Best Korean Concealer For Your Skin Type
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How to Find the Best Korean Concealer

All my life I felt frustrated because I’ve always had dark circles under my eyes. Then, after the age of 25, my skin also started to show a few spots and blemishes here and there. That’s why I consider using a good-quality concealer a necessity, especially if, like myself, you don’t like to apply a lot of foundation on your face.

A good concealer will simplify your daily makeup routine while also eliminating numerous skin issues. This type of beauty product has the purpose of improving your skin tone as well as hiding skin imperfections. The market is full of concealers and picking the right concealer that suits your skin type might be complicated.

Lately, the concept of Korean concealers has achieved a lot of popularity due to their level of quality. It’s said that these products are able to cover serious skin imperfections, not just the small problems. Below, you will discover helpful guidelines on how to find the best Korean concealer you can afford. I’ve also listed and detailed some of the best Korean concealers available out there.

How to Find the Best Korean Concealer – a Brief Buying Guide

Purchasing a high-quality concealer represents a good investment in my opinion. But, before you rush out and buy one, you should become aware of certain aspects regarding Korean concealers and the proper way to choose them. I’ll begin by presenting the main types of concealer.

Types of Concealer

There are many types of Korean concealers out there and you should choose one based on your skin type and skin tone. Here are the main types of concealers that you should know about.

Liquid Concealer

I like liquid concealers because they’re easy to apply and they offer buildable coverage. In other words, you can apply more than just one layer without worrying that your skin will look bad. Liquid concealers are normally more hydrating than other alternatives. They are suitable for all kinds of skin types, from oily to normal.

These products usually provide an illuminating effect which is great for both pigmentation and under-eye dark circles. Your skin will look amazing and it will have a dewy finish. The main disadvantage of a liquid concealer is the fact that it might lead to skin creases. If you’re dealing with acne, but you still want to try this type of makeup product, you should opt for an oil-free version.

Cream Concealer

Cream concealers have a thicker texture and you may need a makeup brush to make sure you apply it smoothly and evenly all over the areas you want to cover. It’s highly effective at covering redness, dark circles, and blemishes. Most cream concealers have heavy pigmentation which means they last longer.

If your skin is sensitive and dry, you will certainly like the way this kind of concealer works.

Stick Concealer

Unlike liquid concealers, a stick concealer offers better coverage and has a thicker texture. You will love this type of concealer, especially when you need to re-use it for touch-up purposes. It works great if you only want to conceal small areas and tiny blemishes. Most of the formulas are creamy and rich and they will blend well with your skin.

For those of you who have acne, the best kind of stick concealer is the one that’s non-comedogenic and non-oily.

Pencil Concealer

If you want to cover small spots like tiny blemishes and other mild skin imperfections, a pencil concealer could the right choice for you. It is normally sold in either cream or wax forms. You can also use this beauty product as a highlighter to define and contour your eyebrows and the inner line of your lashes.

Pencil concealers are versatile and multipurpose. They’re suitable for everyone, regardless of their type of skin.

Powder Concealer

Powder concealers will brighten your skin while also covering dark circles, pigmentation, and blemishes at the same time. It’s great for when you want to apply it all over your face or on larger skin areas. This type of concealer maintains your skin’s natural look.

Choosing the Best Korean Concealer That You Can Afford

Based on the concealer’s purpose and its texture, you can choose a product that matches your skin type and color. For instance, if you only want to hide small skin imperfections, opt for stick concealers. For those who want to achieve a smooth and evenly-applied toned glow, the best option would be cream concealers.

Liquid concealers are the most effective ones when it comes to covering and illuminating your under-eye area. Other things to consider are some important features that you want the product to have such as being waterproof, having SPF protection, being made with non-toxic and non-chemical ingredients, vegan-friendly, oil-free, and more.

Choosing the Best Korean Concealer Based on Your Skin

You will never go wrong with picking a concealer that’s suitable for your skin type:

  • For dry skin – if you have dry skin, the best options for you are stick and cream concealers because they are the most hydrating ones. These products will moisturize and nourish your skin and they’ll cover any skin imperfections;
  • For oily skin – if you have oily skin, you should opt for balm or liquid concealers. But make sure to purchase only those products that are free from chemicals, alcohol, and oils.

