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NYX Nude Truffle Lip Liner Review & Guide Lip Liner Hype


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NYX Nude Truffle Lip Liner

NYX Nude Truffle lip liner has become my go-to for perfect pouts! This little gem embodies everything a lip liner should be – smooth, beautiful, and easy on the pocket. The pencil glides effortlessly, providing a crisp line that lasts, and its creamy texture pairs perfectly with my favorite lipsticks. While the packaging is minimalistic, the product itself is a makeup enthusiast's dream. Whether you're into bold or soft looks, this versatile lip liner is a steal at its affordable price. I'm a devoted fan of NYX, and Nude Truffle is another one to add to my must-have list.

Smooth Application 9
Long-Lasting 8
Affordability 10


  • Versatile shade, blending well with various lipsticks.
  • The lip liner is easily removable with makeup remover.
  • Delivers quality at an accessible price point.


  • The minimalistic design may lack the glamour.
  • Limited shade availability.

It was not that long ago that I fell in love with lip liner. I feel like the Kardashians burned the nude lip with a darker liner into our heads to the point that we see the trend as attractive without realizing where we even know it. A lip liner is not a completely innovative technique but a comeback trend that feels like something new.

Lip liners appeared back in the day to ensure that the lip line was more crisp and precise. Back then, it was a darker shade than the lipstick that it is now.

Many people do not enjoy the trend up to the point of having subreddits dedicated to calling lip liners unflattering. But lip liners are sitting tighter with us more than ever.

Also, back on the Kardashian train, Kylie Jenner did make a pretty penny with her lip kits which constantly sell out. With Kylie Cosmetics making a triumphant return, lip liners are getting tested and loved by makeup lovers worldwide.

NYX Nude Truffle
Image From Jamie Tugayeva

Bottom Line Up Front

The NYX Nude Truffle is everything you could ask from a lip liner. It is smooth, beautiful, and cheap! Finding the shape in stock can be challenging in some parts of the world, but this is a guaranteed success for any makeup lover.

My Love for Lip Liners

When it comes to lip liners, I prefer the ones that glide on smoothly, but I’m not as picky, as I enjoy a wide range of colors above it all.

Some prefer automatic to pencil ones, but even as a makeup enthusiast, I do not mind if I have to sharpen my lip liners. NYX Nude Truffle Lip Liner is a pencil one, which gives me up to 4 uses before I need to sharpen it again. This product is quite a sturdy lip liner, which glides onto the lips smoothly.

I prefer cool browns or deep shades. At the same time, it blends well with one of my favorite lipsticks. The MAC Leave Me Breathless is a pale cream nude. I enjoy using darker liners, and I can use any color lip liner for it due to its versatile cream and blending nature.

I naturally paired the NYX lip liner with my MAC lipstick, and it combined in a soft milk coffee shade which gave me plenty of praise from friends and relatives. I enjoy bold makeup ideas, but I have to give the credit where it is due for beautiful soft looks.

A soft nude liner will go to many lengths for people of different makeup styles, so it’s a rather versatile thing. Even if you want to go with a darker lip, you can use it underneath to have a more crisp line instead of a transparent lip liner, which is also a solution.

NYX as a Brand

I just wanted to say that NYX has been a brand I have been a fan of for many years. I have spent most of my makeup-obsessed life with at least one product of NYX with me at a time.

NYX is a reliable and creative brand. I would say that their only misses are mostly eyeshadow colors, but the rest of their products range from good to excellent. I enjoy their other products, specifically face complexion ones like foundations and concealers, BB creams, and the tragically discontinued Bare With Me Primer.

This product was one of the best I have ever used, and I shall mourn it forever. NYX regularly features as a starting brand for many people. It is hard to find a miss on your first try with NYX, and the products are both beginner-friendly but with the quality of a higher-end brand.

The NYX Nude Truffle


NYX Nude Truffle
Image From Jamie Tugayeva

I wish that NYX occasionally went less minimalistic in regard to its packaging. The NYX Nude Truffle is a basic black pencil with a matching back cap, and the ending of the pencil shows the nude truffle color so that you know which lip liner it is when pulling it out of your makeup collection.

The packaging does not attempt to be something the product is not. Most lip liners from any brand have minimalistic packaging with plain pencils, even though now lip liners are really in fashion.

