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Younique Lace Foundation Review and Guide

Foundation is perhaps the oldest and most commonly known item of makeup. Used mainly to cover blemishes and get an even, glowing complexion – it can be found in various forms, whether your preference leans towards liquid, cream, or powder – spray-ons, bottles, tubes, or sticks. 

The first modern industrial foundation was Pan Cake by Max Factor, launched in 1937. 

Younique is a relatively new launch in the beauty industry. Debuting in 2012, Younique is not yet a very common name amongst makeup enthusiasts. However, we here are presenting both the perfect guide and review to the Younique Touch Foundation. 

Now let us get to the part you have been waiting for, how to pick out your Younique Touch Foundation.

1.  Understanding Your Skin Type

The first and most difficult step, in my opinion, to finding the foundation that is most ideally suited to your skin is an accurate assessment of your skin type. Is your skin oily? Dry? Normal? Do you perhaps have (the worst to work with!) combination skin?

Many women make the mistake of buying a foundation that is too oily for their already oily skin or a foundation that is too dry for their dry skin and then go about blaming the product.

No matter how high you go in the price range or how much of a coveted luxury brand foundation you buy, you’re going to have the same complain people! So first, accurately identify your skin type and then go about identifying the type of foundation that would best suit you.

2.  Matching Your Skin Tone

It goes without saying; the next step is to go for a foundation that most closely matches your skin tone. In today’s advanced, globalized market space, you can get a foundation no matter what shade of light or dark you are. 

A general rule of thumb advised by makeup experts is to always get a foundation that is one shade lighter than your skin tone and get a concealer that is one shade darker than your skin tone. This way, the products blend perfectly while giving you coverage and an even, natural-looking skin color.

And while we’re on the subject – don’t forget about your skin’s undertones. If you are warm or olive skin toned, go with a foundation with yellowish or greenish undertones, but if your complexion is on the cooler side, a pink undertoned foundation should be your go-to.

3.  What Your Skin Likes and Prefers

Various foundations offer varying levels of coverage. If you’re a fan of a minimal makeup look, then you might find a full-coverage foundation too heavy. Though if you tend to suffer from acne scars or want to fully cover any other blemishes or freckles, a full-coverage foundation is your best bet.

Ultimately though, it’s all about your skin – whether it’s enhanced by a dewy touch or could benefit from a more matte look. Moreover, the climate also plays a role in how heavy or light you need to use a foundation. A lighter touch is more suited for humid climates.

Also, as we age and fine lines start to appear, these could be made more prominent by choosing a heavier foundation or applying too much of it. 

Key Features of the Younique Touch Foundation

The Younique Touch Serum

This liquid foundation offers a smooth application and leaves a nice matte, powdery finish. This is a full coverage foundation that covers all the blemishes, pores, and imperfections to leave smooth, healthy-looking, fresh skin – or so the company claims. 

There are various shades available in this foundation to match varying skin shades and undertones. The Younique Lace line also offers subsequent concealers and powders to go with your “Younique” shade of foundation.  

Although the Younique Lace foundation is marketed as a full-coverage foundation, and foundations offering full coverage are generally made for people with dark blemishes or acne scars – this particular foundation has to be applied in generous amounts to offer coverage, which results in a “cakey” look, especially in areas that form creases like under the eyes and around the mouth. 

Packaging and Price 

This liquid foundation comes in a glass bottle with a black bottle cap that doubles as a dropper and can cost $39 for a 0.68 fl. Oz bottle.

Younique Touch Spray

Younique Touch Spray

The Younique Spray Foundation offers more coverage than its competitors, though it does cause quite a waste of product which is saying something considering its hefty price.

On a more positive note, the spray foundation’s coverage capabilities mean that it can also double as a concealer (although only for people who don’t have much to cover, to begin with) – just spray the areas that need more coverage and dab with a concealer brush; for discoloration around the eyes, spray the brush and dab gently around the eyes to even it out. An added advantage of this foundation is that it lasts on the skin the entire day. 

But for the steep price it costs? Nah – I’d rather go with a brand like Estee Lauder or Mac instead of throwing my money on a product that costs just as much but delivers so low (in comparison).

Packaging and Price 

The Younique Touch Spray foundation comes in a black metal spray container topped with a shiny silver cap, reminiscent of a tiny travel-friendly body spray. This foundation variant can cost up to a hefty $57.25 for a 1.6 Fl Oz bottle.