Things to Keep in Mind When Buying Concealer

Before choosing your desired Korean concealer, you should first find out the most important aspects to consider. So, here they are!


At first, everyone jumps to purchase the concealer that’s said to provide full coverage but that type of product won’t work well on all skin types. For example, a person can have an uneven skin tone in which case the full-coverage concealer is indeed the perfect choice. But, for those who just want to target isolated and smaller skin areas, the best kinds of concealers are liquid and stick alternatives.


Here are the most popular types of textures when it comes to Korean concealers: cream, liquid, balm, and stick. Liquid concealers provide less coverage but they don’t crease or smear. They’re perfect for normal and oily skin. Cream and stick concealers moisturize the area where they’re applied and they can hide skin imperfections very well since they’re buildable products. These two concealers are suitable for dry and normal skin.


A concealer’s main role is to cover the flaws on your skin while keeping it natural and even-toned. Therefore, choosing a product that matches the color of your skin is essential if you want to achieve a very natural look. The majority of Korean concealers are created for light and medium skin tones. They’re usually marketed in various shades of beige. So, pick the one that suits your natural skin tone the most.


If you plan to apply the concealer and then wear it all day long, you should search for a product that’s waterproof and resistant to sweat since this characteristic will ensure the concealer maintains itself intact for hours at a time. Waterproof concealers don’t melt away when you sweat or if it’s raining outside.

Some Extra Tips!

Here are some additional guidelines that you should follow if you want to buy the Korean concealer that best suits your skin type:

  • Test and try several different concealer shades until you find the one that matches the tone of your skin. Between your natural skin tone and the shade of the concealer, there shouldn’t be a difference higher than two tones, especially if you want to apply a lighter shade of concealer;
  • Choose a concealer that offers a level of coverage that suits your skin-related issues. If you only need to cover small flaws, you should opt for a medium coverage concealer or a buildable product. If you want to achieve even-toned skin, you should definitely purchase a concealer that offers full coverage;
  • While, sometimes, budget-friendly products are great, when it comes to cosmetic and makeup products, you should always choose quality over quantity and price. Obviously, you must also consider your budget but make sure to search for affordable yet good-quality Korean concealers. I’m sure you will find the one that suits both your needs and budget since there are so many alternatives on the market;
  • There are also color-correcting concealers that have the purpose of covering skin imperfections such as hyperpigmentation;
  • If you have sensitive skin that’s also prone to acne like I do, you should buy concealers and makeup products that are free from alcohol, chemicals, comedogenic substances, and artificial fragrances;
  • The best type of concealer, in my opinion, is the one that features a lightweight texture; choose one that hydrates and nourishes your skin while also blending easily with your skin tone. These types of concealers won’t require frequent touch-ups since they last longer.

Top 3 Best Korean Concealers on the Market

Here are some of the best Korean concealers available out there. I’ve picked them based on their popularity, effectiveness, and consumer reviews.

THESAEM Cover Perfection Concealer

THESAEM Cover Perfection is a great choice since it’s a long-lasting concealer that provides great coverage. If your skin is prone to acne, then this Korean concealer should be your go-to product. Its texture is pretty thick and its formula is moisturizing and creamy. This product is highly pigmented.


  • It’s long-lasting;
  • You can choose from 8 different shades;
  • It sticks to your skin without overwhelming it;
  • It has SPF;
  • Applying and blending it is very easy;
  • This product is affordable.


  • It contains parabens;
  • I wouldn’t recommend it for those who have dry skin.

Etude Fit Pro Concealer

Etude Fit Pro is an amazing Korean concealer, especially if we’re talking about great coverage. Although the formula is almost weightless on your skin, this makeup product will last for hours at a time. It adheres perfectly on your face and covers any skin imperfections you may have like fine lines and under-eye dark circles.


  • Once applied, you won’t have to reapply it that often;
  • You will achieve a nice matte finish;
  • It hydrates your skin and moisturizes dry complexion;
  • It is compact and stays on for a long time.


  • It contains silicone.

