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Best Transfer Proof Lipsticks Every Woman Should Own

Ah, the promise of a transfer-proof lipstick; will it live up to the hype or end up smeared against your coffee cup? Well, if you’ve ever asked yourself this question, then you’re in exactly the right place. Today, I’m going to put four best transfer proof lipsticks to the test and see if they really live up to their big-ticket promise.

The Superstay 24 Matte Ink Lipstick Reviewthat I’ll be going over today are: Dior Rouge Forever Liquid, Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint Longwear, Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink, and Nyx Shine Loud Lip Colour. I have never tried any of these, so I’ll be sharing my firsthand impressions of everything the product has to offer, even down to the packaging. Well, what are we waiting for; let’s get into it!

First-What Is A Transfer Proof Lipstick?

Transfer-proof lipstick is a type of lipstick that is not supposed to transfer any/very little pigment onto other surfaces, whether that be a mask, a cup, someone’s lips, or utensils. This type of lipstick itself is not brand new, having been revolutionized almost two decades ago by Revlon.

The early transfer-proof lipsticks came in 2-part kits; special overcoats made of film-forming polymers were provided to users who would seal in their color of choice with a few swipes. From there, many consumers wanted to have an all-in-one product, so Proctor & Gamble created a unique formula made from silicones and hydrocarbons.

But it didn’t stop there; today’s transfer-proof lipsticks have made quite a shift and now include a complex mixture of silicones and oils, much too complicated to list for you here.

What you really need to know is that this type of lipstick has made some serious formulation improvements, which is what makes them great options for the modern-day makeup fan who’s always on the go.

My Testing Criteria

Given that this is a ‘test’ of some sort, I wanted to quickly outline some criteria that I’m going to be holding each lip product too. While this may not be as scientific as I would like, they do cover all of the important factors that most people look for when purchasing a transfer-proof lipstick.

Mask Test

This test is quite apt for the current state of the world. As much as we don’t want to admit it, masks have become a necessary staple for most people. While there have been major improvements in mask material, they can still ruin your lipstick application or at least take a bit of pigment off of your lips. Well, I’m really going to hold each lipstick to a high standard by wearing my mask and even pressing my lips against them too. I’ll primarily be testing them out on disposable medical masks as those seem to be widely used by most.

Coffee Mug Test

This one is an obvious choice for a lipstick test; hot coffee and lipstick are not exactly best friends, and you’re probably all too familiar with the little imprint that it leaves on your mug. I’m a big coffee drinker, so this will be very easy for me to test out.

All-Day Wear

The all-day wear test is especially important for these transfer-proof lipsticks. They all claim that they stand up to an entire day’s wear and won’t have to be reapplied. Well, I want to know if these aforementioned statements are really true, so in addition to the other tests, I’ll also be wearing each lipstick out and about. Given that I don’t go out that much anymore, I made sure to try them on days where I had to run errands or when I was working out-of-home.

Now, Onto The Lipsticks!

Dior Rouge Forever Liquid Transfer-Proof Lipstick

About the Product

This Dior lipstick is quite new to the liquid lipstick scene, having come out only a couple of months ago. As of now, this specific line only has 10 shades, but they are all wearable for every skin tone; I chose to pick up the nude-pink shade called Forever Paris. 

The brand claims that this matte liquid lip will stand up to 12 hours of wear while also remaining weightless and comfortable on the lips. But the even bigger claim that this lipstick provides is that it won’t settle into lip lines, fade, smudge, or feather.

If you ask me, that is quite a long list of promises for Dior. However, what is cool to note is that Dior actually did an instrumental test in the development stage of the lipstick, so I at least feel hopeful that it might work out for me too. 

First Impressions & Application

What really caught my eye with this product was the packaging; it just made me feel luxurious, and I wanted to dive right into the first application as soon as I opened its shiny silver box. The actual tubing of the lipstick is quite elegant and uses the familiar silver metal accent that can be seen on many of Dior’s other beauty products. What else I like about this packaging is that it’s quite sturdy and doesn’t seem like it’ll break easily if stuffed into a purse or travel bag.

