Best Glossier Cloud Paint Dupes

Best Glossier Cloud Paint Dupes: My Personal Value Picks!

Glossier appeared on the makeup market alongside the rise of the soft, clean, and makeup-less makeup trends, and I was totally there for it! One of my favorite Glossier products has to be the Glossier Cloud Paint but it’s hard to find and pricey! Instead of waiting and saving my funds, I started to look for some amazing Glossier Cloud Paint Dupes! And I think I found them! 

The Glossier Brand — Why We Love This Brand So Much! 

When Glossier hit the scene, it was quite a shock for people like me who enjoy bright makeup. I still embraced the minimalistic trend because it can be exhausting to do all that Instagram face 24/7, but Glossier was everywhere I looked, all over my Tik Tok and Instagram feeds. The makeup industry was arguably at its peak when this soft wash of color brand took the world by storm.

I first heard of Glossier when it launched because it also pioneered that they were unisex. The claim is no longer on their main page, but I can see why. Glossier still pulled more of a girly look in the end, which is a shame, but other brands emerged and became more influential in that direction.

Despite becoming a leading brand among beauty lovers, Glossier had its fair share of controversies which tainted the brand for many, especially on the inclusivity side. The drama surrounding the company is part of why so many people have opted for dupes.

Glossier started as an exclusively online store, but now it has grown to have numerous stores and a strong presence in retailers like Sephora. To most of the world, Glossier still has its doors shut. The lack of international reach is a shame, but this is another reason to have such a comprehensive list of dupes. When I was hunting for Glossier Cloud Paint dupes, I knew I had to find products that would stand up to the hype! 

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My Top Glossier Cloud Paint Dupes at a Glance

Glossier Cloud Paint is among the most popular blushes on the market. 

My top Glossier Cloud Paint Dupe has to be the Maybelline Cheek Heat — It is almost identical and is one of my favorite drugstore brands! It offers identical results for a much lower price and is available everywhere!

My next best dupe has to be the Kylie Cosmetics Glow Balm — It’s a really close dupe for a fraction of the price. It has a better finish at the expense of the shade range, but this is a limited edition product. 

Cloud Paint by Glossier

Cloud Paint by Glossier

Cloud Paint is one of the most popular Glossier products. It’s known for its sheer formula that gives the cheeks a more natural, soft appearance through the application. The product is buildable for those who like their colors more amped up, but it is made for the more sheer-loving crowd. It made its way to the top and stays there, beloved.
Glossier is very beginner-friendly, which appeals to less makeup-enthusiastic people who want to look a bit dolled up and not go for the glam look. I get it, and it is beginner friendly, so why not? It’s chart-breaking, color-appealing, and boasts some very tasteful packaging. You will love the Glossier Cloud paint if you enjoy minimalism or are tired of weird naming trends.

The product brings blurring pigments that won’t maximize or emphasize your pores, so it will let them breathe instead of clogging them up. It also was popular on the rise of the dewy trend. Because of its sheerness, Glossier Cloud Paint is very popular among a wide range of ages and genders.

The marketing may be more aimed towards sun-kissed girl youth, but the popularity among all ages speaks volumes. Cloud Paint is popular in the older age brackets as it doesn’t settle in the fine lines or dry the skin. Like most glossier products, you can use this blush anywhere you want as it is rated safe to apply on eyes or lips.


  • Very consistent in the application, not patchy at all
  • Sheer
  • A little goes a long way


  • Can cause breakouts
  • Consider your skin tone to match the right blush

Glossier Cloud Paint Dupes

The Glossier Cloud Paint is a pricey sheer, nearly one-use blush because of sheerness, so it’s hard to contour or highlight when applying it. Because Glossier has yet to expand its services to most of the world, it’s hard to get a hand on its products outside of North America.

Here are some great alternatives to the Glossier Cloud Paint that don’t require crazy shipping mechanisms or exorbitant customs fees.

My Selection Criteria

I knew I had to find products matching the Glossier brand, so I looked far and wide! I am a blush fanatic and have built quite a collection. While I love the Glossier products, I know not everyone can afford to stock up on them, so I needed to make sure that these are affordable, findable Glossier Cloud Paint dupes that are just as good (and sometimes better)! 

