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Best Mac Lipsticks With Ideas on Some Fresh Lip Looks for You to Try

When most think of prestigious and professional makeup, Mac is usually the first brand to come to mind. Mac is a company formed in Toronto, Canada by photographer/makeup artist Frank Toskan and salon owner Frank Angelo. They were frustrated because makeup didn’t photograph well, so they made their own brand.

Ever since then, Mac took over the world with their professional-quality products that are long-wearing with an amazing color payoff. Among my favorite Mac products are their lipsticks. They last a long time, are extremely pigmented, and don’t dry out your lips.

Do you want to learn more about Mac lipstick? Here’s your guide and different lipstick ideas to do!

My Favorite Mac Lipsticks to Try

  1. Mac Satin Lipstick — The classic Mac look and feel.
  2. Mac Powder Kiss Lipstick — Perfect your matte finish look with a smooth satiny feel.
  3. Mac Powder Kiss Liquid Lip Color — lovely mousse formula, perfect application! 
  4. Mini Mac — Great for testing new colors before you commit, travel-sized to bring on the go!
  5. Mac Cremesheen — Really popular choice, great for shine
  6. Viva Glam — My fave is Viva Glam II, such a beautiful shiny nude color!
  7. Retro Matte — A classic matte lip with a variety of shades to try
  8. Retro Matte Liquid Lip Color — For those that prefer a liquid applicator but still want the matte sheen
  9. Retro Matte Liquid Lip Color Metallics — Two retro shades that look good on anyone!
  10. Lustreglass — For those that want a bit more sheen
  11. Love Me Lipstick — For all-day moisture and shine
  12. The Frost Line — With the perfect amount of sheen, available in tons of colors

My Top Mac Formulas You Should Try

When you look through Mac’s lipstick catalog, you may be intimidated by all of the options you have. In order to choose the best option, you should first know the formula you want to wear. For example, Mac has traditional tube lipsticks as well as liquid lipsticks for long-term wear. You should identify your preferences before selecting a Mac lipstick. If you’re not sure what you’ll like, feel free to experiment!

You should especially consider the pigment level. Mac has lipsticks that range from sheer and glossy all the way to matte and pigmented. The lipstick you choose will impact the look you have.

Mac has arguably one of the most extensive lipstick catalogs in all of makeup history. Here’s a breakdown of the different types of lipsticks they offer.

Mac Satin Lipstick

mac satin lipstick

Their classic product is the simple Mac Satin lipstick. And this lipstick is one of the brand’s best-sellers for a reason.

If you don’t like drying and cakey lipstick, this is the lipstick I would recommend you choose. This line of lipstick is known for its soft feel and creamy formula. One swipe will give you a decent color payoff, but it’s buildable for an intense look.

You can find all colors in this line, from a neutral beige all the way to vivid red. Just about anyone can find a lipstick in this line they will love.

Mac Powder Kiss Lipstick

Powder Kiss Lipstick

If you want to take the Satin feeling to the next level, you should definitely try the Powder Kiss Lipstick. The lipsticks are not only moisturizing but also weightless. Not only that, but they’re matte — not glossy! While these lipsticks have a softer color payoff than the Satin Lipstick, they’re also buildable if you want a more intense color.

There are currently 23 shades to choose from. They range between intense reds, unique mauves, and soft pinks.

Mac Powder Kiss Liquid Lip Color

Powder Kiss Liquid Lip Color

If you prefer liquid lipstick, you’ll love this liquid variety of the classic Powder Kiss line. Unlike many liquid lipsticks, the Powder Kiss Liquid Lip Color has more of a mousse formula. They’re extremely moisturizing and comfortable to wear for hours.

Oh, and the color payoff is impressive. You’ll also find a range of colors from dark brown to berry red.

Mini Mac

mac lipstick

Are you traveling or just don’t want to commit to a full-size lipstick? Mac offers their classic lipstick formula in a small size, called Mini Mac. The lipstick is the perfect size for your makeup bag, purse, carry-on, and even your pocket!

