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Best Foundation for Textured Skin Guide: How to Choose It & Top 11 Options 

Not many of us have flawless skin. Most people, including myself, have textured skin with bumps, pimples, spots, or rough areas. Hence, the existence of this best foundation for textured skin guide. My name is Alexandra, and I have textured skin. Yes, I do, but I stopped feeling bad about it a couple of years ago when I also engaged in self-love therapeutic practices.

But that’s a topic for another time. Today, I want to talk about the best foundation for skin with issues, or, as I like to call it, normal people skin. That’s why I’ve detailed some of the most effective guidelines on finding a makeup foundation that suits your skin, as well as a few of the best options I recommend.

Bottom Line Up Front!

The best foundation suitable for textured skin is the one that can make your complexion look smooth and even without sacrificing your natural beauty.

I know what having textured skin means and how sensitive it can be to treat or cover it up. I had to avoid harsh products all my life because, especially during summer, if I cover my face in a thick foundation layer that clogs my pores, the next day, I will discover several pimples on my T-zone (forehead, nose, and chin).

Also, not all textured skin is the same. Some can have textured dry skin, while others have an oily complexion. Mine is a combo of regular and oily. That’s why you must pick the foundation with care by considering your skin type and its needs, shade, foundations’ formulas and ingredients, and the product’s concealing power.

My choices:

  • The best of the best – e.l.f. Flawless foundation due to its sebum-control properties and natural finish;
  • Best in terms of overall value and affordability – L’Oreal Infaillble because it’s easy to apply and won’t transfer to your clothes;
  • My guilty pleasure – the NYX foundation due to its buildability and creamy texture. Plus, I use many other NYX makeup products, and I trust the brand.

Best Foundation for Textured Skin Guide – How to Find It

Best Foundation for Textured Skin Guide: How to Choose It & Top 11 Options 

There are certain aspects you must consider when purchasing the best foundation that you can afford for your textured skin.

For instance, I’m afraid of experimenting with new products since I changed my regular foundation several years ago, and the next day the skin around my eyes was red and irritated. Since then, I’ve been careful with the products I apply to my face.

I also must confess that, despite being interested in the makeup industry, I’m far from being a professional makeup artist, so the simpler the product is, the better. Hence, I avoid foundations in strange shades such as green, yellow, or blue.

Nevertheless, I understand their fundamental principles because they work great to cover imperfections and dark under-eye circles. But, give me a foundation with straightforward application rules, and I’ll thank you for that.

Here are some rules you must stick to.

1. Consider Your Skin Type

I know what you must think; I’m covering the foundation topic related to textured skin, which must be your skin type. Well, it’s a bit more complex and complicated than that. Besides being textured, your complexion might be dry, oily, normal, or mixt. For example, I have dry skin on my cheeks and oily skin on my forehead and nose. So, my skin is a mixt one.

Therefore, I must opt for makeup products that aren’t too harsh on my face. That means I must use lightweight foundations with hydrating properties that provide medium-strong coverage. If your skin is oily, opt for those products that lower the sebum production, while people with dry skin should use moisturizing formulas.

The color of your complexion is also essential. I have fair skin with pink and yellow tones, meaning my ideal foundation should have a warm color. If your skin is beautifully brown, you should buy a foundation with a natural shade, whereas cold-toned foundations go well with reddish complexions.

2. Think About the Coverage Strength

Although I would want a foundation with full coverage, I fear it would be too heavy on my skin. So, I must make do with more lightweight foundations that offer medium coverage. One product I enjoy applying because of its nice texture is a mousse foundation, but I’m well aware that this type of product doesn’t provide me with complete coverage.

In the end, it’s all about choosing the best solution that meets most, if not all, of your needs, prioritizing your preferences, and being willing to compromise a little bit.

3. Opt for Skin-Friendly Foundations

Textured skin can also be sensitive. For example, I have sensitive and thin skin, especially around the eyes. So, I must act cautiously because if I use the wrong foundation, my complexion can quickly become irritated. Therefore, you want to avoid that by using high-quality products that prevent further irritations.

4. Sensitive Skin Requires Special Foundation

sensitive skin

I strongly recommend a high-quality foundation made of natural or organic ingredients for your textures and sensitive skin. Pick a product with a non-irritating formula. The ideal choice would be something that’s great at concealing any skin issues without side effects like clogged pores.

Textured Skin’s Main Characteristics

Textured skin isn’t very smooth since it has bumps and other skin problems. Too much makeup can make it look worse, while the right kind and amount of foundation are all you need for a flawless result. Moreover, prepping your skin before applying foundation plays an important role.

