NYX Marshmallow Primer Review

NYX Marshmallow Primer Review: Does This Primer Actually Work?

Marshmallows…affordable…a primer that works….did I mention marshmallows? The NYX Marshmallow Primer will tick all your boxes if you need an affordable primer pronto.  It smells dreamy and pairs beautifully with your everyday makeup look. Not only is it your next go-to primer, but it is also affordable and smooths out your skin using a vegan whipped cream-like formula. 

The NYX Marshmallow Primer became a viral sensation on the social platform, TikTok. Offering 10-in-1 makeup benefits – this primer is already exceeding expectations. 


Yes! NYX calls it the “Marshmallow effect” and claims that this primer has 10 outstanding makeup benefits:

  1. Smoothes
  2. Softens
  3. Extends makeup wear for 16h
  4. Hydrates
  5. Soothes
  6. Evens tone
  7. Minimizes texture
  8. Blurs lines
  9. Adds a soft-focus finish
  10. Keeps makeup fresh

Wowza! What a list. This formula has a marshmallow “root” which gives it its soft whipped texture. 

But first, NYX?

NYX Marshmallow Primer Review

NYX Professional Makeup is an American cosmetics company. Founded in 1999 in Los Angeles, NYX was named after the Greek Goddess Nyx. It offers a wide range of cosmetic products and is known as a cruelty-free brand, offering vegan-friendly products. Owned by the powerhouse brand L’Oreal, NYX has helped increase its sales throughout the COVID pandemic due to clever marketing using social platforms like Instagram and TikTok. 

What was already a well-known makeup company, the NYX Marshmallow Primer has really put NYX Professional Makeup’s name on the map for its younger demographic. 

Face primers have become a beauty-must have. Beauty guru superstars like Nikkie Tutorials and James Charles have made primers super popular and swear by their everyday use. On the NYX website, NYX boasts of 99% customer satisfaction with the NYX Marshmallow Primer.

What Is a Primer? 

If you are new to the make-up world or simply need a refresher, a make-up primer works by preparing your skin for foundation and depending on your skin type, the primer can do many things such as reducing shine, reducing pores, providing hydration, or creating a smooth canvas. NYX Marshmallow Primer claims to do all of these things and more. 

But Is a Primer Necessary?

Make-up primers aren’t always necessary (ie. quick under-eye concealer before the shops look!) but are a must if you want your make-up look to stay on all day and look flawless. Some primers can also act as a moisturizer which is great for hydrating your skin. 

Tiktok Made this Viral?

Like with many beauty brands at the moment, TikTok is quickly becoming cosmetic companies heaven due to its powerful effect on making beauty products sell out. Don’t believe me? Maybelline Lash Sensational Sky High Mascara was sold out everywhere once TikTok made this mascara vital. Beauty vloggers are quick to review items on the video-sharing platform and TikTok is a quick and easy way to know which products people are raving about. 

One reason why the NYX Marshmallow Primer is such a hit is due to its sweet marshmallow scent. The scent became popular with TikTok’s younger demographic and then beauty gurus swept in to announce its long-lasting wear. 

NYX has used Tiktok brand awareness for other products too. Last year between March 12 and March 17 NYX used their lipgloss in a new challenge #ButterGlossPop to increase brand awareness – smart move! 

So How Does NYX Marshmallow Primer Perform?

NYX Marshmallow Primer

Well first off the scent is dreamy – a sweet marshmallow scent immediately hit me when I first used this product. Once I put it on my face, its soft, whipped texture stood out as I rubbed it onto my skin. It looked transparent and absorbed quickly – which is a must for primers. I used about 3-4 pumps of the primer and felt like it was very moisturizing on my skin (combination skin for me). It was a little bit shiny at first but then settled into a matt finish.

The main test for the primer was the day ahead. My makeup stayed on during my daytime errands and there wasn’t a crack in sight. NYX Marshmallow Primer passed with flying colors! I’d say it lasted between 5 to 6 hours, which is what I expected for a drug-store primer. 

My verdict? This long-wearing primer creates a silky smooth canvas ready for your go-to makeup looks and keeps my look in place. 

