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Is Aveeno Cruelty Free: The Answer May Shock You

Aveeno is a brand that has come under fire lately. In 2021, they were one of the brands exposed by the FDA for contaminating its sunscreens with benzene, which is a known carcinogen. Plus, the company’s animal testing policies have been at the forefront of its controversy.

Before I get into Aveeno’s cruelty-free status, I have to say I loved this brand for the longest time. Especially its body lotion — I have very dry skin, and Aveeno lotions keep my skin moisturized without feeling too heavy on my skin. They’re also scent-free, which is something I appreciate in a lotion.

I’m trying to convert all of my beauty products to ones that are cruelty-free. So, is Aveeno cruelty free?

Bottom line up front:

I loved Aveeno products, but I will no longer use their product, knowing they’re not cruelty free. Aveeno sells its products in China and in other countries where animal testing is required by law. Johnson & Johnson also owns Aveeno, which is not a cruelty-free company.

I suggest looking at the alternatives I recommended, which are all cruelty-free and are owned by a parent company that doesn’t test on animals.


About Aveeno

Aveeno is a drugstore brand that offers body lotion and skin care products. This company was formed in 1945. The brand uses oats are one of the main active ingredients in their products — the name “Aveeno” comes from oats’ scientific name “Avena.” Today, Johnson & Johnson owns this brand. Since this company expanded, many of its active ingredients have synthetics and other dangerous ingredients (like paraben.)

Is Aveeno Cruelty-Free?

No, Aveeno is not cruelty-free. This company tests on animals when required by law. Aveeno is also not transparent about its suppliers and whether or not they test on animals.

Here’s a full breakdown of Aveeno’s animal testing:

  • Finished products are tested on animals when required by law
  • Uncertain if ingredients undergo animal testing
  • Third parties test on animals when required by law
  • Not transparent about suppliers and animal testing
  • Aveeno is sold in China (have to undergo animal testing due to selling sunscreen)

Aveeno’s Animal Testing Policy

On Aveeno’s website, the company states they only test their products on animals when required by law. They say it’s a rare situation, but it is enough to deter shoppers who strive to support cruelty-free brands. This company also says they’re always seeking alternatives to animal testing.

Aveeno and Countries Where Animal Testing Is Required by Law

Aveeno sells its products in mainland China. This company removed the requirement to test imported cosmetics on animals, but the animal testing law still exists for sunscreen and hair dye. Aveeno sells sunscreen, so they must undergo China’s required animal testing.

Aveeno’s Parent Company

Johnson & Johnson owns Aveeno. J&J is not cruelty-free. They may test their products and ingredients on animals themselves, through a third party, or suppliers.

aveeno products

Aveeno and Veganism

Aveeno might have some vegan products, though they’re not a vegan brand.

Other Cruelty Free Brands to Consider 

It is a shame that Aveeno isn’t a cruelty-free brand. However, there are some great alternatives to consider. I researched all of these brands to ensure they’re cruelty-free and they’re owned by a parent company that doesn’t test on animals (if applicable).

Yes To

yes to

The number one cruelty-free Aveeno alternative I recommend is Yes To. Like Aveeno, you can find this company’s products at your local drugstore. You can also order their products on their website and order them from Amazon. Their products are affordable and effective, which is a plus.

This company uses botanicals in their products, which is amazing for most people, but some are allergic to them.

Be sure to read the ingredients before using the products. I love this brand and never had issues with their products (I have more of a sensitivity to synthetic ingredients). I remembered not liking the packaging, but overall I had no other complaints with this brand.

Alba Botanica

alba botanica

This is another one of my favorite vegan and cruelty-free personal care brands! And I know others agree with me — after all, this brand developed a cult following. I’ve found their products at the grocery store, local drugstore, and Target, and you can also find their products on Alba Botanica’s website and Amazon.

I’ve used their skin and body care products and loved the ones I used. These products are not only effective but really cheap. I usually find their products for less than $10.



Lush is another cruelty-free alternative I highly recommend. They make a variety of bath, skin, and body care products. This brand is affordable. You can find their products at Lush stores or order them online.

No matter what products you use, they’re effective. Their products are ideal for nearly all skin types, including problematic skin. The majority of their products have amazing reviews.



I absolutely love this brand! I’ve used their lotions and hair products, which are amazing. As you can see by the name, hemp is the main ingredient in these products. The other ingredients are on the natural side but not 100% natural (they do use synthetic dyes and fragrances). Keep in mind that even unscented products have a faint hemp fragrance, which is fine for me because I love the smell of hemp.

I try using as many hemp and CBD skincare products as possible because I love how cannabis helps my skin. You can find this brand at the local drugstore or order online on the company’s website or Amazon.



Facetheory is a brand I just discovered, and now I want to try their products. Their products are affordable and are made with effective ingredients, such as lactic acid and vitamin C. Even for the price, their products are very high-quality and are made for various skin types — even those with sensitive skin have reported they can use these products.

Derma E


Derma E is slightly more expensive than the other brands on this list, but their products work. I would say if you have specific skin problems, I would ask your dermatologist before trying this brand since they may not be as effective as prescriptions.