Textured skin can be oily or dry. However, regardless of the way it is, all textured complexions look uneven or damaged, and they have a dull appearance. Large pores, clogged pores, pimples, sunburns, aging skin, dry patches, and dehydrated complexion are just a few factors that create textured skin. Of course, you can prevent or reduce some of them, but overall, our skin will suffer transformations over the years, and we (especially myself) need to make peace with that.

You still aren’t sure if you have textured skin or not?! Just go ahead and touch your face right now. Do it! If you feel bumps of any kind, you most likely have a textured complexion. For example, my skin around the chin and mouth area is more textured and damaged than the rest of my face because of small yet tedious acne scars.

Best Foundation for Textured Skin Guide – My Top 11 Choices

Selection Criteria: I’ve listed the following foundations randomly, but I’ve picked them based on their brands’ reputation, stellar reviews, and effective formulation.

1. Neutrogena Micro-clear Oil-Free Liquid Foundation

Neutrogena Micro-clear Oil-Free Liquid Foundation

This Neutrogena oil-free foundation is something I need in my makeup bag since it’s a shine-controlling and lightweight product. Moreover, it fights blemishes and covers skin imperfections. In other words, it will smoothen your textured skin. I love this foundation because it’s buildable and doesn’t feel heavy on my skin.

I also like that it comes in a wide range of shades, from soft beige and classic ivory to cocoa and chestnut. Being oil-free, I know for a fact that the Neutrogena foundation won’t clog my pores. Instead, it will allow my skin to breathe.

My face tends to get shiny after a couple of hours of wearing makeup if I don’t also apply powder. But that could be a problem considering my skin breakouts. So, this foundation is excellent. It controls shine and prevents breakouts.


  • Lightweight and oil-free;
  • You can apply multiple layers because it’s a buildable foundation;
  • The formula suits acne-prone skin like mine;
  • Dermatologists created this product;
  • It’s impossible not to find the right shade that matches your skin tone since this foundation is sold in many beautiful colors.


  • The packaging is what I like less about this foundation. The container is too small, and it lacks a dispenser. All these factors combined make the application process a bit complicated.

2. Fit Me Smooth Foundation by Maybelline

Fit Me Smooth Foundation by Maybelline

Maybelline is a brand that takes me back to my teenage years when I used to do my makeup with a lot of this brand’s products.

Believe it or not, my favorite mascaras are still Maybelline. The Fit Me foundation provides a dewy finish and evens out your textured complexion. Moreover, it’s suitable for both regular and dry skin. So, if your skin is oily, this product isn’t probably the ideal choice for your needs.

Besides the concealing effects, the other things I like about this foundation are its great shades (porcelain, ivory, nude, tan, buff, mocha, and more) and its SPF protection (although I must say it’s a pretty low one since it only has SPF18). If your skin is dry, this formula is one of the best for you due to its moisturizing properties.

I would definitely try this because I trust the brand, and this foundation is incredibly affordable.


  • It’s a great foundation that provides a radiant and even finish;
  • It’s great for dry and natural skin;
  • This foundation will keep your complexion well-hydrated;
  • I love that it’s fragrant-free and has a lightweight texture;
  • Contains vitamin E;
  • It offers excellent coverage;
  • It’s tested by dermatologists.


  • The container should have an applicator pump to make things easier for us, those who want to apply the foundation;
  • Pay attention to what shade you’re ordering. I bought the classic ivory tone, but it looks different from other makeup products with the same color.

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3. Covergirl Ageless Creamy Foundation

Covergirl Ageless Creamy Foundation

Here’s another affordable foundation for us girls with textured skin. From creamy natural and golden beige to tan and soft sable, this Covergirl foundation offers a shade that suits any skin color. In addition, the formula is improved with vitamin E, which I appreciate in cosmetic products.

I love this foundation’s texture because it’s creamy and fluid. So, it’s easy to apply, being a buildable makeup product. Another notable feature I need to mention since it’s a big plus is represented by the foundation’s anti-aging effects. And get this: this Covergirl foundation is a cruelty-free certified product. How great is that?!

I would recommend using this foundation on top of an anti-aging primer. You can find that type of primer in the brand’s collection or use the one you already own and trust.


  • It does a great job at covering dark circles and has anti-aging properties;
  • The texture is fluid and easy to apply;
  • The formula contains hyaluronic acid and vitamin E, both of which will nourish your skin;
  • I love 3-in-1 makeup products like this since they have multiple benefits. In this case, your skin will be moisturized, your textured skin will be covered and concealed, and your complexion will feel more elastic and firmer overall.


