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Udderly Smooth Hand Cream Review: How Good This Cream Really Is?

Hand creams are one of those basic essential necessities of life which can’t be ignored, especially since most of us are washing and sanitizing our hands more than usual these days.  While this can help protect you from nasty, unwanted germs, it can also, unfortunately, deprive your skin of moisture, leaving it dry and chapped. 

It might come by surprise for some of you, but different parts of your body actually need different kinds of moisturizing products to help you stay healthy.  The fact is, though, is that your hands are exposed to the sun, harmful bacteria, chemicals, and many more serious things — all of which can take a toll on your skin. 

While most hand creams will help you get rid of dryness, with so many options in the market, it can be a daunting task to choose the right product for your needs.  So to help you find the most reliable and effective hand cream, we scoured the markets… and finally landed on the Udderly Smooth Hand Cream

This pharmaceutically created hand cream has been outperforming many of its alternatives for a long time now, absolutely warranting a closer look at this fantastic product. 

Why Choose Udderly Smooth Hand Cream?

hand cream 1

When it comes to moisturizing and soothing your skin, we firmly believe that Udderly Smooth Hand Cream’s advanced formula works the best. Udderly Smooth is the creation of mastermind and pharmacist Bill Kennedy, whose company is registered in Salem, Ohio. 

This family business was originally manufacturing moisturizing creams for dairy cattle before deciding to switch lanes. Their understanding and knowledge about these products were so exceptional that, when they entered the market for people, their products were an instant hit.

This might also explain the dairy-inspired theme they have chosen to go with and printed on all their products, too. 

Udderly Smooth now has a huge lineup of scientifically engineered skin products, all of which are some of the most highly rated among both men and women. Customers have described the Udderly Smooth products as rich, creamy, and of a completely luxurious texture.

The secret behind their curated recipe lies in the perfect combination of natural and pharmaceutical beauty supplements. The Udderly Smooth Hand Cream is packed to the brim with ingredients like aloe vera extracts and vitamin E, which will keep your skin soft and smooth. 

How to Choose the Best Udderly Smooth Hand Cream

Udderly Smooth has four variants of hand creams all of which have different focus points on your skins. To help you decide which cream will best suit your needs, we were careful to examine each variant separately while coming up with the descriptions. These included:

  • The Original Formula
  • Their Soothing Cream
  • The Nourishing Cream
  • And their Hydrating Cream

Let’s go ahead and take a closer look, shall we?

Original Formula

udderly smooth hand cream

Their Original Formula was the very first iteration of hand creams developed by Udderly Smooth. We found this cream to be a bit thicker and greasier than its other counterparts.  Once you rub it in, though, the cream absorbs really well into the skin. It leaves no oily residue behind that we could detect. 

Unlike the other variants, this hand cream is unscented, and it’s really great for daily use. Whether you use it in the winter, summer, or fall, their original formula is perfect for every member of your family. It’s absolutely suitable for all skin types from normal to dry. 

Their inclusion of super ingredients like glycerin and allantoin helps alleviate dryness to bring out a smooth and gentle texture on your skin. Clinically tested and proven, this hand cream will reduce roughness, support cell regeneration, and hydrate your skin immediately after use. 

Soothing Cream

Udderly Smooth Soothing Cream

When you want to restore the original glow and texture of your skin, then their Soothing Cream should be your go-to pick for hand cream. It consists of vital extracts from aloe and cucumber, which will help nourish and revitalize your skin. Plus, the addition of Vitamin E will give it a natural glow.

A small amount of this lightly scented hand cream seriously goes a long way. Udderly Smooth’s triple-acting formula promises to soothe, hydrate, and smoothen your skin right after use. The scent from aloe vera and shea butter is very comforting and not too overpowering. 

Nourishing Cream

udderly smooth nourishing cream

The skin on our hands needs constant nourishment due to the wear from doing manual labor and pollution. Udderly Smooth’s Nourishing Hand Cream is the perfect match for dry, rough, or cracked skin. It provides a thin layer of protection to your hands, which will last all day long. 

This hand cream is suitable for all seasons, and even better? It can even be used by young children. The light scent of rose will freshen up your mood and give you a burst of positive energy. Plus, its fast-absorbing formula makes it a great cream for daily use. 

Just Pick’d Hydrating Cream

udderly smooth just picked creams

If dry and rough skin is one of the major concerns for you, then the Just Pick’d Hydrating Cream from Udderly Smooth will work wonders on your skin. Elements of fresh citrus and shea butter will not hydrate your skin, but it’ll also leave it smelling nice and fruity, too. 

