best charlotte tilbury pillow talk dupes

Best Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Dupes

I have always enjoyed lipstick. Lipsticks are my favorite part of any makeup routine. Regardless of the trends, I always know that having great lipstick is a reward, especially after all the hard work with other steps. I enjoy discovering different techniques, finishes, and ways to use and apply makeup, specifically lipstick. I was dying to try the Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk and find the best dupes for it.

When I began writing this article, it dawned on me that Pillow Talk might be one of the most famous lipsticks right now. The product is constantly out of stock in European retailers. Pillow Talk is a very sought-after lipstick. It is famously flattering to every skin tone, and the Pillot Talk line includes a new shade range for darker skin folks. Pillow Talk stands out in the Charlotte Tilbury catalog and the makeup world.

Because it is high-end but affordable, it can land in many makeup lovers’ collections. The fact that it is a pinky nude makes it the right choice of trends to stay neutral or match a strict dress code while also looking beautiful on a romantic date.

The fact that this lipstick is a best-seller is a no-brainer. I did feel curious if the hype was worth it. I read many reviews, wondering about the packaging being a letdown and if the shade would truly match me. Before I could find the best dupes for you, I had to hunt down the lipstick itself since my Sephora does not carry Charlotte Tilbury.

Bottom Line Up Front

Kiko Milano’s Gossamer Emotion Creamy Lipstick is the best dupe for the Charlotte Tilbury Pillow talk. These two lipsticks look, feel, and smell similar. The Kiko offering is significantly cheaper and easier to find in many countries.

About Pillow Talk

Who is Charlotte Tilbury?

Charlotte Tilbury became famous for being the favorite makeup artist of no other than British supermodel Kate Moss. Charlotte Tilbury is a classy British high-end makeup celebrity artist. As a Kate Moss fan for many years, I have always admired the signature looks Tilbury created on her.

Her makeup brand took off with the creams such as Charlotte’s magic cream, the contour wand, and everything magical in its name before Pillow Talk became such a hit. When Kim Kardashian got her lipstick, Kim K.W. was a massive hit.

Pillow Talk

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk
Photo by Jamie Tugayeva

I am a self-aware lipstick junkie. If a lipstick speaks out to me, I go out of my way to swatch, buy, and try it. I like all lipstick finishes.

When I finally received the product, I thought the unit carton package was cute. The lipstick has the shade on the top, which already signaled to me that it would be darker than the internet had led me to believe. When you buy a higher-end makeup item, which Charlotte Tilbury is a part of, you tend to find small gimmicks which claim to make the experience lusher.

The pattern pressed into the box was cute, but this feature is redundant unless you keep the plain un carton around.

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk
Photo by Jamie Tugayeva

I was surprised at the lightweight package component, despite the lipstick having the signature weight of high-end. The bullet has rectangular shapes that help apply the lipstick to the middle of the upper lip.

The big drumroll of the lipstick was that it grew on me a lot. I tried it for the first time and enjoyed that it was a very well-nourishing matte. The finish felt more satin on the lips than matte, and it looked less matte than I expected. A bit sheerer than expected opaque that I enjoy, which is something that high-end products aim for unless it is Pat McGrath for its artistic bougie experience.

I also enjoy using a lip liner with my lipstick, which is not a requirement for anyone, but my ideal combo is MAC’s Whirl lip liner with Pillow Talk. This mix brings out the brown while leaving the middle pinker where the liner ends.

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk
Photo by Jamie Tugayeva

I would say that it feels similar to any other satin and lightweight lipstick. The Pillow Talk is noticeably lighter than MAC bullet lipsticks, but I prefer the MAC texture over it as more luxurious in my eyes. Pillow Talk reminds me of Kiko Milano lipsticks in terms of consistency.

Kiko Milano is one of my favorite brands, but it is far from high-end. KVD is also heavier and lasts longer, giving a more matte finish. But let’s dive into the dupes. It was also lightly fragranced like Kiko Milano, which could point to some component similarities.

My Criteria

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Dupes
Photo by Jamie Tugayeva

I generally love nude brown pinks. This shade is a must-have in my arsenal, which gravitated me towards Pillow Talk. I wanted to see the consistency as the internet can be full of different reviews, and to make the perfect dupe list, I wanted to see how Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks work against the dupes.