  • If your skin is oily, this foundation might not last too long on your face;
  • I don’t think this is the proper foundation for skin that’s too wrinkled because it can build up in those face lines.

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4. e.l.f. Flawless Foundation

e.l.f. Flawless Foundation

I love e.l.f. makeup products because they last long on my skin, and many of them provide medium or full coverage. And this Flawless finish foundation is no exception. I was excited to see how many beautiful shades this product comes in. To me, the price is ridiculously low. However, to be honest, I should say that this foundation offers medium coverage, not full.

What I like most about it is how smooth my skin feels after applying it. Moreover, with this foundation, I can quickly achieve that much-desired satin finish but the one that doesn’t look shiny or oily. I’m sure you’ll also be pleased to try this semi-matte foundation and see these fantastic results. Textured skin be gone!


  • Restores your skin’s natural glow and controls sebum production;
  • It’s not tested on animals which makes my heart happy;
  • The formula is both buildable and blendable, which means you can wear the foundation all day long without worrying about clogged pores;
  • All the ingredients are vegan, and the formula is toxin-free.


  • I must tell you to pay attention to the shade you’re ordering since some of them can be a bit off;
  • The texture can become chalky if you don’t mix the product well before applying it.

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5. IT Cosmetics Hydrating Foundation

IT Cosmetics Hydrating Foundation

First, I must say how much I love the name of this skincare product. The foundation is known as “Your Skin but Better.” It’s a very inspiring name that makes me think about the result immediately. Secondly, I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a wide range of available colors regarding the foundation.

I’ve noticed that, after the age of 30, my facial skin started to show pores. So, I tried to conceal my enlarged pored with this product, and, guess what, it actually worked. I could enjoy a day of minimized pores, excellent coverage, and radiant skin. It provides medium coverage, and it feels fresh on my face. I’m not too fond of overwhelming makeup products, but luckily, this isn’t one of them.

I knew this was a refreshing foundation from reading the ingredient list. It contains hyaluronic acid, Aloe Vera extract, vitamin E, and vitamin B5.


  • It’s an excellent foundation for textured skin due to its medium coverage and smooth finish;
  • It doesn’t overwhelm your face or clog your pores;
  • I love that’s a hydrating formula;
  • It’s clinically tested and promises improved skin in only 14 days;
  • I firmly believe that a foundation such as this that’s buildable and breathable is a true game-changer.


  • If you have dry skin, this might not be the ideal choice since it can have a slight drying effect;
  • If you want full coverage, this isn’t the foundation that offers that. Instead, it provides medium coverage;
  • The shade can be a tad off;
  • Compared to many other foundations I’ve included in today’s list, this one is a bit pricey.

6. NYX Professional Makeup Foundation

NYX Professional Makeup Foundation

I like NYX products due to their long-lasting effects, and I also trust this brand. The NYX full-coverage foundation comes in many color choices, including pale, fair, vanilla, ivory, beige, nude, camel, buff, cinnamon, sienna, cocoa, ebony, and more.

Like all other NYX products, this lightweight matte foundation is priced below luxury brands, but its formula is made of high-quality ingredients. Moreover, the texture is impeccable, while the result is durable and waterproof. I like how easy the creamy liquid is to apply, and besides all its flattering shades, I also appreciate its full coverage given by the product’s high pigmentation.


  • It feels great on my skin since it’s creamy and lightweight;
  • It offers full coverage all day long;
  • I was impressed by the matte finish I achieved after applying this foundation;
  • The company doesn’t test its products on animals which, for me, it’s a wonderful thing;
  • It’s an oil-free and vegan formula.


  • While it’s a great and buildable foundation, it’s not full coverage. More like a medium to full coverage, in my opinion;
  • The finish can look a bit cakey without a primer, and the foundation will build up into your skin’s creases.

7. Clinique Even Better Foundation

Clinique Even Better Foundation

I love that this Clinique foundation for textured skin comes with SPF15, which isn’t much, but it’s something. After researching this product, I can say I don’t think there’s a shade this foundation doesn’t come into. All the colors are there, from very fair and fair to moderate and deep tones. So, regardless of your complexion, it’s impossible not to find a suitable Clinique foundation match.

What I like most about it is how effectively it evens and covers skin imperfections, from red spots to dark circles and small bumps. This product is the ideal one for casual wear and provides you with full coverage.

