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NYX Epic Wear Liner Stick Review & Guide: Do I Recommend This Popular Eyeliner?

The NYX Epic Wear Liner Sticks are becoming one of NYX’s most popular products. They’re very long-wearing and pigmented, serving as a more affordable dupe for several other eyeliner brands.

I’ve tried NYX eyeliners before and wasn’t impressed, so I wasn’t sure what to think of these. However, I was pleasantly surprised. The liners are extremely pigmented, which is great considering I got blue and green. On top of that, these eyeliners are so affordable!

I may start using these eyeliners instead of the Urban Decay 24/7 Liners (though I won’t stop using the Perversion color). The tip is very sharp and sturdy, though I’m reading that these eyeliners are difficult to sharpen. Continue reading my NYX Epic Wear Liner Stick review & guide to discover more!

Bottom line up front:

nyx epic wear liners

Even though reviewers complained that these eyeliners are difficult to sharpen, I still do recommend them.  Actually, they’re better than other NYX eyeliners I tried. They lasted me all day and night and I didn’t have to reapply them. I still only suggest using these if you only wear eyeliner occasionally or if you want fun colors.


  • Pigmented
  • Affordable
  • Stays on all day
  • Don’t irritate my sensitive eyes


  • Difficult to sharpen

Key Features

  • 36-hour wear
  • Pigmented
  • Waterproof
  • 24 matte and metallic shades
  • Fadeproof
  • Transfer-proof

About the NYX Epic Wear Liner Stick

 nyx epic wear liner stick

NYX offers several types of eyeliners but these are my personal favorite. They’re ultra-pigmented and available in a variety of colors, including matte, metallic, and shimmer. NYX claims they last 36 hours. They’re smudge-proof, waterproof, and fade-proof. The tip of the eyeliner is very sharp so you can create a variety of eyeliner looks.

My Review

testing the nyx epic wear liner stick

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I tried these eyeliners. I used other NYX eyeliners in the past and wasn’t impressed. However, I really like these NYX liners. I got two colors: Turquoise Storm and Emerald Cut. I wore Turquoise Storm last night.

It’s the perfect shade of blue. Emerald Cut is not as dark as I prefer — the color is best described as neon green. It’s still pretty.

Applying the Liners

 nyx epic wear liner stick applied on hand

The first thing I noticed was the color payoff. Just one swipe leaves you with intense color. This impresses me — the last NYX eyeliners I got have very poor pigment.

The liners remind me of the Urban Decay 24/7 liners, not just because of the bold colors but also because of how smoothly they go on. I didn’t have to press down too hard on the eyeliners. Because of the sharp tip, the liners didn’t get too messy and I didn’t need to blend them.

The tip is also durable so you can pull off several eyeliner looks, such as graphic eyeliner. I just did a thin line on my top and bottom lash.

Wearing the Liners

I wore the Turquoise Storm eyeliner while I was at a brewery last night. The eyeliner lasted all night! I was so shocked. I went to the bathroom multiple times throughout the night and checked on the eyeliner. It didn’t run, budge, or anything. So many eyeliners tend to run on me so this was a pleasant surprise.

Washing Off the Eyeliner

I used two makeup removers: Ponds Cold Cleanser and Clinique Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm. Both took off the eyeliner effortlessly.

Where to Buy the NYX Epic Wear Liner Stick

nyx website

I bought my eyeliner from the NYX website. Here are other retailers that sell the NYX Epic Wear Liners:

Is the NYX Epic Wear Liner Stick Right for You?

I love the NYX Epic Wear Liner Sticks so far. They have amazing pigment and the liners apply so smoothly. But these eyeliners also have their disadvantages. I see so many complaints that these liners are difficult to sharpen. That’s why I would only use these eyeliners if you don’t wear eyeliner daily.

The other reason why these eyeliners may be a good option is if you get crazy colors that you don’t wear often. I don’t wear blue or green eyeliner daily. Actually, I may only wear these eyeliner colors once every couple of months. This way, if you have difficulty sharpening the liner, you can just buy a new one. And at $9/pencil, you’re not breaking the bank.

Other NYX Epic Wear Eyeliner Alternatives

The NYX Epic Wear Liner Sticks have their pros and cons. That’s why I’m listing some other NYX eyeliners if you want to stick with this brand.

