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Urban Decay Born to Run Review: Is It Worth Buying?

If there is one thing I get overly excited about, it is eyeshadow palettes, especially if they are popping with color and glitter. I am all about bold eyes and love trying out different looks. So, of course, I was pretty stoked to be writing this Urban Decay Born to Run review and guide!

Despite not being a Bruce Springsteen-themed makeup palette, I couldn’t help putting on his Born to Run record when I started experimenting with the colors. Any excuse to listen to the Boss, right?! And you know what, this eyeshadow palette is pretty rock and roll!

So, is the Born to Run makeup palette by Urban Decay worth it? Did the colors and glittery shades live up to my expectations?

Bottom Line Up Front

A mid-high price tag, the Born to Run eyeshadow palette costs around $40. I am always hesitant about spending a lot on eyeshadow palettes, as there are loads of cheaper alternatives that are just as good. However, this eyeshadow palette is definitely worth the money!

The colors are highly pigmented, with 21 beautiful shades to choose from. The range of colors and styles means that you can create loads of different looks with the palette. If you like the colors, I would recommend buying the Urban Decay Born to Run eyeshadow palette.

How to Pick Eyeshadow Palettes

I am always pretty overwhelmed when going out shopping for eyeshadow palettes. There is such a range of products available, so how do we know which to pick?!

So, what are some things to consider when buying an eyeshadow palette?

Your Style

Firstly, you should consider what you actually want out of an eyeshadow palette. What is your own personal style, and what kind of look do you want to go for?

If you are new to eyeshadow, getting a simple neutral palette is a good place to start. However, you may wish to get a palette that has mattes and bold colors in, in order to get a range of colors to add to your look.

Eye Color

A beauty tip as old as time: make your eyes pop by using eyeshadow in opposite colors. I have green eyes, and this means that reds and purples always make my eyes stand out. Similarly, if you have brown eyes, light and neutral tones really enhance the color of your eyes.


I will always look at the ethics of a certain beauty brand when shopping for makeup. Thankfully, there is a huge range of vegan and cruelty-free makeup brands out there to choose from.

Urban Decay Born to Run Review

Let’s have a look at my thoughts on the Born to Run eyeshadow palette.

The main features of this eyeshadow palette are:

  • 21 blendable shades
  • Neutral and bright tones
  • Velvety texture
  • Cruelty-free

Initial Thoughts

I am not going to lie, I thought the packaging of this eyeshadow palette was a bit… cheap. The palette is made out of quality plastic and feels pretty sturdy, magnetically clicking open and shut with ease. However, this is to be expected with the Urban Decay brand.

Photo by Lou Siday

It is the imagery on the box that I feel looks cheap and cheesy. The front and back are covered with images from around the world, with the Urban Decay logo and Born to Run name on the bottom right. I get what the design team is trying to do – invoke feelings of traveling and adventures.

However, the images look as if they have just gone on a royalty-free image website and grabbed the best they could find. There seems no real thought and design in the packaging of the palette, and this is a bit disappointing when coming from a well-regarded makeup brand.

Photo by Lou Siday

But of course, it is what’s inside that counts! When opening the palette, you are greeted with a full-sized mirror and 21 eyeshadow shades. The different shades all have travel-themed names, such as Wanderlust, Weekender, and Wildheart.

I was happily surprised at the range of colors and styles in the palette. There are matte, metallic, and shimmer shades. I definitely feel that you can do a lot of different styles just with this palette, which means it is perfect for traveling!

The Colors

There are eight different matte colors in the palette, from the neutral beige Weekender to the burnt orange Baja. When playing around with this palette, I decided to use a few of the matte colors for my base and transitioning colors, and they worked perfectly.

I really like the metallic shades in the palette, too. The rusty Ignite color is beautiful, and the deep purple Guilt Trip really excites me! The glittery tones are also stunning, as they are pigmented and not overly glittery. When looking at the different colors as I opened the palette, I was really looking forward to trying them out and discovering new looks.

Some of the shimmer tones can be doubled up as highlighter, too, which is great. As someone who is forever dotting around, visiting friends and going on holiday, I really appreciate a palette that has it all.

Here are the 21 colors included in the palette:

  • Breakway: A smooth light beige tone. It has a sleek shimmer when applied, and is perfect for transitioning shades.
  • Stranded: A light gold shimmery color that is pigmented when applied.
  • Blaze: A metallic gold color with pink tones. The mix of pinks and gold looks great when applied, shining and changing under lights.
  • Weekender: A matte peachy color suitable for transitioning shades. It is not that pigmented, but allows you to create a base for other colors.
  • Still Shot: A bright peach matte that looks redder and more vibrant when applied.
  • Riff: A brown matte shade. Great to use as a base and to blend with other colors.
  • Good as Gone: A dark brown matte color. It is very pigmented when applied, so use it carefully!
  • Hell Ride: A deep purple matte shade. When applied, it maintains its bold color.
  • Baja: A burnt orange matte color that is pigmented and bold.
  • Accelerate: A reddish-brown metallic color that creates a sleek and shimmery finish.
  • Guilt Trip: A purple shimmery shade. When applied, it looks a little bit lighter than when it is in the palette.
  • Ignite: A orange-brown metallic color that maintains its tone when applied.
  • Smog: A bronze color that is pigmented and bold. It is easy to blend with other colors whilst maintaining its shade.
  • Wanderlust: A dark green shimmery shade with hints of glitter. A wonderful color that is best applied subtly.
  • Wildheart: A bright purple matte that creates a sleek, stunning shade when applied.
  • Punk: A matte brown color that looks darker when applied.
  • Double Life: A dark metallic shade with an intense shimmer.
  • Jet: A black shimmer color. When applied, it shines blue under the light.
  • Drift: A silvery black shade with sparkle. It is pigmented when applied, but very easy to blend.
  • Radio: A dark blue shimmer shade. It appears less glittery when applied, but still looks fantastic!
  • Big Sky: A stunning blue-green shimmery shade that is bright and bold.