In addition, it’s supposed to reduce skin issues such as acne, sun damage, aging signs, and dark spots after 12 days of continuous use. I don’t know about that since I have skeptical tendencies, but I’m eager to try it.


  • It comes in more than 50 different shades, which is truly impressive;
  • It does a great job at correcting and smoothening your skin;
  • The finish looks natural and not overwhelming at all;
  • It’s resistant to both sweat and humidity;
  • The pigment has a clever formula that doesn’t change color once you apply it to your skin.


  • I would recommend you avoid applying too much of this foundation, especially if your skin is prone to acne and breakouts. A little amount would suffice;
  • I love many Clinique products, including this one, but, as of recently, I suspect they did something to the original foundation formula. Now, it appears less thick than before, the color is a bit sheer, and the final result looks too shiny for my taste.

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8. L’Oreal Paris Infallible Foundation

L'Oreal Paris Infallible Foundation

This L’Oreal foundation lasts for an entire day and feels fresh and lightweight on your face. I am excited every time I find products like this one since I love high-quality yet affordable makeup products that help me achieve that porcelain doll look. You’ll find this foundation in over 12 different colors, and there’s even a Find Your Shade feature on the buying platform. I find that extremely useful.

Moreover, you won’t have to worry about getting your clothes stained since this foundation resists transfer. I like that, despite being sweat-resistant, it’s also lightweight and allows your skin to breathe without problems. The innovative formula of this product enables oil absorbent properties. Even more remarkable is that the Infallible foundation comes with a pretty strong SPF 25.


  • It offers great buildable coverage;
  • It is transfer-resistant;
  • This formula is an advanced and non-comedogenic one;
  • The color will remain unchanged throughout the day;
  • You’ll be delighted by this foundation’s ease of application.


  • It can cause acne or breakouts, especially if your skin is already prone to those issues;
  • I must say that the overall value of this product doesn’t meet my expectations. My most important disappointment is linked to the product’s coverage power.

9. Revlon Colorstay Foundation

Revlon Colorstay Foundation

When I was a teenager, I considered Revlon a premium brand that few people could afford. I still think highly about the brand and its reputation, but I now see it as medium-priced instead of expensive. I guess perceptions change as you grow. For example, the Revlon Colorstay foundation is marketed in many fantastic, long-lasting colors.

It’s suitable for oily and mixed skin like mine. The coverage is another excellent selling point since it’s medium-full. Having a regular and oily skin combo, I am always searching for the best oil-free formulas, and this is one of them. Moreover, I like that it’s a buildable foundation created for long-wear purposes.


  • It’s a lightweight formula improved with SPF15;
  • The foundation is breathable and resistant to humidity, heat, and sweat;
  • This transfer-proof makeup product lasts for up to 24 hours;
  • The finish is matte and smooth;
  • It’s excellent for textured skin since it can effectively conceal issues like acne and bumps;
  • It doesn’t look cakey.


  • While this foundation is pretty good, I must say I kind of miss the original formula. The company has changed it. Despite the lack of an application pump, the initial version was more long-lasting;
  • It can be a bit too watery, which is annoying for me when I have to apply and blend it;
  • With this new formulation, I’m a bit confused regarding the shades since, apparently, they don’t match the name and number on the bottle anymore.

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10. Dermablend Professional Flawless Foundation

Dermablend Professional Flawless Foundation

This Dermablend foundation is popular due to its dark spot covering properties. I like to use it to conceal my dark circles and puffiness, especially under my eyes. I agree this product is more expensive than other foundations for textured skin, but the manufacturer guarantees flawless shade matching. Moreover, numerous dermatologists recommend this foundation due to its covering strength.

Even better, you can test this foundation for up to 30 days. If you’re not pleased with it, you can return the product, and the company offers a full refund. Pretty cool, isn’t it?! You can wear it for up to 16 hours without it fading away. The feature that made me try it was the formula’s oil-free blend that suits my acne-prone complexion.


  • The full-refund policy is a sweet deal;
  • So far, it didn’t clog my pores;
  • It’s long-lasting;
  • The finish looks nice and never cakey;
  • It’s formulated with pure and oil-free pigments.


  • I don’t like its texture. Although it’s marketed as a fluid foundation, it feels a bit thick to me;
  • The dropper could be improved to ease the application;
  • It might not be the best choice if your skin is really oily.

