Cover FX Natural Finish Foundation Review
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Cover FX Natural Finish Foundation Review

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Finding the perfect coverage foundation can be a long process. You have to consider if it will dry out your skin, make you look too oily, or properly match your skin tone. I have tried almost every drug store brand along with some high-end Sephora and specialty brands, but I have yet to meet a foundation that measures up to Cover FX.

With perfect coverage that doesn’t look caked on, the Cover FX Natural Finish Foundation is one that actually delivers on its promises.

Cover FX: The Brand

Founded in 2000, Cover FX was created by a Canadian dermatologist whose patients were often those with severe skin issues. Traditional drug store makeup was not an option for these patients, and he wanted to create a foundation fit for his patients that could conceal even the most sensitive issues.

The shades are highly pigmented and offer exceptional coverage. The products were designed and created in a hospital, making them as close to medical-grade as cosmetics can get. The formula is intended to be buildable and gives as little or as much coverage as the wearer wants.

As a brand, Cover FX was ahead of the curve and introduced to the market a makeup with all the features we highly value today. It’s a thoroughly inclusive brand, offering 40 shades that can be mixed and customized to everyone’s skin. The brand also had vegan and cruelty-free products long before it was on consumers’ radar.

Their soothing ingredients were their claim to fame, and in their 21 years in the industry, they never strayed from their original mission of making cosmetics accessible to all skin types.

How to Choose the Right Shade of Foundation

There is nothing worse than buying a foundation only to realize it doesn’t blend into your skin or conceal imperfections.

Even if you’re not an everyday foundation wearer, for the times that you use foundation, you want something that’s comfortable and actually does what it claims to do. The first step to finding the perfect foundation is to focus on the proper shade.

Skin Tone

Most of us have a general idea of where we fall on the color wheel of foundation. Unfortunately, shades are not universal across brands, so by shopping for a new brand, you’re almost starting from scratch. My skin is practically translucent, so I can usually count on matching the lightest shade available. But for most everyone else, it’s a little tricky to find the perfect match.

Where to Test Foundation

We’ve all learned to do the foundation test. We don’t leave the store before opening up the tester bottles and trying them out.

But not all skin will give an accurate representation of your natural shade. For a long time, I was told to test on the inside of the wrist. Apparently, that’s wrong. Most experts agree that it’s the worst place to test because it doesn’t get the same exposure to the sun and is very different skin from your face.

The jawline is also a bad idea (who knew?), and the best place to test the foundation is the center of the face. It’s where you will be using it and the area that will likely require the most coverage. As long as you blend your foundation into your neck, your foundation won’t be so noticeable.

Undertones of the Skin

As if finding the right shade of foundation wasn’t challenging enough, you also have to take the undertones of your skin into account. When you’re shopping for any type of makeup – whether it’s blush, lipstick, or even the clothes you wear – the undertones of your skin will affect the way the colors appear on your skin. That’s why the makeup that your best friend wears might not look the same on you.

Undertone refers to the colors underneath the skin, and there are three undertones: warm, cool, and neutral. Warm undertones include anything from peach to gold to yellow. Cool undertones are pink or blue. If you have neutral undertones, that means you have undertones that match the surface of your skin.

How to Find Your Skin’s Undertone

Sometimes your skin’s undertone is obvious. If you’re someone who is prone to blushing, you’re sure to pick up on your undertone. But if you’re unsure, there are a few clues that can indicate where you fall on the scale.

  • Colour of your veins. If you have veins that appear blue or purple, then you have cool undertones. Veins that look green are characteristic of warm skin tones.
  • Think about how the sun affects your skin. If you are more likely to burn when you’re in the sun, you likely fall towards the cooler undertones. Warmer undertones tend to tan in the sun.
  • Use jewelry as your guide. The color of our jewelry can indicate where we fall on the cool/warm scale. People with warm tones tend to gravitate towards gold jewelry because it looks best with their skin. On the other hand, people with cool undertones typically wear jewelry that is silver or rose gold.

Do some searching for the signs on your body that will indicate your skin’s undertones. If you need a bit of guidance, Cover FX has a handy tool to help you identify your proper undertones, and therefore your foundation shade.