Replenishing water levels in your skin is necessary to ward off dryness and loss of natural texture. Udderly Smooth’s advanced formula has revitalizing elements which are absorbed quickly into your skin without the oily and greasy after effects. 

Key Features of Udderly Smooth Hand Cream

We’d like to highlight some of the prominent features of the Udderly Smooth Hand Cream, all of which have made them a fan favorite. They are as follows:

  • The moisturizing elements
  • Its fragrance
  • The smooth texture
  • Its multi-functionality
  • The fun and adorable packaging

Let’s go ahead and break them down!

The Moisturizing Elements

When we do hard labor or work with our hands, our skin can drastically lose moisture, due to a number of reasons. In turn, it can leave your skin feeling rough, dry, and unattractive. 

Udderly Smooth’s fast-acting triple formula makes their hand creams highly absorbent and effective in treating these skin problems. Once absorbed into your skin, the extracts from shea butter start hydrating your skin pores and boosts cell regeneration. 

Daily use of Udderly Smooth Hand Cream will make sure that your skin is always protected against undesirable weather effects, harsh chemicals, and manual labor that can cause your skin to dry up. 

Its Fragrance (And Lack Thereof!)

Udderly Smooth Its Fragrance (And Lack Thereof!)

Udderly Smooth keeps it simple when adding scents to their hand and body cream products. Although the original formula hand cream is unscented, their latest line-up of hand creams features scents from natural extracts of aloe vera, rose, and citrus. 

Contrary to many other brands, the scent lasts fairly long without the presence of any strong notes in the fragrance palette. This surprisingly works in the favor of many pet owners, too (especially those who have cats, as strong scents can irritate their sensitive nasal cavities). 

The Rich Texture

Udderly Smooth Hand Creams have a very rich and almost buttery-like texture. The cream is neither too thick nor watery, and sits in the middle very consistently. When applied, it feels very soothing to the skin, and it absorbs within seconds with just a few rubs of your hands. 

Unlike many other hand creams, Udderly Smooth Hand Cream manages to seep through your skin almost completely, leaving behind a thin layer of protection. We did not experience any oily residue, even after applying it multiple times throughout the day. 

A Multitasking Cream

Udderly Smooth Hand Creams are very versatile in their range and utility. Your whole family can definitely enjoy the benefits of this hand cream from the same product.  Their specially curated formula caters to sensitive skin types, including those of young children. Since the scent in these creams is not too strong, people with sinus or perfume sensitivity can also use it without any concerns.

The Efficient, Cute Packaging

Udderly Smooth has got it right when it comes to packaging their hand and body creams. The white background layout with dairy-inspired design patterns looks very charming. It will definitely remind you of cows and milk products every time you use them. 

The hand creams are available in 4 oz and 8 oz tubes, each fitted with a flip cap on the top. The cap shuts very tightly and does not cause any leakage issues when carrying in bags or purses. 

The Pros of Udderly Smooth Hand Cream

It Moisturizes Skin Very Well

The Udderly Smooth Hand Cream has glycerin and shea butter, which are known to be one of the best skin moisturizing compounds out there. Plus, you won’t feel the need to apply the cream more than twice a day if you are spending most of your time indoors. It creates a smooth protective layer over your skin, which retains moisture throughout the day fairly well. 

Not Greasy or Oily

Unlike many other brands, we found Udderly Smooth Hand Cream to be very absorbent and non-greasy. Rubbing fairly huge amounts of the cream also did not seem to make the skin oily or sticky at all. Udderly Smooth’s non-oily formula makes it one of the most practical skincare products on the market. 

Suitable for All Seasons

It is really hard to find a hand cream that fits your moisturizing needs through all seasons. Most brands manufacture season-specific hand creams, but Udderly Smooth’s advanced formula works best in every season. Now, how much cream you apply per application may vary from season to season, but the overall effectiveness of the cream? It’s totally not impaired. 

Good for All Skin Types

Many people suffer from allergic contact dermatitis from harmful compounds present in hand creams. When it comes to skin sensitivity issues, the creators behind the Udderly Smooth Hand Cream have taken good measures to avoid them. There are no alcohol-based fragrances or harsh chemicals present in the cream, which makes it suitable for all skin types, ranging from normal to dry. 

Mild and Pleasant Fragrance

 We found the scent to be really nice and gentle, something which might be associated with baby products. The fragrance stays for hours on end even with minimal use. To strengthen the scent, you can pair it up with perfumes or essential oils and not worry about any adverse skin reactions.