  • Wide variety of shades across products
  • Comparable texture and ease of application
  • Different products for different budgets
  • Good availability anywhere in the world, either online or in person
  • Value or drugstore brands that are just as good

My First Dupe: Glow Balm by Kylie Cosmetics

Glow Balm by Kylie Cosmetics

Now, personally, I started with the off-the-clock shade. In simple terms, this is a fully transparent tone that I use as a highlight rather than a blush. I use this Glow Balm to give off a more sheer look to my blush or pull it down to my blush area. The Kylie Cosmetics Glow Balm formula made me want more of them.

I was shocked that this line completely flew under people’s radar. I love the first shade I bought, but the others are just as balmy and fresh.

The Glow Balm series is a perfect dupe for Glossier Cloud Paint, and you can buy it in most countries without issue. Sure, Kylie Cosmetics offers fewer shades than Glossier, but I appreciate the love for markets outside the US and Canada.

The Kylie Cosmetics Glow Balm is buildable but sheer if you want it. The product works by tapping it into your choice of location. It can also be used as a lip balm. I prefer this product to Cloud Paint because of the transparent shade that gives a lovely natural highlight, which can’t be found in the Glossier shade range.


  • Has a transparent shade which is very versatile
  • Easier to find worldwide through online shopping
  • One of my daily favorites


  • Little variety of shades
  • Limited edition

My Second Pick KVD Modcon Liquid-Gel Blush: An Affordable Luxury Pick

KVD Modcon Liquid-Gel Blush

Makeup lovers often sleep on KVD Beauty these days, but the company has one of the most unique gel blushes. The Modcon Liquid-Gel Blush only comes in four shades, and it is the first one that comes to my mind when people speak of gel/liquid blushes that you pat in and have sheer coverage.

KVD Beauty advertises it as rather dark, gloomy, and reminiscent of the Kat Von D days. Despite the goth vibes, this product is very sheer and buildable. Most makeup artists don’t enjoy going ham into color when using blush, so they’re usually all buildable despite their scary packaging colors.

Brands sometimes know trends better than we all collectively do. The buildability makes the Modcon Liquid-Gel Blush a great alternative to the Glossier Cloud Paint, despite the limited shade range.


  • Useable as contour
  • Great texture and feeling
  • Adds dimension to the face


  • Too sheer for the goth audience
  • Easy to wipe off by accident unless you use setting powders

Dupe #3: A Drugstore Find to Love: Maybelline Cheek Heat

Maybelline Cheek Heat

The Maybelline Cheek Heat is an obvious dupe for Cloud Paint. Even though I have a vibrant shade, the Cheek Heat starts off sheer and matches the color haze. I have the Maybelline Cheek Heat in Fuchsia Spark. I love it because it stays rather well on the cheeks, but the downside is that it dries up fast. You need quick fingers or a sponge to make the perfect blush.

The Maybelline Cheek Heat is very buildable, like most cheek liquid blushes, so there’s nothing new here. It is also widely available everywhere, as Maybelline is a global makeup brand.

The Cheek Heat is the closest dupe for the Glossier Cloud Paint. They share a similar texture and oil-free composition, so a little dot on both cheeks is more than enough for the same sheer touch of color.


  • Available nearly everywhere
  • Doesn’t have a scent
  • Stays on all day, even in humid climates


  • Not creamy enough to the touch
  • Dries fast on the skin

Dupe #4 — My Fave Wallet-Friendly Pick: NYX Sweet Cheeks Soft Cheek Tint Cream Blush

NYX Sweet Cheeks Soft Cheek Tint Cream Blush

The NYX Sweet Cheeks Soft Cheek Tint Cream Blush is considered the best wallet-friendly cream blush in the market today and I agree. You see if this lives up to my high standards in my full NYX Sweet Cheeks brand review here! Some colors may not be exact dupes for the Glossier Cloud Paint, and it has a doe-foot applicator, but this approach is more beginner-friendly if you ask me. Not everyone can be great with fingers, so applicators are the best way to start.

The NYX Sweet Cheeks doesn’t dry as fast as the Maybelline Cheek heat, so there’s more room for error when applying the blush. On the website, NYX has a handy guide on how to use it for every face shape, and I swear by the techniques there.

NYX has a great website that breaks down how to use their products, so not only you’ll save some coins and see if this blush texture is for you, but you’ll get to learn and try it out for far cheaper than the Glossier Cloud Paint.


