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Urban Decay Stoned Review: Will You Fall In Love With This Palette?

Urban Decay is well known for its colorful eyeshadow palettes. Almost every teenage girl got their parents to buy them the famous NAKED palette. The NAKED palette was a staple if you are getting ready for a night out. While NAKED is now looking like a more ‘dated’ eyeshadow palette, Urban Decay has upped their game and released “Stoned Vibes”, which oozes glamour and riches. 

With 12 shades to choose from, your next night out will be a breeze. Expect lots of compliments wearing the Stoned Vibes eyeshadows; they will make your makeup look stand out from the rest. 

In this review, I will be going through Urban Decay Stoned Vibes and seeing whether it is worth opening up your purse for this technicolor palette. 

Urban Decay?

Urban Decay is an American cosmetics company, well known for its NAKED collection, which includes 12 different eye shadow palettes. Launched in 1996, this is a relatively ‘new’ cosmetics company (compared to the likes of L’Oreal). 

Urban Decay is proud to announce itself as cruelty-free and work with many celebrities who are ambassadors to the company. These include the likes of musicians Lizzo, Normani, actress Ruby Rose and many more. 

Previous Urban Decay Palletes

But first, let’s jump into Urban Decay’s previous famous palettes. The NAKED palette was first launched in 2010 and was a huge hit among buyers. Since then, there have been lots of new NAKED palettes and hundreds of shades for fans to choose from.

  • NAKED – the OG palette that started it all. Coming with a mirror and a brush, this 12 shade palette is still a fan favorite in the beauty community. 
  • NAKED 2 – the second round of the NAKED palette. Coming in 12 more natural and neutral shades, this compliments the first palette perfectly. 
  • NAKED 3 – if you love pink, then this is the one for you! With 12 pink and peachy shades, this palette will definitely help brighten your look. 
  • NAKED Smokey – a huge beauty staple and great for creating the classic smokey eye look. 
  • NAKED Basics – a palette that is perfect for those who like a minimalist look. This comes in six neutral matte shades.
  • NAKED Cherry – a super-sweet and bold eyeshadow palette. Cherry has a couple of peachy shades but mainly dramatic ‘cherry’ shades to make your eyes pop. 
  • NAKED Ultimate Basics – Urban Decay received eyeshadow shade ideas from the beauty community and made this palette – smart move. 

And the list goes on! Above are some of the stand-out NAKED palettes. But now it seems Urban Decay is taking a step back from their NAKED collection and has wowed fans with their brand new Stoned Vibes palette. 

QuickFire Review of Urban Decay ‘Stoned Vibes’

Quick Details

  • Costs £46.00 (Urban Decay website) 
  • 12 shades (4 matte and eight glittery shades) 
  • Vegan formula 
  • Two-sided eyeshadow brush included


  • Gorgeous palette – this WILL stand out in your beauty collection 
  • It comes with a two-sided eyeshadow brush 
  • It comes with both matte shades and glittery shades (helps build your eye makeup look) 
  • Shades work well all-year-round


  • Some of the shades can have a dry texture 
  • Fall out with the glittery shades 
  • Expensive (£46.00) – definitely a payday treat! 

Stoned Vibes: The Eyeshadow Shades

“Each of these gemstone-like, marbleized eyeshadows were designed to give you mood-lifting color and good energy, thanks to a crystal infusion of tourmaline.”

From Urban Decay Website description of Urban Decay Stoned Vibes

As Urban Decay said, these are gemstone-like and marbleized eyeshadows. Now let’s dive into the shades:

  1. Good Karma – a light ‘barely pink’ matte shade. This one is perfect for creating a light silvery look. 
  2. Jade – an emerald green glittery shade. Using the clever name ‘Jade,’ this gemstone shade will make your eyes pop. 
  3. Opal Aura – a diamond glittery blue shade. This one matches perfectly with the matte shade Good Karma. 
  4. Tiger’s Eye – another glitter shade that is peach coloured. It matches perfectly with the matte shade Antidote.
  5. Vibes – named after the palette itself! Vibes used Urban Decay’s famous ultraviolet color and is super glittery. 
  6. Antidote – a peach matte shade that goes perfectly with Tiger’s Eye. This shade can help you create a more toned-down look. 
  7. Hexed – a dramatic burgundy matt shade. Try to create a cut crease with this shade to make your look stand out. 
  8. Bloodstone – a sparkly silver and brown shade; it works well with the matte shade Hexed. 
  9. Ojo – a deep blue glittery shade. Try mixing this with Opal Aura. 
  10.  Raw Energy – again this links to Urban Decay’s ultraviolet branding; a deeper purple glittery shade that is perfect for your next night out. 
  11.  Meditate – similar to Tiger’s eye but less peachy and browner. Use sparingly to create a subtle eyeshadow look.
  12.  Third Eye – a deep matte purple; use this to create a defined cut crease with the shade Vibes. 

Wow, what a mystical collection of shades. Urban Decay always comes up with creative eyeshadow shade names. This is perfect for the Halloween season; you can create a witchy look or a fairytale look with these shades. 

But What Does the Palette Look Like?

