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MAC Rebel Lipstick Review & Guide: Am I Obsessed With This Lipstick?

Growing up, MAC was not as popular in Europe as it is now. I was used to classic high-end brands like Guerlain and drug store giants like Maybelline and Rimmel London. But my love for MAC started when I started taking makeup more seriously.

I remember hearing a lot of praise from my mom-in-law about how MAC lipstick does not budge. I think Maybelline’s formula is harder to beat MAC in that case, but she still has a point.

Bottom Line Up Front

The MAC Rebel is a gorgeous shade for those who like to dare. This lipstick is worth every penny, with beautiful color and excellent durability.

My Experience with MAC

For many years MAC was simply out of my budget. I initially only crossed paths with MAC lipsticks in Duty-Free stores around Europe, so it felt like one of those brands that you eye at an airport and then move on.

My first Mac lipstick was with a horrendous name called Asian Flower, which is pretty generic and rather odd sounding with the softest violet you could ever find. It was also the first tube I ever finished to the end. Once Asian Flower ended, I replaced it with another violet lipstick, albeit from the NYX round lipstick line.

I always keep a violet in my arsenal to this day. Brands change, but my love for violet lipstick remains, whether it is matte, sheer, satin, creamy, or even gloss!

One of the purple lipsticks I eyed for a few years was Heroine and Rebel, often compared and suggested by MAC counter artists or makeup enthusiasts online. I always wanted to try Rebel and bite the bullet for a different more red-toned purple.

MAC Rebel Lipstick Bullet
Image by Jamie Tugayeva

I love the MAC bullet lipstick. There are luxury items that I get, even if I understand that MAC is not as coveted as it used to be. The prices still are high, but the quality is stellar and never disappoints. I would say if anyone wants starter lipsticks, I always recommend MAC without a doubt. The MAC bullet is a great way to spoil yourself as you dive into the makeup world.

The MAC Rebel Lipstick

The MAC Rebel is a staple among MAC fans or makeup fans. It may not be as high up as the nude likes of Velvet Teddy or a classic red like Ruby Woo, but it is way up there.

The Rebel lipstick bullet is a darker color and lets you layer the color on your lips, as you can get it darker and darker. Makeup fans consider it a berry-toned lipstick, although I see it as more of a berry brushing on purple-pushing.

The finish is natural, and the color blends well with one’s lips. The Rebel looks great on my face, and I feel satisfied with the color payoff. It doesn’t rub off easily and stays on very long, just like an average MAC lipstick would. It is not as long-lasting as most liquid lipsticks, but it does fade very nicely as the day goes by. The Rebel is also easy to apply on the go.

MAC Rebel Lipstick
Image by Jamie Tugayeva

For this review, I did not use a pencil liner, which I use for lipstick applications to keep the lines crisper. I find bullet lipsticks never give me the artificial crisp line that I am fond of, rather than a color change to the edges. Also, like other MAC lipsticks, MAC isn’t known to dry my lips for its hydrating purposes.


MAC Rebel Lipstick
Image by Jamie Tugayeva

MAC Rebel Satin Finish Lipstick comes in the usual MAC black box unicarton with the top of it containing the name of the shade, Rebel, and the coloring of the unicarton on that end is supposed to resemble the color. The shade is rather cute and classic. Some may find it boring, but to me, it feels like part of the experience.

MAC is a traditional brand and mastered the lipstick game from top to bottom, so certain things don’t need to be changed. The Rebel lipstick is in its classic bullet black packaging with a few MAC logos here and there, together with the silver interior once you remove the lipstick cap.

MAC Rebel Lipstick Box
Image by Jamie Tugayeva

The Shade Rebel

Straight to the point, this is like any other MAC lipstick. It does not dry my lips, stays on comfortably throughout the day, and will wear off nicely. I can reapply it at any time, and it will apply easily. It doesn’t smear all over the face or out of the lines. It feels nourishing on the lips and stays that way throughout the day.

