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Magic Star Concealer Review: Should You Try This Jeffree Star Product?

The Jeffree Star Magic Star Concealer made a loud statement with its wide range of shades. Jeffree Star Cosmetics launched 30 options initially, and since the product hit the shelves, this number has grown to 54 as of September 2021.

The Magic Star Concealer came out at a time when demand for different shade options was at an all-time high, but with few brands rising to meet it, and Jeffree Star Cosmetics more than exceeded expectations.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics was created by make-up artist Jeffree Star, formerly known as MySpace musician, who came to grow a multi-million make-up business. Whether you hate or love the company’s owner, its formulas are hard to beat.

The Jeffree Star Magic Star Concealer is said to cover tattoos on the body and face and claims to hold anti-aging properties aimed at reducing the development of fine lines and wrinkles. The concealer also comes in a color corrector option for use against blemishes.

What Can You Use It For?

Concealers are a very versatile product type that leaves plenty of usage options for the user. They were created to conceal acne spots, but famous make-up trendsetters from all walks of life, from the Kardashians to drag queens, brought to light its different usages. These include applying different shades on the cheeks for contouring, hiding facial hair, discoloration, tattoos, you name it.

Which Shades Should You Use?

For acne coverage, it is best to choose a color close to your skin tone so that it does not stand out against the rest of the skin when covering the blemish. For brightening the under eyes area, cheekbones, forehead, or chin, choose a shade lighter than your skin. For contouring, choose a darker shade and use it to reshape features like cheekbones, chin, temples, or forehead.

The green color corrector is used to cancel out the red areas of your skin. The peach color corrector is used to cancel out your dark circles under the eyes, acne scars, and visible dark spots. A pale-yellow color corrector is used to brighten the skin, cancel the purple in dark circles, and even out your skin tone.

Orange is used for the same reasons as yellow and pale-yellow shades but with much better results on dark skin for concealing veins. Lavender color corrector is made to cover up yellow tones in the skin and brighten the face overall.

Which Shade Did I Get?

I bought the shade C4 after long consideration on which concealer usage I desired. After settling for traditional concealer usage as the goal, I looked for a shade as close to my skin tone. I am a MAC N4, so I knew that I would need a neutral light shade from the Jeffree Star line. I have a bit of a rose undertone, which I don’t mind boosting more to add color to my face.

I read reviews, compared swatches, and used Foundation (a handy website where you enter your foundation for one brand, and it gives out the equivalent matches for others). I found that the shade C4 would be the best for the goals I had in mind. If I were to choose a perfect match for my skin tone, I am a C11, while for contour, I would pick up the C23 shade.

The shade C4 matches my undertone and gives my skin a matte, airbrushed finish. It conceals my pores, covers my dark circles, and keeps my skin matte for 6 hours before I need to go and touch up my oily T zone areas.

It does smudge at the end of the day if to touch it with my fingers or wear a face mask, but not enough to be noticeable on the rest of the skin. The formula doesn’t break me out at all. The Magic Star concealer lets my skin breathe through easily; I even forget I have it on.

How Did I Use The Concealer?

Jeffree Star Magic Star Concealer Application Review

I rewatched the Jeffree Star reveal video of the product to know exactly how to use it. I decided to follow the route of primer first, followed by foundation, and then applying the concealer on my face. The application pattern uses triangular patterns and involves a bit of trial and error to perfect.

Like the package says, a little Magic Star concealer goes a long way. I applied the classic upside-down triangle under my eyes. I enjoy getting it all the way to my undereye area, nearly reaching the lower eyelid. It also helped me to dab a small trail of concealer on the bridge of my nose to give it a snatched look to the tip.

I highlight the middle of my chin with the concealer and add a triangular shape on my forehead. Many people just draw trees or other things in the form of achieving their ideal blend, experiment to see what works for you!

After finishing all the drawings with concealer on my face, I reached for my finishing powder. Either loose powder or a hardpan one works; I personally prefer a loose powder. You can start contouring, doing your blush and other steps, or go right into dusting off and then doing other desired face areas.

When you are done, dust it off while applying a finishing layer of powder foundation for extra coverage and color. I enjoy full coverage make-up. This concealer needs to be blended out a lot, so be patient instead of adding more product if you want a sheer effect.

How To Choose a Concealer Shade?

Jeffree Star Magic Star Concealer Review

You can try to find your right skin tone on Foundation through the foundations and concealers you have used before. It is a very handy tool when circumstances don’t allow you to check the shades in store.

When it comes to Jeffree Star’s products, you can mostly get them online through different official distributors in your country or the Jeffree Star Cosmetics official website. Some countries have these products in stores, and it varies from store to store.

For online shoppers, it can often feel a bit scary to choose your own undertone without knowing how it will look in the end, but that’s part of the experience. The Magic Star Concealer offers a very wide variety of undertones from neutral, golden, rose, and others.


Jeffree Star products are very well known for their packaging. The concealer comes in a sturdy pink, shiny box, which is very in tune with the company’s other products. It has the line name on the front, with the shade name printed on top of the box.