  • Second-skin feel
  • Comes with its own doe-foot applicator
  • Also works as a soft liquid lipstick


  • The cap is flimsy and breaks easily
  • The product could be creamier in texture

Dupe #5 — Blendable Luxury for Less: MILK Bionic Liquid Blush

MILK Bionic Liquid Blush

MILK fell off the radar for me, but many people still swear by the brand. Despite my reservations, the Bionic Liquid Blush did catch my attention. This blush is more friendly to darker skin than most listed before. It has a more vibrant touch while remaining very buildable and accessible to all complexions.

The MILK Bionic Liquid Blush builds up to a very electric finish, which I find very appealing. The buildability makes it stay fit for the subtle days. This product uses different mushroom extracts and vitamins to improve the skin’s elasticity.

This is a very special dupe, and it is more inclusive than the Glossier Cloud Paint. If you opt for the MILK Bionic Liquid Blush, remember to shake it before use to achieve the best performance.


  • Very versatile product
  • Blends out well
  • Leaves youthful skin after application


  • Pricey for the amount you pay
  • A bit tacky upon application

Dupe #6 — A Water-Based Beauty Pick: Tarte Cheek Stain

Tarte Cheek Stain

The first ever Tarte product made its return, and rightfully so. The Tarte Cheek Stain is a bit less sheer than the Glossier Cloud Paint, but it has been around for longer and is equally popular. Tarte is a brand we love here at Glamour n Glow and we have fun testing many of their products. If you are thinking of buying the Cheek Stain (as I think you should), check out our Best Tarte Face Serums Guide first (you’ll want that flawless finish).

The Cheek Stain comes in a stick formula, which means you press the stick to the apples of your cheeks and then brush it out with your fingers. The application method makes it easy to build your blush from sheer to intense, whatever you enjoy and are comfortable with.

The Tarte Cheek Stain finish is considered more water colored and vibrant, but it’s worth its money and love. Like many products released around that time, the Cheek Stain does have a noticeable fruity fragrance. That was before no scent became the norm for makeup products. I also have to point out that on the website, I love that they used an older woman to show the application of the product.


  • Very long-lasting
  • Perfect for blending out
  • Easy to carry around


  • The recent one is smaller than the OG ones
  • Pricey


Question: What does the Glossier Cloud Paint do?

Answer: It’s a sheer, natural-looking blush tint that you can use your fingers to apply to the desired areas of your cheeks. It’s very loved by the natural makeup crowd due to its buildability.

Question: What is the best dupe for Glossier Cloud Paint?

Answer: I enjoy the Kylie Cosmetics Glow Balm line the most. However, the most popular Glossier Cloud Paint dupe is the Maybelline Cheek Heat. Maybelline is easier to find worldwide and has more colors to choose from. The Kylie Cosmetics Glow Balm is a limited edition product and only comes in four shades, which is a bummer.

Question: Is the Glossier Cloud Paint dewy?

Answer: No, it is not dewy, even if it was associated with the dewy trends of makeup. The Glossier Cloud Paint is more minimalistic and complements dewy products while lasting long on the face.

Question: Does the Glossier Cloud Paint clog pores?

Answer: The Glossier website would like to say it doesn’t. However, many users have complained about Cloud Paint clogging their pores. If you have problematic pores, I would advise you to try the dupes instead of the Glossier Cloud Paint. You could also use a pore-minimizing primer with Cloud Paint as a preventive measure.

Question: Where can you buy Glossier Cloud Paint dupes?

Answer: In most places, since the best dupe is the Maybelline one. Ulta, Sephora, online retailers, Douglas, Boots, and any other store that sells makeup.

Best Glossier Cloud Paint Dupes: Final Thoughts

Glossier Cloud Paint may be taking the world by storm, but this popular blush is inaccessible if you are not in a few countries. Many of us have to wait to get a hold of their products, and at some point, the wait is not worth it. 

The dupes listed in this article are guaranteed to cover your needs. If you ask me, some of them work even better than the Glossier Cloud Paint. My favorite Glossier Cloud Paint dupe is the Kylie Jenner Glow Balm (which I think is better than the Glossier Cloud Paint). The Maybelline Cheek Tint is the closest to the original product if you need a carbon copy rather than an upgrade and is the MOST AFFORDABLE pick on my list! You don’t need to spend a ton of money to have that glowly glamour! 

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