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How to Find the Best Pore Minimizing Primer

I have been on a pore-eliminating journey for a very long while. I don’t enjoy having my pores seen. When I see the end-of-the-day photos of celebrities and how up close you can see all their pores despite all the botox and other work done, it makes me wonder what they are wasting money on.

The makeup market of great products is out there to cover pores and hold you poreless for the entire day. You’ll get some sweat and natural oil to seep through might need touch-ups, but that is natural. Once you know your makeup and face well, it’s possible to look both poreless and comfortable. You might have to sacrifice and juggle many or at least a few products, but that is part of the puzzle.

I struggled with large pores on my nose area, spreading from my T zone to halfway of my cheeks. The oiliest region I have is a bit above and around my nostrils. I powder that area extensively with the Kiko Milano Invisible Touch Face Fixing Powder.

This product keeps a tight grip on my base and makes it almost impossible to transfer. But my weakest spot is my nostrils which can have some pores seen if looked at closely. Yes, I know I am excessively obsessed with pores. We all have our makeup weak points.

kiko milano

Bottom Line Up Front

The best way to minimize your pores is to find a product that complements the rest of your makeup routine. My current Holy Grail is the Glamglow Glowstarter Mega Illuminating Moisturizer, as it keeps my skin healthy on top of dealing with my pores. For bona fide primers, I highly recommend the Kiko Milano Skin Trainer CC Blur.

My Primer Journey

When it comes to pores and primers, you need to dip your feet into the makeup and skincare world. Many products claim to fix problems of oiliness and pores because those issues usually come hand in hand. We all have problems with our skin and things that we touch up to look and feel our best.

I’m not saying everyone uses makeup, but many people do, especially celebrities, and there’s nothing wrong with it. Sometimes they are out in full glam, or you pretend it’s a natural face with very dark lashes and suspiciously photogenic freckles. I firmly believe that pores need to be taken care of in a skin routine, and it takes work to keep your skin from being dry or oily.

It is easy to figure out your type. Does your skin lack moisture and look dry? There’s your answer, while oily is on the far end of the scale. Mixed skin typically is when your T-zone (forehead and nose) is oily, but the rest is either normal or dry. Weather plays a crucial role in your skin type.

If you experience extreme temperatures, then the skin can act up. Another factor is age. As you age, your skin goes through time with you. I’m not talking about wrinkles here. Our body changes with age, and it may produce more or less body oil. These changes must be dealt with in one way or another to keep the pores in check.

What Is a Primer?

A primer is what it says on the lid. It is the first product you apply to your face after your morning washing and skincare routine. Primers have certain qualities to make the skin healthier and help prolong the face base or foundation. A good primer will make your foundation last throughout the day while looking fresher.

There are many different types of primers, but today I will be talking about how to minimize your pores using a primer. The advice here is valid and will do the job regardless if your skin is oily, normal, or dry. We’re here to fight the pores today!


How Can a Primer Minimize My Pores?

Primers are usually a quick fix for the daily, so it’s better to aim for a skincare one that will help you with its skin care properties beyond the makeup. I struggled with pores for many years due to oily skin until a Kiko Milano store employee recommended a primer that changed my makeup life.

I am very fond of Kiko Milano, even if I know that some of their new releases are just old formulas repackaged. The Italian company has excellent quality, and many of my Holy Grails come from there.

If your skin is oily and you want to control the oil outbreak, this is how to remove the pores and slowly fix your skin from oily to normal or mixed. Sometimes you will also find products that do not need primers, like a good moisturizer that can double as one.

There may be situations where you need to minimize the number of products you use for maximum effect. The best approach depends on the combination of your skin and makeup products, how they work together and what your skin needs.

My Favorite Primers

Kiko Milano Skin Trainer CC Blur


I was not expecting to defeat my pore problem and definitely not my oil problem. The nice thing about this CC cream is that it can serve as a primer but also packs a lot of benefits. The Skin Trainer truly smoothens the skin and removes excess redness. I chose the lightest shade to give it a bit of a white cast, as I enjoy being a bit paler to fight the redness in my face.

The Kiko Milano Skin Trainer CC Blur smoothens the pores, minimizes them, and helps the makeup last through the day while making your skin healthier. If I could only pick one product to help with pores, I’d choose this one in a flash.

This product is a bit expensive for Kiko Milano as it is part of one of their more expensive lines. The value you get is beyond doubt: my makeup lasts through the whole day, and my skin is healthier with it.


  • Minimizes pores to near perfection
  • Controls oils
  • Moisturizes and doubles as whatever you need it to be as a pre-foundation item


  • I don’t like the fact that the tube doesn’t tell you how much of the product is left
  • Kiko Milano doesn’t have the best delivery options if you’re impatient like me

Benefit The Porefessional Pearl Primer

Benefit The Porefessional Pearl Primer

When my skin was normal, I obsessed with Benefit and this primer. This was before we dug ourselves into this deep hole of skincare. The main drawback of The Porefessional is that it does run out quickly. The primer doesn’t do much to improve the skin.

