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Younique Stick Foundation Review

In the review below, we will discuss Younique‘s Touch Stick Foundation. This product has a lot to offer, so we’ll give you the complete rundown. As always, we’ll highlight its key features and give you the pros and cons. It wouldn’t be nice if we weren’t completely honest about the product, right?

Furthermore, we’ve included a frequently asked question section, as well as some alternative foundations for you to choose from. With that said, keep reading below to get the full scoop on this Younique foundation.

How to Buy Younique Foundation

Younique Stick Foundation

If you are new to using Younique foundation, you may need a little help selecting the right product. Below are some of our suggestions:

Understand Your Skin Type

One of the most important lessons in buying a foundation is selecting the product based on your skin type. If you want to have the best look and experience, your foundation has to complement your skin type. 

For instance, if you have dry skin, it’s best to opt for moisturizing products that’ll hydrate your face throughout the day, not dry it out even more. The good news is that many companies are creating foundations to suit all skin types, so you can also opt for a product that’s made for a variety of skin types. If you don’t know what type of skin you have, there are several tests that you can take online.

Match With Your Skin Tone

Nothing throws off a makeup look more than wearing the wrong shade. When you’re switching to a new cosmetic brand, the shades may not be the same as the pigments from other cosmetic lines. Therefore, it’s wise not to guess your shade. 

Thankfully, Younique offers a try-on feature that will give you the option to match your foundation with your skin tone. The feature allows you to either upload a photo or undergo a live camera session in an attempt to pair you with the perfect pigment.

Understand What Your Skin Likes

If you have to wear makeup all day long, you won’t feel comfortable. There are several options for foundation consistency. There are liquid formulas, powders, creams, and more. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to get an idea of which product suits you best. 

Will a powder foundation feel too chalky? Do you think liquid foundations will irritate your skin? Take a moment to think about the consistency of the foundation and how it’ll feel on your face. Trust us; if you don’t like the formula, you won’t continue wearing the product.

The Key Features of Younique Touch Stick Foundation

There are several features of this product that we are pretty sure you’ll like. Check them out below:

Medium to Full Coverage

This foundation aims to suit a variety of preferences. If you don’t like a lot of makeup, and you only need medium coverage, this product works perfectly for that.

However, there may be times when you want more coverage to mask skin imperfections—or you may desire a high-glam look. No matter the situation, this product aims to satisfy a variety of needs. Therefore, you can build on as much coverage as you’d like.

Velvet Finish


You’ll love the smooth, velvety finish that you receive from this foundation. This particular product has a creamy consistency that glides on effortlessly. You don’t have to worry about it drying on your face or giving you too much of a matte finish. It’s ideal for individuals who like a soft, natural look.

Pinpoint Precision

Since this foundation comes in a stick formula, it provides the most precise coverage. You can move the stick over your face in a detailed motion. For instance, if you’re applying it underneath your eyes or around your nose, the stick construction does a spectacular job for you.

Has Multiple Uses

One of the greatest attributes of this product is that it has multiple uses. It is a foundation, but you can also use it as a concealer and a contour stick. The straight line that you receive from this product makes it perfect for contouring your face and getting the beautiful, sculpted look you desire. Basically, this product does it all.

The Pros of Younique Touch Stick Foundation

This product has some qualities that really stood out to us. We’d consider them to be this foundation’s “pros”. Here are a few things that we really like about this product:

Not Tested on Animals

Younique offers an animal testing promise to its customers. The company does not test any of its formulas on animals. Furthermore, none of their manufacturers test on animals. Younique believes in the ethical treatment of animals and absolutely does not condone cosmetic testing on them. To uphold the integrity of their business, they strive to partner with manufacturers who share the same values as they do.

High-Quality Product

This is a top-tier foundation. It is a high-quality product that is specially formulated to provide the best experience possible. Younique Touch Stick Foundation includes natural skin conditioners like squalene, panax ginseng root extract, Camellia sinesis extract, and safflower seed oil.

The Cons

Although this foundation has a lot of great attributes, it has a couple of downsides. Below are some of the things that we didn’t particularly care for regarding this product:


You’re definitely going to get what you pay for with this foundation. While the price tag doesn’t matter for some people, it does for others. You can expect to spend approximately $45 on this product.  If you’re on a budget, that might be a lot of money to spend. On the other hand, we understand that a lot of you don’t mind investing in quality makeup. Essentially, this isn’t a con for everyone.

Limited Shade Options

tounique touch

There are lots of shades available for this foundation. However, the shade range is still minimal. Unfortunately, that means that some people won’t be able to find a pigment to match them.