How Do I Use It?

Make sure to apply a pea-sized amount to a clean face with your fingers or a makeup brush before applying your regular foundation. 

NYX Pro-tip is to use the Marshmallow Blending Sponge to apply the product and blend for a smooth and soft complexion. 

What Does It Look Like? 

The primer comes in a sweet pink plastic bottle with a thin pump where you get 30ml of the product. The formula literally looks like marshmallow fluff and is very lightweight. With the NYX signature logo on the front, the rest of the text is in bold black and “Marshmallow” is in a large bold font. 

The product has a light pink tint to it but blends out clearly with its sweet candy-like smell. 

Pros and Cons of the NYX Marshmallow Primer 


  • The cost! £15.00/$17.00 on most beauty sites 
  • Its sweet ‘marshmallow’ scent 
  • Long-lasting primer 
  • Vegan ingredients 


  • Not good for dry skin types due to its being super moisturizing on the skin 
  • Simple packaging 

My Ratings

  • Packaging: 6/10 – I wish they were more creative with the bottle and used a marshmallow design instead of keeping it plain 
  • Longevity: 7/10 – I wouldn’t say this lasts up to 16 hours but it is great for your day-time errands 
  • Application: 9/10 – I love a good pump! It was so easy to apply and I loved the whipped texture of the primer 
  • Formula: 10/10 – Vegan friendly and marshmallow root – a perfect blend
  • Effect: 8/10 – I wouldn’t say this ticks all of their “10-in-1” benefits but it ticks most of them! 

Best Products To Wear After Using The NYX Marshmallow Primer


After pumping this primer on you need to use foundation to see this primer work its magic. Here are my makeup favorites that will go perfectly with the NYX Marshmallow Primer:

Any Negative Reviews?

Despite the praise from many in the beauty industry, there have been negative reviews. As mentioned this primer is not good if you have dry skin. These are a few of the negative reviews I have seen:

  • Doesn’t hydrate the skin well if you have dry skin
  • Wear doesn’t last 16 hours 
  • A bit sticky after foundation 
  • Caused some people to break out 

Remember these are personal reviews people have made using the product. 

Want To Try Out A Different Primer? 

Not a fan of the marshmallow scent but still want a long-lasting primer? Then check out these alternatives: 

Urban Decay All Nighter Face Primer

Urban Decay All Nighter Face Primer

 Another TikTok viral primer! This also has a lightweight formula and stays on for 8 hours or longer. 

Too Faced Hangover Replenishing Face Primer

Too Faced Hangover Replenishing Face Primer

In one of the cutest designs I’ve seen on a primer bottle, Too Faced Hangover Replenishing Face Primer is a fave. Infused with coconut water and skin-reviving ingredients, this primer hydrates and smooths out your face. Giving a flawless and dewy finish, this is best for dull and dry skin. 

Laura Mercier Pure Canvas Illuminating Primer

Laura Mercier Pure Canvas Illuminating Primer

In a similar light pink bottle and this is best for dull skin as it brightens your face immediately. This is an illuminating primer that contains “light-reflecting micronized pearls” and “porcelain flower extract” boosting luminosity while smoothing out the skin. If you want a dewy glow then this is the one for you. 

NARS Pore Shine And Control

nars moisturizer

In a simple white bottle, NARS mattifying formula helps keep pores and oils in check. This primer helps prolong the wear of makeup and leaves a velvet matt finish – perfect for oily skin. 

Final Thoughts 

Primers come and go but NYX Marshmallow Primer is here to stay. With the social media platform TikTok to thank for its popularity, beauty gurus have praised this primer and made it a household name in the beauty industry. Its sweet marshmallow scent helps this primer stand out from the rest and its whipped, silky smooth texture stays in place all day long.

I’d say go and grab this primer now as it’s no longer sold out everywhere – it’s a steal in price and is perfect to whip on before you apply your favorite foundation. This primer softens the appearance of your skin and helps everything stay in place – it clearly has the “marshmallow effect” and is my new favorite primer. 

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