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Best Eyeliners for Hooded Eyes: My Holy Grail Eyeliners

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When I started experimenting with makeup in high school, I would attempt to use eyeliner with the most failure you’ve ever seen! I had no idea I had hooded eyes until I was in college. After watching many YouTube videos and practicing like crazy, I finally found a few eyeliners that work for my hooded eyes. So let’s explore the Best Eyeliners for Hooded Eyes out there!

Bottom LineUp Front

There’s a wide variety of quality liners, but my favorite is the Kaja Wink Stamp and Liner. The Kaja Wink Stamp and Liner has an easy-to-use pen and comes with a stamp. The stamp allows you to take your look even further with a winged liner. It’s beginner friendly and compact enough for most handbags. 

Kaja Wink Stamp and Liner | Kaja Beauty

A double-ended wing stamp and liquid pen liner that is smudge-proof, long-lasting, and waterproof, giving you a super easy winged eyeliner every time.

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Which Hooded Eye Type Are You?

Best Eyeliners for Hooded Eyes

Before we dive into which eye liners are best and how to apply them, let’s talk about the skin above the lid that creates the hood. Some hooded eyes cover the entire lid, while others cover the lid only partially. Since the lid is the focal point of your eyes, this is where the details will show. This is especially important to know how to apply your shadow underneath the liner properly and which eyelashes will work best to finish your look! Types of hooded eyes include:

  • Upturned: The eyelid tilts upwards. Upturned eyelids are often referred to as “cat eyes.”
  • Downturned: When the outer corner of the eyes points downward instead of upwards.
  • Hooded: There is a skin flap underneath the eyebrows.
  • Round: The eye is shaped in a more circular shape, rather elongated on each side. If there is a hood on rounded eyes, the eyes are often called “deep-set.”
  • Almond: If the eyes spread wider on each end (width) instead of rounded, and your crease is covered by a flap of skin.
  • Mono Lid: There is a fold on the inner corner of the eyes. Usually, the skin covers the inner portion completely, and the lid is only visible towards the outer corner.

Application Tips

  1. Try to keep a steady hand. Relax by taking a few deep breaths so that you won’t overthink. I had an issue trying to get things perfect, which made me nervous! A shaky hand will create a shaky line. Always keep makeup remover wipes handy, so you can start over.
  2. Always reinforce the liner. Go back to the liner and fill it in. Ensure your liner has not faded or lost pigmentation throughout the day.
  3. Look straight ahead when applying your liner. Avoid tilting your head back so you can see exactly how it will look.
  4. I recommend starting with a pencil first, then elevating to a pen. I say this because it helped me practice first. A liquid or gel liner can be intimidating because the formula glides on and can get messy. These types of liners aren’t as forgiving as a pencil when building your line. Practice a few times a day drawing your line with a pencil. That way, you can take your time, moving slowly to get the hang of things.
  5. Don’t draw a complete line. This is the easiest way to create an eyeliner look for hooded eyes. Simply stop beyond the middle of your eyelid and continue the line to the outer corner as normal. This will also give the illusion of wider eyes.
  6. Leave your bottom line simple. You can tight line (meaning add pencil liner to your bottom lash line) your eyes. Or, you can add eyeshadow in a shimmery gold or bright color directly underneath your bottom lashes.
  7. Get creative! You don’t have to stick with black or brown liner. Several brands have blue, pink, purple, and even white eyeliner.
  8. Add a pair of quality eyelashes! Ardell brand lashes are always dependable for hooded eyes. The Ardell 421 Naked lashes have more of a dramatic effect, with the same thickness balance as the traditional Ardelle Wispies. You can wear these for an entire day, and they won’t give you that heavy-weight feeling each time you blink. Check them out HERE
  9. Use neutral eyeshadow from an eyeshadow palette. I would recommend Urban Decay’s Naked 3 because it has neutral colors that will allow you to create a clean day look and a smokey eye for the evening.

How I Chose My Eye Liner

  • Size: A size that easily fits in my hand will give me more control so that I’m able to create a neat line.
  • Color: Most of the time, a liner will come in black and brown. I get excited when a product comes in metallic or neon colors!
  • Availability: I need to be able to grab the eyeliner quickly. Checking the availability at Target, Ulta and Sephora is a must.

