Ahava Hand Cream Review and Guide
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Ahava Hand Cream Review: All The Pros And Cons You Need to Know Of

This review is all about maintaining soft, hydrated hands. I’ll discuss AHAVA’s Dermud Intensive Hand Cream. In this guide, I’ll detail the key features of this product and its pros and cons. Furthermore, I’ve included a list of recommended alternatives as well as a frequently asked question section. 

AHAVA isn’t a brand that everyone knows about, so I’ll be sure to give you as many details as possible to help you with your buying decision. If you’re ready to learn more about it, just keep reading.

How to Buy AHAVA Hand Cream

If you’re stuck on which AHAVA hand cream to buy, this guide will help you out. I’ve compiled a list of suggestions that will give you tips on how to select the best AHAVA lotion:

Read Reviews

Reading reviews is a smart idea when shopping for body care items. Getting information from other customers allows you to receive a heads-up about what to expect from a particular product. If the cream is watery, too thick, or doesn’t provide enough moisture, the reviews will let you know. 

Of course, everybody has different perceptions. The only way to truly know how well the lotion will work is if you try it for yourself. It’s always good to know what to expect from a product before purchasing it.

Buy a Product That Will Suit Your Needs

Most of AHAVA’s hand creams provide similar results. However, each one is different and offers something unique. Therefore, it’s smart to get an understanding of what your hands need. Are they very dry? Do you require a cream that’s lightweight or heavily moisturizing?

Knowing the answers to those questions will help you narrow down your decision. Be sure to read the product description for each lotion thoroughly. That way, you can determine which one would suit your needs best.

Review the Ingredients

AHAVA uses high-quality, natural ingredients in its products. However, it’s still a smart idea to read the ingredients list. Even natural substances can sometimes irritate the skin. Everyone reacts differently to various ingredients.

If certain oils or kinds of butter have agitated your skin in the past, verify that the particular product you’re purchasing doesn’t include those ingredients.

The Key Features of AHAVA Dermud Intensive Hand Cream

Ahava Hand Cream Review

AHAVA is a quality brand that offers amazing skincare products. Check out some of its key features:

Great for Sensitive Skin

If you have sensitive skin, you’ll feel at ease using this product. It’s formulated specifically for sensitive skin and made with ingredients that won’t agitate your hands. It also relieves dry skin, which also reduces skin sensitivity.

Provides Softness

Your hands will feel soft and silky smooth after using this product. It’s thick, creamy, and full of hydration.

Formulated Without Harsh Ingredients

This hand cream is made without parabens and alcohol, making it much better for your skin. Not only that, but it’s GMO-free. If you prefer to use lotions that are free from irritating ingredients, you’ll like this product.

Made With Good Ingredients

Not only is this product made without harsh substances, but it’s formulated with some high-quality ingredients. It includes aloe vera leaf extract to provide moisture and anti-inflammatory properties. It also consists of allantoin, which treats blemishes, and jojoba oil to provide lightweight, non-greasy skin softening. 

Sourced from the Dead Sea

AHAVA isn’t just advertising Dead Sea ingredients for fun. Their products actually include high-grade Dead Sea ingredients. This lotion is formulated with Osmoter, a signature blend of intense minerals derived directly from the Dead Sea. Osmoter attracts moisture to hydrate and nourish the skin.

The Pros of AHAVA Dermud Intensive Hand Cream

AHAVA's Dermud Intensive Hand Cream

This hand cream has some pretty incredible qualities. Below are some of the things that really stood out to us:

Green Production Methods

AHAVA uses green methods to maintain the ecological balance of the Dead Sea ingredients used in their products. The company uses its own team of experts to combine natural techniques and remedies with modern skincare.

Not only that but there are absolutely no harmful ingredients in any of their products. Therefore, you can have peace of mind knowing that you’re using a quality cream on your hands.


AHAVA is a vegan company. They pride themselves on being a vegan brand since the start of their business. AHAVA is respectful and considerate of nature and keeps the environment in mind as they are creating their products.

Includes a Money-Back Guarantee

If you don’t get the results that you’re expecting from AHAVA hand cream, they’ll refund your money. That’s a huge plus, considering that every product doesn’t work for every person. How many times have you wasted money on products that didn’t work, and you never used them again? Thankfully, that’s not an issue you’ll have if this cream isn’t a good fit for you.

The Cons

There are a few negative aspects of this hand cream. Below are some downsides to this product that I believe are a bit of an issue:

Strong Scent

Of course, everyone is different. What some may view as a heavy scent won’t bother others. This product does have a fragrance that is a bit strong. If you are a person who dislikes “perfumey” smells, then you may not like this hand cream.


You’ll spend a pretty penny on this hand cream. It’s one of those products that offer quality ingredients, so you’ll get what you pay for. You can expect to pay about $30 for this cream, which is way more than you’ll spend in the store.