11. Luminous Silk Foundation by Armani Beauty

Luminous Silk Foundation by Armani Beauty

This more expensive yet premium foundation works wonderfully on textured or uneven skin. The Armani Beauty foundation makes your skin smooth by illuminating and hydrating it. Even red-carpet Hollywood celebrities use this product. It comes in various shades, and all of them are oil-free.

I bet my face will look radiant if I apply this high-quality foundation. The liquid formula offers medium coverage, which is more than enough for me since I don’t want to overwhelm my complexion. In addition, it’s an award-winning makeup product.


  • I love the glowy finish that this foundation provides;
  • This foundation is buildable;
  • It feels very soft and lightweight on your face;
  • It’s a good-quality foundation made by a reputable brand;
  • This foundation offers a great color match for each skin color.


  • It’s expensive;
  • When you first open the container, you might feel a strange smell;
  • Unfortunately, it doesn’t last as long as expected. I would want it to be more long-lasting, especially considering its price.


Question: How Should I Prep My Textured Skin for Foundation?

Answer: Generally, you should use a primer before applying the foundation. That’s an even more important step if you have textured skin. It’s best if you develop a skin routine and commit to following it every day. First, you should make sure to clean and hydrate your face. Secondly, you must apply a primer before the foundation.
One more thing I want to add here: I exfoliate my skin once or twice a week, which is something you should do, too. Moving on, make sure to apply the primer. Choose one that’s lightweight and hydrating. I can’t stand face creams or makeup that are too heavy or greasy.

Question: What Is the Best Way to Apply Foundation on Textured Skin?

Answer: First and foremost, you must pick a suitable foundation. The right foundation type is the one that matches your skin type and complexion tone. For instance, I try and sometimes struggle to balance my textured yet oily face skin by opting for lightweight foundations and a tiny amount of finishing powder.
That’s because textured skin doesn’t look good if you apply too much powder. That being said, you should avoid powdered foundations. Moreover, if you have dry skin patches or eczema, you might want to focus on hydrating formulas and dewy foundations. I don’t like dewy makeup products since my forehead, nose, and chin are pretty oily. If that’s your case, too, you could try a matte foundation.
To apply the foundation to your textured skin, you must start with small product amounts and use a special sponge to blend it and spread it gently all over your face and neck area. I would instead like to apply foundations, primers, and creams with my bare hands. If you want to do that too, wash your hands before that.
Another effective solution is to apply the foundation with a dense yet soft makeup brush.

Question: Will Foundation Make My Textured Skin Worse?

Answer: I’m sad to say that textured skin is very sensitive and prone to damage. Therefore, applying the right foundation type that covers your complexion without overwhelming it is crucial. Even with makeup, your skin still needs to breathe, which is impossible if your pores get clogged. Moreover, clogged pores might lead to severe acne problems.
I have very sensitive skin that’s also textured, especially around specific areas. Therefore, I must use non-toxic foundations that don’t contain chemicals such as parabens, silicones, and other toxic compounds. It’s also essential to apply foundation with SPF, regardless of the season or weather you’re in. This will help you prevent further damage.

Question: Which Foundation Is Best for Each Skin Type?

Answer: Liquid foundation works well on all skin types, whereas powdered foundation is great for oily skin. If your skin is dry, I would recommend a cream foundation. Finally, gentle formula with a lightweight texture is the best foundation for sensitive skin.

Best Foundation for Textured Skin: Wrapping Up

Picking the proper foundation for your textured and sensitive skin should be easier now after I’ve provided all the above guidelines. In my humble opinion, the ideal choice would be a medium-coverage foundation with an airy consistency, made of organic ingredients, and one that also has SPF protection.

One common mistake many people make is overdoing their makeup and applying too much product to their already-damaged skin. This will only create more problems. Finally, before applying the foundation, cleanse, hydrate, and nourish your skin. A moisturizing primer is best used underneath the foundation layer.

Of all the products I’ve mentioned above, my favorite one is the e.l.f. Flawless foundation. It’s also the product I would recommend to you, my readers, as well as to my friends. But I can’t help it! I must say that I also like the NYX foundation quite a lot. So, for me, the final choice between these two products would be hard to make.

Remember these two key features when choosing the best foundation for your textured skin that you can afford: long-lasting, excellent coverage, and, ideally, oil-free. Of course, the best one is the foundation that doesn’t sink into the skin but glides smoothly over your face. 

And, remember that we are all beautiful in our own way. In fact, textured skin is a very normal and common thing, especially for women over 30 like me. So, above everything else, love yourself and all your traits, including larger pores, pimples, bumps, wrinkles, etc.

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