Top Eyeliner Picks For Hooded Eyes

1. e.l.f Liquid Precision Eyeliner 

e.l.f Precision Liquid Eyeliner

Some liners are scratchy and rough, which will turn anyone off whose attempting to line their hooded eyes for the first time. This particular eyeliner is the best for ease of use. It has a precise tip, which will help you draw your liner closely, creating a line that looks neat and professional.

It’s also super affordable! I usually buy e.l.f products at Target. You can also find this eyeliner at Ulta or directly from their website.


  • Brushes on easily
  • Small size
  • Works on top of most eyeshadows, including glitter!
  • Flexible applicator – create thin or thicker lines.


  • It may get messy when applying
  • Not as long-lasting
  • Takes time to dry
  • May bleed a little. – allow a small amount of time for the first layer to dry before applying more.

2. Tarte Double Take Eyeliner 

tarte double take eyeliner

One of Sephora’s top-selling eyeliners for hooded eyes is this double-ended liner. There is a liquid liner on one end and a gel liner on the other.

I give it an A+ since you can try both ends to see which type of formula you like best. This type of liner is ideal for practicing since you’ll be able to try two different kinds of products in one. Choose which end you like and purchase a full-size version.


  • Slim design that can fit in most handbags
  • Two products in one!
  • Highly pigmented – you’ll notice your line from afar
  • Waterproof


  • Product may run low quickly – essentially, you’re getting two smaller products in one.
  • May dry easily if not covered
  • Lack of color variety

3. Kulfi Underlined Eyeliner

Kulfi Underlined Eyeliner

This liner is made with Aloe Vera, which is rich in healing nutrients that make your skin feel soft. One of the ingredients also includes Vitamin D, promoting hair growth. Since you’ll be applying eyeliner to your lash line, say hello to fuller lashes! The Underlined Liner also comes in a striking purple shade called “Berry.”


  • Does not slide or bleed when applying
  • Vegan
  • Waterproof
  • Made with antioxidants


  • Not as easy to apply as a liquid liner
  • More of a rounded point
  • Thicker texture. Not recommended for sensitive skin.

4. Stila All Day Waterproof Eyeliner

Stila All Day Waterproof Eyeliner

This eyeliner is great for hooded eyes because it dries fast for those days when you’re rushing out the door and have to apply your liner quickly.

The finish has a satin effect, which is my ideal liner when I need to dress up. I always say if you’re wearing an evening gown or a party dress, it’s best to compliment your outfit with glamorous makeup! You can easily apply this liner to shimmery or textured eyeshadow shades. 


  • Long-lasting
  • Quick dry
  • Cruelty-free
  • Transfer proof


  • Will melt quicker than most, especially when wet
  • Muted color selection – can’t create many vibrant looks
  • May dry out quickly

5. Kaja Wink Stamp and Liner 

Kaja Wink Stamp and Liner 

I adore this product because it is beginner friendly. Try this liner if you want to create a winged look, but you don’t have the patience or a steady hand. Or, if you simply need more practice using the traditional eyeliner pen, I would recommend starting with this one first. It will create the wing stamp for you, and all you’ll have to do is make the initial line.


  • Easy to create a winged liner
  • Two products in one
  • Gluten-Free
  • Vegan


  • Not as readily available in stores
  • Two products are needed instead of one
  • The formula might need to be layered to create a bold line

Kaja Wink Stamp and Liner | Kaja Beauty

A double-ended wing stamp and liquid pen liner that is smudge-proof, long-lasting, and waterproof, giving you a super easy winged eyeliner every time.

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6. Lancôme Artliner Precision Felt Tip

Lancôme Artliner Precision Felt Tip 

If you’re conscious about the ingredients within your beauty products, this product is free from sulfates, mineral oil, and parabens. It’s also smudge-proof and made specifically for extended wear. Lancôme is also a brand that can be trusted in my book.


  • Unique metallic colors available
  • Satin finish
  • Pigmented
  • Lasts long


  • Harder to remove
  • Dries fast – more for when you get your line down packed and can move quickly

7. Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner

Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner

Bobbi Brown has a creamy formula that looks beautiful on top of a smokey eye! The color selection is pretty cool, as well. I like how this product comes in colors like “deep-black-brown.” I often want to create a liner look that isn’t so dark.

You can experiment with this quality liner if you’ve never used a gel liner. Be sure to apply your gel liner with a gel or cream liner brush. The Morphe M250-0 Cream Liner Brush can be purchased at Ulta!


