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Colourpop Tinted Moisturizer Guide: I Tried on My Skin, Did it Live Up to the Hype?

From Glossier to Fenty, plenty of brands are jumping on the “no-makeup makeup” trend, advertising natural skin and toned-down color palettes. Tinted moisturizer is one of those products that has swept the market in the last few years, offering a natural alternative to foundation.

Colourpop’s Pretty Fresh Tinted Moisturizer is an affordable option for those looking to dabble in the tinted moisturizer scene or for those looking to replace their pricier versions. It’s a lightweight coverage product that delivers a healthy dose of skin hydration for a fresh face and youthful glow! And who wouldn’t want that?

Did I Love Colourpop Tinted Moisturizer?

While there are lots of colors to choose from, I have to say that the Pretty Fresh Colourpop Tinted Moisturizer line is not getting a top shelf place in my personal makeup cabinet. While the coverage is not bad, it didn’t last throughout my busy day and actually took a long time to absorb in my skin. Overall, there are so many other affordable tinted moisturizers out there, but keep reading as I share the full details! 

Colourpop’s Pretty Fresh Tinted Moisturizer | Colourpop

ColourPop's Pretty Fresh Hyaluronic Acid Tinted Moisturizer is a hydrating tinted moisturizer with lightweight coverage that evens skin tone and leaves your skin looking fresh and healthy

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The Colourpop Brand


Siblings Laura and John Nelson founded Colourpop Cosmetics in 2014 and continue to operate the company out of Los Angeles. They chose to market the brand primarily through social media, making a big splash on Instagram and YouTube and collaborating with influencers like Isabelle Fuhrman and Becky G. 

The brand prides itself on being affordable, accessible to all, and cruelty-free. It also burst onto the scene in an appropriately “colourful” fashion, with bright lipsticks and neon eyeshadows. The Super Shock EyeShadow was the brand’s first launch, a single shadow product that’s now offered in over 55 shades. 

Colourpop’s success can be attributed to a few things – affordability, adaptability, and influence. As evidenced by the Pretty Fresh line of products, Colourpop is not afraid to deviate from its original persona of a bright, flashy cosmetics brand and offer something more tailored to the current market. They continue to keep prices low and maintain a fun, splashy presence on social media with a whopping ten million Instagram followers. 

This is a brand that’s here to stay and is already branching off into new markets with its two sister brands FourthRay Beauty and SOL Body. 

What to Expect with the Colourpop Pretty Fresh Line

The first thing to know about tinted moisturizer is that “tinted” is truly the operative word. If you’re used to medium or full coverage foundations, this type of product will be quite different. Most tinted moisturizers, this one included, offer a sheer finish and lightweight coverage that very subtly evens your skin tone. 

This product is part of Colourpop’s Pretty Fresh line, which consists of this tinted moisturizer, a concealer, and setting spray, all touting to give you healthy looking skin. This product will also leave a more dewy, natural finish than a lot of foundations, which is perfect for someone like me who has insatiably dry skin.

In addition to moisture, this Colourpop tinted moisturizer promises to improve the smoothness of your skin without the heaviness of a foundation. Overall, it’s a great option for everyday wear, especially in the summer months when heavy makeup can feel suffocating on your skin.

The last thing to note about this product is the price. Colourpop is a lower-end brand with affordable products, though this one is certainly towards the top of the scale at $14 for 1.45 fluid ounces of product. Still, it’s a bargain compared to some cult favorites like the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer, which clocks in at $25 for 0.85 ounces!

What’s Inside

Dimethicone – We’ll get the difficult ingredients out of the way first. Dimethicone is a form of silicone that gives your skincare products a silky, smooth texture. You’ll often find it in hydrating products because it helps to lock in moisture and create a natural barrier for the skin. All great things and safe for all skin types!

Tribehenin – Despite the unnatural name, tribehenin is a plant-derived fatty acid that’s found in oils like coconut oil and palm-nut oil. It’s a great conditioner for the skin and is generally well suited to all any skin type, including sensitive skin.

Butylene Glycol – This non-toxic ingredient is a humectant, solvent, and emollient, helping to improve a product’s application on the skin as well as the ability to dissolve other ingredients. Once again, it’s also a great moisturizer, boosting the hydration power of this particular product!

Hyaluronic acid – Finally, an ingredient we recognize! Hyaluronic acid has become a buzzy ingredient in the skincare industry, and these days it’s found in many makeup products as well. It’s actually a substance that’s found naturally in your skin and helps keep the tissue of your skin lubricated and hydrated. It can even improve the elasticity of your skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and other blemishes. 

Coconut Water – It’s wonderful to drink, so why not add it to your makeup! Coconut water can help infuse skin with healthy minerals, as well as proteins and amino acids. It’s particularly great for a product like this tinted moisturizer because it soothes skin and reduces redness. For anyone with rosacea like myself, you’ll know this is a great help in evening out skin tone.

