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Butterfly Eyeliner Ideas: My Top 11 Choices  

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Drawing a perfect eyeliner is art itself- trust me. Getting both eyes to look even is hard enough, but some want to spice it up even more. Without a winged eyeliner, I feel like I can’t leave my house. It gives me that extra confidence boost when I need it, but sometimes the same old black winged eyeliner can be boring.

That is why I always tell my clients to experiment. Once they have mastered the classic black-winged eyeliner look, there is no need to stop there. I experimented with different colors and shapes, but a particularly trendy one is the butterfly eyeliner. If you want to get inspiration and create your own butterfly eyeliner, check out the ideas below.

Bottom line Up Front:

Out of all the looks, the one that I like the most is the pink butterfly eyeliner. I love the color combo and the size of the wings; the whole look is so fun and creative. It is not the easiest one to recreate, but you will draw the perfect lines after a couple of attempts.

Selection Criteria

I have selected these eleven looks because they all have some shape of a butterfly, but they are all unique and not ordinary. Below are a few criteria I set when looking for butterfly eyeliner ideas.

  • Unique: I choose looks that really have something diverse, and you can easily get inspired by them.
  • Versatility: There are different colors, shapes, and sizes, so you can pick the ones that will look best on you.
  • Something for everyone: Also, I tried to include options for both beginners and different eye types, so everyone could find something.

Butterfly Eyeliner Ideas 

Pink Butterfly Eyeliner


The pink butterfly eyeliner is perfect for the “On Wednesday we wear pink” and for all of your girly girls. This three-color combo is perfect for all of you who are over the classic black eyeliner. I love pink eyeliner, but this pink butterfly is the next level. To recreate it, you must have white, black, and pink eyeliner.

Draw the black eyeliner from above the crease and end it at the end of your upper lash line. The white line should follow the black line but just a bit above it. Fill in the middle space with pink eyeliner. For the bottom wing, you can start at the end of the bottom lashline and draw a heath shape but don’t close it. Repeat the drawing with the pink and white line above it.

It may take some time to perfect this look, but just until you get the hang of it. Judging from my experience, it is not easy to draw three similar lines in different shapes, but practice makes perfect.

Small Butterfly Eyeliner


The small butterfly eyeliner is perfect for people with hooded eyes or who generally want something more subtle. The small butterfly has only one wing on the bottom lash line and a regular eyeliner on the top lash line. You can fill in the eyeliner with a color of your choice and then fill in the bottom wing with the same color.

I love how she used a darker shade to fill in the wing; it looks sexy and chic. She also added more inner lines to the wing to be more authentic. You need a small and precise eyeliner for the yellow dots and inner lines so it doesn’t smudge.

The bottom wing is more in the shape of a leaf than a hearth ( like in the first example). It proves that your butterfly wing shape doesn’t have to be perfect to look great. I think this is a beautiful minimalistic eyeliner look perfect for crafty beginners.

Black and White Butterfly Eyeliner


The black and white butterfly eyeliner is a perfect choice if you really want to stand out. It is great as makeup for Halloween or a costume party because everyone will notice you. The big wing takes up most of the space of your eyelid and goes above the regular cat wing. You can do the butterfly wings without the cat wing, but I personally love the mix.

The wing goes all the way to your eyebrow and finishes up in the inner corner, so you must be still and precise while drawing it. Also, you need a thin white eyeliner to draw the dots. I love the combination of black and white, but you can add dots in different colors. Honestly, rainbow dots would look astonishing.

The bottom butterfly wing is smaller, in the shape of a leaf cut in half. I would start with the bottom wing for this look because it is easier. The shimmery eyeshadow goes amazing with the black and white wings. I think beginners with still hands can also try out this look; it is not hard to recreate.

Mint and Teal Butterfly Eyeliner


A  more artistic and dramatic look is the mint and teal butterfly eyeliner. Actually, the eyeshadows in these colors make this graphic eyeliner pop out more. You can recreate the butterfly wings with classic black eyeliner. You start from the inner corner and go all the way above your brow. This wing is a bit bigger than others, making it excellent for hooded eyes.

The upper wing ends in the outer corner of the eye, exactly where you should start your bottom wing. The bottom wing has a precise butterfly wing shape, so it may be harder for beginners. If you are feeling artistic, you can add the inner lines and the rhinestones that make this look very sparkly.

The girl used vibrant colors, but I think you can also rock nude colors. The wings are so big that any color will suit them.

Orange Double Butterfly Eyeliner


This eyeliner is unique because of the interesting colors and the double wing on the bottom lash line. The bottom wings open your eyes even more, so it is perfect for people who want their eyes to look bigger.

You can easily recreate the look by drawing a classic cat eyeliner. But the wing shouldn’t finish above your crease but below your eyebrow, and then add another line that ends at the inner corner. You create two small triangles for the bottom wings and then divide them in half. Make sure the second one ends in the middle of the eyelash and not in the inner corner.