Epic Wear Liquid Liner

nyx epic wear liquid liner

This is NYX’s classic liquid liner that offers all of the same benefits as the pencil kind. They’re smudge-proof and are long-lasting. Plus, they’re available in many great colors and you don’t need to worry about sharpening them.

Epic Wear Metallic Liquid Liner

epic wear metallic liquid liner

If you want the pigment and metallic colors without worrying about sharpening the liners, I suggest choosing the liquid form. These liners will add drama to any makeup look. The brush is flexible so you can either opt for a simple line or a more extravagant look.

The liquid liners have many of the same benefits as the pencil liners. They last up to 36 hours and won’t bleed or fade. These liquid liners also perform better than the competition; for example, they don’t crack when wearing them all day.

Epic Wear Long Lasting Liner Stick Shimmer

epic wear long lasting liner stick shimmer

If you really want funky colors, I suggest choosing these Epic Wear eyeliners with shimmer. NYX offers 14 glitter eyeliner shades to choose from. I do read that these eyeliners offer more benefits than the traditional matte Epic Wear eyeliners.

For example, the shimmer ones are easy to blend than the matte eyeliners. They also offer the same benefits as the matte Epic Wear eyeliners, such as their resistance to smudging, water, and fading. Plus, they also last 36 hours.

Jumbo Eye Pencil

nyx jumbo eye pencil

These were the first NYX products I ever used and I love them. They have a cream-to-powder formula. I love doing smudged looks with these liners. NYX offers eight shades in these jumbo pencils and you can choose a variety of matte and shimmering shades.

Other Alternatives to the Epic Wear Liner Sticks

Are you not sure if any of these NYX liners are right for you? Here are other brands that create similar eyeliners.

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil

I will get the NYX liners in crazy colors but I will only buy black eyeliner from Urban Decay. But like the NYX eyeliners, UD offers a wide variety of colors. They glide on nicely and are easy to smudge. I always apply a thin line of Perversion (their ultimate matte black) and smudge it out.

They also last all day and don’t run. The only thing to note is though UD claims they’re waterproof, I don’t think they are.

Read More: Top Urban Decay Eyeliner Ideas: How To Choose The Best Eyeliner For You

Sephora Collection Ultimate Gel Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil

sephora collection ultimate gel waterproof pencil

If I need eyeliner and can’t afford an Urban Decay one, these eyeliners from Sephora Collection are always my makeup. While not as pigmented as the UD ones, they offer a variety of color options. They also don’t run or smudge on me. Plus, they have convenient twist-up packaging, so you don’t have to worry about sharpening these liners.

Maybelline Unstoppable Mechanical Eyeliner Pencil

maybelline unstoppable eye liner

If you want something within NYX’s price range, I suggest looking at Maybelline eyeliners. Before I could afford UD products, Maybelline was always my drugstore eyeliner pick. This one applies smoothly and is long-lasting. While they don’t have the color selection that the other brands offer, Maybelline still offers some fun colors like Sapphire.

NYX Epic Wear Liner Stick Review: FAQs

Question: Wait, I really can’t sharpen these pencils?

Answer: It’s not that you can’t sharpen these eyeliner pencils, doing so is just difficult. NYX says you can sharpen these pencils with any eyeliner sharpener.

Question: Does the Epic Wear Liner really last for 36 hours?

Answer: That’s what NYX claims but I didn’t test it that long. I wore my eyeliner for about nine or ten hours and mine lasted all night, which is impressive as it is. I don’t suggest wearing eyeliner for 36 hours. Always wash off your makeup after wearing it.

Question: How do I apply eyeliner?

Answer: Apply the eyeliner directly to the eyelid, just above the lash line. Draw a thin line that runs from the inner corner of your eye to the outer corner. You can follow through with any smudging or other looks.

Bottom Line

I recommend the NYX Epic Wear Liners but only for occasional wear. They are the best NYX liners I used but I would only use them occasionally, using the Urban Decay or Sephora Collection eyeliners daily. I can’t help but take some of the complaints from other users into consideration, especially how they’re difficult to sharpen.

I’ve only used the blue once so I don’t need to sharpen it, but I may have to in the future. Otherwise, I do love how pigmented the eyeliners are and how long they last.

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