The sides contain instructions and some information on one, while the others have the ingredients, the fact that it’s a vegan cruelty-free product, and Jeffree Star’s social media handles, on top of more facts on the product. When you open the box, the concealer itself is held by a piece of carton attached to the box so that the product doesn’t go bouncing around while being transported.

The product itself is characteristically heavy, something Jeffree Star and other luxury make-up brand creators take pride in. The package can be described as luxuriously heavy and appealing to look at as well.

The plastic component has a star on top, and the lid is very similar to the one found in The Gloss, with the latter being slimmer, going wider at the end, and having a different shape for aesthetic purposes. At the end of the product is another reminder of which shade you got.

Jeffree Star Magic Star Concealer Package Review


The concealer feels very light and does not add noticeable weight to the skin, which is a miracle for something with such good coverage. A little bit of product will go a long way, so I feel that I should’ve blended out more on my first few attempts, but such is the learning curve of a new product. Based on how little product is required, this will last longer than your average concealer.

Price Point

Where I live, it is possible to get Jeffree Star from a few retailers, but the main one, Douglas, is a very popular seller of Jeffree Star products in-store and online, where they have all shades in stock. There was a promotion for the product when I purchased it, bringing it down to €18 instead of the standard €24. Different sellers will have different prices, so it is always good to buy from a reseller that is approved by Jeffree Star Cosmetics and that has your own trust.

In the United States, home of Jeffree Star Cosmetics, you can get this concealer from their website for only $22.

The Magic Star concealer’s magic makes it a bit pricey but fair when it comes to the results provided. The fact that it holds through the day while staying matte confirms its value.


  • It can be built up to your desired coverage
  • Ideal for long wear
  • Full coverage


  • Nearly always must be bought online
  • The gold star on the top could fall off easily


Tarte Shape Tape Concealer

Tarte Shape Tape Concealer

The iconic staple by Tarte is surely a must-try and if you want an alternative, nearly all Sephora stores carry Tarte, so you can get a shade match much easier and see the item for yourself. It comes in an inclusive number of 35 shades for many different skin tones and undertones. It is made to be used for all concealer uses and covers up any blemishes you might have and want to address.

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer

Unlike other concealers, the one by NARS provides a medium finish and it’s less for mattifying purposes as it has a more creamy formula. It is still able to be used by people with oily skin, as it doesn’t dry and leaves the skin natural-looking. NARS as a brand is not cruelty-free.

Urban Decay Stay Naked Correcting Concealer

I am allergic to Urban Decay’s products as there is something in the formula that triggers my skin, but many still find it a great alternative. It is full coverage and long-wear, as it may hold up to a 24-hour duration claim.

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circle Treatment Concealer

This classic is the number 1 concealer chosen by America as it is dearly loved. It goes above and beyond for its drugstore price that doesn’t hurt the wallet. It has anti-aging properties as well as the ability to conceal most blemishes. On the downside, it comes in fewer color shades than the other alternatives, but if they have your shade in the store, this is certainly something to try out.

MAC Studio Fix 24-Hour Smooth Wear Concealer

MAC Studio Fix 24-Hour Smooth Wear Concealer

MAC’s studio fix line has been around for a long time and never ceases to disappoint, just as the concealer. It is a staple for many and has a bold mask-friendly claim. If you prefer to have a transfer-proof choice, this could be it. It also comes in a wide variety of shades, and if you have a matching MAC foundation, finding your shade will be easier as they offer a very clear-cut overview of their shades in every product under the same labels.


Question: What concealer does Jeffree Star use?

Answer: Jeffree Star uses his own Magic Star Concealer, which is featured very often in his make-up tutorials, reviews, and other videos. Jeffree personally uses the shade C2, as seen on the product’s reveal video.

Question: How many concealer shades does Magic Star concealer have?

Answer: It holds an impressive 48 shades of different tones and undertones.

Question: Does ULTA carry the Jeffree Star Magic Star Concealer?

Answer: No, in the USA, the easiest way to buy the Jeffree Star Magic Star Concealer is to order from the Jeffree Star Cosmetics website or Beautylish. It is not known if the brand will be working with another retailer in the same way as it did with Morphe in the past.

Question: How many ml does the Magic Star concealer have?

Answer: It has 3.4 ml of product for your use.

Question: Should I put loose powder over the Magic Star concealer?

Answer: Yes, you should set it to help keep it in place. It doesn’t necessarily have to be Jeffree Star’s loose setting powder; any brand and formula you like works.

Magic Star Concealer Review: Final Thoughts

I would highly recommend the Jeffree Star Magic Star Concealer to anyone with extremely oily skin like me. It feels very lightweight, having heavy coverage.

For those unafraid to experiment, it may be used to sheer out with a beauty blender or a make-up brush for concealer. When it comes to other skin tones, I believe it would hold just as well. The concealer is only one step of your make-up routine, so do not neglect skincare and finishing touches to get the best results!

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