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NYX Foundation Line Guide: Which Foundation Should You Try?

NYX is by far one of the most successful cosmetics brands and they only continue growing. This brand has so many popular products, their most famous being their lip gloss and jumbo eye pencils. But NYX also has an impressive foundation line with a variety of products that will fit everyone’s needs.

But what different foundations does NYX offer? And how do you choose the best foundation for you? It can also be difficult to find the best foundation shade and determining whether you have cool or warm undertones.

Here, we will answer these questions and more. If you want a deeper look into NYX foundation, continue reading our NYX foundation line guide.

Different Types of Foundation

NYX has an impressive foundation line, but it can be difficult to know what to look for if you aren’t familiar with the basics of foundation. Here are the different types of foundations.


Matte foundation has no shine or dewy finish. It’s the best option if you have oily skin and/or want a full-coverage foundation. Because of its popularity, matte foundation is common to find and NYX definitely offers matte foundation!


Opposite of matte, a radiant foundation finish will give your skin a natural-looking glow. Your skin will still look even-toned and this foundation is ideal for anyone who wants a dewy finish. These foundations are also popular and NYX offers a radiant foundation, as well.


Did you know that you can get custom foundation formulas? With these foundations, you can control your coverage. NYX offers a custom foundation formula, we will go over this more later.

The Nyx Foundation Line

Now that you know the basics of foundation, here are the different foundations in the NYX line.

Total Control Pro Drop Foundation

This is one of NYX’s best-selling foundations. You can control the coverage of this foundation, depending on how many drops you use. The coverage ranges from sheer to full. If you want more coverage, simply add more drops.

This foundation has a demi-matte finish, giving your skin a slight natural glow. The foundation looks completely natural while also covering up any imperfections. The product is easy to blend and NYX promises this foundation will stay for 12 hours. There’s no cakeyness, ashiness, or greasiness.

This foundation is vegan and NYX is a cruelty-free and PETA-certified company. The foundation is not made with any preservatives, sulfates, or mineral oil.

Plus, NYX offers a 100% Shade Match Guarantee. If you’re not happy with the shade you chose, you have 45 days to return the product (don’t forget the receipt). You can also use the hue shifter if you want to alter your shade.

Quick Fact About the Old Total Control Drop Foundation Formula

The Total Control Pro Drop Foundation is actually a new formula. The original Total Control Drop Foundation was revamped recently to include skincare and hydrating ingredients. The new formula is also 100% vegan. The new formula is also more customizable and is available in more coverage options.

Born to Glow! Naturally Radiant Foundation

born to glow

If you want a radiant finish from your foundation, this is the product to use. Born to Glow aims to accentuate your skin’s natural glow. This liquid foundation has a very smooth formula with medium, buildable coverage. You’ll love the even-toned and radiant yet natural finish this foundation offers. It’s available in 45 shades and is completely vegan.

Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Foundation

If a matte and full-coverage finish is what you’re looking for, you’ll love the Can’t Stop Won’t Stop foundation. This is another best-selling and cult-favorite foundation.

Even though it’s a full-coverage foundation, it’s lightweight and feels comfortable on the skin. This extremely pigmented foundation is waterproof and NYX promises the foundation will last for 24 hours. The foundation comes in a liquid formula. It’s very smooth and easy to blend.

Your complexion will stay matte all day since this foundation has excellent oil-control abilities. But don’t think this foundation is only ideal for those with oily skin. The Can’t Stop Won’t Stop foundation is ideal for just about all skin types, including sensitive skin. However, if you have dry skin, you should choose another formula.

If you want to cover up your acne, this foundation is non-comedogenic, which is a fancy word that promises it won’t cause further breakouts. In addition to these benefits, it has a vegan formula.

Pro Foundation Palette

Are you a professional makeup artist? Or are you just trying to find the perfect foundation hue? Maybe you want to experiment with different contour shades? If either of these applies to you, you will benefit from trying the Pro Foundation Palette.

This palette includes 16 cream-based foundation shades, ranging from light to deep. Each shade has a seriously concentrated color with a satin-matte finish. Each shade has a buttery texture that easily builds coverage and blends flawlessly. You can also combine different colors to achieve the perfect shade for you or your clients.

The foundation feels very lightweight on the skin and you only need a little bit to achieve good coverage. Plus, it’s a completely vegan formula.

How to Find the Best Shade for NYX Foundation

One of the issues of buying NYX foundation is you usually can’t try on the foundation in stores, making it difficult to find the perfect foundation shade. Don’t worry, NYX offers a few ways to find your perfect shade.

Shade Finder

Many brands, including NYX, offer a tool called a “shade finder.” This is a little quiz you can take that helps you find the perfect foundation shade. Keep in mind, you’ll usually have to have a good idea of your skin color as well as your undertones.

I decided to try using NYX’s Shade Finder tool.

First, you have to choose your skin color. I’m very pale, so I chose Light. Next, you have to select your undertone. I already know I’m neutral. If you have more yellow in your skin, you have warm undertones. If you have pink, you’re cool. If you have a combination of both, you’re neutral.