The orange and yellow shades really look amazing with this eyeliner look. Plus, the rhinestones are an excellent way to make the look more interesting.

Blue and Pink Butterfly Eyeliner


The blue and pink butterfly eyeliner is perfect if you prefer colorful eyeliners instead of classic black or white ones. This is a great example of how you can mix two colorful eyeliners and create a piece of art on your lid. I personally believe that bigger wings are easier to recreate, so this look is manageable.

To recreate it, you just need to follow the lines with one outer line and then with an inner line. The blue rhinestones and the fake eyelashes make the look more dramatic. Any base color would look great, but the pink and blue combination is a winner for me.

Black Butterfly Eyeliner with Facial Rhinestones


This is the perfect look for all of you who want something special that requires a bit more effort. It is difficult to create because you need to be precise with the smaller lines, but it is worth it.

This butterfly look is so chic and feminine; I love it. It is the first look that doesn’t go all the way to the inner corner but ends abruptly in the middle of the eyelid. The sparkly eyeshadow and the rhinestones make the look even more memorable. 

The bottom wing is a bit harder to recreate, so I suggest you start with the one on the lid. This look gives me pixie vibes, and it is one of the most iconic butterfly eyeliner looks.

Lower Lash Butterfly Eyeliner

Who says you need two wings to form a butterfly? This look is a fantastic example of how you can draw your eyeliner only on the bottom eyelash if you feel like it.

I think this is an excellent escape for those who have hooded eyes or don’t want big butterfly wings that finish below your eyebrow. You can draw the butterfly on the bottom eyelash and divide it into tiny sections for it to look more interesting.

The pink and blue colors look amazing, but of course, you can choose others as well. This look is not hard to recreate, so if you love it, go for it.

Huge Butterfly Eyeliner


We talked about small wings, but what about extra large wings? This is the perfect look for those of you who want your eyelid to become a canvas. The extra large wings are a bit hard to recreate because you need to be precise for a really long time. But if you have mastered drawing your eyeliner in different shapes, you will master this as well.

What I love about this look is that it resembles a face tattoo and is so cool and chic. You have a lot of space that you can fill in with different colors, rhinestones, or dots.

Goth Butterfly Eyeliner Look

Goth Butterfly Eyeliner Look

I love the goth butterfly eyeliner look because it is a unique look for those who don’t want to use any other color and just work with black eyeliner. You don’t even have to fill in the butterfly wings; just draw the precise little lines carefully.

I love to recreate this look when I am in the “all black” look, and I don’t want to use any other color. You have to use a very thin and precise eyeliner to draw the lines; my recommendation is Blinc ultra-thin eyeliner pen. I advise starting with the thicker lines and then adding the thinner lines. 

This look requires a bit more skill and patience, so don’t give up after the first try. Don’t forget to add black lipstick to recreate the perfect goth butterfly look.

Neon White Butterfly Eyeliner Look

Neon White Butterfly Eyeliner Look

I love neon colors, and this white and purple combination is perfect for those of you who really want to make their look memorable.

The purple shades blend in perfectly with the white neon eyeliner. Just remember to do your cut crease first and then start off with the eyeliner. The girl in the picture is very precise with the inner lines of the wings, but for starters, the outer lines can work out well.

Start off with the thicker outer lines in the form of butterfly wings. I sometimes leave the outer lines because I am not in the mood to do the inner lines. However, I must admit that the thin inner lines make the look much more interesting.


Question: Is Pencil or Liquid Eyeliner Better?

Answer: Liquid eyeliner helps you create more precise and both bigger and smaller lines. Conversely, pencil eyeliner can smudge, but it is better for beginners who don’t have steady hands.

Question: What do Butterflies Symbolize?

Answer: Butterflies symbolize transformation and hope, so your makeup doesn’t have to be just pretty but can carry an important message.

Question: Is Winged Eyeliner Outdated?

Answer: Winged eyeliner will always be a trend, but butterfly, neon, and floating eyeliner are the most popular in 2022.

Butterfly Eyeliner Ideas: Conclusion 

Drawing a butterfly eyeliner is a great way to be artistic and experiment with your makeup. Butterflies are colorful and fun, so you use multiple colors and rhinestones or add lines to make your look unique. These ideas are an excellent place to start and decide if you want a smaller, bigger, colorful, or simpler butterfly eyeliner. Then, once you see what suits your eye shape and personality, you can start drawing and have fun.

My personal favorite is the pink butterfly eyeliner because I love pink and white lines and big wings. Still, if you are a beginner who doesn’t want to spend much time on your eyeliner, I advise starting with mint and teal or black and white eyeliner.

Just remember: Don’t give up after the first try because mastering the perfect lines is not an easy job.

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