I highly recommend it. The MAC Rebel is a sweet and cool berry-toned purple which I feel is a classic must-have for any newcomer to MAC or someone who wants to check on a classic one to add to their collection or use.

MAC Rebel Lipstick Swatch
Image by Jamie Tugayeva

It may be too bright for daily wear unless that is part of your style. The MAC Rebel may be more for an evening occasion or a more outgoing preference, but regardless, you will find the right situation to wear it. When it comes to adding makeup to it, you can go for smoky or dark looks to balance out the dark nature of the Rebel.

I would not go reaching for soft nudes, but maybe some darker browns if you’re still in your nude eyeshadow phase. Some smokey eyes would look good, or a classic eyeliner flick if you feel minimalistic in eye looks.


The MAC Rebel impressed me with its durability. This formula fades off elegantly even after meals, unlike many lipsticks that flake off or give us the infamous butthole lips. When undisturbed, the MAC Rebel lipstick looks fresh for hours.

As far as wearability goes, what impressed me the most about this formula is how easy it is to correct imperfections on the go. The lipstick applies smoothly and creates a perfect finish when adding a second layer after a drink or lunch. The same smooth feeling is present when removing the MAC Rebel from my lips. There is no noticeable staining, and the lipstick does not take excessive force to wipe off.

Where to Buy

It depends on which part of the world you live in. In North America, you can buy the MAC Rebel lipstick on the classic MAC website, plus certain stores like ULTA or Nordstrom.

You may find it in Sephora or other local retailers in other parts of the world. If you travel a lot, MAC is nearly always in a Duty-Free or a Douglas store unless they signed a contract with another brand to carry them in your country.

Rebel costs around 23 euros and 19 dollars, making it a rather middle point for the price of a lipstick, but it remains stable in quality, so nothing’s new with the pricing and inflation.


  • Hydrating, comfortable feel
  • Great value
  • Can be layered


I struggle to say cons to MAC lipsticks because I enjoy them so much, but the only I can think of is:

  • The bullet lipstick itself looks different than the color on the lips

That’s it.


It was hard to find dupes in my arsenal, as MAC Rebel is such a unique cool-toned berry tone. I did my best to search and swatch around. I went down memory lane with all the berry tones.

Pat McGrath Deep Orchid

Pat McGrath Deep Orchid
Pat McGrath Deep Orchid

Pat McGrath only disappoints with her high-end pricing, which continues to grow, but the Mother of makeup and creative runway makeup never ceases to disappoint. If you want a dupe of Rebel of a high-end scale, this is your best choice. The Pat McGrath Deep Orchid is pretty full coverage.

It does have a matte finish, which may be something you might be more interested in, but then many people are turning away from matte finishes this season.

As far as lipstick finishes go, even some perfect lipsticks might not fit every taste. Everyone can have a favorite and a completely hated finish or follow the trends. If you choose Pat’s version of this berry dupe, you will get great results, but it will be matte and pricey.


  • High-end quality
  • Full coverage
  • Non-drying matte


  • Hefty price point
  • Matte isn’t exactly popular right now

KVD Beauty Epic Kiss in Womanism

KVD Beauty Epic Kiss in Womanism
KVD Beauty Epic Kiss in Womanism

I probably will never find any other lipstick line where I have fallen in love with the formula but hated the names and the slim packaging. There is everything to run for when it comes to KVD’s latest venture into the world of nourishing lipsticks, but the skinny end in the packaging makes it annoying to apply, as one swipe will not get the job done unless you have thin lips.

On the plus side, Womanism lets you build the coverage up. It is by far the most nourishing lipstick I have ever tried. Sadly, the KVD Beauty Epic Kiss is not the most long-lasting lipstick line due to its buttery texture. The color is close, and while it will not last as long as Rebel, it is a good alternative for a more nourishing lipstick.