Next, you have to choose your coverage preference. I like medium and buildable coverage. I hate the look of a full-coverage foundation and need more coverage than what sheer offers. Medium coverage is natural and I like buildable because I can cover up any areas more, if necessary.

I’m not sure if everyone gets this question, but I was asked if I was two different shades of light: Porcelain or Light. I would be Porcelain but I got some sun since it’s summer as of writing, so I’m choosing light.

From here, you have to insert your email address. But this is when I started having issues. I put in my email address and selected the acknowledgment. It said there was a security error and to refresh the page. I did that, and I was finally given my shade.

Because of my preference, NYX recommended the Total Control Pro Drop Foundation (which is the one I was looking at) in Light. If you know which foundation you want, NYX also offers a handy guide online on choosing the right shade. This way, you don’t have to do the foundation finder.

Use the Guide

Total Control Pro Drop Foundation

Keep in mind, this guide is only available on the Total Control Pro Drop Foundation page.

If you scroll down, you will see different shade options plus the undertones. Shockingly, I was matched with Light, which has more cool undertones. While I’m neutral, my undertones lean slightly more to the yellow side (which is normal) and cool undertone foundations look too dark on me. This isn’t a big deal now, since it’s the summertime, but I wouldn’t wear this shade all the time.

Light’s shade number is 5, so I would go a shade lighter (4 Light-Ivory, which has warm undertones) in the colder months.

What if you don’t want to use the Total Control Pro Drop Foundation? Fortunately, the shades have identical names. Let’s say I wanted to use Light in the Born to Glow Foundation. They have a Light version that looks almost identical to the Light in the Total Drop Foundation formula. The same thing with Can’t Stop Won’t Stop.

Virtual Try-On

If you go to the NYX website on your phone (it has to be on a mobile device, not desktop) you can use the Try-It On feature. NYX either connects to your camera or you can upload a picture (your preference) to find the perfect shade.

However, this feature wasn’t working for me. I tried clicking a few shades and it was saying “shade unavailable.” Oh well.

Use the Hue Shifter

Keep in mind, this can only be used with the Total Control Foundation.

The Hue Shifter lets your change your foundation by making it darker, lighter, cooler, or warmer. This is ideal if you bought the wrong shade or if you want to easily change your foundation shade for the seasons without buying a whole new foundation bottle.

To use this, what I would do is drop a few drops of the foundation on the back of my hand, drop whichever Hue Shifter on top of the foundation. I would start with one drop of the Hue Shifter and only add more, if necessary. Mix it in with a foundation brush and apply.


Question: I Have Dry Skin. Which Nyx Foundation Should I Use?

Answer: I would say either Total Drop or Born to Glow. The Can’t Stop Won’t Stop foundation isn’t ideal for dry skin.

Question: Does Kim Kardashian Use Nyx Foundation?

Answer: No, she actually uses Armani Beauty Luminous Silk. Apparently, Kim K loves it because it’s creamy and buildable.

Question: Do Any Celebrities Use Nyx Foundation?

Answer: Yes! Hilary Duff uses Nyx Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Foundation. Her makeup artist, Denise Madrigal, actually swears by all Nyx products. She loves how the foundation is available in a range of shades and it doesn’t budge at all throughout the day.

Question: Does Nyx Have Powder Foundation?

Answer: Yes, they do! But they don’t offer any full-coverage powders. Their powders are mainly finishing powders in a variety of different colors in formulas. High Glass Finishing Powder is ideal if you want a finishing powder with color while Studio Finishing Powder is best if you want a colorless finishing powder.

If your skin gets oily throughout the day, I suggest using the Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Mattifying Powder. If you’re into color correction, I suggest trying the High Definition Finishing Powder in one of their color correcting shades. They also have a Mineral Finishing Powder if you prefer mineral formulas.

Question: I Have Mature Skin. Should I Use Nyx Foundation?

Answer: Any Nyx foundation is good for aging skin. I would usually shy away from matte foundations because the foundation tends to settle in your lines, but it seems like the Can’t Stop Won’t Stop foundation doesn’t do that. If you’re unsure about the matte finish, I suggest trying the Total Drop foundation.

Question: What Other Makeup Brands Are Good for Mature Skin?

Answer: Some of the best brands for mature skin, in my opinion, include:
• Estee Lauder
• Clinique
• Tarte
• Armani Beauty
• Make Up For Ever
• Dior
Both Estee Lauder and Clinique have makeup that offers skincare benefits. Tarte offers multiple foundation options that are good for all skin types, including mature skin. I swear by Make Up For Ever foundation since it looks natural. The same with NARS. Dior and Armani are just very high-quality.

Question: Where Is Nyx Makeup Made?

Answer: Nyx products are actually made in a variety of countries, such as Germany, China, Taiwan, and South Korea. Their headquarters are in Los Angeles, California.


NYX is one of the most recognizable makeup brands. They have an extensive foundation line, which includes a matte, radiant, and even customizable foundation. These foundations all have different coverages and finishes, so it’s best to look through these foundations to choose the one that best suits you.

Overall, every NYX foundation will give you a natural finish and their foundations will last all day. You can easily use their website and Foundation Finder to find the best shade for you.

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