Quite literally, this palette has a 3D element with raised gemstones coming out of the palette. Stoned Vibes has a shiny rainbow effect as you move the palette around, making this stand out against your typical eyeshadow palette. Once opened, this palette comes with a mirror to help you create your eyeshadow look. 

Inside comes with 12 shades and your own eyeshadow brush to apply the product. Urban Decay used a grey marble color around the whole palette to help create a ‘gem effect’. It’s like cracking your own gems in a mine!

How to Apply?

Stoned Vibes comes with its own two-sided brush (one flat end for a more defined look and a fluffy end to help blend out the product). Once you have your gorgeous palette, here is what you do to create a stand-out look:

  1. Start your look by using a matt color (either Good Karma, Hexed, Antidote, or Third Eye) to create color and shape. You can even use two shades to create a crease look on the edge of your eyelid. You can either use your finger or the eyeshadow brush.
  2. Pro Tip! Use Urban Decay’s All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray on the eyeshadow brush before dipping it into the palette – this will help retain your glam look. 
  3. Use the fluffy end of the brush to help blend out the matte shades.
  4. Use the flat end side of the brush (or your fingers) and pick your glittery shade to put on your eyelid. Blend the product out using your fingers or the fluffy end of the brush. 
  5. Don’t forget to use Urban Decay’s Stoned Vibes 24/7 eye pencils to create a dramatic finish. 


If you buy this palette straight from Urban Decay’s site, then it’s £46.00. This isn’t an affordable product, but the eyeshadow palette lasts for ages and has a gorgeous design. 

If you are low on funds, consider asking for this as a birthday or Christmas present. Many beauty sites also offer discounts if you sign up to their email list or offer a student discount. 

Final Ratings of Urban Decay Stoned Vibes

Cost 3/5 – sadly, this does not get a high score from me. As mentioned, this is on the higher end of the beauty counter products. I would still save up to buy this palette, even for its glamorous design. 

Application 3/5 – with some fall out and shades being ‘dry’, Urban Decay does not rise to the occasion on an easy application. However, with its two-sided eyeshadow brush, it is a lot easier to apply rather than using your finger. 

Design 5/5 – Urban Decay really hit a home run designing this palette. With its stunning 3D gemstone design and unique shades, it gets high praise from me. 

Longevity 4/5 – while this product is more expensive, it really stays on your eyelids all day long. Partnered with Urban Decay’s All Nighter spray, you can party for hours and still have your dramatic eye look popping on the dancefloor. 

Pigmentation 4/5 – the vegan formula helps keep Urban Decay’s Stoned Vibes eyeshadows in place.

Overall 4/5 – while the cost is high and the application can be a bit tricky, Urban Decay has gone beyond their NAKED palette and released a unique and magical eyeshadow palette.

Alternatives to Consider

Cheaper Alterative: Try Rimmel London Magnif’eyes Glitter Eyeshadow Palette – Wow Edition

You can save big bucks by going with Rimmel’s newest eyeshadow palette. With 12 bold shades to choose from, you can create lots of vibrant and eye-catching makeup looks with this palette. This also comes with a two-sided brush to help create your look. However, keep in mind there are no matte shades in this palette. 

Happy to Break the Bank a Bit? – Try IT Cosmetics Superhero Eyeshadow Palette

IT’s palette is cheaper than Urban Decay’s, costing £34.00 (Boots) and offers 12 shades that range from neutrals, nudes and ‘Superhero Liners’. It boasts of being anti-aging and with ingredients such as hydrolyzed collagen, silk, peptides and antioxidants.

Want to Step Away from Urban Decay? – Try Laura Mercier Parisian Nudes Eyeshadow Palette

Costing a similar amount to Stoned Vibes, Laura Mercier’s palette has more mature shades and costs £45.00 (Boots). With a luxury brand behind it, this palette offers 12 shades, some matte and some glittery. With the options to create more neutral looks or a bold, dramatic smokey eye, you really have your pick. 

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Question – Is Urban Decay a Luxury Brand?

Answer – Urban Decay is not a luxury brand, however, it is on the higher-end of the beauty price range. It is not the most affordable makeup but has a large group of celebrity ambassadors and products that have been well-received by beauty gurus. 

Question – Is Urban Decay Stoned Vegan?

Answer – Yes, Urban Decay Stoned has a vegan formula with 12 different eyeshadow shades. 

Question – How do you Use Urban Decay Stoned?

Answer – The palette comes with its own eyeshadow brush with two ends to create a defined look. Use the flat side of the brush or your fingers to apply the product to your eyelids. Use the fluffy end of the brush to blend out the product onto the outer eyelid. 

Urban Decay Stoned Review: Final Thoughts

Urban Decay has once again gone above and beyond in its new Stoned Vibes palette. Decay’s design team deserves a pat on the back for creating a 3D marble effect on the palette. While its design will stand out against any boring beauty collection, its shades are dreamy and are cleverly named after gemstones and rocks. 

Stoned Vibes shades can produce some fallout and some of its matte shades are a bit dry. But the glittery shades make this palette stand out against other eyeshadow competitors. With so many shades to choose from, you can create a more natural look or a defined, bold, statement look with its sharp, glittery shades. 

Go ahead and splurge on this palette; you won’t regret it. 

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