What we see in pictures online can be photoshopped or added. My foundation shade is MAC N4, meaning my complexion is neutral and pale, so keep that in mind. Pillow Talk also can be called My Lips But Better (MLBB), as we say in the beauty community. Pillow Talk comes in a medium and an intense version if you want deeper shades.

Because the Pillow Talk hue color is up to my alley, I knew that I would have similar swatches, so I ended up with swatches up on my entire arm, as you can see below.

We start with the guide today, on how to pick the best Pillow Talk dupes:

  • Kiko Milano Gossamer Emotion Creamy Lipstick in 103
  • KVD Studded Kiss in Lovecraft
  • The Balm Meet Matt(e) Hughes in Charismatic
  • KVD Epic Kiss in Womankind
  • KVD Studded Kiss in Lolita
  • Morphe Lip Gloss in Chill

Dupes for Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk

When I searched for the perfect dupes, I realized how unique and beautiful this rosy nude was and how beautiful. Even if the price point is not for every pocket, it makes you appreciate why this lipstick is so popular and in such high demand.

Kiko Milano Gossamer Emotion Creamy Lipstick in 103

Not only does this Kiko Milano Gossamer Emotion Creamy Lipstick have a similar feel and look, but it also has a surprisingly comparable smell. Both lipsticks come from factories in Italy. The biggest downside of the Kiko Lipstick is the packaging.

I have had this bullet fall apart in different colors and found it rather hard to fix. If you remember to watch out for the clumsy packaging and the fact that this lipstick costs only a fraction of the price, this is a great dupe.

I have an issue with the packaging, but the formula is fantastic. Unlike Pillow Talk, the Kiko Milano Gossamer Emotion has more of a satin finish, as is expected and is far creamier. It is lighter than the Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk but has stunning results, while the shade is just a bit rosier.


  • Nice on the wallet
  • Satin finish instead of matte, which is on its way out
  • Creamy


  • Awful packaging
  • A bit pinker than Pillow Talk

KVD Studded Kiss in Lovecraft

Lovecraft is one of my favorite KVD lipsticks that I own. I am surprised that it is not as easy to find as the classic Lolita. Regardless, the Studded Kiss line is gorgeous through and through, and Lovecraft is a front runner. The texture is noticeably thick, making it easier to last through the day and meals.

The Studded Kiss formula lacks a bit of the nude undertone from Pillow Talk but is similar in other ways. I dislike how sheer the Pillow Talk is, especially given its claim to be matte, while the Studded Kiss line with either Lolita or Lovecraft achieves that goal.


  • Long-lasting finish
  • Matte opaque coverage
  • Fair pricing


  • Due to the consistency, you need to press into the lips a bit
  • Pinker

The Balm Meet Matt(e) Hughes in Charismatic

The Balm’s Meet Matt(e) Hughes is a gorgeous liquid lipstick line. You can score a great bundle of many of them for cheap. I got Charismatic by itself, and whenever I feel like whipping out a great color that will stay the entire day, this is often my choice.

The liquid lipstick has a lingering minty smell which feels very refreshing, and the formula is very light for a liquid lip. The color feels mute next to Pillow Talk, but it is a good dupe. Also, both are matte lipsticks, just in different consistency and durability.


  • Durability
  • Does not dry the lips
  • Close dupe


  • Fragranced heavily
  • Very matte

KVD Epic Kiss in Womankind

Womankind is an excellent true dupe to The Balm’s Charismatic, but it is a sheerer, creamy, and nourishing butter lipstick. Womankind is one of my favorite lipstick formulas ever. I found it during the times of the pandemic when my lips were a bit too dry.

This lipstick costs a pretty penny, but I highly recommend it. It nourishes my lips like no other and has a gorgeous array of colors in this line. Sadly, the bright blue is only available online and not in all stores, which made me buy Womankind instead of that shade, but I hold no regrets as I have shifted into more wearable colors over time.


  • Very nourishing
  • Creamy, butter consistency
  • Close dupe


  • Have to reapply throughout the day
  • Very thin bullet

KVD Studded Kiss in Lolita

I found it interesting how Lolita is the most famous shade in KVD history, both when Kat Von D was in charge of the brand and after to this day with all of the rebrandings. Lolita is such a chic shade that it would be impossible for the brand to discontinue it.

When we look at iconic colors from brands, most of them are nudes and pinks, and this lipstick is no exception. We all gravitate to different nudes, pinks, and bright red lipsticks. Maybe that is the latest trend we don’t acknowledge yet since the makeup pages like trend mood are full of people complaining about nude lipsticks, but is this what we want?