My first application was super smooth, and I actually didn’t need to dip into the product twice, which means that over time I won’t waste product or have to cake it on to see any real color payoff.

As you can see from my first application photo, my lips look quite smooth, and there aren’t any terrible ‘cracking’ lines that you typically see with some long-lasting lipsticks. I also really love the color; it’s not so nude that I look washed out, but it is also not so bold that I have to worry about what color shirt I’m wearing.

Mask Test

As you can see, this lipstick really held up to the mask test; there is barely any residue, and even when I kept taking the mask on and off, it didn’t smudge at all.

Given that masks are still required in most public places, I can feel confident that as I take them on and off, it won’t continue to ruin my lip line, and I won’t end up walking around with my lipstick smudged all over the place.

Coffee Mug Test

I am a huge coffee drinker; you will definitely never see me out and about without a cup of coffee in hand. If I’m going to wear any lipstick, it has to stand up to any hot coffee drink, and if it doesn’t, well, let’s just say it’ll probably sit in the bottom of my lipstick drawer. 

Well, as you can see from my mug photo, there is barely any residue on the rim, and I was drinking an especially hot coffee for this one. I’m really impressed that nothing was left there; this means that I can get take this lipstick out anywhere and not have to worry about any hot drink ruining the look of it.

All-Day Wear

This lipstick wore very well throughout the entire day, and it’s been an especially hot summer where I live, so that really shows that it gets quite close to living up to the claims set out on the product packaging.

As you can see from my photo, my lips do have a bit more of that ‘cracking’ look, but that could easily be fixed with a quick touch-up or application of a silky gloss on top. There is definitely also some fading that you can see in the inner part of my lip, but that is to be expected since it always stays quite moist with saliva throughout the day.

Overall Experience

After going through each test with this lipstick, I think it’s safe to say that I will definitely be buying more colors in this product range. I really love how it wore, and that is especially important while we’re still wearing masks. I think my biggest tip for wearing this lipstick is to use a moisturizing lip primer because that’ll help keep everything in place longer while also helping to eliminate any settling into lip lines.

Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint Longwear

About the Product

The Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint is a weightless long-wearing lipstick that has a soft matte finish and a weightless feel. This product is free from parabens and is also vegan, which is a plus for those looking to start shopping for more sustainable options. 

There are 8 shades to choose from; there are a few nude shades for varying skin tones and then some fun bright colors that are described by the brand as ‘head-turning shades’. For this particular review, I chose a bright coral shade called ‘Unattached’, but I also have my eye on their bright red called ‘Uncensored’. 

First Impressions & Application

I love the look of the packaging that Rihanna has created here; the lipstick tubing almost reminds me of a stiletto. What else I love about this product is the doe-foot applicator; it’s smaller and more round than most regular applicators, which makes it really easy to control when applying to the lips. 

For me, this lipstick was fun and easy to apply; I found that I didn’t even need to use a lip liner to fill in the color. However, I would recommend using one if you want this lipstick to stay put. I absolutely love how smooth the lipstick looked on my lips; I have a lot of ridges on my lips, so most liquid lipsticks intensify them quite a bit. The color is also unique, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a shade that’s both bold but not too dramatic at the same time. 

Mask Test

Ok, so this test didn’t go as well as the Dior lipstick mask test. I gave the Stunna Lip Paint a chance to dry, and I even blotted it slightly on a paper towel so that it stood a chance against the mask.

As you can see, there’s quite a bit of coral color on the inner lining, which means that the first layer came completely off as soon as I put the mask on; I’m not going to lie, I was a little disappointed when this happened. I used a disposable mask here, and I’m assuming that if you tried to wear this lipstick with a cotton mask, it would leave behind a stain on the inner liner, so be warned!