While the Mini Mac isn’t available in as many colors, the color options are extensive. You’ll find this lipstick in colors such as brown, bright pink, and classic red.

Mac Cremesheen

Mac Cremesheen

Want something more hydrating? Mac Cremesheen is a lip balm meets lipstick. These lipsticks are made with olive oil and shea butter, making them feel extra cushiony. They also have a glossy finish, perfect for a comfortable look at the office or when you’re out with family.

The color variety isn’t as extensive. However, there are some pretty colors in here. While you can find light nudes in this line, you can also find intense reds.

Viva Glam Collection

mac viva glam

First, let’s go over what the Viva Glam line is. Mac launched this line in 1994 to help people affected by HIV/AIDS. 100% of all proceeds from these products go toward the cause. Mac releases new products periodically in this line. As of now, there are three colors in this variety.

The Matte Line

If you really want bright colors that last all day, definitely look into the Matte line. This is one of their most classic lipstick variations, perfect if you want lips that pop. There are more extensive colors in this lipstick line. You can go anywhere from a muted neutral or a darker brown.

Retro Matte

Retro Matte

The Retro Matte is another full-coverage lipstick that’s very long-wearing. The lipsticks are completely matte, resulting in a very classic Hollywood look. The color selection varies from traditional red to bright purple.

Retro Matte Liquid Lip Color

fashion legacy

The Retro Matte line is also available as a liquid lipstick! The Retro Matte Liquid Lip Color has some of the longest staying power, even longer than the lipstick. The doe-foot applicator is also easy to apply and can even line your lips.

My only beef with this product is they don’t offer extensive lip color options like the lipstick. But there are some gorgeous colors here. From a dark plum to a more natural rose, there’s a shade here for everyone.

Retro Matte Liquid Lip Color Metallics

Retro Matte Liquid Lip Color Metallics

The same look at the Retro Matte Liquid Lip Color, just with a metallic finish. The Retro Matte Liquid Lip Color Metallics has the same long-lasting color. There are only three colors, which is the only downside of this line.

The Amplified Line

mac amplified lipstick

If color is really what you’re looking for, look no further than Amplified. The pigment in these lipsticks is finely milled, resulting in three times the pigment you would get from your traditional lipstick! Even with the intense pigment, the lipsticks have a semi-lustrous finish and are very creamy.

I love the color selection here. You can choose some light nudes or you can choose a full-powered shade in a unique color such as coral.

The Frost Line

frost lipstick

The Frost lipsticks have the perfect amount of sheen. Even with the sheen finish, the lipsticks have a medium color payoff for a beautiful dose of pigment. You can also build the color for a more extravagant look.

These colors are also perfect for those who like glitter and metallics. This finish is lovely and is ideal for a night out when you don’t want anything too extravagant. From soft nude to duo-chrome colors, you can find so many beautiful shades in this line.



Lustreglass is another lipstick that has a glossy finish but the color is sheer.

Infused with olive oil and raspberry seed extract, this lipstick will leave your lips silky smooth for hours. The lipstick is also lightweight and the color will last for hours, perfect for those who prefer a light lip gloss but hate how the average lip gloss fades quickly.

Love Me Lipstick

love me lipstick

Do you want a lipstick that has a powerful color payoff and all-day moisture? Then the Love Me lipstick is your answer!

This lipstick also feels weightless, infused with argan oil for instant hydration. And with color options that vary from true red to chocolate brown, you’ll likely find some favorites in this collection.

Love Me Liquid Lip Color

Love Me Liquid Lip Color

The Love Me Liquid Lip Color line is another long-wearing liquid lipstick. This liquid lipstick has a very rich texture, infused with shea butter and argan oil for an intense creaminess. Compared to the Retro Matte Lip Color, this one has more color options. You can find unique colors like orange, yellow/red, and brown, all the way to everyday nudes.