The Features of Cover FX Natural Finish Foundation

Cover FX Natural Finish Foundation

Cover FX is not like any other cosmetic line on the market. Because of the brand’s origins, this is a gentle foundation that still offers everything you need.

Gentle Formula

This oil-free and water-based foundation makes for the perfect option for someone with problematic skin who is limited in makeup choices. It’s also ideal for everyday use by people with normal skin texture because it won’t cause breakouts or irritation.

Lightweight and Long Lasting

Cover FX Natural Finish Foundation is like a second skin. You won’t feel a heaviness on the skin, but it still gives you full coverage that lasts up to 12 hours.

Vitamin Enriched

You’ll get a healthy dose of Vitamin C, E, and F along with emollients to hydrate the skin throughout its entire wear. These vitamins protect against free radicals and prevent damage that can come from the environment.

Available in 40 Shades

coverfix shades

Cover FX has a long history of including a large variety of shades to suit every skin colour. Today, we still don’t see much variability in terms of having darker shades available. Aside from a few brands such as MAC and Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty, the cosmetics industry is still striving to keep up with what Cover FX started so long ago.

Pros of Cover FX Natural Finish Foundation

Besides the brand’s excellent reputation, this product’s benefits speak for themselves.

Amazing Texture

The foundation is light and evens out the skin tone so that your coverage looks consistent. It goes on smooth and is light and airy despite its excellent coverage.

In a Tube, Not a Bottle

I don’t know about anyone else, but I always feel like getting a foundation in a tube is a way better deal. If it’s in a bottle and running low, it’s a fight to get out the last bit of product. But with a tube, it’s far more malleable, and you can squeeze every last drop out. Pro tip: if you’re running super low, you can always cut a snip off the top of the tube to give you a little more space to press out the product.

Improves the Look of Skin

This formula is called Natural Finish for a reason – it mimics the state of natural skin, so it looks like you’re wearing nothing at all. A nice bonus is that it doesn’t sink into creases or wrinkles!

Cons of Cover FX Natural Finish Foundation

There are a few drawbacks to this product that you may want to consider before shopping.

No SPF Added

It’s always lovely to have combo products. When you’re getting ready in the morning, the fewer the steps in your makeup routine, the better. Having SPF in a foundation also makes it easy to remember its importance. There have been many days I’ve left the house without wearing sun protection on my face, even though the bottle sits right on my counter.

You can create your own SPF foundation by mixing an SPF face lotion with your foundation, but if you don’t want to DIY, you may want to skip this product.

The Cost

If you’re looking for a budget buy, Cover FX may not be the brand for you. They charge over $40 per bottle, but they are worth it, in my opinion. With all the benefits from the ingredients to the light texture with good coverage, it deserves the investment.

Other Cover FX Foundation Recommendations

If you’re looking for something outside of a natural finish, Cover FX has more foundations that can add an extra element to your makeup look.

Cover FX Power Play Matte Foundation

Cover FX Power Play Matte Foundation

This matte finish foundation is popular amongst Cover FX fans. It’s water-proof, sweat-proof, and weightless for even your busiest days. With a transfer-proof formula, this foundation is built to last all day and goes on smooth and silky.

Cover FX Total Cover Cream Foundation

Cover FX Total Cover Cream Foundation

The cream foundation is the first formula I have tried, and the antioxidant-rich formula keeps your skin radiant all day. It comes in a compact, making it easy to use and get the perfect amount of product. As a bonus, this cream foundation can double as a concealer, too!

Best Way to Apply Cover FX Natural Finish Foundation

You don’t need anything fancy to apply this product and maximize the results. You can use a brush, a sponge, or even your fingers to distribute the product where you need it most. You can even use a combination to build the product to get the coverage you want.

Cover FX Natural Finish Foundation Review: Bottom Line

Cover FX is genuinely one of the gentlest makeup brands out there. The fact that it was formulated by dermatologists in a hospital gives me a lot of confidence in the products. In my experience using Cover FX products, they are as light and buildable as they claim.

I highly recommend the Cover FX Natural Finish Foundation for anyone, whether you need a little coverage or full coverage. With its wide range of shades, there is a colour match for anyone, and its vitamin-enriched formula will help nurture skin’s health and improve existing trauma to the skin.

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