Coffee Mug Test

Since the lipstick was no match against the mask, I didn’t have high hopes for the mug test. Given that I do drink very hot coffee, I knew for sure that I would see some residue on the rim, and boy was I right! I don’t think that the photo I took even shows how much of an imprint my lips left on the mug.

I think I might have to give this lipstick another try with a takeaway coffee cup because that will show any lipstick marks even better than a porcelain mug. It’s safe to say, though, that I’ll probably keep this lipstick to evening wear, where I won’t be drinking hot liquids.

All-Day Wear

So, even though the mask and mug tests took off quite a few layers of the lipstick, it’s still on there quite well, except my inner lip. The good thing about this is that it’s easy to reapply where it came off and because the finish of the lipstick is smooth, it shouldn’t cause too much of a ‘cracking’ effect.

The one significant issue with this lipstick is that it can displace and almost stain other areas of the face if it gets smudged; you can probably see that the area just outside of my upper lipline is slightly stained with the portion that migrated from my mask.

Overall Experience

I’m a little torn when it comes to my overall experience with this lipstick. On the one hand, I love the color and finish of this lipstick- I think Rihanna and her team really nailed it with this one. When it comes to its overall wear, there are a few issues that should be addressed for it to fully be a transfer-proof lipstick.

I think if you wear this lipstick strategically (maybe only at night) and use a lip primer and liner, you’ll really get a kick out of the Stunna Lip Paint. I think that once mask usage goes down, this lipstick will become one of my cult faves!

Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink

About the Product

This lipstick has been around for a while, and I’m surprised that I’ve never tried it before now! What’s really great about this product is that it is available at most drugstores and comes in 40 shades, so there really is a color that everyone can enjoy. I gravitated towards the shade ‘Dreamer’, which is a light purplish-pink shade.

Maybelline states that this product provides a flawless matte finish and lasts up to 16 hours. The applicator of this product is also unique, being in an arrow shape for extremely precise application. In my opinion, the applicator isn’t as unique as Maybelline purports, as I’ve seen a few other brands’ lipsticks that have this same applicator.

First Impressions & Application

I quite like the packaging of this lipstick; its rectangular shape means that if it’s placed on a table, it won’t roll off. I do find the shade to be a little light for my skin tone, but I think if I had a full face of makeup on, I wouldn’t look so washed out. I am a sucker for light-pink shades, though, and I’m excited to see what it looks like on a night out!

The application of this product was quite easy, and I did use a matching lip-liner; however, it’s not completely necessary. I used a dark lip-liner to try to balance the lightness out, but because the lipstick is so full coverage, they didn’t mix very well. That’s actually great news for those of you who don’t want to use a lip liner anyway!

Mask Test

I am happy to say that this Maybelline lipstick held up to my mask-wearing, even in the really hot summer weather! There is barely any residue on the inner lining, which means that it does hold up to its claim. Ok, I didn’t wear it for 16 hours straight, but I’d say that if it can stand up to this mask, it can stand up to a pretty long-wearing period.

Coffee Mug Test

I’m also happily surprised by the mug test as well! As you can see, there is a slight stain from my lips on the mug, but it’s nothing compared to the stain that was left behind by the Stunna Lip Paint! I also noticed that even though it came off on the mug, I still had full coverage on my lips, so maybe that was just some extra residue that was left after the application. Overall, I’m not disappointed about how this test turned out, though!

All-Day Wear

This lipstick really did wear well throughout my day, even though it wasn’t truly 16 hours. I did find that it started to look a bit separated, and it did settle a bit into my lip lines, but that is to be expected with a super matte finish. I would say that because the formula is quite drying, it would be best not to layer the lipstick during touchups, as it might look a bit ‘cakey’ afterward.

Overall Experience

I’m quite impressed by the Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink; I think to really get the most out of the product and its range, I’ll have to pick up a few more colors.

While there were a few mishaps that happened with the test, I think that I’ve found a great staple product that will give me beautiful matte lips for any occasion. I will say that the formula could be quite drying, especially in the winter, so I’d recommend investing in a moisturizing lip primer if you’re going to make it one of your staples.