Shot of Colour Lip Oil

Shot of Colour Lip Oil

This innovative product combines serious hydration with, well, a shot of color. Shot of Colour Lip Oil is a lightweight and shiny product that delivers serious color saturation to your lips. Your lips will also be moisturized all day, so you don’t have to choose between color and hydration.


mac lipmix

If you’re looking for some serious professional colors, you’ll love the Lipmix line. The colors are extremely pigmented and you can combine these shades to customize your look. This cream-based formula delivers crazy color to your lips, completing any lip look you want.

There’s also Lipmix/Satin that’s colorless, adding a sheen over any Lipmix look.

Patent Paint Lip Lacquer

Patent Paint Lip Lacquer

If you want a color in a non-sticky gloss, you’ll love the Patent Paint Lip Lacquer. This innovative formula is weightless, doesn’t bleed, and has vibrant color. All available in a lip gloss formula. I just love how these are on sale ($13.20 at the time of writing).

The Best Ideas for Mac Lipstick

Should you wear Mac lipstick like you would any lipstick? With the intense pigment and unique formulas, you can do so much with these lipsticks!

Classic Lip

While we’re not sure which lip product she used, @mayachanet has a lovely lip that’s perfect for a night out.

Hollywood Red

You can never go wrong with those red Marilyn Monroe lips and @rima_habdak proves that. She’s using the shade Ruby Woo, which is Mac’s highest-rated lipstick. This small pop of color gives her look that “wow” factor!

Lovely Ombre


We love this lip look that @erinduges did. Her lips are a red and pink ombre She combines the Mac Love Me Liquid Lipstick in “Yeah I’m Fancy” (orange-red) and “Hey Good Looking” (bright fuchsia). The color not only pops but gives her great volume to her lips.

More Than a Nude

@afosttt does an amazing variation of a nude lip, using the “What in Carnation” Lustreglass lipstick with a lip pencil. Her lips pop out for a beautiful look.



This bronze lip look by @bri.swing is so unique! She uses “Can’t Dull My Shine” Lustreglass Lipstick, which is chocolate brown, with the Cork Lip Pencil. It makes her lips look like a latte!

Woah Purple!

Why have traditional lipstick when you can be extravagant? @maccosmeticspt did this look with the Matte Lipstick in Heroine (bright purple) with glitter over it.

Serious Glow

@macmyqistina got a new highlighter and went crazy with it! She even applied it over her Retro Matte Liquid Lip Color in “Carnivorous” for some serious shimmer and dimension. Her lips are a stunning glowing brown.

Stained Glass

If you want that perfect lip gloss look, definitely check out @macmyqistina’s stained glass look. She uses a combination of Power Kiss Liquid Lip Color in “More the Mehr-ier” (mauve pink) with the Clear Lipglass over top of it.


@macmyqistina is back again with the perfect glittery lip! She uses the Clear Lipglass again with glitter pigment. I’m absolutely obsessed with this look.

Travel Look

@daniellejamesmakeup goes over her travel makeup essentials! One is the Mac Matte Lipstick Mini in “Chili.” This is a unique brown orange/red color, and I’m honestly falling in love with it. You should definitely watch her full video because she offers great advice.

Cruella de Ville


I’m mainly including this because Mac is collaborating with the Cruella de Ville movie and released some limited edition makeup, including a few lipsticks. @mermaiden_09 might be wearing one of them, but I can’t tell. Either way, her cosplay is amazing and is making me want to Cruella it up!


Question: Which Is the Best Mac Lipstick If I Want Long-Lasting Color?

Answer: I would probably say the Matte, Retro Matte, or Retro Matte Liquid Lip Color.

Question: Which Is Mac’s Best-Selling Lipstick?

Answer: The classic Ruby Woo is their most famous lipstick.

Question: Why Are Mac’s Lipsticks So Great?

Answer: One of the reasons why so many people love Mac lipstick is the quality they offer. They have amazing consistency and apply evenly. Many of their lipsticks are moisturizing and even their lipstick tubes aren’t drying.
I personally love Mac’s color payoff, their long-lasting formula, and how they don’t dry my lips. The color options are also extensive.

Still Need Help Finding Lipstick?

I love Mac lipstick, but they’re not the only brand with great lip products. Read this guide to lip makeup to find the best products for you.

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