Despite lacking skincare benefits, the Poreless is your best answer when you need a solid primer to illuminate your skin and minimize pores. This primer keeps your face looking as good as when you just applied your base. Trying it without committing too hard is easy since the Poreless comes in different sizes. I discovered it while buying a small duty-free bag of minis, which lasted until I moved on to the Kiko offering.


  • Silky, illuminating texture after application
  • Keeps face flawless in a way no other primer can
  • Holds foundation


  • Doesn’t last long as most benefit products
  • Costly for the amount, but then most primers are
  • Clarins Instant Poreless Primer

Clarins Instant Poreless Primer

Instant Poreless

The Clarins Instant Poreless Primer is another excellent primer recommendation I received in a shop. This one didn’t last as long as my favorite, but some of you might love it more. The primer was great, but I felt the package was too small, even if I wasn’t very generous when applying.

However, if you want to apply it to a specific area or don’t use it that often, I highly recommend the Clarins Instant Poreless Primer. This primer is an excellent choice for effortless selfies and to fill out your pores. The more you look at the market once when you know where to look, the products can start looking like a blur.


  • Better ingredients
  • Smoothens great
  • Easy to apply on the face


  • Tiny packaging with little product
  • A bit of a nuisance to squeeze out

Glamglow Glowstarter Mega Illuminating Moisturizer

Glamglow Glowstarter Mega Illuminating Moisturizer

This product is an outstanding primer, despite the label not saying it. The Glowstarter is what I use daily as my primer and skin routine. This product gives me plenty of moisturization, evens my skin texture, soothes the redness, and reduces the size of my pores.

I’d say it’s not magic by itself, but combined with my base and foundation routine, it gives me the effects I want. The Glowstarter Mega Illuminating Moisturizer comes in two or three shades, depending on where you live. I use the Pearl Glow.

This product is really on the pricey side as far as primers go. A little goes a long way, and the large package gives enough product to use daily for months. In my opinion, it’s very well worth every penny.

Glamglow was actually suggested to me by a friend many years ago when they were all the hype. During my recent overhaul, I decided to try this bad boy and haven’t looked back. Most of our Holy Grail items come from friends, shop assistants, and articles. I haven’t jumped on the TikTok recommendations yet, because I want more than a few seconds of explaining.


  • Priming qualities
  • Hydrating but not greasy
  • Illuminating


  • Comes in very few shades
  • Have to splurge for it

Elf Poreless Putty Primer


Sometimes we don’t want to break the bank, specifically if we use a bunch of products or are unsure if the primer might even work with everything else.

ELF is a pretty solid choice for high-quality drugstore makeup. It’s been dominating this market segment, and the ELF Poreless Putty Primer is no exception. It comes in a mini travel size, so you can try it or just go for the full one for a reasonable price.

There’s a lot written online about this primer, and I find it pretty great. The Poreless Putty Primer does the job, keeps the pores small, doesn’t cause breakouts, and sits perfectly throughout the day. What else do you need?


  • The very acceptable price point
  • Travel size available
  • Doesn’t cause acne


  • Not available everywhere in Europe
  • As a popular product, it is often out of stock

Tatcha Silk Canvas Filter Finish Protective Primer

THE SILK CANVAS Filter Finish Protective Primer

If you love deluxe primers, this one is for you. You’ve seen plenty of youtube celebs to TikTok stars use Tatcha for the right reasons. The ingredients are far more high-end than other items on this list. The primer comes with a fancy spatula to keep the product from contamination and does its job well with all the healing and pore-fighting you need.

The Tatcha Silk Canvas does come in travel and sampling sizes so that you don’t splurge at once with a heavy fifty for this product. It’s been great across the board and a treat to start the makeup routine with.


  • Pampering Comes with its own spatula
  • Anti-age properties


  • Bulky packaging
  • Very expensive


Question: Which primer is best for minimizing pores?

Answer: It depends on your skin and your budget. But if to give an all-around answer, I would say the Benefit Porefessional Pearl Primer does the job flawlessly and keep your skin satin matte as well.

Question: Can a primer hide open pores?

Answer: Yes, a primer can fill the pores and minimize their appearance. It can also treat them so that they are not so large afterward. It’s good to take care of your pores and not just fill them up. This is why your routine needs something to help your skin beyond minimizing pores.

Question: Do primers clog pores and cause acne?

Answer: Some may well do that. That is why you should choose an oil-free primer so that your pores will be breathing. If they clog, it will cause acne to pop up on top of the pore problem. But not all primers do that, so if your primer is doing such, change primers immediately and re-check your skin routine.

Question: Are primers or moisturizers better for pores?

Answer: Depends on your skin and which solution you have found, really. Currently, I am vouching for the Glamglow Glowstarter Mega Illuminating Moisturizer as it doubles enough as a primer and skin step for me. But I have used great primers in the past as well.

Question: Can I wear a primer without a foundation?

Answer: Of course, you can! It can give you a more smooth appearance and cover your pores. Some primers will blur the adverse effects on your skin and give you a better taken instead of walking fresh-faced into the polluted outside.

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