Nyx Shine Loud Lip Colour

About the Product

The Shine Loud Lip Colour line from Nyx is a non-transferable, high-shine lipstick that provides up to 16 hours of wear. It’s slightly different than most liquid lipsticks in that it has a topcoat that adds shine and isn’t sticky like lipgloss.

Nyx claims that this lipstick won’t fade, smudge or bleed and that you can do all of your daily activities without having to worry about it making a mess. The product comes in 12 different shades and can be found at both Nyx stand-alone stores and the most well-known drugstores that carry the brand.

Shine Loud actually became popular on TikTok, so I was super eager to give this one a go! I got the shade ‘Ambition Statement’, a deep peachy nude shade.

First Impressions & Application

What first caught my eye with this product is that it had a shiny topcoat; all of the liquid lipsticks that I currently own are quite matte/drying, and when I use a lipgloss to make them shinier, they just end up bleeding out of my lipline or leaving lip imprints on mugs and masks. I was so excited at the chance to wear a glossy lip color that wouldn’t do any of those annoying things.

To apply this lipstick, Nyx says to first put on the color coat and let it sit for around 90 seconds. Then, you can apply the clear glossy coat to lock in the staying power and provide maximum shine! Once I applied each coat and let it settle, I was left with such a beautiful and full pout, and I was hooked! Now all I needed to verify was that it actually stood up to the transfer-proof claim.

Mask Test

…And it did! I really pressed my lips against my mask just to make sure that it performed as well as it did in the TikTok videos I saw. There really was no residue left on my mask, and I’m completely floored by this, given that my lips were so glossy and would otherwise make a huge mess.

Coffee Mug Test

The coffee mug test also went really well-there seriously was no residue left on my mug, and my lips stayed glossy too, which is a plus! I would be really curious to try this test on a takeaway coffee cup as I tend to find that residue gets more easily stuck on the cardboard shell.

All-Day Wear

I think the all-day wear of this lipstick is at a close second to Dior’s all-day wear! There is slightly more wear in the inner part of my lips, and as you can see, the glossy topcoat is gone; I didn’t expect it to last through the day though.

What I like about the wear on this product is that it doesn’t look too ‘separated’ or ‘crackly’ Also, if you did find that your lips had this appearance, which would happen in winter, you could always reapply the top coat to add in some more shine and moisture.

Overall Experience

Overall, I really enjoyed using the Nyx Shine Loud Lip Colour. I was very impressed at its staying power and at how glossy and full it made my lips look. I think my only complaint would be that there aren’t too many shade range options, and because of its popularity, it can be quite difficult to find the shade that you want.


Question: Do I need to use a lipliner with a transfer-proof liquid lipstick?

Answer: No, for liquid lipsticks, you don’t need to use a lip liner to fill in your lip line; this is because the formula of liquid lipsticks is very opaque, and the doe-foot tip will help you get a precise application every time.

Question: Are transfer-proof liquid lipsticks wearable all year round?

Answer: Yes, liquid lipsticks are a great choice for year-round wear! The only issue that could arise is the dryness of the air in the winter seasons; to fix this, just make sure to use a moisturizing lip primer, and you won’t have any problems!

Question: Are transfer-proof liquid lipsticks better than traditional lipstick bullets?

Answer: No, not necessarily; it’s all about what the intended use of the lipstick is for! If you’re looking for a subtle satin color for your lips, then a traditional lipstick would work wonders! If you want a pout that will last all day and all night, then opt for a transfer-proof liquid lipstick.


Transfer-proof liquid lipsticks are a game-changer in this day and age; with mask-wearing and a whole slew of other activities that wear away at a lip product, transfer-proof ensures that there aren’t any messes. Out of all the lipsticks I tried, I would definitely recommend the Dior Rouge Forever Liquid Transfer-Proof Lipstick; it’s a little pricier than the other options, but if you pick up a color that you’ll wear daily, it’ll definitely become one of your lipstick staples.

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