  • Matte Finish
  • Waterproof
  • Smooth application
  • It lasts for 8 hours

Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner | Sephora

This long-wear formula provides eight hours of waterproof and sweat- and humidity-resistant wear. Highly pigmented, this gel formula delivers subtle to dramatic looks that are easy to apply, long-wearing, and won't smudge or fade.

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  • Application is not as neat as an eyeliner pen or pencil
  • Extra tool needed (brush)
  • Not recommended for sensitive skin

8. M.A.C Cosmetics Brush Stroke 24-Hour liner

M.A.C Cosmetics Brush Stroke 24-Hour liner

M.A.C is a staple beauty brand and can be trusted with its eyeliners. The Brush Stroke 24-Hour Liner pen with a thin tip. This way, you can create sharp lines. I enjoy the width or thickness of the product. It’s always nice to be able to grip the liner while you complete your strokes.


  • The product will last a while
  • 24 Hour wear
  • Won’t wear off in humid weather
  • Sweatproof


  • You may need to layer the product
  • The formula is not as easy to glide
  • Slight fading may happen

9. Sephora Collection Eyeliner Pencil To Go

Sephora Collection Eyeliner Pencil To Go

Pencils are the easiest to use when you’re first starting with eyeliner. The Sephora Collection Eyeliner Pencil To Go is affordable and simply does the trick. It’s also cruelty-free, and its miniature size can fit in your clutch, carry-on bag, or in your pocket!


  • Compact design
  • The pencil can be sharpened
  • Color variety
  • Local availability


  • Comes with a small amount of product
  • May smudge on oily skin
  • Fall-out may occur

10. NYX Professional Epic Ink Waterproof Eyeliner

NYX Professional Epic Ink Waterproof Eyeliner

This NYX Professional eyeliner is another waterproof liner that will stay on your long days. I enjoy the formula on this eyeliner because I can apply it to my sensitive eyes without ruining my line. My eyes sometimes water when I apply my eyeliner, so it’s nice not to have to worry.


  • Easy applicator tip
  • Smooth Finish
  • Lasts long
  • Product size makes it easy to grip and keep steady


  • Not suited for travel – the formula may overflow due to high temperature
  • Although waterproof, it’s not suited for working out or swimming
  • Not recommended for oily skin

Epic Ink Waterproof Eyeliner | NYX Cosmetics

Live for super sharp winged-out eyeliner? Don’t just “like” all your faves, draw ‘em on yourself with NYX Professional Makeup Epic Ink Liner. Featuring a slender and supple brush tip, this intensely pigmented, waterproof eyeliner pen is perfect for drawing on precise, seamless lines. 

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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Best Eyeliners for Hooded Eyes FAQs

Question: Can hooded eyes have eyeliner?

Answer: Hooded eyes can be tricky to apply eyeliner to since the eyelid is less visible. The best way to apply eyeliner to hooded eyes is to do a thin line and wing the liner out past the outer edge of your eye.

Question: Is gel liner good for hooded eyes?

Answer: Gel eyeliner is one of the best liners you can use for hooded eyes. This is because it is a bit thicker; you can control how much product you use and be more precise with the application.

Question: How do I prevent eyeliner transfer on hooded eyes?

Answer: You can do a few things to keep your eyeliner from transferring on your hooded eyes. First prime your eyelids before applying anything. This creates a sticky base for your makeup. You should also use waterproof eyeliner, which helps keep the eyeliner from being affected by the oil from your skin. Lastly, apply a setting spray that locks everything in.

Eyeliner for Hooded Eyes: Conclusion

Creating an eyeliner look on hooded eyes can get a bit tricky. However, it is possible! Choose a liner that will get the job done as you see fit. Some like the traditional pencil liner, while others enjoy the felt tip eyeliner. The best way to approach your eyeliner is to try a bunch of them. Wear your finished makeup around the house to test the lasting effect and how you’ll look when you wear it outside.

Remember that you don’t always have to create a wing, either. You can simply drag your eyeliner across your lid and create a more traditional, straight line. Start creating your eyeliner looks by following this complete guide, snap a few photos, and rock your new look for your next outing!

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Kaja Wink Stamp and Liner | Kaja Beauty

A double-ended wing stamp and liquid pen liner that is smudge-proof, long-lasting, and waterproof, giving you a super easy winged eyeliner every time.

Check Price
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

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