When I first got the palette, I spend a few hours trying out different looks and figuring out what works for me. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of all the shades. They are all very pigmented and feel smooth and soft on the skin.

Because of how pigmented they are, it took me a while to really get to know the palette and what brushes to use. When using the matte shades, I opted for a big, fluffy brush. However, a flatter, shorter one was best for the metallic shimmery shades. I actually decided to use my fingers for a few of the shades, placing them onto my eyelid to gain the most of their pigmentation.

Urban Decay Born to Run Palette Guide

Once I got to know the palette and the different shades, I was super excited to try out different looks! I am no makeup artist and use very cheap brushes and primer, so there are no hidden secrets here. This is simply a makeup fanatic experimenting with a new palette.

The color that struck me the most when opening the palette was the Wildheart shade. It looks super creamy and lush, and I was so excited to try it out!

For my first look, I began with applying Weekender in the eyelid crease, creating a transitioning tone. I then used Wildheart on the eyelid, blending it upwards. It went on so well, super pigmented and bright! I then added a little bit of Guilt Trip to darken the crease and finished it off by adding Stranded in the corners of my eyes. I added the Stranded color under the eyebrows too, as a highlighting color. It worked really well this way.

Photo by Lou Siday

I was very pleased with this look! It was my first time trying out the eyeshadow palette, and after a few hours of trying out the different colors, I got to know the palette really well. It definitely made me excited for all the possibilities this palette brings.

For my next look, I decided to try out the green and blue shades. I again began with Weekender for a transitioning tone, then added Big Sky on the eyelids. I then took a fluffy brush and added Wanderlust on the crease, blending it with Big Sky.

After that, I dabbed the smallest amount of Radio onto my brush and blended it into the outer corners, creating a smokey look. Again, I took Stranded into the inner corners and added a highlighter of my own under the eyebrows.

Photo by Lou Siday

I am not going to lie, I LOVE this look. The metallic colors are stunning and blend so well with each other. I also love how the colors match my eyes, it looks super cute!

A Day of Wearing the Urban Decay Born to Run Palette

Both times I have used this palette, the makeup lasted all day and all night. I used the Urban Decay setting spray that came as a free sample, but I do think that the makeup would still have lasted without it.

I went out dancing with the eyeshadow on and came home with my makeup looking fresh. The eyeshadow looks bold and bright all night long! It definitely proves the quality of the palette.

Pros of The Urban Decay Born to Run Palette

Let’s look at the pros of the Urban Decay Born to Run palette.

  • High-quality pigmented shades
  • Cruelty-free
  • Long-lasting
  • A broad range of colors, including matte and metallic tones
  • Really easy to apply and blend together

Cons of The Urban Decay Born to Run Palette

But, are there any problems with this eyeshadow palette?

  • Cheesy and cheap packaging
  • I would like some colors to be brighter

Alternatives We Recommend

If you are considering buying the Born to Run palette, it is useful to see what other options there are out there!

Here are some alternatives I recommend instead of the Born to Run palette.

Regeneration Palette Astrological by Revolution

Regeneration Palette Astrological by Revolution

I have always been a fan of Revolution, as they provide high-quality and affordable makeup. Plus, all their products are cruelty-free. This palette by Revolution is stunning and brings you a range of matte and metallic tones that are easy to use and blend.

Opposites Attract Eyeshadow Palette by Elf

Opposites Attract Eyeshadow Palette by Elf

This eyeshadow palette is an affordable alternative to the Born to Run palette, with a range of matte and bold colors. It is described as a ‘bold meets neutral’ palette, allowing you to create a lot of different looks and styles.

Love Notes Palette by Beauty Bay

Love Notes Palette by Beauty Bay

Now, I have never bought from Beauty Bay before, but I have heard so many good things about this brand! Their eyeshadows are always bold, pigmented, and easy to use. This 20-shade palette is stunning, with a mix of matte and glittery colors.


Question: Is Urban Decay Born to Run vegan?

Answer: Yes. This makeup palette is listed as Vegan on the Urban Decay website.

Question: Is the Urban Decay Born to Run discontinued?

Answer: The Born to Run palette is still available on a range of cosmetic websites.

Question: When did the Urban Decay Born to Run palette come out?

Answer: The Born to Run palette came out in 2018.

Question: How long does the Urban Decay Born to Run palette last?

Answer: The palette lasts for 24 months after opening.

Urban Decay Born to Run Review & Guide: Final Thoughts

I was really impressed with this palette. It is a fairly affordable eyeshadow palette in regard to the quality of the product, and I definitely think I will be using it a lot. The range of colors is fabulous, and they blend together so well!

If you are into the colors and shades used in the palette, I definitely recommend purchasing it. You will not be disappointed!

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