My Experience

I have to first start with the packaging. For a $14 product from Colourpop, I found the packaging to be high quality and really fun! The pink color and whimsical font made me excited to open the box, and I was pleased to see how large the tube was inside. The pump was also quite easy to use, though it definitely took a few tries to get the product to come out the first time. 

Colourpop Tinted Moisturizer Guide: Pretty Fresh

I made sure to use this product on top of my usual moisturizer, despite it technically being a moisturizer in and of itself. I used Glossier’s Priming Moisturizer as a base this time but would likely use a thicker cream in the winter months when my skin is extra dry.

A priming moisturizer is always a great option, though, as it has that two-in-one prepping and hydrating power! Once my skincare was applied, I warmed three to four pumps of the product between my fingers, deciding to avoid a makeup sponge on the first go. 

Colourpop Tinted Moisturizer Guide Pretty Fresh on my skin
Pretty Fresh colourpop tinted moisturizer on my skin

I’ve found that sponges and brushes can often absorb a lot of pigment in light foundations and tinted moisturizers like this one, so applying directly with my fingers was the way to go. The product itself felt light and slick and applied to my skin quite nicely. I even noticed some pretty significant coverage, certainly more than I expected from a sheer base. 

While the application was a breeze, things did start to go downhill from there. I expected it to take a little longer than usual to set, but even after several minutes, my face still felt pretty wet and tacky.

I decided to go in with a cream bronzer, which definitely blended out more easily than my powder blush, which stuck to the tinted moisturizer in patches. So if you are planning on using powder products with this base, I’d recommend applying a hefty layer of powder first.

Colourpop Tinted Moisturizer Guide Pretty Fresh Demo on my face
Pretty Fresh on My Face Selfie

Once I took a little extra time to get my products blended in nicely, I was decently pleased with the dewy, natural finish on my skin. I set everything in with my Ciate Watermelon Setting Spray for good measure and went on with my day.

I honestly didn’t expect this product to last all day, and it definitely did not. After about 8 hours, I felt as though much of my makeup had melted away, and my skin was looking patchy and cakey in some areas. Not a huge issue for those “no makeup” days, but something to keep in mind!

Colourpop’s Pretty Fresh Tinted Moisturizer | Colourpop

ColourPop's Pretty Fresh Hyaluronic Acid Tinted Moisturizer is a hydrating tinted moisturizer with lightweight coverage that evens skin tone and leaves your skin looking fresh and healthy

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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Pros and Cons


  • Large tube for a long-lasting product
  • Easy to pump out and apply to skin
  • Very hydrating
  • Soothing for red or irritated skin
  • Light coverage but buildable 
  • Available in 24 shades


  • On the higher end of Colourpop’s price range
  • Tacky finish that definitely did NOT last all day
  • Difficult to blend in with some products – especially powders
  • May require setting spray and powder to maximize length of wear

7 Alternatives to Colourpop Tinted Moisturizers I Actually Prefer


Question: Is Colourpop Pretty Fresh Good For Oily Skin?

Answer: The Pretty Fresh line is designed to give a dewy, natural finish to the skin and can definitely add some shine to certain areas. However, this product can be used with a mattifying primer and setting powder to reduce the shininess and oiliness that may accumulate while wearing the tinted moisturizer! Overall, it should work for people with all skin types.

Question: Is the Colourpop Tinted Moisturizer Silicone-Based?

Answer: The Pretty Fresh Tinted Moisturizer does contain several silicones, including Polypropylsilsesquioxane, a silicone resin. These ingredients create a type of film on the skin to help extend the life of the product and the duration of wear throughout the day.

Question: Is Colourpop Tinted Moisturizer Gluten-Free?

Answer: This product is vegan, oil, gluten, and paraben-free! Colourpop products are also cruelty-free as the brand promises to avoid all forms of animal testing.

Question: Is Colourpop Pretty Fresh Water Based?

Answer: Colourpop Pretty Fresh is a water-based product, though it does also contain silicones. Water-based products are great for sensitive skin! 

Colourpop Tinted Moisturizer Guide: Bottomline

If there’s one thing I can say about Colourpop’s Pretty Fresh Hyaluronic Tinted Moisturizer, it’s that it’s a great staple to have in your makeup collection. While I don’t plan on ditching my other base products to use this one alone, I do feel that it’s an excellent one to incorporate on days when you want a fresh, dewy look for everyday errands or a little fun in the sun.

As mentioned, this product is neither long-lasting nor flawless in its durability, but when incorporated with other products like powders, primers, and other cream products, it can give you the no-makeup makeup style of your dreams!

Colourpop’s Pretty Fresh Tinted Moisturizer | Colourpop

ColourPop's Pretty Fresh Hyaluronic Acid Tinted Moisturizer is a hydrating tinted moisturizer with lightweight coverage that evens skin tone and leaves your skin looking fresh and healthy

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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

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