Younique Touch Stick

The Younique Stick Foundation is marketed as a multi-purpose foundation, pinpoint concealer, and it even boasts of diverging for contouring and highlighting purposes. Now that’s a tall order! But does it deliver, though? Quite plainly – somewhat.

It certainly makes for an easy application, but it can be difficult for dry skin types to buff out the very thick creamy structure. It does good for other skin types as a foundation, but – unfortunately, there is no foundation yet made that can make a concealer redundant. 

Packaging and Price 

This variant of the foundation comes in a small, sleek black plastic casing and can cost up to $48.99 for a 0.42 Oz bottle.

The Different Shades of the Younique Touch Foundation

Scarlet, Tulle, Lace, Organza Velour, Taffeta, Eyelet, chiffon, Linen, Satin, Khaki, Cashmere, Challis, Velvet, Charmeuse, Chenille, Cypress, Suede, and Georgette.


  • Leaves a natural matte finish.
  • Easy application.
  • Minimizes the appearance of pores.
  • Suitable for sensitive skin.
  • Younique products are mostly based on natural ingredients. 
  • Spray-on foundation offers good and long-lasting coverage.
  • A great variety of shades are available in this foundation line to match your exact skin shade.
  • Attractive packaging.


  • Can be too heavy and oily.
  • Doesn’t offer much coverage despite being marketed as ‘full-coverage’ (except perhaps for the spray-on version)
  • Forms creases on the skin.
  • Spray-on foundation’s application wastes a lot of product.
  • Offers poor value for money.


Liquid Serum

The instructions on the packaging advise shaking the bottle before each use. Press the rubber tube on top of the lid to suck in the liquid foundation, then press gently on prominent facial points, i.e., nose, eyelids, cheekbones, forehead, and chin.

Then blend it out with either a foundation brush, a wet makeup sponge, or with the tips of your fingers to cover and blend the whole face and also drag a little product down to the neck.  


There are two ways to apply the Younique spray foundation; for newbies, it is usually recommended to spray the foundation on a buffing brush and then you can apply it to your face.

The second way is to spray the prominent points of your face and then use the buffing brush in circular motions to blend the product all over your face and neck. 


Starting off from the center point, apply the stick directly to the skin on focal points and blend out with a buffing brush. If it is being used for concealing purposes, you can press the stick gently to the intended area requiring more coverage and lightly tap with your finger or a concealer brush. No more hassle of finding a foundation shade with the added headache of getting a concealer shade to match. Ah – if only it worked! 

Alternatives to Younique Touch Foundation

1. Lancome Idole Ultra Wear 24H Foundation

This is more expensive, although worth it, an alternative to the Younique Touch Foundation. This foundation offers full coverage without being greasy – it feels more natural and lightweight, ideal for up to 24 hours of wear without forming creases on the skin. A bonus is an SPF15 protection it offers, which means you can wear it to outdoor day events without having to worry about the sun causing damage to your skin.

2. The Luminous Silk Perfect Glow Flawless Foundation by Giorgio Armani

This is probably one of the most expensive but also, arguably, one of the best foundations available. The price is ginormous, of course, but if ever a luxury product was worth your hard-earned money, it’s this one. This foundation, available in a multitude of shades, gives a full day coverage while being very lightweight, leaving behind a velvety feel and naturally flawless dewy looking skin.  

3. Rimmel London Lasting Finish Skin Perfecting Full Coverage Foundation

This is a very cheap and viable alternative, available in every shade and tone imaginable. This liquid foundation not only gives you laudable coverage but is also perfect in hot, humid weather, leaving you looking naturally flawless. If you don’t want to splurge too much on your makeup accessories, this is probably your best bet. Excellent value for money!

4. L’Oreal Paris Infallible 24H Fresh Wear Foundation

This is another great relatively cheap drug-store buy. Also, ideal for hot climates, giving superb coverage while being breathable, which is an added plus if you have oily skin, prone to acne. This is also one of the most diverse foundations in terms of shades it’s available in.

5. Estee Lauder Double-Wear Stay-In-Place Makeup

This is another oil-free and lightweight foundation that is surprisingly cost-effective, considering the brand is Estee Lauder, which is generally known to charge outrageous prices for its products. It also offers great coverage and is long-lasting. It’s the best alternative if you’re looking to strike a balance between cost and quality.