Long-Lasting Tip Concealer by LUNA

This LUNA concealer works miracles when it comes to hiding blemishes, dark circles, and other skin imperfections. It lasts a long time and forms a thin protective layer all over your face. The final result will be flawless due to this product’s formula that contains nano-sized particles. The applicator has a two-way design so that you can cover larger areas or smaller spots by using one single brush.


  • It won’t overwhelm your skin and it’s easy to apply;
  • It lasts a long time on your face;
  • This product, due to its size, it’s the perfect choice for your traveling makeup bag;
  • The texture is very smooth;
  • It contains skin-friendly ingredients.


  • For some people, this concealer might feel a tad heavy on the skin.


Question: What’s the Role of Concealers?

Answer: The primary purpose of a concealer is to hide various skin imperfections like blemishes, redness, patchy skin, pimples, dark circles, etc. Still, you can also apply this product if you want to define your eyebrows’ shape, contour your face, highlight certain skin areas, or balance your complexion.

Question: How Should You Apply Concealer?

Answer: There’s a proper way to apply concealer so that your skin will look perfect and natural:

Cleansing and moisturizing – start by washing your face and hydrating your skin with a nourishing cream. This step is important for hygienic purposes as well as for a long-lasting result;
Applying the concealer – apply some product right under your eyes by using a small makeup brush or your fingertips. I always prefer the latter. Use the right amount of product until your dark circles are covered but don’t overdo it. That’s why I prefer a buildable concealer;
Concealing blemishes, acne, scars, and spots – use a makeup brush to apply concealer on those areas that feature any of the problems I’ve just mentioned. Spread the product on your skin and blend it until the skin looks smooth and even;
Optional step – use a setting powder if you want the freshly applied concealer to last longer on your skin without creasing. I always use translucent makeup powder after I apply my makeup. It makes my skin smooth and non-greasy. This step is important, especially for those with oily skin.

Question: What Differences Are Between the Concepts of American Beauty and Korean Beauty?

Answer: In the Korean culture, most women follow a skincare and makeup routine that’s pretty different from the one we know in the US. So, here are the main differences that set these two cultures apart when it comes to beauty products:

Primers – in the US, most primers have a thin texture, are free of scents, and they leave your skin dry, featuring matte finishes. They’re medium-priced. Korean primer brands feature thicker textures and are sold in a wide variety of fragrances. The finish they provide is often dewy and they’re very affordable;
Foundations – in the US, many foundations have tan shades, offer matte finishes, provide full coverage, and have thicker textures. Many of them also have SPF. Meanwhile, Korean foundations have light formulas and offer dewy finishes but the color options are quite limited;
Contouring – people in the US love contouring their whole face and they focus mostly on the shape of their nose as well as the cheekbones. Koreans prefer to display a more natural look so not many of them actually use this makeup technique;
Blushes – we all love a nice and sexy bronzed look so we purchase blushes that have dark or neutral tones and we tend to apply them underneath our cheekbones to create a well-defined appearance. Korean women prefer blushes that have pinkish tones and other light colors. They don’t like their blush to have shimmer. Moreover, they apply the blush right on the balls of their cheeks to create a flushed look.

Question: Where Should You Apply Korean Concealers on Your Face?

Answer: You can apply this product under your eyes, on each side of your nose, on those skin areas that have blemishes or are hyperpigmented, under the lips, on acne, on your forehead right in between your eyebrows, on scars, and any other places you want to cover something or make your skin look even and smooth.

Question: Will Korean Concealers Cause Acne?

Answer: The answer is no. Korean concealers will not lead to pimples and acne as long as you purchase a high-quality product that contains premium ingredients and it’s free from chemicals. For those with acne-prone skin, the best concealers are oil-free ones.

Bottom Line

When it comes to beauty, makeup trends, and fashion, Korean culture is certainly an important contender. That’s why so many beauty experts and makeup aficionadoes have turned their attention to the Korean market. If I were you, I would search and purchase a Korean concealer that contains harmless ingredients; a product that feels light on the skin while also covering all imperfections without overwhelming the face.

In terms of the best concealer that you should consider, my personal favorite is the THESAEM Cover Perfection due to its moisturizing and lightweight formula, the shape of the brush, and the fact that comes with SPF.

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