Besides decorating the pencil lid, there is little room to work with when making this product more glamorous. Kiko Milano and some other brands sometimes try to vary, but this is a simple item. The story is similar to liquid eyeliners, which are always in some black component, and the only thing that varies is the formula and ingredients.

I would say that another key feature in telling about lip liners is the shade of the pencil which holds the color like Kylie Cosmetics has the famous soft pink, and Jeffree Star’s liners have his signature pink.


NYX Nude Truffle
Image From Jamie Tugayeva

To apply a lip liner, you can either use them all over your lip or draw in the outline and keep the rest for the lip gloss or lipstick. I prefer to paint the contour and maybe fill in a bit more, but I still leave the center of the lips just for the lipstick. This technique is the one I used on this test with the NYX Nude Truffle Lip Liner.

It glides smoothly, and the other lip liners which felt better were Morphe or Kiko Milano ones. The NYX Nude Truffle is on par with MAC lip liners and even a bit creamier than them. The shade ranges could be better, but I still think it has a strong selection. I did have to wait for a restock of this particular shade. I can see why it is so popular with its soft brown shade.


After every meal, I still reapply my lip liner and lipstick no matter what. I reapplied the lip liner even if I did not need to, simply because that is how I roll, but I would say that the NYX Nude Truffle would last regardless. I am just a fan of freshly done makeup at all times.

Without food, the NYX Nude Truffle stays still, and it is easy to remove with some makeup remover and a cotton wipe. It is pretty pleasant on the lips, and neither does it dry in any way or feel uncomfortable or vary from your usual lip liner. I also must mention that it does not make any lipstick feel different and can blend well with any lipstick.

Where to Buy

NYX Nude Truffle Lip

I got my NYX Nude Truffle Lip Liner in Portugal’s Perfumes & Co, which is a rather popular destination for makeup lovers and even more so with the addition of being the chief vendor of MAC in Portugal these days. NYX is rather well sold in other places around Portugal as well as in Europe.

For the American audience, I would suggest Ulta or other retailers. The famous NYX website lets you test their products online without leaving home.


  • Creamy in texture
  • Long-lasting
  • Very affordable


  • Nothing remarkable which makes it stand out against other liners
  • The shade is hard to find


Most dupes were hard to find because the NYX lip liner is great alone. For 5 dollars, this product is pretty hard to beat price-wise, but if you do not like the NYX one or if it is not in stock, then feel free to try these dupes or alternatives which can help you on a whim or if you are looking for something similar.

1. Kylie Cosmetics Iced Latte Lip Liner

Kylie Cosmetics Iced Latte Lip Liner

I recently dived into the world of Kylie Jenner’s lip kits, and I loved using them. Her lip pencils are very creamy and have been quite famous from the start of her brand, and to this day are very popular. The Iced Latte Lip Liner is a good dupe.

It is a bit creamier and glides on faster than the NYX Nude Truffle, which is down to preference between users, as some enjoy a lip liner with more grip rather than a quick glide on with less of a direction unless you know your lip outline very well. This shade is a bit warmer and in your face, but it works as a great dupe. It is three times the price of the NYX one, so think wisely.


  • Feels creamier
  • Glides on faster
  • Cute pink packaging


  • For a more expert hand
  • Costlier

2. MAC Stripdown Lip Liner

MAC Stripdown Lip Liner

The MAC lipliners are pretty good. My first lip liner was the MAC Whirl, which I won in a promotion with the lipstick Whirl. I still am taken aback because, in Europe, you rarely get good deals, even if I had bought a hefty amount of MAC products that day.

I do not enjoy that they grip a bit too much for the lips, which feels like it sticks out to me a lot compared to other lipliners on the market. But when it comes to the variety of shades and nudes and pairing up, MAC is hard to beat. The Stripdown lip liner is a bit lighter than the NYX Nude Truffle, but it is a gripping alternative if you want to spend a little more. The NYX Nude Truffle is hard to beat in terms of price.


  • Easier to find in MAC stock
  • More of a grip as it glides
  • More beginner friendly


  • I prefer gliding ones more
  • Costly

3. Morphe Frenchie Color Pencil

Morphe Frenchie Color Pencil

I really enjoy Morphe’s lip liner formula, and my love for dark lip liners and creamy ones stems from this brand. Albeit this brand has been going off the radar for makeup lovers, I still enjoy the lip liners I have. I have had them for a while, they last a long time, and I still have plenty of product left.