  • Very nourishing
  • Long mileage
  • Great color payoff


  • Weird name
  • Too slim packaging

WetNWild Megalast Lip Color in Sugar Plum Fairy

Megalast Lip Color
WetNWild Megalast Lip Color in Sugar Plum Fairy

If you are halfway between picking matte lipstick and something softer, WetNWild has you covered. WetNWild has been famous for coming back into the makeup industry in full force, and they have not fallen back into the weak formulas of the past. The company now has a leg up with great lipstick formulas, great ideas, and great products.

The Megalast Lip Color is one of the most famous MAC Rebel dupes for its nearly identical look and the fact that it is more affordable while having little to no downsides. You can always experiment with it and see if it is worth the hype at a smaller price.


  • Most known dupe
  • Smaller price
  • One swipe


  • Hard to find online or in stores
  • Not as long-lasting

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Copenhagen

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Copenhagen
WetNWild Megalast Lip Color in Sugar Plum Fairy

The NYX Copenhagen may be one of the more distant dupes, but its quality keeps it close and dear to our hearts. If you have this one in your stash or want to try something similar and in a familiar formula, Copenhagen by NYX is your gal!

The Soft Matte Lip Cream has swept everyone with its soft texture for many years. Much like MAC lipsticks are loved and used, so are the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams. Why not grab both if you can? You might think they are too similar, but talking about Copenhagen makes me want to get it all over again and fall in love with it.


  • Very known and loved formula
  • Cute, nostalgic packaging
  • Good payoff


  • Could have more product in packaging
  • Too sleek

NYX Powder Puff Lippie Lip cream in Teenage Dream

NYX Powder Puff Lippie Lip cream in Teenage Dream

If you feel adventurous, you can try this revolutionary powder puff formula. The Teenage Dream will leave your lips with an interesting texture and is something nearly new to try. The product has been around for a while, but it never ceases to amuse.

The Powder Puff Lippie is interesting to swatch and have on during the day. It does not cake up and is closer to a blotting alternative, but very interesting.

The color on Teenage Dream is bright rather than dark, but that is because MAC’s Rebel is pretty tough to dupe in all its glory. Want to try something newer and close? The NX Powder Puff Lippie is your next purchase then!


  • Unique formula & texture
  • Not drying at all
  • Super soft


  • Not transfer-proof
  • Smudging


Answer: No, it is not. The top-selling MAC shade is Velvet Teddy. This ranking also makes sense with the ongoing nude lipstick trend.

Question: Is MAC discontinuing Rebel?

Answer: No. There are no rumors of MAC discontinuing this iconic shade.

Question: Is MAC Rebel long-lasting?

Answer: Yes, it is very long-lasting, like most MAC lipstick. The MAC Rebel fades perfectly into your lips to give a nice touch as the day goes by due to its coloring.

Question: Is the Rebel lipstick Matte or Satin?

Answer: It has a lovely, soft satin finish which is also buildable with its unique berry color.

Question: How do I choose MAC lipstick?

Answer: Approach your local MAC counter or browse online. MAC also offers the option to try on different lipsticks and shades virtually. This option makes shopping from home far more enjoyable.

MAC Rebel Lipstick Review: Final Thoughts

MAC is iconic. Rebel is very iconic. I feel like MAC is such a great, reliable brand with iconic shades all over for many generations to discover and even the same person to go through phases as they go in lockstep with the trends because they have it all. Matte? Check. Nudes? Check. Different formulas? Different items in all shades and colors? MAC has it all and has been the artistic quality for years.

MAC may not spend as much money on collaborations as it used to, but that is because it is such a heavyweight in the makeup industry. I love that about MAC. Rebel was an excellent buy, and I love wearing it so much. I cannot help but love it when I know the lipstick will fade nicely instead of wearing off in a not-so-classy manner.

I would recommend it to a friend, a family member, and everyone else. The MAC Rebel lipstick is for bold hearts, those who are not scared of a little dark color to brighten up their lives.

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