Thankfully, AHAVA offers that money-back guarantee. So, if you don’t like the product, you won’t waste your money.

If you want more options to choose from, I’ve included a list of alternatives that I recommend from AHAVA. Here’s our selection:

Mineral Hand Cream

Mineral Hand Cream

AHAVA mineral hand cream is designed to prevent hydration and maintain the smoothness of your hands. It’s formulated without alcohol and parabens, so your skin won’t become irritated. It provides daily hydration and softens the cuticles.

This product includes Dead Sea ingredients like calcium, magnesium, and potassium. It contains witch hazel and allantoin as well.

Mineral Sea Kissed Hand Cream

Mineral Sea Kissed Hand Cream

Your hands will feel brand new after using this lotion. It’s designed to smooth the skin and provide a better texture. It’s free of harsh chemicals and includes calcium, magnesium, and potassium. This cream has a very light, tranquil scent.

Cactus and Pink Pepper Mineral Hand Cream

Cactus and Pink Pepper Mineral Hand Cream

When your hands need an extra boost, this is the lotion to use. It’s formulated with ingredients that are designed to nourish your hands and revive their moisture.

How to Use AHAVA Hand Cream

Apply this product to your hands as needed. Throughout the day, when your hands feel dry and chapped, apply the amount of cream needed to make them feel moisturized again. It’s also a good idea to rub this product on after washing your hands. Doing so will prevent them from becoming dry.


Question: Is AHAVA Hand Cream Good for Sensitive Skin?

Answer: Yes, it is. It’s formulated with natural ingredients to nourish the skin. It’s also made without harsh ingredients that can agitate your hands. If you have sensitive skin, this is a product that shouldn’t cause agitation. AHAVA goes above and beyond to make sure that they create quality products.

Question: Does the Dermud Hand Cream from AHAVA Actually Include Dead Sea Ingredients?

Answer: Yes, it does. This product is sourced directly from the Dead Sea. AHAVA specifically created a blend of minerals that came from the Dead Sea.
It’s not a gimmick. As you know, the mud from the Dead Sea is known to create soft, silky skin. Many tourists go there and put the natural sea mud directly on their skin. AHAVA aims to bring those softening benefits directly to you.

Question: Is AHAVA a Good Brand?

Answer: AHAVA is a very good brand. If you’re interested in trying products that are made with high-quality ingredients, this is the perfect company. They stay away from substances that aren’t good for the skin, and they pride themselves on creating top-notch body care.

Question: Is AHAVA Body Care Affordable?

Answer: Yes, it is affordable. However, the price tag for their hand creams isn’t necessarily cheap. You’ll have to spend a nice amount of money on their products. Unlike drugstore lotion, you could spend between $20 to $30 for AHAVA hand cream. But keep in mind that you get what you pay for.
You won’t spend over $20 for AHAVA lotion for nothing. You’re paying for a quality product that’s formulated with special ingredients.

Question: Is AHAVA a Vegan Company?

Answer: AHAVA is a vegan company. Actually, they have been vegan since birth. Essentially, since the foundation of their company, they have been creating vegan body care. They didn’t jump on the bandwagon once all-natural vegan products became popular. They’ve been doing it from the very start. If you prefer to use vegan products, then you’ll feel at ease about buying AHAVA hand creams.

Question: Is AHAVA Hand Cream Good for Very Dry Skin?

Answer: Their products work really well on dry skin. If you have dry, chapped hands, you may have to use a more intense lotion, like the Dermud cream. On the other hand, if you suffer from issues like eczema, then you would benefit from using a product that is specially formulated to treat that type of skin condition.
Not only that, if you have severely dry hands, then you may not get desired results from this product. While it will provide moisture, your hands may need a different type of treatment.
If you work in harsh conditions and your skin is cracked and calloused, then that’ll require a very intense formula. In that case, it’ll probably be better to purchase a petroleum-based product. 

Question: Do Dead Sea Minerals Actually Work?

Answer: Yes. The minerals found within the Dead Sea have been shown over and over again to be effective for softening the skin.
Not only that, but AHAVA works hand in hand with their own team of experts. They’ve combined the natural secrets of the Dead Sea with modern skincare. AHAVA has created a formula that’s specially designed to give you soft, supple skin.

Ahava Hand Cream Review: Conclusion

It’s safe to say that I like AHAVA’s Dermud Intensive Hand Cream. It gives an extra boost of hydration that you may not get from some of their other hand creams. It works well for repairing dry, cracked skin. Not only that, but it’s also a really good product for individuals who have to wash their hands often. 

I love how hydrating this product is. No matter which one of these creams you decide to try, AHAVA is a very good brand. I’m confident that you’d be satisfied no matter what. But if not, you can always take advantage of the company’s 30-day money-back guarantee.

So, will you be adding AHAVA hand cream to your body care inventory?

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