Not only that but there aren’t many deep dark shades in this foundation line. While there are some options for brown tones, the range isn’t wide enough to accommodate everyone.

We love giving options. At Glamour n Glow, we understand that everyone has different preferences. Therefore, it’s only fitting that we try to accommodate each person. With that said, here are some of the alternative foundations that we recommend:

Younique Touch Complexion + Pressed Powder Foundation


This product is one of our favorites. It’s a long-wear foundation that provides up to 12 hours. It doesn’t smudge and it’s transfer-resistant. Younique Touch Complexion Pressed Powder comes in 25 shades, so there’s a pigment to match a variety of people. It offers a non-cakey, matte finish, which will leave your face looking flawless.

Younique Touch Serum + Foundation

Touch Serum

One of the attributes that we love about this product is that it does so much. It has the consistency of a serum, but it still provides the coverage that your skin needs. It lasts up to 12 hours and does not transfer or smudge. Plus, it’s humidity and heat-resistant. 

This product is formulated with skin setting technology to help your makeup stay intact all day long. It’s designed to protect against environmental stressors and hydrates your skin throughout the day. The soft-focus technology in this product’s formula blurs skin imperfections, giving you a smoother appearance.

bareMinerals Complexion Rescue Hydrating Stick SPF 25


We believe you’ll enjoy this particular product. It is a water-based liquid foundation that comes in a stick form. It includes hydrating benefits that are perfect for individuals with dry skin. Plus, it includes SPF 25 to protect your skin against harmful sun rays. 

This is a vegan formula that provides medium, buildable coverage. You won’t feel that heavy, cakey feeling from this product, and it’ll leave your face looking radiant. Not to mention, it works as a foundation, contour, and concealer.

Lancome Ultra Wear Foundation Stick


You’ll receive up to 24 hours of wear from this product. It’s full coverage, so it’ll mask all of your skin imperfections. Although this foundation has a creamy consistency, it’s transfer-resistant. Not only that, but this product also has multiple uses. You can use it as a foundation, concealer, and contour. It’s lightweight and feels like “second skin”.

How to Use Unique Touch Stick Foundation

To apply this foundation, start at the center of your face. Use the stick to apply the product directly onto your skin. Apply it in the areas of your forehead, chin, and nose. Next, blend the foundation in an outward motion with a makeup brush

To use this product as a concealer, apply as much coverage as needed over your blemishes, dark marks, and under-eye circles. Then, softly smooth out the coverage using a concealer brush.

Lastly, to apply the product as a contour, highlight your face as desired with both light and dark shades to create a defined, sculpted look.


Question: Is Younique’s Foundation Suitable for Sensitive Skin?

Answer: We believe that this brand works well for sensitive skin. The company creates high-end makeup that’s formulated with quality ingredients. Many of their foundations are vegan, which makes them less harsh on the skin. 
But as always, it’s in your best interest to test the product first. Do a test run on a small section of your face to see if there are any adverse reactions.

Question: Does Younique Test on Animals?

Answer: No, they do not. This is a cosmetic brand that has a No Animal Testing Promise. Younique promises not to test any of their formulas on animals. Not only that, but they partner with manufacturers that do not test on animals as well. If you are strongly against that practice, you’ll feel confident with supporting this brand.

Question: Should I Use Younique’s Touch Stick Foundation If I Have Oily Skin?

Answer: Younique’s Touch Stick Foundation is a creamy formula. It’s hydrating and includes ingredients that are designed to nourish the face. If you have very oily skin, you may find that this product is a bit much for your skin type. Because of the moisturizing nature of this foundation, it may add to the oiliness of your skin.

Question: Is Younique a Good Brand to Use?

Answer: Yes, it is. You won’t find this cosmetic line in drug stores, so you may not be familiar with it. However, Younique is a high-end brand that creates top-quality makeup. We suggest visiting their website and watching video reviews about the company to become more familiar with them. 


Overall, we feel that Younique’s Touch Stick Foundation is a fantastic product. Not only is it formulated with natural ingredients, but it provides a smooth, creamy consistency. Let’s not forget that it can also be used as a concealer and contour stick.Seriously, how can you beat that? But of course, we know that everyone has different preferences, so this product may not suit everyone’s tastes. In that case, we hope that some of the alternative products that we listed above are better options. 

If you’re willing to splurge on a high-end foundation, then we strongly recommend Younique’s stick foundation— especially if you want a multi-use product. Do you think you’ll give it a try?

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