There are many other reasons to try Derma E. Besides being cruelty-free and 100% vegan, they don’t use 2,500 questionable ingredients in any of their products. After reading the raving reviews, this is a brand I definitely plan on trying.



I’m literally shocked by this brand. First, I have no idea how I’ve never heard of them before. Second, their products are extremely cheap. I’m talking about less than $10 cheap. And this brand has received raving reviews. For how cheap the products are, many buyers are saying the products are high-quality and last a long time.

They offer staple products for the skin, hair, and body. I am reading complaints about the packaging. But that’s pretty much the only complaint I see from this brand.



Skinfix is another pricey brand, but I’m reading the price you pay is worth it. They’re a dermatologist-recommended brand, and their products are formulated for problematic skin. In addition to a whole entourage of skincare products, they also make body products.

You can buy these products online, and they also sell them at Sephora. Like the other brands, Skinfix has mainly received criticism for its packaging, but its products are high-quality and effective.



Cocokind is another pricier brand than Aveeno, but its products are very effective. Because of the amazing reviews, this is another brand I want to try. Many of its products are made of ceramide, which are lipids found naturally in the skin that improves the skin’s barrier.

The only thing I will say about this brand is I don’t think its products are a good choice for those with sensitive skin or specific skin issues. Talk to your dermatologist before trying this brand if you fall into this category.



Bliss is a brand that’s cruelty-free, offers many vegan products, and is kind to the environment. While this also isn’t a good brand for those with sensitive skin, they do have great products. I especially love how they offer sunscreen.

Many major sunscreen brands aren’t cruelty-free and are filled with dangerous ingredients. They have 100% mineral sunscreens; mineral sunscreens are safer for the skin. Bliss also sells a variety of skin, body, and hair care products.



Sukin is a brand that I’ve wanted to try for a while. They have a cult following and make high-quality products. Plus, they’re not as expensive as the competition. I will say they don’t have as much of an extensive catalog as some of the other brands on this list, but this is a great brand if you’re looking for simple cruelty-free skincare products.

Cake Beauty

Cake Beauty

Cake Beauty is a Canadian beauty brand that’s vegan and 100% cruelty-free. Like Aveeno, this brand uses oat protein in its products. But they also make their products with non-damaging ingredients and only use effective ingredients.

Like many of the other products, I’m seeing complaints about the packaging. I’ve also never heard of this brand, so I’m not sure where you can buy these products other than online.

Dessert Essence

Dessert Essence

Dessert Essence is a brand I see a lot at natural stores, and they have a cult following in the natural beauty community. This brand makes various skin, hair, and body products. They even have a line of dental care products.

In addition to being cruelty-free, many of their products are certified as organic and non-GMO. Most of their products are also vegan. I should note I can’t find their parent company’s stance on animal testing, but this brand has excellent reviews, is affordable, and is readily accessible.

As I said, I find this brand at many natural grocery stores. You can also get their products online, at various other natural online retailers, and on Amazon. Because many Dessert Essence products contain various oils, such as tea tree oil, just be careful about getting their products into your eyes.

The exception is their products made for eyes or other products such as jojoba oil, which are popular for removing eye makeup. And because these products are made with oils, they often do have a scent.

Babo Botanicals

Babo Botanicals

I really love Babo Botanicals because its products are formulated for kids and babies. Even though I don’t have children, I often use baby products because my skin is so sensitive. Unfortunately, Johnson & Johnson and other baby products aren’t cruelty-free, so it always makes me happy when I find a company that offers baby products that don’t test on animals.

Babo Botanicals is a brand you can find online and at Target. Their products are reasonably priced and aren’t made with any harsh chemicals. I’m also reading that most of their products are scent-free, which is a plus for me. In addition to hair, skin, and body products, this brand also makes sunscreen.


Question: I like Dove more than Aveeno. Are their products cruelty-free?

Answer: I actually wrote this guide recently. Dove is certified cruelty-free by PETA. So, why weren’t they on my “alternatives” list? Dove is owned by Unilever which isn’t a cruelty-free brand. Dove also sells its products in China. I also forgot to mention in my review that China still requires animal testing for sunscreens, and some of Dove’s products are made with sunscreen.

Question: I like Cetaphil more than Aveeno. Are their products cruelty-free?

Answer: Cetaphil is not cruelty-free. They either test products on animals themselves, through a third party, or through their suppliers. They also sell their products in China and make sunscreens.

Question: I like Burt’s Bees more than Aveeno. Are they cruelty-free?

Answer: Burt’s Bees is cruelty-free. So, why aren’t they on my list? They’re owned by The Clorox Company, a company that isn’t cruelty-free.

Is Aveeno Cruelty Free: Bottom Line

Should you continue supporting this drugstore brand? I don’t recommend Aveeno products after writing this review, which is a bummer because I loved their products. Aveeno isn’t cruelty-free, this brand uses synthetic ingredients in its fire, and they have come under fire for making their products with carcinogens. Aveeno is also not a vegan company, though they may have some vegan products.

I suggest looking at any of the recommended alternatives before settling on Aveeno products.

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