Good for Psoriasis and Eczema Patients

 Many user reviews pointed out that this hand cream has worked wonders on the sensitive skin of psoriasis and eczema patients. we felt the need to highlight this benefit but as a reminder, you should always consult your dermatologist before using any skin products if you have a skin condition. 

Cons of Udderly Smooth Hand Cream

It was hard for us to put a finger on the downsides of this hand cream, but we thought it would be fair to include some points that can be off-putting to some people.

The Fragrance

A lot of people prefer to have a stronger and longer-lasting scent when it comes to their hand creams, as they use them as alternatives to perfumes. So if that’s you, you might get disappointed by the faint scent of this hand cream. Also, some reviews have also pointed out that the scent is very similar to baby products, so you might not like it if that’s a turnoff for you.

The Longevity

Someone looking for a strong moisturizing cream may get disappointed by this product. If you are an outdoors-y type of person, or wash your hands a lot, you might have to replenish the cream a couple of times during the day.

No Sun Protection

Although not a complete deal-breaker, it would have been nice to have some level of SPF in this hand cream. 

Alternatives We’d Recommend

If you felt like this option was a close call and might be missing some features you were looking for, you might find the right fit with these close alternatives of the Udderly Smooth Hand Cream. 

O’Keeffe’s Working Hands Cream

O’Keeffe’s Working Hands Cream

Readers who are battling extreme dry skin, cracks, and similar ailments should give this hand cream from O’Keeffe’s a try. It’s best for winters when your skin needs the utmost care and hydration.  This affordable hand cream comes in both a $7 jar and a $2 tube which is best for trial use. Its odorless, non-greasy, and hypoallergenic formula provides guaranteed relief in a matter of days. 

Jergens Dry Skin Moisturizer

Jergens Dry Skin Moisturizer

Our second runner-up is the best fit for people who are looking for a fancy moisturizer that also smells good. Their dermatologically tested moisturizing formula works extremely well in both winters and summers. 

The cherry almond-infused scent is truly outstanding and something that users can’t get enough of. It consists of Vitamin E, C and B5, and a hydralucence blend, which is known to heal skin cells and restore moisture in your skin. 

Bioderma Hand and Nail Cream

Bioderma Hand and Nail Cream

Our next listing works really well with dry and damaged hands. Their instant action formula provides long-lasting relief, healing, and care to dry hands and nails. 

The texture of this hand cream is smooth and creamy, which feels very nice to the touch. It comes with all the best hydrating ingredients which can soothe even the driest ones out there. Apply this cream to clean and dry hands to make sure it spreads well and acts instantly. 


Question: Is Udderly Smooth Hand Cream Really Any good?

Well, we might be a little bit biased, as we completely loved it! But yes, in our humble opinion, it really is that good.

Question: What is Udderly Smooth Cream Used for?

You can use Udderly Smooth cream on pretty much any part of your body. Got dry and chapped winter feet? Lather those tootsies up. Feel like you wash your hands so much that they’re cracked and raw? Then this hand cream is perfect for you.

Question: How Much Urea is in Udderly Smooth Cream?

It really depends on the product you buy, but their Extra Care line comes with 20% urea in it. And since urea is known to help relieve dry and itchy skin, then this product can definitely help.

Question: Is Udderly Smooth Hand Cream Fragrance-free?

While most of the Udderly Smooth line contains mild and pleasant fragrances, their Extra Care line is completely fragrance-free. So if you have sensitive skin, then this product may be the best fit for you.

Question: Is it Safe to Use Udderly Smooth Hand Cream on my Face?

Per their FAQs, Udderly Smooth Hand Cream was designed to be used on your whole body, from your head to your toes. Just keep it away from your eyes, though. So feel free to use it on your face, but if you’re worried about acne breakouts or skin irritation, don’t hesitate to speak to a dermatologist first!

Our Final Thoughts

We hope that on the basis of our expertise and direction, you are able to make an informed decision about your next hand cream purchase. The Udderly Smooth Hand Cream has changed our opinion on hand creams radically and we finally have found the one product that suits all of our needs.

It was hard for us to not try and review this product, given all the positive feedback we’ve heard from others. The family behind this Ohio-based company is well trusted for more than 40 years.  They never do animal testing and only use ingredients that have shown proven results by dermatological standards. 

And with that in mind, our verdict is that we 100% recommend it to you! We sincerely hope you like it as much as we did.

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