I highly recommend the Morphe Frenchie for an NYX dupe or if you want to try something else. The shade Frenchie has a bit more of a pink side, but it is very close to Nude Truffle and will be loved. The Morphe does glide fast and can be tricky to apply for newcomers, but if you’re not afraid to go all out, enjoy this beauty!


  • Very smooth to glide on
  • Pleasant texture
  • Lots of product


  • Many shades are not in stock on the website
  • Not beginner friendly

4. Kiko Milano Almond Everlasting Colour Precision Lip Liner

Kiko Milano Almond Everlasting Colour Precision Lip Liner

This one is another of my faves. What can I say? I love lip liners in all shades of nude, so I can modify my lips every time I wear makeup, daily or not. This one is a crayon automatic pencil one, so there’s no need to sharpen it, which makes it much easier on the fly.

The pencil packaging is a bit more unique and different from the usual boring pencil variants and feels nicer to the touch. Almond is a good dupe, so there’s nothing to worry about, but the formula is different. It feels heavier on the lips if to be very nitty gritty.

Kiko Milano is great price-wise, so they’re nearly on an even leveling field, just that NYX is American and Kiko Milano is Italian.


  • Finally better packaging
  • Lots of product
  • No need to sharpen


  • The plastic packaging may not be up to everyone’s taste
  • Only available in limited countries

5. Essence Legendary Soft & Precise Lip Pencil

Soft & Precise Lip Pencil

Essence would be my last choice for lip pencils, but I still enjoy them as they are cheap, easy to find, and do their job. Essence has been a trailblazer of great products at the drug store, not to mention their support for the LGBT community and other causes, which many brands are still scared to do.

So Essence is a breath of fresh air in the stale makeup community. I mean, the pencils are not bad, and the same goes for the Legendary one, as it will be good and has a tighter grip on your lips, rather than a more creamy one, which is closer to the MAC texture than the glider one of Morphe and NYX or Kylie Cosmetics.


  • If you enjoy applying slower due to technique, this is for you
  • Easy to find in a drug store
  • Affordable


  • A bit too grippy
  • Harder to apply


Question: How do you twist the NYX lip liner?

Answer: You don’t! You use a pencil sharpener to get more product. It doesn’t have to be a beauty product. A simple one will do as well, as it does not need any specific outlandish shape.

Question: How do you sharpen the NYX lip liner?

Answer: Get a makeup pencil sharpener or any other that will sharpen the NYX pencil, as its size is standard for a regular stationary pencil or any other makeup pencil. You sharpen it as you would any standard pencil.

Question: How do you apply lip liner?

Answer: You outline your lips as if it was drawing a contour on your lips. Afterward, if it’s your thing, you fill it in, and only then do you apply lipstick. You may also color the parts of your lips, such as the sides, for a more ombre effect. There are plenty of different ways, and all are up to you to choose and decide what works best for you.

Question: Is the NYX lip liner good?

Answer: Yes! It is great. The money you pay it is a steal for its quality and durability.

Question: Should your lipliner be darker than your lipstick?

Answer: It depends on what look you are after. I can even go for a different liner color when I want to do something out of the box, so in short: yes. But you can also opt for a transparent lip liner if you don’t want to bother with color matching. You can also choose the same shade to blend it better. If you want an ombre effect, you can also use different lipsticks rather than lip pencils, but lip pencils are an easier and faster way to achieve this and shape the lips in another way and with a more crisp lip line. So go out and have fun with lip liners!

NYX Nude Truffle Lip Liner Review: Final Thoughts

NYX Nude Truffle
Image From Jamie Tugayeva

I love NYX with my soul, and they always amaze me with their quality and stay on par with the beauty trends. NYX is affordable, and the Nude Truffle lip liner is no exception. I did find it annoying that I had to wait for a restock and then eventually order it online, but that’s because I prefer to do my shopping quickly and fast. As for the quality of the lip liner, I enjoy its creamy nature.

I wish it had some innovative packaging, but no one seems to be bothered by the plain existence of lip pencils, so I’m not one to change the market as this is an essential product to get on a whim and for a very fair price. I would recommend it and would buy it again and again.

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