6. Chanel Ultra Le Teint

This is another exceptionally expensive alternative – but I can’t complain given the brand is Chanel. Though you have to admit expensive though its products might be they also deliver in terms of quality and this foundation of theirs doesn’t disappoint either! It offers great and impressively long-lasting coverage, which blends so well – it practically looks like a second skin with an amazing matte finish.   

7. Laura Mercier Flawless Fusion Foundation

This is another alternative that juggles both price and quality in a cost-efficient manner. The breathable high coverage foundation gives an excellent looking natural finish that can be worn without the fear of your made-up face melting off in a hot, humid climate.

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8. Dior Forever

And now, saving the best for the last, let us present the Dior Forever foundation! Yet another brand offering a very large palette of shades available that not only offer superb coverage but also come with whopping SPF35 sun protection, along with offering a matte finish under a scorching sun. Although still expensive, it’s still cheaper than the Luminous Silk Perfect Glow Flawless Foundation by Giorgio Armani. Which to choose among them is up to you!

My Opinion

I’d recommend going for the Younique Touch Liquid Serum Foundation only if you have very naturally clear skin as it does not offer much coverage unless slathered on, and then it results in a crease line, especially under the eyes and around the mouth. It also should be avoided unless you have fairly dry skin or wearing it in the winter months. 

As for the stick foundation, it can be quite a hassle to blend it out specifically for dry skin – it is most likely to leave you with patches of multi-colored skin. The spray foundation, though, is your best bet if you have to go for a Younique foundation. It offers effortless application and a reasonable coverage that lasts all day without creating creases or a greasy effect. 

In my opinion, the Younique brand should focus a lot more on their products’ quality as compared to their hefty proclamations regarding them – or else cut their prices by a significant amount. The only thing fancy about their foundation that appeals to me is their elegant packaging, which is perhaps a main contributing factor to the hype surrounding it and the sales it has made so far.

Younique Touch Foundation, in fact, the overall brand itself, still has a long way to go in learning to come up with a foundation and makeup products that consumers rave about. It doesn’t live up to its outrageous claims. The best score I can give this foundation line with a generous heart is a 5 out of 10.


Question: Is the Younique Touch Foundation worth buying?

Answer: Different consumers appear to have varying reactions to it. I suppose customers that require minimal coverage and tend to have more sensitive skin are likely to be happy with it. However, it’s marketed as a full-coverage foundation, and it certainly doesn’t deliver in that department. The spray-on variation, however, offers reasonable coverage.

Question: Does the Younique Foundation offer full coverage?

Answer: The Younique line has various foundations; the one that seems to work the best in terms of giving full coverage (or at least close to it) is the Younique Touch Stick Foundation if you have relatively oily skin. The stick design makes it easier to apply and also allows you to use it even as a concealer by applying a thicker layer on the areas that need concealing, as the under-eye circles. The Younique Spray foundation is a better fit for people with dryer skin.

Question: Are Younique products good?

Answer: The Younique brand is relatively very new in the beauty industry and has a lot to learn by trial and error. That being said, it offers a range of different beauty products, some of which are distinctly remarkable. Overall, their performance is good and stable, but they do not pass with the flying colors the company exuberates. They are worth a buy, though – overall, not very expensive yet not tacky.

Question: How to apply Younique’s spray foundation?

Answer: I’d say when it comes to makeup, especially foundation, staying in your comfort zone and sticking with what you know is usually the best decision. None the less if your heart is set on trying on Younique’s spray foundation, start with spraying it on the blending brush or beauty blender, and as you get more comfortable, you can spray the product directly onto your skin.

Question: Is spray foundation a viable option in general?

Answer: It depends on what you feel most suits you; a cream, liquid, or powder? Or perhaps a spray foundation gives you your desired look? Spray foundations are more hygienic as you spray them from a distance and it doesn’t involve much direct touching, so their shelf life – given they’re stored properly – is 24 months, which is double the shelf life of the other forms of foundations – which is usually 12 months after the bottle is opened. 

Younique Lace Foundation Review: Conclusion

If you want to go for something new, try out something different, and have a big budget (and a big heart to go with it), then go buy this foundation, and on your head be it! This product should only be bought if you need minimal coverage and are below 40 years of age, living in a place with a cold drabby climate. Quite a long list of prerequisites, eh? I think so too!

So, ladies, the bottom line is to know your skin, your requirements, your budget, and what you can and can’t compromise on, and you will find your perfect fit in this comprehensive guide where you can find your best fit; no matter what your preferences are.

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