worth checking the shipping times and estimated customs fees. Tarte customer service will also be happy to answer any questions you have.

Question: Is the Tarte Double Duty Beauty collection vegan?

Answer: Yes, Tarte are proudly vegan. The company is also cruelty-free, so don’t worry: this iconic brand does not touch animals during its product development.

Question: Is the Tarte Double Duty Beauty line good for mature skin?

Answer: Yes! There are plenty of options specifically made for mature skin like the creamy Shape Tape concealer with restorative qualities. There is also a moisturizer in the line to help get more effective results. In general, Tarte’s products are very friendly for all different skin types so everyone can enjoy them.

Tarte Double Duty Beauty Review: Final Thoughts

Tarte is a great, tried and test brand which has been selling worldwide for many years now due to their quality. The Double Duty Beauty collection is no exception, and its excellent sales speak volumes about how much its customers love it. We are talking millions of products sold daily worldwide, which is helped by Tarte products being easy to purchase just about anywhere in the world.

The Double Duty Beauty is definitely a win – its product range is very wide and many of the items come in different versions to be accessible for different skin types to make sure that anyone can feel flawless and ready for any occasion, whether they love a full face of makeup or just a little hydrating lipstick and powder.

The standout for me and most users of Double Duty Beauty is the shape tape. My T-zone area is rather oily, and I do enjoy a full face of makeup with good coverage, particularly in terms of pores. With that in mind, the Shape Tape and my skin were a match made in heaven.

In terms of palettes, they first caught my eye after hearing about the attention to accessibility Tarte has from the blind community, so I checked them out, because indeed that is great to cater for everyone. The fallout is often a dealbreaker for me, but once I have a palette I like, I can get past that.

One thing I noticed with some of the palettes in the Double Duty Beauty is that quality isn’t entirely consistent across the whole collection, so it’s better to see the palettes in person rather than ordering online, if possible. The price point is on the high side for me, but in this day and age where we all shop at Sephora and are used to makeup’s ever-rising prices, so this is nothing out of the ordinary.

If I have to choose one “desert island” item from the Double Duty Beauty, it would have to be the original Shape Tape, though the creamy one is said to be just as good.

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