Lolita is a gorgeous shade, and I love pairing it with different liners and glosses. This shade is an excellent addition to any collection, whether as a dupe or by itself. If you are looking for a more opaque, full-coverage version of Pillow Talk, Lolita is your number one choice. This lipstick is easy to find in stores or online.


  • Easy to find
  • Opaque
  • One swipe


  • Flimsy packaging
  • Too brown for some

Morphe Gloss in Chill

I did not think I would add a gloss when I started checking for dupes, but as I kept swatching, I realized that my Morphe Gloss in the shade Chill would be a good gloss version to consider. If you are a gloss person, this product looks beautiful on the lips alone, on top of a lipstick, or with some lip liner.

I have had it as a beloved shade for a while now and don’t want to let go. It doesn’t have a sticky consistency and is very soft while keeping the color very much seen. But as all glosses go, it has to be reapplied as needed.


  • Very lightweight
  • A good alternative
  • Just as sheer


  • Warmer toned
  • Gloss, therefore, needs many reapplications

Honorable Mentions

Many people include MAC Whirl as a more brown dupe, but when I swatched them together, it did not feel like anything close. While I love both equally, I would not be between those two, but if you want a more brown lipstick rather than Pillow Talk, I can highly recommend Whirl. The lipliner in the same shade is fantastic as well. I prefer the whirl lip liner for my Pillow Talk more than any other liner. Maybe that is the source of the idea?

Another was Maybelline’s Loyalist, but it does not hold a close brown hue despite coming close. Loyalist is from the iconic Super Stay Matte Ink, which many of us love, use frequently, and suggest to others. This product is my secret weapon to keep the color on your lips for the entire duration of the day, no matter what happens.

There were a lot of comparable shades previously available from Pat McGrath, Anastasia Beverley Hills, or Essence, but they are no longer available. I feel it is better to stick to the ones available now or are permanent features, so you never risk having your favorite color disappear.

Try to keep this in mind when picking brands, as many of them have gone under in recent years. The more stable the company, the easier it will be for you to find your shade when it runs out.


Question: Why is Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk so popular?

Answer: Charlotte Tilbury herself is an icon in the makeup world. This shade looks perfect on almost every tone. While trends come and go, nude and pinky lipsticks remain, including Pillow Talk. This lipstick became a trend of its own, and the fact that it is hard to find makes it more sought after and loved.

Question: Is Pillow Talk worth the money?

Answer: Yes, but only if you can afford it. Pillow Talk is a good everyday color to wear consistently and will look gorgeous on your lips, but it is rather pricey. Many dupes out there will nourish your lips and make you look just as good! But if you want to spoil yourself, Pillow Talk is worth it.

Question: Is Pillow Talk warm or cool?

Answer: Pillow Talk is a mix between warm and cool. The lipstick enhances the natural shade of your lips with its sheer consistency, which I feel should be more opaque but gives it an interesting effect that is hard to match with other lipsticks.

Question: Is Pillow Talk worth the hype?

Answer: I would say so, but much like every popular product, sometimes it needs time. I needed a few days to use it to understand what the hype was about because it does have a hefty price tag. Finding it was a challenge as well. I had to keep looking around websites online to see who would have it and how to obtain it. Pillow Talk is worth it, but maybe not for as much hassle. Charlotte Tilbury should surely make it easier to find, ideally.

Question: What color is the original Pillow Talk lipstick?

Answer: Pillow Talk is a matte nude pink. Also, there are a few more intensity options for different skin shades. As I am personally very pale and a MAC N4, I went for the original Pillow Talk for this review to understand the hype.

Best Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Dupes: Final Thoughts

I didn’t expect Pillow Talk to be such a unique color, so a round of applause for Charlotte Tilbury for making such an iconic and hard-to-find gorgeous shade, but with everything, there is a dupe. It was rather hard to find, but I still got immersed and entertained by this dupe mission.

I think Kiko Milano’s Gossamer Emotion Creamy Lipstick would be THE dupe, but KVD Studded Kiss Lovecraft would be the perfect second. Both look very close on the swatches, in life, and on lips. Both aren’t as hard to find as Pillow Talk was and are more affordable in these times. Also, maybe the other dupes were something that you enjoyed more? I have all these lipsticks in my collection, and I love them thoroughly!

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